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Librarian with political science and information science degrees tutors students of all ages in social science subjects or research skills

Meeting students at their current level, I use a constructionist pedagogical approach to address the subjects of immediate interest and relevance to my students through problem-based learning.

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London History graduate gives private lessons in your home or online. In addition to the Socratic method, I like to use video resources that capture the atmosphere surrounding historical events.

During my teaching career, I utilized the Socratic Method to a large degree. In addition, I utilized video resources to deal with notable periods in Canadian history (e.g., The Impact of the Great Depression on Canada during the 1930s, Canadian participation in World War II). I employed quizzes and regular tests to assess students' understanding of course content.

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TEFL certified and willing to teach students of all ages in Toronto

I teach others by motivating them and reinforcing their strengths. I remove self doubt and negativity while building confidence. I can teach anyone that is willing to learn because there is no one correct way to teach or learn something.

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Criminology and Political science double major student gives classes for students in Toronto

My teaching methods include flexibility and fulfilling and going beyond academic expectations. A typical class or with a student one-on-one would be helping students with homework, literacy skills, analysis, and essay writing skills. My classes are meant for elementary school students or high school students.

Matthew j.l.
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Founding Editor of a history/geopolitical/philosophy journal based out of Montreal would like to teach a method of investigation that leads to discoveries

My teaching methods are based upon an investigation into method and context. How can you begin a search of something unknown unless you have a certain concept of what it is already inside of you? The issue of recognizing the difference between a true discovery generated from inside you vs. a mere opinion take from the outside is vital for any investigation into history, politics, etc...

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PhD Candidate gives history and anthropology classes for high school and university students in Peterborough.

I am a very flexible teacher who can accommodate a variety of needs. My academic background is very interdisciplinary and so I am familiar with a number of different disciplines and subjects. My approach to teaching is driven by my students' interests and needs. I value curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas, wherever they take us.

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English Teacher with a Bachelors in Economics and Political Science in Kamloops.

I am a laidback teacher. I like to structure the classes for whatever it is that the students need and how they learn. I have taught children, teenagers, and adults before, all at various levels of understanding of different subjects. I like to have interactive classes, with an emphasis on discussion and to help the students realize their own opinions on the subjects and to practice themselves.

Prince Edward
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Political Science graduate gives history, political Science lessons as well as lesson on sports either online or in person.

My teaching methods focused around a learner’s ability to not only learn the material but tailor the lessons to each student’s learning style. My approach caters to not only educate the student on all aspects of the subject to apply the material to real world situations.

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Social science student offering classes in highschool mathematics, essay writing, philosophy, Canadian history, and methodology.

My pedagogy is simple - what works best for the students. Patience with students and carful attention to how students learn is the secret to being a good educator. By seeing how students are thinking, the ways in which they draw connections and gain understanding of content, I can make concepts and content far more accessible to students.

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University student gives diverse history lessons to many high school students today

My classes would be unique due to my down to earth methods and the ideology that every student learns at their own pace and in their own way

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I am the Editor-in-Chief of a geopolitical/history journal, lecturer and author of three books called the Untold History of Canada- based out of Montreal.

My teaching methods are based upon an investigation into method and context. How can you begin a search of something unknown unless you have a certain concept of what it is already inside of you? The issue of recognizing the difference between a true discovery generated from inside you vs. a mere opinion take from the outside is vital for any investigation into history, politics, etc...

Paris 3e
(22 reviews)

Sciences Po: Coaching for the letter and the application form, the oral preparation with professional journalist graduated from IEP

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and now practicing as a journalist, I offer coaching sessions for students who are applying for Sciences Po next year. My tutoring is thus intended for candidates who are working right now on their letter and their applications, and tomorrow will prepare for the oral interview.

(7 reviews)
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A Civil service aspirant blended with current events can guide you to success moments.

I believe in THE DISCUSSION and BRAINSTORMING methods of teaching to the students, so it will correlate the bookish things with the practical things in real world. I can teach to all the levels with cooperation, coordination and with patience.

(10 reviews)
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General Knowledge - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(4 reviews)
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Lets study social sciences! or history, politics, geography / I am a law student, we can do it!

It is essential a first recognition, then a diagnosis of the shortcomings, good planning and excellent execution in the development of learning, finally, the total review. However, it should be noted that each student is different, therefore there is no scheme in which to put it. That makes the characteristics of each one a different objective to raise.

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Highly Experienced Political Science & History Subject Specialist Teaching in Gurgaon and Delhi

I teach class XI and XII students Individually as well in groups.Always keeping in mind the learning ability and grasping power of the student in mind, I use both English and Hindi to teach (as per the sudent) and teach at students pace. I use pictures,reference books, you tube and internet actively to make the subject interesting and easy. I teach partially blind and autistic students as well.

