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Librarian with political science and information science degrees tutors students of all ages in social science subjects or research skills

Meeting students at their current level, I use a constructionist pedagogical approach to address the subjects of immediate interest and relevance to my students through problem-based learning.

Langley Township
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Assistance with Sociology / social sciences / social studies from a 4th year student

Everyone learns differently ! I am proud of my ability to deconstruct knowledge and explain it in many different ways.

Isabella cierre
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Psychology student gives social studies and biology classes for high school students in Edmonton

I would describe my teaching methods as flexible and progressive. I usually do a quick assessment of the student's needs, the goal of the student at the end of the class and the type of study technique that the student uses. I typically go through the material first and explain the different concepts. Questions and clarifications are always welcome any time.

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University Graduate gives lessons on all psychology streams (cognitive, behavioural, social, lifespan, linguistic, mental health, etc.) offered both on-line (available to anyone) and in Victoria (avai

My teaching method is fluid and organized, but I like to keep the lesson up beat and fun by using lots of examples to help students thoroughly understand the topic at hand, rather than just memorize them. My lessons are structured in that they start off with a brief introduction, background, and definitions of certain topics.

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1st lesson is free!

Psychology student gives biology, chemistry, math and psychology classes for high school students in Fredericton

I base my classes off what students would like to learn and what the student would like to ameliorate. The classes are meant for students in high school who are struggling or would like to do better. I am also willing to help students in their first year of university.

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Ryerson History students gives English and History Tutoring for Toronto High School Students

I am very structured and organized myself. But I like to create a structure based on each students needs. So together we initially address their goals and learning styles and together create a style that we will follow through the remainder of our lessons. I understand that learning can be very difficult and that each student may need different needs met.

Saint John
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Master's Psychological Researcher: lessons in basic psychological principles, statistics, and research methods.

My teaching style is flexible and easy to approach. Personally, I require relevant and fun examples in order to learn and I believe that has been reflected in how I approach teaching a subject. I can help with any research or social science statistics courses and various undergraduate Psych courses using real-world examples.

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4th Year Sociology Student gives Social Sciences lessons for students in Brandon.

My teaching methods match the way I learn, by teaching people through visual representation. I try to use as many visuals as possible to help put a physical image in your mind to remember, versus just reading text off the page.

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Philosophy graduate teaching high school and university students in social sciences and humanities in Belleville, Ontario

Education is vastly important. I find too many students do not realize the power of education. I like to inspire people to want to perform better because it helps build them up and become a better person. I use logic, open conversation and open-mindedness to teach my lessons. I enjoy tutoring ages 12 to 112.

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Professional Master's Degree graduate in History located in Moncton New-Brunswick ready to help!

My teaching method is simple, I like to be very visual and show them on paper how to prepare for exams and how to learn without just reading your notes. For me, it is very important that the student learns hands on with lots of examples and facts.

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PhD student in psychiatry who provides advising to mental health initiatives in Montreal. I'm passionate, knowledgeable, and approachable.

My teaching style is adaptable and student-focused. I'm interested in understanding the student's background knowledge, learning style, and any barriers to learning so we can overcome them together. I'm patient and willing to review material as many times as needed.

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Social science student offering classes in highschool mathematics, essay writing, philosophy, Canadian history, and methodology.

My pedagogy is simple - what works best for the students. Patience with students and carful attention to how students learn is the secret to being a good educator. By seeing how students are thinking, the ways in which they draw connections and gain understanding of content, I can make concepts and content far more accessible to students.

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I'm a public administrative student and I teach social public to college and high school student in Montreal.

My teaching method is simple and efficient. Students learning are measured through formal and informal assessments, that included group projects, student portfolio and classe participation. By teaching method I commonly used demonstration, recitation and memorization.

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Social sciences student gives philosophy and ethic classes for primary and high school student in Montreal

My teaching method is based on experimentation and creativity. I leave a lot of freedom to the students about the methods they want to use. My goal is for students to develop a critical spirit, to learn to argue well in writing and to develop their research skills.

Paris 3e
(22 reviews)

Sciences Po: Coaching for the letter and the application form, the oral preparation with professional journalist graduated from IEP

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and now practicing as a journalist, I offer coaching sessions for students who are applying for Sciences Po next year. My tutoring is thus intended for candidates who are working right now on their letter and their applications, and tomorrow will prepare for the oral interview.

