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Organic Chemistry in Montreal

We often think of test tubes or beakers and fantastic radioactive chemical reactions when chemistry comes to mind. Although those imaginations are pretty accurate, chemistry is more than that. 

Chemistry is a broad subject, and one of the significant subjects science students must take. However, it is not enough to study chemistry in your high school or college days in Montreal; you must pass it.

Montreal is an artistic and cultural hub with different art galleries and exhibitions. In addition, it houses many industries like engineering, aerospace, telecommunications, tourism, textile manufacturing, and chemicals. The city was once the industrial center of Canada, and its economy is still one of the best to date.

Learning organic chemistry in Montreal comes easier than in most locations. Superprof is happy to explore options for learning chemistry in Montreal and how to hire the best tutor for such purposes.

What Are Some Cool Chemical Reactions?

Chemistry entails the research of matter and its constituents. It focuses on studying and analyzing chemical reactions between substances and their properties of importance. Many chemical reactions occur daily, with basic examples such as mixing sugar and coffee. Various exciting chemical reactions occur in certain controlled conditions.

  • Oscillating Color Reaction

This is probably one of the coolest chemical reactions out there. Three chemicals are mixed to create a liquid that constantly changes color for this reaction. The three chemicals include — acidified potassium iodate, a solution of malonic acid, manganese sulfate monohydrate, and dilute hydrogen peroxide. 

The solution of these three chemicals forms a liquid that changes from deep blue to amber and then colorless. This phenomenon continues until the reaction is expanded.

  • Pharaoh's Serpent Reaction

This reaction is achieved by using Mercury(II) Thiocyanate. This solid is created by a precipitation reaction between mercury chloride and potassium thiocyanate. 

A chain reaction releases smoke with a continuously growing concrete column in spiral directions when the chemical is ignited. However, mercury is hazardous and shouldn't be handled carelessly during the reaction.

  • Ice Fire Reaction-Thermite and Ice

The thermite comprises metals like aluminum, oxidized zinc, and magnesium. When ignited, it can rapidly burn straight through metals and other solids. It is used in railroad construction and cutting large metals. 

However, when thermite is added to liquid nitrogen, it produces an entirely different reaction. When the thermite placed in ice is ignited, the ice releases energy rapidly, causing a mini-explosion and a beautiful light display.

  • Candy Blast Reaction

When potassium chlorate reacts with candy or most sugars, it creates a violet fire and heat in large amounts. Because sugar has a lot of latent energy, when its bonds are broken all at once, it releases energy through heat and light. 

This creates a brilliant light with a continuous fire that continues until all the sugar bonds have been broken.

What Chemistry Experiments Can I Do at Home?

Earlier, we explained some cool chemistry experiments that are fun to watch, regardless of where they are done in Montreal. However, those experiments should not be tried at home because they contain harmful chemicals and powerful reactions. 

Some chemical experiments can be done in the safety of your home and still produce exciting results. Some of these experiments you can perform yourself in Montreal include:

  • Instant Water Freeze Experiment

When purified water's temperature is dropped just below freezing point, an ice cube instantly makes the water freeze. This experiment is easy to conduct at home, using your freezer and a thermometer.

  • Instant Icy Sculptures Experiment

Another fun experiment to do at home is handling sodium acetate. It is also known as hot ice and can turn solid when handled. The sudden change in temperature causes the molecules to expand and form solids.

  •  The Waterproof Sand Experiment

With this bit of experiment, you can create a hydrophobic substance at home in Montreal. It's performed by mixing sand with a water-resistant chemical. Afterwards, when that sand comes in contact with water, it doesn't get wet or hold any water.

How Can I Make Studying Chemistry Fun in Montreal?

You can make studying chemistry fun in Montreal by practicing harmless reactions in chemistry textbooks or watching YouTube videos to give you a practical explanation of some processes. 

Like all these previous reactions mentioned, if you understand how they work and experience them, you develop an interest in knowing how other reactions and chemical processes might occur.

However, you should note that the fun part of every learning process is in practice. If you want to have fun and make the most of your chemistry lessons in Montreal, you should practice what you learn. Don't go above your means, as you don't want to be victims of your chemical reactions.

Should a Private Tutor Teach You Organic Chemistry in Montreal?

Yes, it would be best for a private tutor to teach you organic chemistry basics in Montreal. Finding the perfect organic chemistry tutor isn't a piece of the pie, as you might have to check several learning institutions. 

The internet is a great place to find where to take chemistry lessons in Montreal and how you can hire a professional tutor.

You can get private organic chemistry lessons on the Superprof website. Discover various chemistry tutors that can help you on your journey to master this science. 

On Superprof, you can find the best chemistry teachers with personalized chemistry learning schedules to help you get through those organic chemistry difficulties. So visit our website and start your online learning journey today.

Chemistry is one of the major sciences, and it is vital for preserving life on earth today, especially with the current climate change crisis knocking on our planet's door. Hiring a private tutor in Montreal to teach you organic chemistry will help you excel in the field and enable you to create your unique experiments. 

You're only a search away from finding a competent Superprof tutor that can come over to your place for chemistry lessons in Montreal.

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