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Niagara Falls
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Infants are the pride and joy of parents - learn to massage your own baby, and help your connection grow

I approach the teaching aspect of massage in a very structured way. It is important to understand the effects of massage theoretically, grasp the do and don't inherent in any healthcare field and then explore the actual hands on techniques that will have a positive out come.

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Doctor specialized in child care would like to teach nursing as well medical students about health of a child

I enjoy keeping myself up to date with the latest and sharing that knowledge with my students mostly with the help of audiovisual aids.

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Mama's beginning guide to infant massage for simple, fussy or colicky babies

This is a extremely simple, fun and comprehensive course. This is about how to work on your sweet babies that you already are connected and bonded to, to aide in comfort, movement and growth. I have officially and certifiably do massaging for over 9 years. I LOVE the art and miracle of touch and enjoy instructing others how to achieve the same skills.

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Senior Pediatrician( Child Specialist Doctor with 20 years experience ) wanting to guide Parents about Baby & Child Rearing with Essential Health Tips

My aim is to educate people ( parents ) regarding basic & advanced guidelines regarding Parenting, baby & child health, their psychology & correct common mistakes & false beliefs with a view to lessen parental anxiety & stress that every parents face from birth of their baby up to their gaining adulthood. I generally do teaching sessions with parents.

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Aspire to work in a challenging environment, seeing for an excellent opportunity to work as professional with my all interest and excellent skills

• High School Passed in 2004 with IInd division. • Intermediate Passed in 2006 with Ist division. • B.A. Passed from CCS University, Meerut in 2009 with IInd division. • B.Ed. from CCS University Meerut in 2013-2014 with ist division. • LL.B. from CCS University Meerut in 2013 with IInd division. • UP TET Qualified in 2014. • M.A.

New Delhi
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Professional Teacher's Training degree from St. Mary's Allahabad in all subjects, education and child Psychology

To overcome the academic curriculum of junior wing. To motivate and guide the teaching staff. Coordinate spot Interviews and Admission test for candidates in major and smaller cities all over. Suggest only study programs which suit to the qualifications and aspirations of the students.

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Be the wings of your own child and the first help when he need!!

I use life experience to help others to undestand how to deal with problems and challenges everyday!!! For me life is the great teacher!! So i will use my own experience with childs to teach others mothers at the beginning of this wonderful road!!

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Speech-Language Pathologist with over 12 years experience gives Baby Sign Language and Sign Language Classes

I have a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Texas at Dallas / Callier Center. I have different teaching strategies that are tailored to each student and family to ensure maximum growing in their sign language skills.

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Professional doctor qualified with behavioural management with knowledge about child psychology and lessons abot various stages of development of child

Behavioural management Theories of development Various stages of development Dental needs for kids Emergency management for various conditions Management of specially abled children

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Experienced Mum looking to share my tips, tricks and knowledge on all things babies.

I teach in different ways depending on the student, whether they prefer to have written information or whether they’d like pictures with explanations, I can also provide spoken classes.

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MSc.Pediatric Nurse helps you to develop your child from womb to adulthood.I could teach you how to nurture your offspring through a healthy way.I can also help students who pursue pediatric nursing.

I am Post Graduated from Dr.NTR University in Pediatric Nursing.I am passionate about teaching pediatric nursing as I love being with children.I follow a lecture cum discussion method with the help of PPT,Charts,Flashcards etc.I am a strict teacher while teaching lessons.However,I am friendly with the class.I give assignments to help students to develop themselves in the subject.

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Nursing students can get latest trends of learning, everything in mnemonic form, easy to remember.

My teaching method is discussion type friendly two way process. I always believe teaching is both student as well as teacher centered, a two way process.

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You want babies care connect to me always you get information about your babies well being

My teaching method is lecture with suitable examples. Its based on demostration method also.

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Baby HealthCare Solutions w.e.f. Proper Body Massage in Ludhiana.....Your Baby WellNess is mine Duty

My teaching method is to deliver my health according services to Babies for the wellness of their health..

Dr deepak
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Highly qualified and experienced Pediatrician in Gurgaon for all problems of babies.

I try to teach all my students or patient's attendants in a lucid manner and what is relevant to them.

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Private lessons and support tasks for children and teenagers from primary and secondary secondary school in all subjects

Professional educator with Degree in Educational Science and Counselor with extensive experience in school support, repetitions in all subjects to children and young people of primary and secondary school of first and second degree. Schemes and highlight important parts. I explain the contents and finally repeat them repeatedly in schematic form.

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I am a student in medico-social and parenthood is at the heart of my job!

I am very interested in parenting; positive education, the psychology of the child among others. I base my classes on the physical and psychic well-being of children, taking inspiration from the Montessori method. We can also organize some parenting classes.

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Learn The Massage in Schools Program for parents and primary aged children

The MISP consists of numerous strokes which form a massage sequence or select a few strokes to learn. Best suits children aged 5-12. Children learn in pairs with other children or carers. Also includes visualisations/relaxation techniques. Provides children valuable tools.

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Skilled, meticulous teacher who's goal is to maximize parenting skills based on individual needs.

Responsible and adaptable International Baccalaureate Student who can effectively multi-task in challenging situations and meet critical deadlines while staying creative and positive. Hard-working, innovative and highly motivated to quickly master new skills. Highly organized, intercultural, and loves working with people.

Sagar divya
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Preparing mind for the beautiful and crucial moment in every mother's life, to be with you while you reborn as a mother

My teaching methodology is very simple and will be tuning your mind in aspect of pain.

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