Buenos Aires
(10 reviews)
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Private classes for secondary and university students (also amateurs) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

My classes adapt to the student. Therefore, I develop several methodologies that can range from an interactive talk to the realization of different types of resources such as maps, timelines and conceptual schemes, among others, that help to understand the different topics. At the same time, I look for an active student participation that awakens an interest in learning.

(10 reviews)
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General Knowledge - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(4 reviews)
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Lets study social sciences! or history, politics, geography / I am a law student, we can do it!

It is essential a first recognition, then a diagnosis of the shortcomings, good planning and excellent execution in the development of learning, finally, the total review. However, it should be noted that each student is different, therefore there is no scheme in which to put it. That makes the characteristics of each one a different objective to raise.

Paris 9e
(3 reviews)
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Visiting researcher at Columbia University in New York. PhD student in geopolitics at IFG.

My methodology for private lessons (and as much as possible for classes) is to start from what my students are to offer them a way of learning that suits them. I also try to understand their needs to best meet them and help them achieve their goals.

(3 reviews)

PhD in cognitive science and science journalist gives course of journalism and communication

Doctor in cognitive sciences graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 of research in Biology and a master 2 professional in mediation and science journalism, I offer tutoring journalism and science communication.

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Student in L2 of philosophy and L2 of anthropology in Toulouse, I offer help and courses for high school students in sociology and philosophy.

I am a student in dual studies at the Jean-Jaurès University of Toulouse in anthropology (sociology option) and in philosophy. I followed an ES course in high school and got my bac with mention with 16 in philosophy and 17 in sociology.

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Former student in literary preparatory class (lycée Fénelon Paris 6e) gives philosophy courses at home or by webcam from the Terminale to the L3

The course takes place in three stages: - resumption of the course as seen in class of notions, articulations / philosophical logics + repetition of the methods of text commentary and dissertation seen in class, identification of misunderstandings and difficulties - work on concepts , On texts or methods that have posed difficulties for the student - application of methods and knowledge to a...

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Student at ESSEC Business School, I teach Philosophy, english and economic and social science

I can help you with the courses of your teachers but also bring you additional material or help you in writing your files for the Baccalaureate, Philosophy and your oral language. I can also help you with all the methodology of the dissertation (in SES as in philosophy or in French).

(3 reviews)
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Professor of Geography and Bilingual History, he teaches Social Sciences, Art, Philosophy, English, etc.

For the social science learning it is essential to show your most fun part and look for a nexus of implication between the student and the subject. Because of this, I look for my classes to be much more dynamic and entertaining than traditional classes, making students feel motivated in learning. For this I use technological resources such as Power Point, audiovisual resources, gamifications, etc.

Paris 11e
(3 reviews)
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HISTORY COURSES, IEP and Po sciences prep contest for all levels, at home

I want to stop considering history as a subject that can only be learned through the organization of a learning by heart. For me, history must be learned as "a story" with its lot of unsaid but its logical sequence of events. It seems to me important to reason from a funny, striking or unusual point to then use an umbrella reasoning to understand what we learn.

São Paulo
(5 reviews)
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PhD in Sociology, Researcher, Professor of Sociology and Human and Social Sciences

I have a Bachelor's and a Full Degree in Social Sciences from UNESP, a Master's and a PhD in Sociology, both from UFPR. I have experience as a university professor of the disciplines of Sociology, Contemporary Society, Philosophy, Citizenship, Elaboration of research projects, among others.

Nancy iliana
(2 reviews)
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Do you have problems to understand history? Here we help you in English or Spanish.

I have 20 years teaching different academic levels, in the last 9 years I have taught Universal History and Geography. In my History classes, I focus a lot on the understanding of historical events, why they occurred and their repercussions. In the case of Geography, I also like to explore and understand both natural and sociopolitical events that exist today.

Juiz de Fora
(4 reviews)
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Student of Humanities in UFJF teaches to middle and high school (any discipline of human)

Through dynamic classes, I intend to show the student that the disciplines of humanities can be very pleasant. Easily to deal with children and adolescents, the classes may be appropriate as the student, using new ways of learning for the student to feel comfortable in taking any questions about the humanities.

São Paulo
(5 reviews)
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Professor of Human Sciences (reinforcement classes), currently pursuing a degree in geography from the University of São Paulo (USP)

Currently a student at the University of São Paulo (USP), with experience in the area, private tutoring and directed to the entrance exam and routine studies. I produce reinforcement materials and minister lectures, as well as I carry out entrance exams in conjunction with the student.

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