(1 review)
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University Professor of Social Sciences, Doctor in Sociology and International Relations. Madrid.

I taught Hisroria, Merodologia research, sociology and anthropology at the University of Havana, perform doctoral studies in sociology at the University of the Basque Country PhD in International Relations at the University of Valencia, I have Master in Anthropology and complex thought at the University of Chicago, among other academic degrees.

(4 reviews)
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Research master degree in History provides tutoring for elementary / high school / university REIMS

Research master's degree in History "History - Teaching and Research", I'm looking for providing private lessons to college students or high school students, among others. Lessons in middle school and high school are not always suitable for all students, and history is often neglected in favor of other subjects which seem more important.

Paris 9e
(3 reviews)
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Visiting researcher at Columbia University in New York. PhD student in geopolitics at IFG.

My methodology for private lessons (and as much as possible for classes) is to start from what my students are to offer them a way of learning that suits them. I also try to understand their needs to best meet them and help them achieve their goals.

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Come and learn general awareness like you never did with M S Agarwal

experience my methodology of teaching rather than study what i wrote here. Atleast give me a chance to prove myself in this regard.

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Graduated from NIT Bhopal provide tuitions of all subjects up to tenth standard and PCM up to JEE level.

I prefer micro-teaching. It is the teaching in the small period and the small topic at a time. In the initial few minutes, I try to revise the previous topics. This makes the efficiency of the student amazing, in long-term. I teach my student according to his/her "power of grasping" the topic.

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Holder of a Master's Degree in International Relations with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, I teach courses in International Relations, Political Science and Methodology of Law

A graduate of the Jean Moulin University, my courses are mainly for high school students wishing to join a law and / or political science college, but also for undergraduate students. I make the first free hour to evaluate the student's level and to be able to build a program adapted to his needs. I can teach both methodology (practical case, stop comment, dissertation) and theoretical courses.

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Crash course for 12th board prepare psychology for board in 40 days and get expertise in writing answer attempt lots of practice papaer

My Teaching Method is base on student whatever way a student want to go i work on the weaknesses of student I can Help in making Notes or can work on writing part i.

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Crash course in Critical Thinking (by a Master of Arts in Philosopy)

To master the art of critical thinking, you will learn to abstract from your own opinion and form stronger opinions. You'll be able to retorics and false and sound arguments. Via a Socratic dialogue (the right questions) I challenge you to articulate values ​​and reasons behind your opinion on several (preferred topics). Together we will examine their justification.

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Outgoing student of prep HEC teaches history-geo-geopolitics course from high school to high school in Rouen

My teaching method focuses on helping a student to understand and learn their lesson because it is the key to success. Nothing is simpler when everything is assimilated, rather than trying to memorize information that does not make sense in the mind of the student.

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Professional Tutor with more than 04 years of experience in Teaching students of High School and Degree Level.

My teaching method is mainly focusing on the students who is on very low level in their academics. My class session is very interactive and my students can openly ask me their doubts limitless. My student community ranging from High School to College Level.

Paris 11e
(3 reviews)
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HISTORY COURSES, IEP and Po sciences prep contest for all levels, at home

I want to stop considering history as a subject that can only be learned through the organization of a learning by heart. For me, history must be learned as "a story" with its lot of unsaid but its logical sequence of events. It seems to me important to reason from a funny, striking or unusual point to then use an umbrella reasoning to understand what we learn.

(4 reviews)
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Get Easiest N fastest way of learning with me .Get latest current updates of (national, Intetnational , sports, awards, death,appointments, important dates yojana & schemes ) all at one platform .

My teaching method is to cover all the 8 sections of current affairs in this one platform . With easiest way of learning by various tricks, mindmaps, gists etc.. My class will be very helpful for all students who are appearning for compitative examinations of states and central level .

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Teacher in Preparatory Classes at Sciences-Po Paris and Province and Journalism Schools competitions for 15 years, I train high school students at the Master level; Prepared disciplines: Contemporary issues, General knowledge, Knowledge of current affairs, Economics, Sociology, Political science, Dossiers, Oral exercises Pedagogy: Synthesis of knowledge, methodology, dissertations, preparation of...

São Paulo
(5 reviews)
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PhD in Sociology, Researcher, Professor of Sociology and Human and Social Sciences

I have a Bachelor's and a Full Degree in Social Sciences from UNESP, a Master's and a PhD in Sociology, both from UFPR. I have experience as a university professor of the disciplines of Sociology, Contemporary Society, Philosophy, Citizenship, Elaboration of research projects, among others.

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