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Database, SQL lessons in Regina for high school, undergraduate, masters students in Regina

1. Flexible timings as per availability of schedule 2. Online and/or instructor based classes 3. Classes for high school, undergraduate degree, graduate level courses in computer science related to database/SQL 4. Assistance in assignments and exams-- mid term and finals 5. Classes based on foundations of query languages - We'll start from basics and then go on to make complex queries.

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A programmer can make you professional in the rules of data structure - relationships in databases - linking with the web and applications

Learn to manage and report on your data with yourMicrosoft Access database. manage your data by creating a new database, constructing tables, designing forms and reports. creating advanced queries, subforms, pivot tables and pivot charts.

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Learn Mostly Demanding Computer Languages in Easy Way that Every Techie Should Master

My teaching methods are totally based on Practicality as it is all about the languages. While learning all the languages, I help the student to practically execute the commands at the end of the lecture. My way of teaching makes me a special tutor.

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Master of science in computing and data analytics student with industry experience on MySQL, Oracle DB, Java and Python

I will give luctures on complete MySQL and Java. Your knowledge will rise to the next level. I guarantee that.

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You can create a database in 5 minutes but is it going to work? I’ll teach you how to data model in 60 mins (for free). After that, I’ll teach you everything about data.

Over 25 years ago, I was sent to Oracle in Redmond, CA to learn data modelling and when I returned, I worked with a mentor that taught me the ropes on how to interview business users, analyze reports and model data. Together we data modelled over 100 entities and collected at least 1,000 data elements. After this assignment, I continued with the same mentor for a number of projects.

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1st lesson is free!

Comp Sc Graduate sharing knowledge and experience with online or local students in Montreal

Experienced peer tutor and TA. I will provide the students with practical examples and solutions that will help them with short-term an long-term goals. Short -term goals cover clearing the exam and successfully complete the assignments. While long-term goals will include learning the concepts and use them successfully in career building.

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Experienced Software Developer with more than 2 years of Industry Experience offers SQL, Database Design and Architecture knowledge in their home in Montreal.

My teaching methods focus on the real world implementations of what you are learning. I love to teach in a way people can understand the impact they can bring from what they are being taught, I think that is what makes me a good teacher. There is no limitation for coding and computer science in general as I believe there is a first time for everything.

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Tutoring in Computer Science. Learn to love learning again come in Montreal.

My approach is to take real life examples and scenarios and explain the concepts .Each student is unique and has its own learning style , I will adjust my teaching methodology as per the student to make it more understandable.

Lambton Shores
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IT Specialist gives Network, Computers, Internet classes for high schools students 15 years experience

My teaching methods are designed around a set of subjects that act as a building block to the overall understanding and activities that allow the student to work at their own pace there is a Q/A for each part of the course that tests the students understanding and skill in the subject also there are qualification scores that need to be completed before the next part of the subject can be...

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Online private or group lessons for all levels and ages ¡Contact me!

I am a cheerful, friendly and energetic boy. I started at 6 years doing computer courses and have devoted all my time to this world. I did a training cycle Senior Management of Information Systems and Networks, degree and have worked in several companies as Alten, El Corte Ingles, JF Maguire ... as a technician or developer.

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Databases - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

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Explore the beauty of database concepts and SQL in fields of data analytics, computer science and data scienece while experiencing the exciting revelations of the versatile subject!

My teaching methodology is initiated with analysing the theoretical basics and the foundation of the subject such that its very purpose is made clear at first. Then i go for the practical implementation and illustrations of every concept that has been discussed. Also, i make sure that the student grasps every bit of the concept so that the actual beauty of the subject is realised by him/ her.

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Student at Groupe Efrei, gives private lessons and helps in homework in computer science and mathematics for students from sixth to L3

- Student in Master 1 at ESIGETEL (EFREI group), I am a true enthusiast of computer science. My passion was initially more network oriented, then towards to the maintenance of electronics, and finally development and robotics (droid) - For a help to duty, I like to do more by telecommuting via Skype.

Lyon 6e
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Web developer ready to share my passion on Lyon. PHP, Ruby on Rails and even Rust

I am a passionate web developer. Thanks to my motivation and my work I was able to find a job in the web development sasn diploma. In my professional life I work with a PHP environment (Apache, MySQL, Docker) and in my personal life I manage several projects under Ruby on Rails. I work only under Linux and I am able to manage a remote web server. I wish above all to transmit my passion.

