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In Montreal, the average price of maths tuition per hour is £22.


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In Montreal and the suburban areas, 1362 private maths teachers are available to give private lessons


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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” -Albert Einstein

Whether you enjoy math or not, they must be learned by all of us during our formative years at secondary or primary school and at university. Math is the basis for more difficult subjects and it is necessary to have a stable foundation of mathematical topics to learn more about science subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics. But, is there a way to make learning mathematics more enjoyable or attainable? Although the education system is overwhelmed and flawed, by hiring a personal math instructor you can receive the personalized assistance required to improve your test results and overall comprehension of mathematics. Let’s now take a look at how students of all ages in the Montreal area can either receive remedial math support or learn more complex topics with a private tutor.

Why Attempt to Fully Understand Math

If you’re a high schooler, you might constantly ask yourself, will I ever need to use these complex math topics in my daily life? While it is true that subjects such as geometry, algebra, and long division do not come up very often in most careers, studying all mathematics topics is worthwhile. Why’s that? Well, by attempting to fully comprehend math disciplines, you are benefiting yourself in many ways. For instance, through the study of mathematics at university or secondary school, you develop transferrable abilities that can be utilized in other aspects of life. By working out math problems, you acquire problem solving skills and analytical thinking; both of these attributes are greatly admired by employers. Additionally, since our brain is a muscle, we constantly need to keep it in shape by learning new things. The creative thinking that is necessary to get through math disciplines helps the brain stay healthy and alert throughout many stages of your life. Also, since math is challenging and there are many difficult topics, it shows students that not everything is easy in life and that overcoming challenges is part of the game. Perseverance is developed and younger students are more equipped to deal with problems that may face them. So, it’s important to mention that mathematics is not irrelevant but a key aspect of education that should be taken seriously.

Tips to Learning Math More Effectively

Now that you realize how important math is, an appreciation or admiration for the subject may develop inside of you. Instead of complaining about how useless math topics are, you’ll see them as a way to improve your education and become a more well-rounded person. Nonetheless, coming to like mathematics doesn’t make studying them any easier. It is vital to heed the advice of experienced ones and learn tips and tricks to make the process of acquiring math more enriching. First and foremost, the more you practice mathematical disciplines, the more you will succeed and actually view them as logical. So, practice, practice, and practice as much as you can. Use example questions in your textbook or utilize past mistakes from tests to review mathematics more clearly. Without practice, you will continue to struggle with math and your hatred for the subject will grow stronger. Secondly, study for math in a distraction free zone. This means that you want to find a study space that doesn’t have loud noises and you need to turn off your cell phone to prevent yourself from checking it and breaking your rhythm every few seconds. By creating a study space that you enjoy, you will feel that the examination of math topics isn’t as bad as you previously thought. Thirdly, whether you are a primary, secondary school, or university student, you should take advantage of studying mathematics with a private tutor. The personalized approach and indispensable tips and tricks that you will receive from your tutor make hiring one a no-brainer! So, if you’re in Montreal and you’re having a tough time getting through math disciplines, we highly recommend following the suggestions we have just mentioned.

In-Person or Virtual Math Lessons: Which is Best?

Now that you’ve decided to seek the assistance of a mathematics tutor, the only thing left to decide is whether you want to take in-person or virtual math courses. What do you think is best for you? To make an educated decision that you feel proud of, it’s important to consider both the pros and the cons of in-person vs virtual learning. Firstly, face-to-face math courses with a professional tutor are highly recommended since the instructor is in the same room as you and you don’t get as distracted. However, one of the cons of in-person tuition is that you need to travel to where the lessons are conducted; either the tutor or the student. On the other hand, virtual lessons are becoming increasingly popular since they can be taken from home and they are much more flexible than in-person courses. Nonetheless, without a stable internet connection and a HD webcam, online math classes with a private tutor are very frustrating and the student can easily become distraction due to the poor signal. Why not try both in-person and online classes to see what’s best for you when learning mathematics?

Locating Mathematics Tutors in the Montreal Area

In Canada, there are many online tutoring communities that have popped up in recent years providing citizens of Montreal with a variety of options when seeking private math tuition. Nonetheless, when there is such a vast selection to choose from, it may be an overwhelming process to select a mathematics instructor. So, to make the experience more manageable, we highly recommend that you use Superprof to locate a math tutor in Montreal. Why’s that? Superprof is becoming a mainstay in the e-learning industry that is synonymous with quality. According to our most updated site, in the Montreal area, there are currently 639 math instructors willing to offer both online and in-person tuition. Check out the tutors’ profiles to see which one best suits your learning style. Learning with a Superprof is never a waste of time!

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