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Yound entrepreneur who specialize in communication and marketing for any startup business. Learn to maximize your odds with the help of the Business Model Generation techniques and make any project co

If you want to launch your own business or you are seeking new skills to renew yourself in the business you are already in, this course if for you! 4 sessions of 2 hours each (4 weeks) are included in the price, meetings are done in person preferably, anywhere on the island of Montreal.

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LYON teaches Professional Accounting Finance Management Control in French and English

Participants : students (Bac + 4 / + 5) and professionals (managers and leaders.) in French or English from the introduction to deepening Content : *Accounting (private, public, and analytical basis, accounting entries, vat, inventory operations, etc ...) *Finance (financial analysis, cash management, risk management, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, investment decisions - NPV, IRR...

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Director of companies, 20 years experience, MBA HEC gives courses in project management, management, entrepreneurship

Former banker, current director of international companies, holds a Master in Finance and an MBA at HEC, I wish to use my 20 years of professional experience in France and abroad for any type of person: high school students, university students, adults wishing to improve their knowledge, leading managers in conversion.

Paris 20e
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Graduated from Paris Dauphine University for quality courses in Microeconomics - Macroeconomics - Econometrics

Young man holds a Master degree in Finance from Paris Dauphine I am currently in preparation of the DMAS (Die Expertise Accountant). In order to get you to understand and master the concepts for which you request me, I will try as much as possible to bring me to examples of everyday life.

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(in Paris or Online) Coach, specialised in business and startups, I lead entrepreneurs along the creation process (market study, business model, growth strategy)

My assistance is made for all people that have a desire to undertake an entrepreneurial project, without any background consideration as I explain and lead on any topic. Throughout à methodological process, step by step and customised, I help you to ask the right questions and provide the most efficient business answer.

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Initiation / Coaching / and Follow-up in Business Creation (Leadership, Business Plan, Business Strategy and Marketing)

Graduated INSEAD, former student of Stanford, ESSEC and Centrale-Supélec of a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneur myself, I offer coaching / initiation and business creation sessions customized on your projects or your own profile.

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Master in marketing, and web-entrepreneur (dropshipping, E-commerce) I coach you in your project and market launch to increase your sales and your visibility

I customize your training according to your project and objective. I coach you and provide you with tools and advice from my experience, according to your needs and objectives for your communication marketing campaign, your launch or a business creation project.

Paris 1er
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Former student at Daniélou / ESSEC helps you get prepared for business school entry interviews

I offer interview construction sessions (reflection on what to say according to the school, advice on the content and preparation of specific questions), then mock interview sessions. We also work on your posture, gestures, etc.

Villanueva de Arosa
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Online Strategy & International Marketing - give your start-up a firm base.

I am a serial international entrepreneur. I believe in small and medium size projects which solve real problems with sustainable solutions. I have lived and worked in Germany, USA, Costa Rica and Spain, working +/- 15 years working with a focus on strategy and online marketing. I created and co-founded 5+ online and offline businesses.

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Degree in Digital Business Administration, specialist in Social Networks in Morelos teaching Digital Marketing

I like to teach based on practical cases and 100% real, share my professional experiences and put in context everything I teach so that the information is updated at all times and you can know pros and cons of each action you undertake.

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Certified Accountant and Consultant in a Big Four gives accounting, taxation / DCG - DSCG / DEC

Senior Consultant in a Big Four, I offer courses of accounting and taxation addressed to students (from the first to DSCG / CCA / business schools) as well as active adults. I also give courses to business creators in the fields of accounting, tax, administrative and management.

Surfers Paradise
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Business coach with 20years experience. Business owners wanting private, group excellence programs.

The focus of business training and coaching is on the psychological and emotional challenges faced by business owners. Our programs are based on the foundation of focusing on strengths. Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder and BP10 profiling tools we identify a business' talents and assist in developing them into strengths.

Port Macquarie
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Learn business strategies and concepts that are not in text books and become a successful national award winning business owner

I an experienced business owner and educator. I specialist in developing new and innovative, high quality training and education programs across broad industry segments.

Paris 19e
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Startup founder in Paris, entrepreneurship teacher, coaches you during your venture project

Business plan, strategy, fundraising, grants, paralegal, financial forecasts, new technologies, intellectual property, marketing, communication, events, crowdfunding ... Coach and teacher in entrepreneurship in several business schools, I accompany the creators in the their entire project, from idea to execution.

