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Certified personal trainer gives fitness classes for new trainers & continuing education in Calgary

I believe in a "tell, show, do" method of teaching to appeal to all types of learning; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. These classes are ideal for a wide range of people. If you are becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach or would like to learn more for your own health, these classes are for you.

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Entertaining woman with a diploma in Theatre, Certified Personal Trainer in Nanaimo

My classes are creative and entertaining which I find helps you retain the information better. Aside from speaking clearly and writing assignments I like to use visual aids and body language to help the learning process. I like to teach whatever you're interested in.

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Personal Trainer offers affordable training to lose weight and reach your dreams!

Hard work, clean eating, no restriction diets. Loving your body and self. I strive to make sessions fun and deliver motivation and accountability! I can train any level from beginner to elite level, beginner level, HIIT, moderate intensity, "lazy girl," strength, and barre.

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Human Kinetics student with years of fitness background gives valuable fitness lessons

My teaching methods are to focus on what is needed by the student. I hope for the best for my students and want to ensure they are receiving the best information and teaching possible. I am a kind and energetic person and I think that would be ideal for any student.

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Physical Education/Social Studies teacher specializing in sports development and fitness coaching in Calgary

With a background in fitness competing, along with certification in personal training, I aim to help both girls and boys with building confidence in the field of personal development in fitness. Fitness is not only physical, but mental, emotional, and social. I will help you to discover, and further, develop healthy and progressive life choices in the area of fitness.

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Personal Trainer/Group Fitness instructor who is looking forward to motivating you !

My method is tailored specifically to each individual. I believe knowledge is power, and I would love to share my knowledge to keep each client on the right track to reaching their fitness goals. I am dedicated to creating a plan that will work for you.

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Online Hatha Yoga and Meditation Instructor with 12+ years practice. Great at personal modifications.

With a background in Ashtanga, I naturally enjoy the beauty of alignment and its inherent benefits. As a teacher, my goal is to share the gift of movement through yoga, relating asana to everyday functional mobility. I work well in adapting accessible classes for all age groups.

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Highly ambitious individual eager to pass over 10 years of knowledge in boxing/Crossfit/Powerlifting/Plyometry/Nutrition and many more.

My teaching methods can be fun or super-tough depending on the level of the class or student I have in front of me. It can also depend on which kind of sport an individual wants to compete in, or if the student just wants to make a life-changing process of body-mind-soul.

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Sport lover students develop to become a well-rounded individual and team lead in chosen field

My teaching methods are in routinary fitness started from simple steps /basics I base my classes on motivation/preparation, presentation, comparison and abstraction, generalization and application i approached with sttucture and flexibility for proper mobilization

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Personal Trainer and Yoga and Massage Therapist for clients in Toronto area

I create programs to meet the needs of students, combining weight lifting, TRX, theraputic yoga, pilates, and calesthetics. Also incorporate martial arts trainings from MMA, muay thai, Ninjitsu and goshin jitsu, and Qi Qong. Also certifications in Lebert Training system, and Kickboxing.

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What is life with no Goal for personal achievement and wellbeing. Train & become You

My teaching methods is so easy to understand .... Even a 10 year old can surpass his own expectations I have over 1000 different types of body training and Many just for you.

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10 year competitive swimmer, 4 year power and Olympic lifter, and experienced and qualified swim instructor.

I approach my lessons very openly and I will always encourage and push my students, but never beyond comfort level. I am very easy to speak with and will demonstrate if verbal directions are not understood. I do use physical manipulation (mostly in water) to allow my students to be able to achieve certain movements and positions.

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Fitness model and personal trainer give advice and train people to get in shape.

There is so much MISINFORMATION out there that is hard to decern what’s working. But also I know that time is VALUABE, either it's with school,work, family, social life... My programs are designed to make you achieve your goals without being in the gym 24/7. I’m OFFERING you an opportunity to get RESULTS, getting STRONGER while ENJOYING others aspects of your life.

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Personal trainer in kamloops BC able to create all types of plans

I base my plans based on your goals and lifestyle. I like to be realistic in what works for you to make it successful.

