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Professional Counsellor and Educator offers online lessons in Stress Management, Life Coaching, Conflict Management, Public Speaking, and Personal Development for anyone to accomplish their goals!

My teaching methodology depends on each Student. We all have different learning styles (e.g. you may be a Visual Learner), and I tailor what I teach to include elements of the various learning styles of my Students. I also believe in Interactive Learning (learning by doing), and not just 'talking at you'.

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Get in the right headspace, improve your desirability and approach and date beautiful women

My teaching methods are practical and hands on - advice that can be taken and applied to daily life in a variety of settings. I give specific examples and ways to attain what is desired and break any boundaries that may exist.

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Stress Management with Scott Fardella - Learn The Art of Not Caring

My instructional methods are a mixture of strategies based on my professional experience and personal strategies I've learned and applied to situations in my own life that I have found to be effective.

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Social Worker with diverse experience here to help you achieve your goals

I offer a very client focused methodology of teaching. You, tell me how you learn best and I will adjust the lessons to best suit your needs. I highly encourage open communication as that is what will lead to success.

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Personal Coaching and Confidence building for Kids/Adults - Edmonton St. Albert Area

My methods are to address your problem, and help you work through it by going over beneficial ways that adapt to you and apply to what you are going through. It is always confidential, and I would love to help you today.

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Achieve Greater Success by Enhancing Your Strengths and Becoming a Resilient Learner

My classes will be a combination of information and activities oriented toward enhancing your learning. As so much of this learning is about personal experience, using student's narratives (their stories), articles, other people's experiences, and online resources will be applied to enrich the information and learning.

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Let me help you find your creative potential and live a more enriched and fulfilled life that's inspired by nature

I believe that our inner thoughts/barriers/abilities are directly related to our ability to learn and contribute. Therefore, I focus on what you are a "natural at" to help dissolve those barriers and connect you to your true potential. I use nature, and exploration, as the foundation for connecting you to your deep potential. Life should be fun and things seem more fun when they feel easy.

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Personal Coach conducts classes to help support and empower personal development.

First of all, I like to get to know my client or class a bit. I also share some things about myself, so that they also can get to know me. Then we look at, assess and address the issue, problem or challenge. Our next step is to discover possibilities and then make the best choice solution. This could involve a lifestyle change, setting a goal, creating a piece of art, or having a discussion.

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How to as a public speaker to manager your stress. and manager your health.

English is not easy language but how we can quickly to learn and how to use make us easy going in a new country is very important. At the same time, how to use the professional speaking skill to try to find our dream job and raise our life level.

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Retired Principal in Ontario gives insightful lessons on personal wellness and conflict management from 40 years of practical experience

My teaching style is open-ended to meet the needs of the student. I teach for success and personal growth with numerous examples for success and growth. Student goals are constantly reviewed with realistic goals established and consistently monitored. My course fit both undergraduate and graduate students seeking to develop a plan for intrapersonal and interpersonal skill development.

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Health and fitness educator providing online and phone support in Scarborough and Toronto in the area of fitness and health, childbirth education, facilitation and public speaking and leadership

I teach with honesty and humour giving my clients all the latest, up to date, accurate evidenced based information. I am currently offering support and education via online and/or phone. Classes are meant for parents to be, new parents or those looking for support with public speaking and community engagement.

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Here as your Guide, so That You Can Live The Life You Want and DESERVE!

Our energy holds years or lifetimes of baggage that often holds us back from taking action in our lives and is often so deeply rooted that it affects us on a physical level. I use a holistic intuitive approach as a Life Coach to bring a more fulfilling life.

Greater Sudbury
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Nursing student giving you advice and lessons on stress management from Sudbury, ON

My teaching methods are based on what I have used and have seen my friends use/used to manage their stress. A typical class would include me sharing my stress management techniques and asking and giving you options on what you think might work for you.

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Financial Service Professional teaching Mental Toughness, Discipline, Life Coaching, Power of Mindset.

a structured itinerary of sub topics will be covered. it can be rapid fire and information packed so note taking is seriously advised. Classes will go over various topics in regards to mental toughness, overcoming adversity, self talk, discipline, positive mindset, among others. Expect energy and an honest approach.

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Trainer of NLP (Studied with Richard Bandler) in Windsor doing Coaching, NLP Lessons

I specialize in stress reduction coaching by teaching my students NLP techniques. People think NLP is about enhancing communication with others, and that's true. NLP is primarily a set of skills to better communicate with oneself. This automatically makes you a better communicator with others. It's about learning some new skills and practicing them. Very easy.

