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Award-winning graduate teaches International Relations and Philosophy lessons from Vernon, British Columbia

My classes are based on a tutorial framework. Preparatory reading(s) are assigned prior to a lesson in which the readings' topics are discussed and contextualized according to the lesson's focus. Students are encouraged to bring questions to discuss during the lesson.

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Political Science PhD Candidate in Toronto gives essay writing help and editing

I use a constructive pedagogical method with conversational style where we approach the subjects and topics you request and explore their history and theoretical underpinnings so that you can do your best work. I also offer essay reading and editing so that you can submit your best essays and papers.

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Foreign-trained Psychology professor, multi-cultural counselor specialized in Online Mental Skills Training. High performance on demand!

My specialty is teaching critical mental skills either in person or via video conferencing apps to aspiring people who desire to go from good to great. I teach in the English and/or Spanish languages. Try me and move to your next stage in life.

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Recent MA Graduate (Political Theory) from the University of Toronto in White Rock / Surrey

I work with students and see myself as a facilitator rather than a teacher. It is my job to discover the optimal methods that will help achieve the desired learning goals. I enjoy working with students and their parents to ensure that progress is being made.

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Humanities/Political Science Major Tutor in BC gives tutoring with 15 years experience

My teaching methods are geared towards upper high school and first/second year university students studying humanities and arts. In a typical class we'll cover a selected reading/assignment that includes interpretation, main points and detail discussion as well as practical integration into everyday situations.

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Internationally experienced history teacher, offers one on one and group lessons, flexible and creative teaching style

I like to take a creative and fun approach to education, focusing on both the personal interests and learning needs of each student. This may involve the use of multimedia learning materials, and I will often attempt to engage with history from a critical lens.

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Political Science Alumni gives classes! Politics is way easier than you think!

My teaching style changes depending on my students, my goal is to make sure you reach the highest potential you possibly can as a student. Some of students need visual examples or verbal, it's whatever you as the student need.

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History Professor (PhD) in Kitchener-Waterloo. Areas of expertise: Canadian and American history, Military history, Environmental history, Geography, general test preparation, and essay writing.

My commitment to academic excellence and student success is demonstrated by my flexible skill set and innovative pedagogy, as well as my ability to relate to a wide variety of learners. My goal as an educator is to engage students in course materials, cultivate their critical thinking and communication skills, and encourage them to embrace intellectual and cultural diversity.

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Former master's student and honours graduate teaches and tutors in political science and filmmaking

My methods are tailored to either the individual or group needs of my students so that they can develop their personal talents and skills. They range from a structured lecture to seminar to flexible comprehensive one-on-one tutoring and teaching.

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An Oxford graduate and experienced tutor of humanities in Greater London Area

I have a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners. I found, from my own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces; when students struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught.

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Improve your writing, researching and exam prep in political science -- Metro Vancouver based

To do well on exams and papers, you need both knowledge and skill. You have to get the relevant information into your head, and then back out in whatever format is being demanded. So first I help you get the knowledge, but then I help you develop the skills to really shine in whatever writing format is being demanded of you.

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Student in political science and economics fills in the blanks for a well-rounded understanding

I am aware that not every individual has the same learning style - what works for one student can hinder the success of another. Particularly in regard to the more nuanced disciplines, one size does not fit all -- an approach that the typical professor at a university fails to take into account. Learning is a process, one that is most effective when it is tailored to the individual student.

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Health and Safety Professional who gives sociology, political science and relate lessons

I like to work hand in hand with students in learning subjects. I try to make things easy as possible. I don't prefer learning methods where students are left without help that they need. learning should be fun after all.

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International Relations Graduate who tutors politics, history and international law to students

My teaching methods are related to real world experiences to better put things into perspective and allow for students to manipulate data as they see fit as it is my belief that there are no right or wrong answers as there are many sides to any one situation. Openness and free thinking out side of conspiracy theories are welcome.

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Lifelong learner with degrees in liberal arts, theology and behavioural sciences together with international trade experience on four continents willing to share experiences in philosophy, civics,hist

My teaching style favors an experiential approach with techniques which focus on the interests of the learner. A typical class would feature exploring the life issues most prominent in the mind/psyches of the students through participant engagement, interaction and dialogue.

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Political Science and International Relations Graduate with Master's degree tutors students in Ottawa area.