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Fitness instructor with 4+ years experience will make you sweat. Be your best ever!

My teaching methods are based on fundamental fitness movement.

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Personal and athletic trainer with big experience and love for what I’m doing

I’m very precise and patient, I focus on details so preparing athletes from the basics to the professional level in the best way

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It's me, I will teach you to exercise really well or something

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Niagara Falls
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Jr Hockey player, giving help to students in Niagara Region meet their aspirations

My methods are to push a person to there limits through constructive criticism and dedication to meet goals

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Importants and advantages of fitness in our daily life activities because you only live once

My methods are, 1, the difference ways on how to keep fit,2 how to build your body to the form you like

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Stay smart and healthy for people arround you and yourself. Thank you. ☺

My teaching method is to get my students foucs and interested in what i am teaching them for there benefit.

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Zumba Instructor motivated to teach evening classes in Montreal, specialized in latin dances and belly dance

Zumba is a way to get fit while having fun. It is a party, It allows you to take your mind off work and just have fun. While getting a very good cardio workout, enhanced flexibility and work on your muscles. It never gets boring because there are so many different dances that you get to enjoy and different musics from all over the world.

Grande Prairie
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Certified Personal Trainer of 8 Years. Offering online personal training! Workout in the comfort of your own home with the assistance of a trained professional

If you show up and put in the work, follow the system, you'll get results. If you slack off and eat crappy. You won't.

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University student and coach at different gyms and fitness centres ready to help you change your life and achieve your personal goals

What makes my training efficient, is the fact that I focus on what your goals are and give everything to achieve your goals. Including nutrional advice. I’m experienced in how to gain muscle, how to lose fat and weight, as well as how to achieve lean mass (muscle definition), and strength training.

Paris 8e
(15 reviews)

Personal trainer reab / muscu / fit / box on paris diplomee decole of fitness in london french / english fluent

Personal trainer level 3 international level: beginner up to athlete professional english or french program individual sessions private couple / duo, 1-1, and group method vary only the capacity of each bodybuilding, calisthenics, boxing, etc.

(28 reviews)

Personal trainer in Paris and suburbs for all fitness levels all profiles

Hey guys! Want to get in shape? Do it now! Why wait? Get started now and GET FIT NOW! DON'T WAIT TO FEEL GREAT! I work with people of all ages and walks of life. Most of my clients are regular working people looking to get in shape.

Paris 12e
(13 reviews)
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Sports Coach graduate / physical trainer, gives lessons at home (in Paris)

Home trainer graduated (BA in Athletic Training STAPS mention), I exercise for over two years with customers satisfied with their progress and athletes who have reached their goal. I therefore propose my services at home or outdoors, be it physical preparation (Athletics, Tennis, Boxing, Judo etc.), physical maintenance (ground-up, weight loss, muscle toning, weight etc. ) or group lessons.

(7 reviews)
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Sports coaching, physical preparation for exams, bodybuilding, wellness, I am the missing link in your success.

- Teacher of EPS Bi eligible for the aggregation, my courses are addressed to all. - Biomechanical study of the student's movement, expertise and precision. - Pedagogy based on the individualization of the work, the playful side and the development of the taste of the effort.

Paris 1er
(18 reviews)

Personal trainer, stretching, postural, aqua gym, swimming, gives sport lessons in Paris.

I am a sport teacher and my speciality is aquagym. I can teach fitness, stretching, postural gymnastic, or prepare a custom project coaching. My lessons are for sport amateurs, experienced or beginners. Interested for fitness, tone and losing weigth, aches and spasms after hours at work, postural problems, gently bringing the beginners to the sport, and many others..

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Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer teaches anatomy, biomechanics, training, rehabilitation and nutrition basics.

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, both theorical and practical classes in English or Spanish depending of the purpose of each person. The teaching method varies depending on the capabilities of each student, where they can start from the basics to more advanced excercises.

(25 reviews)
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Customized classroom and online functional training for groups and individuals in BCN

My name is Fran, I am a certified personal trainer with several degrees at national and international level, such as the NSCA, Crossfit L1, TRX and university education. My training is based on functional training aimed at improving physical conditions and enhancing skills.

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