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CEO & Investor from Silicon Valley / CS Engineer / Drone PM

Currently in Silicon Valley and Guadalajara, it has Fortune 50 clients such as NYSE: DOW Chemical, California Community Colleges, Governments, Technological Institutes, CETIs and Tequila Regulatory Council, among others. He is an Endeavor entrepreneur and promoter of the technological ecosystem in Mexico, Product Manager with experiences in companies such as Intel, Cinvestav and IEEE.

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I have years of teaching experience both in children and adults and I have a degree in Economics and Commerce

I teach via Skype or with lectures, I always provide additional information to find material and exercises on the net. During the lessons I use video and powerpoint and I try to be very practical.

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Want to start a business? Where do you start? I'll help you with your idea and its effect.

I guide people by asking a lot of questions and making them take a critical look at themselves. I offer a creative way of looking at the problems and possibilities at start-ups in the various branches of business. I also offer a lot of knowledge about regulations and marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses - Learn at your own pace

How do you want to grow your business? Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools that exist today to live the life of your dreams. There are already many entrepreneurs who run their businesses while traveling the world or are close to their family, thanks to the Internet. The objective of my classes is that you also achieve it.

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Engineer, Digital, MBA Business and Strategies and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing Direction.

My teaching method is simple, clear and objective. I do not use what we call bureaucratic marketing, where the theory is so massive that the result is often not positive. I use successful cases as examples, dynamic didactic materials and a lot of creativity after analyzing each need.

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Economics student gives classes in economics and business creation to college and high school students.

I like to teach in a free and dynamic way with clear and simple examples, allowing the students to mold the examples and situations according to their knowledge and experiences, with the intention of allowing the practical integration of their knowledge to the subjects taught.

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Engineer, MBA Business & Projects teaches exact disciplines for teaching and medium / higher

I am a post graduate professional with experience in multidisciplinary projects with practical and academic experience. The objective is to develop practical, efficient and solid content classes to leverage student knowledge in a short time so that students can absorb not only theoretical concepts but professional experiences and case studies.

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Master’s qualified ex-teacher and current business banker offers tutoring lessons at Central Coast

I strongly believe in project-based learning. I make all my lessons, regardless of the topic, as relevant to real life as possible. I often provide examples from past experience and I even happy to provide(with patents’/guardians’ permission off course) a real case studies for students to work on as assignments.

Porto Alegre
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Professor doctor with more than 25 years of market and 10 years of teaching

I use different methodologies and approaches, seeking to build the knowledge with those involved, deepening the issues and analyzing the issues in depth. As far as possible, I try to extract from the reality of the involved the necessary elements for this construction, without ever leaving aside the theory of areas and the innovations of the market.

Juan carlos
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MBA and business consultant in Mexico, teaches business management and business development

The teaching method is through the development of skills with printed materials, audio-visual, auditory and workshop-type sessions where problems will be solved, there will be an open dialogue for the discussion of the topics to be reviewed in each session.

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Finance, Accounting, and Financial Statement Analysis clases in Majadahonda and Las Rozas

Constantino is a senior finance professional with an MBA in International Management in the United States and a bachelor degree in ADE with more than fifteen years of international experience in business management.

Porto Velho
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Bachelor in Business Administration, Masters majoring in Personnel Management and University Teaching, with 10 years of experience in B2C, Minister lessons for entrepreneurs and students in the area

Graduated from CEUCLAR Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Graduate Student in Management of People and University Teaching by FAEL, a dozen extension courses such as bids and contracts, administrative agent, financial management, marketing management, among others, 10 years of experience in the field commercial as Administrator, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and new business.

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Certified Public Accountant working in Accounting firm as Tax agent,Business advise,Software solutions in Adelaide former member of ACCA,FCA,CPA, hold BA Degree in Economic.

I can manage base class or online training, trying to give a bigger picture of subject to students, trying to make sense of reading link to practical methods, heaps of real examples straight to the point, short, sharp, shiny.

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Expert in marketing and advertising management for beginners in Veracruz and surroundings

I am prepared to teach you how I learned to learn, It's easy to me to teach clearly. I will teach you in several ways that will make you retain the information and so I will help you learn to learn.

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CFA Level 2 student providing finance and accounting lessons in Sydney, NSW

My teaching methodology revolves around elaborating complicated topics with simple and meaningful examples that help students memorize and understand the subject with much ease. Since I am very adaptive and comprehensively understand the student's needs, I am able to provide personalised teaching techniques, thereby enhancing the quality of the outcomes.

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Julien, 27 years old, banker and adventurer, I will help you in economics, accounting and taxation;)

Well, I rely on concrete facts linking the practice to the theory , my spirit of former alternating business). We do not learn that in the books ...

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