Looking to tutor undergraduate or high school students in the field of political science, IR, history and current affairs. I am open to helping you with what area you need assistance in. I hold a Master of Science in International Relations and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and European Studies with a minor in History.

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History graduate student gives history and social science classes at all levels in Montreal

I have a PhD in History from McGill University and extensive teaching experience. I always respond to the level of my students. I try to build their confidence while working to overcome their weaknesses, especially in terms of writing skills.

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My industry and academic experience will surely help in life long learning

I believe in learning by doing so provide hands on experiences to learners. My extensive academic experience, supports student growth and learning. With creative pedagogy, technological skills and expertise on subject matter, my motive is to encourage rational thinking minds.

Dr jan
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I am Dr of Political Science with specialisation in the Middle Easter Politics and Religion

My teaching methodology is [most of the time] up to students level of learning. I always ask students suggestions and consider their demands. I usually prefer power point and going through reading sometimes but this may change if student have a better offer..

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General Knowledge - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

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University graduate in History and Politics offering tuition up to degree-level in Edinburgh | £20 p/h

I base my classes around each student's needs and so the structure can vary depending on what exactly they hope to gain from it. For example, I can offer targeted assistance and feedback when working towards a particularly assignment, or similarly, I can provide longer term coaching if building towards an exam.

Dr janet
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Dr Janet. Oxford University Graduate with PhD Tutoring History & English. 12 years experience & 100% student pass rate.

70% of my A-level students achieve A* or A grade. I'm an Oxford University graduate and a full-time professional tutor with many years experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? History, English Language, English Literature, Academic Writing, Entrance exams. I also offer academic proof reading for essays, dissertations, theses and articles.

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Holder of a Master's Degree in International Relations with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, I teach courses in International Relations, Political Science and Methodology of Law

A graduate of the Jean Moulin University, my courses are mainly for high school students wishing to join a law and / or political science college, but also for undergraduate students. I make the first free hour to evaluate the student's level and to be able to build a program adapted to his needs. I can teach both methodology (practical case, stop comment, dissertation) and theoretical courses.

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LSE graduate student offering tutoring lessons in International Politics in Central London

I believe in every student gaining clarity in fundamental concepts before proceeding to more specific cases. I tailor my classes to student needs and enjoy interactive and enthusiastic students. After going over the syllabus, I will come up with a weekly structure that will involve both discussions as well as written exercises to substantially train students in their chosen study area.

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I'm a History and Politics graduate based in Manchester. I'm an aspiring teacher who wants to prepare the next generation for success!

I would prefer to teach A-level and secondary students, mostly because I aim to teach one of these age groups in the future. However I would be open to tutoring degree students whose modules match my areas of expertise.

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Student in M1 History, offers courses, but not only history. French or mathematics

My methodology is essentially based on a discussion with the student, to understand what he does not understand, which can block him in the discipline. From this, it is important to frame the teaching so that the student understands what is expected of him, and so, step by step to get him to go beyond the stage at which he was.

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Enthusiastic postgraduate history student offers lesson in historical, political and cultural studies

My method of teaching is to encourage students to read around a topic prior to a lesson. The next lesson will then consist of a short lesson around the topic, before initiating discussion and debate about the topic. For students sitting exams such as GCSE or A-Level, I will regularly test the student's knowledge and approach to essay writing.

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Enthusiastic LSE graduate offering lessons in History and International Relations up to university level

I am very confident that my experience and skills will be extremely valuable to students looking to pass their exams with flying colours, be it GCSEs, A levels, or even exams at university. However, I do not simply wish for my students to be excellent at taking tests. Beyond that, I aspire for them to learn how to trust themselves so that they can be happy people outside of the classrooms too.

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Melbourne Uni Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialised in Civics, Politics and History

Questioning is my main method. My question will lead you to find the answer by yourself over an interesting and challenging process. Once you've got to the good answer, it will become part of you that you will never need cheat sheets for. The questions will highly resemble what you will have in the SAGs and final exams, which in the meantime facilitates improvement of writing style.

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A-Level History student here to help those in a revision and work crisis

I take a hands-off calm approach to teaching, giving you the information, intellect and technique to teach yourself how to succeed in history. Fellows in College have praised me on my listening and patient nature and my want to help them. I will give you the skills needed to succeed in history.

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