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Psychology Student Wanting to Teach Others About Stress Management and Develop Strategies to Succeed

My teaching method is to connect with my students so that I can understand their needs and help them to be as successful as possible, and achieve their goals. I believe that success is achieved through understanding and goal setting.

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Leadership Coaching & Personal Development to help you achieve your GOALS in Vancouver

My teaching methods are based on positive psychology, and mindset training. I will help you build confidence and overcome obstacles in life. This class is for anyone who is hungry to take their life, education, and career to the next level.

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Christian licensed professional teacher in Values Education and a registered social worker devotedly working for 23 years in the field of teaching, training development and management, public speaking

Utilizing various teaching methodology through the use of modern technologies in facilitation and classroom management. My teaching methodology includes interactive lectures, role playing, simulation exercises, case study analysis, video presentation analysis and experiential learning approach through the use of realia.

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Secondary School teacher gives English, Social Science, Business and Special Education classes to Adults and Students.

My teaching methods use a variety of Socratic lectures, videos and hands-on activities. Students can also utilize my services for specific courses that they are working on. I can also help students and parents maximize the benefits of an IEP.

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I teach yoga and arobics. i have certificate all subject i cen teach more then women for them health

i am bhavin Doshi. i am from india in gujrat. my contect number (concealed information) i will starting my yoga with surya namskar and i approach a subjuct with flexibility my branch name is shennon yoga class...

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Health Sciences and Fitness student is looking to make some extra cash by making you a better you!

Before I begin to teach, I make sure to get to know and connect with my clients. I always make sure to keep them feeling belonged, satisfied, and motivated. My methods are student focused. Also I take feedback and criticism very seriously because I believe it helps me to improve as a tutor, and overall as a human being.

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Turn Your Dreams into Reality & Breakthrough to Your Next Level with Clarity

I am an Speaker, Iconic Brand Strategist, High Performance Coach & Founder of the Dare to Be Iconic Academy. I ​can help you breakthrough barriers, activate your true potential & transform your life. With 2018 here, I know that you will see new open doors, bigger opportunities, deeper and more meaningful relationships, promotion, breakthroughs, abundance and more.

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Networking Students gives Health and Growth Development Tutorials in the Schools of Brandon

My teaching methods are quiet exciting and start my classes by creating an extremely joyful environment. I keeps in contact with all the students and know their level to make the subject or the classes quiet interesting. In simple words, my methodology is learn by doing which focuses on the practical work more than the theoretical.

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Very positive, and caring person who can offer insightful advice or just listen. Is a very experienced life coach, but can also be a friend.

I always make sure that we are in a comfortable environment and that you'll feel that its an open space area for us, I would want you to be comfortable talking to me and relying on me when you need me.

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Bonjour si vous cherchez une personne qui peut vous écouter et vous conseiller contactez moi :)

Je procède de différentes façon selon les besoins et du client. Chaque dossier est personnel et unique selon la personne concerne! Tous conseils et technique d'aide change selon leur besoins et les buts pour réussir une amélioration de la situation.

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Bio-Psychology + yoga student teaches classes on how to reduce stress and succeed in your goals

My classes are based on practical methods of improving quality of life, as well as longevity. These methods are powerful and must be taught and learned with revererance and attention to detail. Classes are structured as a time to try out methods, either under my supervision or not.

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Public Speaking Made Easy! Working Together on Your Piece and Practicing Until You Are Comfortable and Satisfied!

Having an open-mind in all teaching subjects is so important. But having an open-mind in public speaking is key, because understanding where the speaker is coming from in their work makes it that much better and that much more successful. Practice makes perfect! Whether it’s practicing your speaking, running through whatever work you have, practicing eye contact, and the list goes on and on.

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Neuroscience Student Gives Caring Advice and Guidance Through Stressful Public Speaking Experiences

My teaching methodology is a guided discussion. Learning is not a strict and linear path, rather it needs to be development of thoughts and conclusions, and so I will focus you to the right path.

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Personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and counselor-in-training gives personal & life coaching sessions

I meet my students where they are at and listen to what their needs and goals are. Together, we work towards a plan that will help the student reach his/her goals in a timely manner. I strive to build and maintain a confidential and trusting relationship with my students and clients.

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Experienced Toastmaster with excellent public speaking skills offering guidance, advice and productive critiquing

To become a better speaker you need to speak. I offer a no-pressure environment assignments designed to build speaking skills from the ground up.

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