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💸 How pricey is a chemistry tutor per hour in Prince George and the surrounding areas?

In Prince George, the average rate of chemistry lessons is $20.


Rates will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your chemistry tutor
  • where your lessons will be (online or the student's place)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes

97% of our private tutors offer their 1st lesson free. Check out the rates of our chemistry instructors in your area.

👨🏼‍⚖️ How many private teachers are available to give private chemistry lessons in Prince George?

In Prince George and the suburban areas, 8 private chemistry teachers are available to teach courses


To find your private tutor, take a look at their tutoring advert to find out more information about their courses.


Choose your course from our range of more than 8 chemistry tutors.

💻 How can I take private chemistry lessons online?

On Superprof, you can learn chemistry online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your university exams, are struggling with scientific concepts, or would just like to work on your chemistry skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our chemistry teachers also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof offer chemistry classes via Skype and most of them offer their first lessons free!


To find the available online teachers, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Skype offer you more benefits. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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✒️ What is the average rating attributed by students to chemistry teachers in Prince George?

From a sample of ratings, pupils gave their chemistry tutors an average of out of five.


In case of a complication with your course, a customer relationship manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to find a solution (by phone or mail during weekdays).


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👴🏼Why should you start a private chemistry course in Prince George?

chemistry is one of the toughest sciences in university. Many pupils struggle with chemistry throughout the school year, whether at primary level, secondary or higher. This is why chemistry support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a chemistry tutor many students are able to crush their fear of chemistry.


Take chemistry lessons to learn more about the different scientific concepts with a competent teacher. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect time to master the different chemistry concepts more quickly.


Whether you want to take private lessons from home or take online classes, select your tutor and book your chemistry lessons today.


A messaging service allows you to get in contact with your tutor to organise your chemistry courses whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location


Make use of our search engine to find your chemistry teacher from among 8 private tutors in Prince George.


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Take Chemistry Classes in Prince George

Chemistry is the study of matter. This scientific discipline explores the combination of substances and how their interactions create new substances. Chemistry impacts everything around us, from the cake you bake in the oven to the rain that falls from the sky as water vapour. 

Prince George is a city in beautiful British Columbia located over 700 km north of Vancouver and surrounded by picturesque national parks and winding rivers. Prince George is an idyllic location to expand your understanding of the world around you by learning chemistry. 

There are teachers located directly in Prince George who offer Chemistry courses and a network of online tutors around the world that can help you broaden your comprehension of the subject. 

Learn more about chemistry courses in Prince George and the many benefits of learning a new scientific discipline.

Why Should You Learn Chemistry?

Learning chemistry can offer many advantages for your academic goals, career pursuits, and overall education. Learn more about how taking chemistry lessons in Prince George can improve your life and support your long-term goals.

Understand the World Around You

How does soap clean your hands? Why do leave change colours? How does your cake batter transform into a delicious dessert under heat? Chemistry offers all the answers to these questions and more. If you’re a curious person with a constant desire for new information, learning chemistry could help open your eyes to the changes in the world around you.    

Become a Better Cook

Great Chefs are highly skilled food chemists. Can learning chemistry actually make you a better cook? Surprisingly yes. There are entire courses dedicated to the disciplines of food and chemistry, including Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the University of McGill and Introduction to Food Chemistry at the University of Guelph. 

When you mix ingredients together, whether its oils and fats in cooking or flours and sodas in baking, the ingredients undergo a transformation that will make or break the finished product. Chemistry helps you understand the processes at play and teach you how to perfect your cooking.

Enhance Safety in The Workplace and At Home

Chemistry is involved in the chemicals you use at home and at work. In many workplaces, especially kitchens or large facilities, you will be required to learn about chemistry for safety purposes. Which household chemicals are safe to use and which ones could be harmful to your health? Taking courses in chemistry could help you understand the products you’re using every day to help you make informed choices.  

Better Grasp Current Events

There are a lot of news platforms circulating information about the environmental impacts of different substances, petroleum, product recalls, pollution, and technological advances in chemistry. With a foundational knowledge of chemistry, you can participate in the news cycle and be a more educated voter. You can also advocate for environmental protection and better grasp the impact certain products have on our world at large. 

Strategically Solve Problems

Education allows people to expand their understanding and imagine new creative solutions to common problems. When you enrol in a chemistry lesson you are entering a scientific discipline that encourages objectivity and this method of problem-solving can be applied in other areas of life to make you a better decision-maker. 

Open Doors to New Careers

Chemistry is used in nearly every career path. With an educational background in chemistry, you can apply for jobs in the food industry, retail sales, transportation, art, government, and many other lines of work. Learn more about the top careers for chemistry majors below. 

What Types of Chemistry Can You Learn?

Are you interested in learning about how substances react in the weather systems, in our bodies, in household products, or in a top-tier kitchen? Before you decide to take chemistry lessons in Prince George, it’s essential that you gain a deeper understanding of the different branches of chemistry.

Different Types of Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
  3. Physical Chemistry
  4. Analytical Chemistry
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Environmental Chemistry
  7. Industrial Chemistry
  8. Polymer Chemistry
  9. Theoretical Chemistry
  10.  Thermochemistry

Are There Job Opportunities in Chemistry?

There are approximately ten main branches of chemistry and a variety of job opportunities and careers that align with each one. Start by selecting the branch of chemistry that interests you the most. Conduct background research on this type of chemistry and then determine if the job opportunities in this field match your individual strengths and abilities. 

Careers in Chemistry

  • Applied Research and Product Development
  • Cheminformatics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Technology
  • Crystallography
  • Dyes, Pigments and Inks
  • Industrial Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Project Management
  • Chemical Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Toxicology
  • Technical Sales and Marketing

The Best Chemistry Programs In Prince George

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is one of the best locations in the Prince George area to obtain a degree in chemistry. You can attend UNBC to earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, depending on your unique goals.

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Major) in Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Major) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Connect With A Chemistry Teacher In Prince George

If you’re interested in learning chemistry and prefer working with an instructor one on one, hiring a private chemistry tutor is a great option. A private chemistry teacher in Prince George allows you to:

  • Learn chemistry at your own pace
  • Schedule chemistry lessons around your working hours
  • Engage in tutoring sessions virtually and remotely
  • Choose a chemistry teacher who possesses the background and experience you’re looking for
  • Support a career, education, or passion for chemistry

What is the best platform to find chemistry teachers in Prince George?

Superprof is an online platform that connects you with a network of chemistry teachers from across the globe who can introduce you to basic concepts in chemistry or help you expand your foundational knowledge. 

Read reviews from other students, browse tutor profiles, and book an introductory lesson with your teacher to ensure you’re the right fit.

If you’re eager to get started browse the chemistry teachers above and find the right match for you and your educational journey.

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