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Do you need to learn Arabic? or encouraging your kids to learn Arabic? Are you looking to study Classic Arabic, so you can read and write? Or you prefer the Levant dialect to communicate with people?

Language is all about communication and sharing thought, pictures, ideas and needs by using language tools. In order to accomplish that, I work on preparing lessons to fit the needs of (adults or kids) students.

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Arabic is more fun language to learn, discovering its jewels, and understanding Islam and Muslims

My teaching methods are; to build up the interest of the subject in students, then to keep enhancing it in different ways and activities. Making students aware of the outcomes of their studies and the practical applications of the learning.

Fatima zahrae
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A stay at home mum gives Arabic lessons for beginners and intermediates

I base my teaching methods on the needs off my students. my method will be different from a student who wants to learn Arabic to communicate with his Arab friends, and a student who is actually studying Arabic as a school subject.

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Hi I am an Arabic language teacher. I can help you speak and understand the language through simple expressions. I can speak English and German.

My approach to teaching is a mixture of academic teaching and actual practical practice, which is based on understanding the subject through practice so that the academic becomes more accommodating to it Also gain a large amount of vocabulary that qualifies you to understand and speak with Arabic speakers without feeling embarrassed by making a beautiful dialect to speak

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What is a better way to improve your accent than talking to a native speaker?

We will try different methods and will continue with what works best for you. I usually go with audible teaching and I also make great notes.

São Paulo
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Arabic native from Tunisia teaches Arabic language and transfer this culture for Brazilians

I usually invest more in the student personality. This way he will be able to learn faster. I adapted the program more with the objective of the student (trip, test, curiosity ...). The lesson will be dynamic and animated by photos, videos and mobile applications.

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Syrian professor of Arabic on Paris & region

Hello, I am a professor Syrian and gives individuals the Arabic language "dialect or classical" and Middle Eastern Arab culture on Paris and the Paris region. I have a good experience, excellent articulation, acute, clear voice, and a very good general knowledge including literature, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics.

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Native Arabic teacher (Egyptian) for All Levels and all Ages !

Native Egyptian teacher with international experience in individual and group tutoring. About the classes: CUSTOMIZED LESSONS (Beginner to Advanced): Classes are designed to meet the specific needs of each student. DYNAMIC CLASSES: use of videos, music, news, etc.

Marseille 1er
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Course in Academic and Arabic dialects and Tutoring in Marseille for all levels

My teaching philosophy is based on the principle that each student is unique and needs a course and personalized content adapted to his rhythm and objectives. Indeed, my methodology is based on eleborating the outlines of each course to work on the particular needs of each learner that are needed to be analyzed.

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Graduate student of Arabic gives courses in ARABIC MSA and Levantine Dialects online

Graduate student of literary Arabic and Levantine dialects at the University of Cambridge (final score: first with distinction) offers courses of Arabic language and culture in Montreuil (93100, France) or on Skype. Levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.

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Learn to speak the language of the Arabian Nights and understand it

I have mixed origins between Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Turkey. I studied Arabic for 18 years before switching to French / English. I still use Arabic to communicate with family and friends. You do not need to have previous knowledge to understand the language and the Arabic script! You will be surprised by the simplicity of this mysterious language ..

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ARABIC in Milan by an Italian teacher. A fun way for everyone, from elementary level to university exam preparation.

I teach Arabic Standard from elementary to advanced level and I can teach the Colloquial Moroccan Arabic. The teaching method is tailored to the needs of the individual and to the level you want to achieve.

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Arabic language Perfect speaking and writing in a short time in a short time

I make sure that the person who wants to learn Arabic can finally speak and write the language and understand everything I will teach my own way that gene so that the language in a short time under the kie has and everyone can do that because I am in 2006 to The Netherlands came and I was not living in the Netherlands for 4 years, I studied VWO and I was already a student at TU Delft and all...

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Egyptian urban planner, he teaches Arabic, Egyptian, English (C1 level) and German (A1 / A2) in Barcelona and surroundings.

I deal with the matter of structured form, but let's see, how is it better for you! We can talk together about you Learning method and think about what is the way you feel most "comfortable".

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Give Arabic courses for all levels of Nice and via skype. Literary Arabic and dialects.

Graduated with a degree in Arabic literature and civilization,can provide Arabic courses for all levels. I am familiar with literary Arabic as well as dialects. I have several years of experience in the field of education. I live in Nice and can offer courses in the city and via skype. See you soon.

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Arabic mother-teacher, with 5 years of experience, offers private lessons in Palermo.

My lessons are based on grammar, listening, speaking and writing. You learn fun but above all with a teacher who is passionate about teaching. There will be a fundamental part on culture, traditions and customs. If you want to deepen, just send me a message and I will be really happy to help you.