New Delhi
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Web Developer gives tuition in HTML CSS WordPress and MySql in Delhi

If i will teach any one or all subject, I will cover all topics in details and also provide a notes and share reference URLs, so that you can learn as much as possible. I will clear all doubts related to subjects and topics at any point of time.

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Learn SQL, MySQL from RMIT Data science Student who have worked for 2 years at IT MNC.

All sessions are well designed and are flexible to be changed as per student's learning method. Pace of sessions will be moderate. Basic concepts are covered and reference books are recommended. At the end of each session, Self practice questions are provided. Query programming practice with real world examples based on my work experience is a bonus.

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Computer Engineer gives introductory courses in computer science and web development or hybrid mobile

My teaching method is adapted according to the profile. I take into consideration the level and achievements of the person. The first session is a session I often use to identify the gaps and needs of the person to define the goals we will work on.

New York
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MySQL/SQL lessons for beginners. Performed by finance analyst with master's degree. Based in New York. English/Russian.

This course is for beginners who either want to learn SQL/MySQL from the scratch or improve their skills to intermediate level. I provide the review of the most commonly used commands in order to extract the data from the database, including syntax and functions.

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8+ realtime project Experience in RDBMS Classes at online Chennai OMR Road

approach is designed as a problem-solving environment and as such is not intended to replace classroom instruction, but to complement it. We assume that students are already familiar with the database theory and fundamentals of SQL. Students work on their own as much as possible and the system intervenes when the student is stuck or asks for help.

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Student completed HND in computing and Systems Development (Pearson) teaches how to work in SQL and manage your database.

My teaching is based on practical applications. I understand the student's knowledge about the subject I take and analysis the understanding ability of the student and create strategies on how to teach him the subject with the student's comfort level.

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IT Engineer with 1 year of experience gives database classes in Bogotá

My classes are aimed at students of IT or engineering, also simply to people who wish to learn about the subject. My way of teaching is from the simple to the complex, from the theoretical to the practical. My methodology is practical, to learn at the same time that it is being done.

Jose leonardo
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Computer Scientist teaches Database classes for beginners. First steps in Databases. Bogotá

The objective is always to be as expressive as possible. I try to base the classes under an Agile Methodology that allows to advance as the knowledge is already solid and that the student already feels sure to continue with the other points to be treated.

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Four years of experience in teaching IT and Mathematics from high school to college students .

I take mock test and provide sufficient amount of study material to understand the topic thoroughly. I take care of the problem of individual student and try to solve the same. Assigned real-world computer constraint projects to individual students. Promoted student knowledge in connecting science math and technological principles to everyday life.

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My inner child makes work/education fun. My inner idealist always finds solutions & builds bridges between my co-workers/students to make team work to happen with value.

I don't generally relay on PPTs, Having live example along with real time living scenarios with learning topics makes learning easy and provides strongest paths to remember. Also providing guidance on specific topics where student feels little bit uncomfortable to deal with.

East Brisbane
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I have done professional certificate as datawarehouse from HCL (MNC Company)and worked in cognizant .I can teach at evening and nights and weekend full time

My way of teaching will make students to be more active and make them to research more in day to day topics what I will teach.I will try to teach them all important commands what IT industry really does. Since I have experience on it.

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Computer graduate gives tuitions to web-design and development enthusiasts in Ahmedabad Area.

I mostly focus on the design part of the process, as it is the visual part that people can see directly while they are working on it, people get motivated towards their work if they see that there is some end-result to their work.

Greater Noida
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I what ever know i teach very well and as a responsible teacher

well methodology that i have learn from the my carrier and i focus on it give children that children were get well knowledge of education .

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Student in engineering college and highly skilled in mathematics and computer science

I like to teach by giving real life examples so that the students can get a good understanding of the concept and realize the application of the same.

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Learn Information Practices & programming language,accounting with 15yrs of experience "join now"

Teaching Based on modern technique with live example solve previous question paper with school ,college syllabus project based learning flexible timing from HS level to corporate students and housewife on demand teaching at home or at convenient place or online

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