Abderrahim عبدالرحيم
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For those who are looking for an exciting, lively, constructive and correct learning, do not delay to contact me

Before any commitment, we must be aware that we are ready to build a link with our partners in a spirit of transparency and sharing. Nevertheless, in order not to be disappointed and to be successful, one must know: - know how to sell oneself, - know what I'm worth, - be true, - know what I want.

Paris 11e
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PhD student at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales "of Moroccan origin" gives courses in Arabic literary and dialect

The methodology I use in my teaching is a flexible methodology adapted to each learner according to his level and his objectives. An interactive and communicative approach will be promoted, using active learning. It stimulates the imagination while staying close to everyday life. Oral activities of comprehension and expression have priority.

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Teaching and accompaniment to the mastery of Literary Arabic. Translation Arabic - French - English دروس خصوصية في اللغة العربية

The sessions include grammar, conversation, and pronunciation, the respective durations of which are determined by the personal needs of each. conversation, writing, grammar, exam preparation. You will have: - Personalized evaluation of your level and your needs - Conversations around themes that concern you: school support / private lessons / writing project support ...

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Moroccan student in M2 finance gives Arabic courses in Paris

Hello, my name is Jihane, I am 23 years old, after having obtained my Baccalaureat in Business Administration in 2013, I've started a french business school where I followed the program BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in Nice. Currently, I am a student in M2 Finance specializing in Management Control and Audit in Metz.

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Learning Arabic or Italian online can be fun! You will see that distance is not a problem at all!

The methodology varies according to: 1. of the needs (student in view of the exams? Tourist departing? Manager in flight to Expo 2020 Dubai?), 2) of the time he intends to dedicate to the lessons (2/4/6 hours for 1 / 2/3 times a week?) 3) from the starting level: one thing is starting from the alphabet, another starting from the verbs of "weak third" ...

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PhD student in Arab Studies at the Lumière Lyon2 University gives literary Arabic courses

- Design and prepare courses, directed or practical work (definition, content, objectives, pedagogical format, bibliography, ...) - Supervise, animate courses, tutorials or practical work and teach knowledge, techniques to students - Evaluate the knowledge of the students and perform the correction of homework, exams, partial - Direct research work (thesis, dissertation, ...

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Arabic Course: Discover a new language, culture and history through lessons at home at moderate prices.

Hi, I'm Tunisian and i'm graduated in Product Design. I have been living in Rome for 3 years and I offer formal or dialectical Arabic (Tunisian) lessons for all levels. The course is designed for those who are interested in immersing themselves in the Arabic culture, particularly that of the Maghreb countries, for simple curiosity or for academic / professional purposes.

Paris 15e
(4 reviews)

Qualified teacher gives private lessons in Arabic in Paris - for adults of all levels

My classes are for all levels, all classes and all specialties. My classes are made up of three parts: reading, writing and grammar. Class content is adapted according to my student's wishes. Some of my students wish to learn classical Arabic, for example, while others prefer dialectal Arabic.

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Graduated in agribusiness and food, specialized in quality control of food products, gives Arabic courses for beginners (level A1 OR A2) in chavornay

I give lessons in Arabic for beginners, children and adults, applying a specific teaching method to facilitate the passage of information. The course takes place at home or at the student if he lives in Chavornay. The first lesson is free.

(1 review)
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The pleasure of learning small and large the Arabic language, my mother tongue.

I have a diplome in marketing and international trade obtained in my country of origin and I have been living in France for almost five years. I am happy to teach you the Arabic language, which is my mother language to you. All the primary classes, to the greatest of the college. Not to mention adults who have a thirst to learn the techniques of language better.

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I'm sarah, syrian. I speak Arabic; English and Portuguese. I'm currently working as a teacher of English and Arabic.

To speak new languages ​​I think the student needs the teacher to organize his thoughts only .. cuz the language is interest! the Same thing as when we like a specific sport or play guitar :) and we really can improve our level in a language if we are interested.

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Graduated in Arabic, with post-grad course in Egypt, and a Masters in London, I teach Arabic language courses at all levels

My methodology is structured in: - study of the intense Arab grammar with an extra focus on the writing techniques; - improvement of the oral comprehension (songs, oral stories) - game-based learning through the integration of ludic educational activities into the classroom standard setting. I am a calm and patient person, I like teaching but I also demand maximum commitment from students.

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PhD student in Political Science gives Arabic lessons (mother tongue) in Louvain-la-Neuve

I give lessons / accompaniment of Arabic language and / or Tunisian dialect for all levels: writing, conversation, discovery of the culture and history of my country of origin. My pedagogy is adapted to my students. The idea is to make the lessons interactive and not boring.

Cuautitlán Izcalli
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Native Arabic, Oral Expression, Written and understanding of literature, differences between Arabic accents.

I like to teach in a dynamic and easy way, the teaching will be fluid and you will understand the lessons in a short time, I will dedicate time and I will put the necessary and personalized attention.

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