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Award-winning Music Producer gives Music Production and Audio Engineering lessons in various DAWs and Softwares.

My teaching methods are flexible according to the needs of the student. As long as the student has an open mind and a laptop with the software of his/her choice to work with, we are all set to go! I can teach half hour lessons or one hour lessons (or more if required) every week.

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Music Production and Electronic Music Composition lessons in Winnipeg or Via Skype

I like to go the route of listening to whatever projects you've worked on or made in the past. Give you construct criticism on how you can make your tracks better songwriting wise and production wise. Give you any tools that can help that and then also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may want answered.

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Professional composer (Master's degree in Digital Music) teaches Computer Music classes in Montreal

Who is this workshop for? For anyone curious about sound, all music, music in general, who wants to manufacture, build, examine... (from 12 years old and older). Should one know the music theory? Not necessarily. But familiarity with music of various styles can be a great help.

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DJ/Production. Ableton Live. Synthesis, audio, sampling and beat-making. Guelph, Brantford and K-W-C.

Contemporary electronic music production and composition is a multi-disciplinary art form. It's my practice to impart an understanding of rhythm and harmony, beat construction from the ground up, the basics of good audio production, the inner workings of analogue synthesis, and a well-informed perception of current musical trends and styles.

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Professional Music Producer offers training for students of all ages in Guelph

I teach to the abilities and learning goals of each individual student. Using state-of-the-art technologies and best practices, I give students the skills they need to create top notch music, as provide guidance on the business aspects of the building a career.

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Music producer and musician of many years, teaching Digital Audio Workplace program Ableton

I love to discuss ideas and workflow. I teach in a sort-of unorthodox way in that there isn't really any structure or laid out plan. I just show the basics and then we create and discuss. these classes are meant for people who would like to learn the program Ableton and would like to pursue music production as a career.

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Music Producer with EDM/POP/Hiphop background. Fulltime music industry professional seek students to teach.

Understanding the process of MIDI created music and the psychological side of creating its self music. Understanding every move you make will make you a better producer.

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I will teach you all about the music of new generation. Composing,arranging,mixing and mastering almost everything that will make you a great music producer and sound designer.

My teaching method is demonstrated style of teaching. It gives me opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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Je donne des cours privés à domicile de guitare, basse, théorie musicale, harmonie, arrangements, chants. etc... j'ai 35 d'expérience.

Je donne des cours au débutant, intermédiaire et avancé. j'ai 30 d'expérience. J'ai enseigné à 5000 étudiants depuis 35 ans. Que ce soit pour de jeunes élèves, adolescents, adultes, enseignants, j'ai une vaste expérience de l'enseignement instrumental, et de la théorie musicale, et de l'harmonie, et de l'arrangement musical et la composition populaire, classique, jazz et autres.

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Experienced DJ/Producer of 4+ years offers mixing lessons for house, techno & disco on vinyl.

Hands on approach to mixing. I have club-standard turntables (Technics 1200mk2s) for practice with vinyl. I will teach students the basics of playing records, from beatmatching to EQ control.

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Cours de batterie Drum lessons Pierre Goguen sur la Rive Sud Montreal

Cours de batterie chez moi a Longueuil ou a domicile sur la Rive Sud de Montreal. Niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, tous ages. Materials pédagogique fournis. Tous les styles, notion théorique de base pour apprendre a lire la musique, exercices adapte a vos besoins, horaire flexible.

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Recording techniques, lo-fi options, do it yourself music production and demo making

I learn best by doing things, having made that clear, I think everyone has different ways to learn. I will try to focus on what is most helpful to integrate things, be it verbal instruction, written, or through a hands on approach. I am adaptable.

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Learn to mix like a pro and forget the plug-in hysteria! Get professional mixes using the 5 cornerstones of audio production: Level, Panning, EQ, Compression, & Reverb. Pro Tools/Logic Pro X

Each lesson focuses on both the technical and practical applications of the 5 cornerstones of audio production. Demo sessions are given to the student at the start of each lesson along with .pdf files containing the core concepts and instructions for each lesson. Each lesson is comprised of core technical/theoretical concepts, practical concepts, and practical application.

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Parisian professional musician gives course MAO / MiXAGE / TAKING OF SON

Professional musician (drummer), I am in parallel sound engineer and audiovisual technician. After a course at SAE institute, I produced music for about ten years, mixing albums, lives and technically managed audiovisual events. I can offer you a complete technical training, knowing several points of view of the professions of the music.

Paris 16e
(13 reviews)

Guitar lessons in Paris, for everyone from newbie to advanced, all styles

Guitarist, 34 years old (20 with 12 years of practice teaching), offers guitar lessons all styles (rock, metal, blues, fingerstyle, funk, classical ...) to Paris. The approach will suit everyone but will include the first of harmony (theory, scales, chords, rhythm ...

Paris 15e
(21 reviews)

Piano lessons – Classical/Jazz/Improv/Learn how to compose your own music/Know how to accompany in any style

I try as much as possible to adapt to what my student is yearning for while keeping the necessary rigor to develop the musical project. Music in itself is demanding, only in proportion to the openness it brings to the player, beginner or experimented.

(11 reviews)
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Guitarist composer graduated from the Music Academy International provides courses focused to Blues, Rock and Metal (+ Technique of the instrument, improvisation, recording) region in Paris

Firstly the course will obviously be customized to the tastes of the student. Then the course will be divided into different parts: The pure technique of the instrument, the practice where one or more songs will be played, and if desired improvisation, and even recording, mixing under home studio, where the composition ...

(5 reviews)
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Professional guitarist and media music composer (Master en Scoring for Film Television and Videogames at Berklee College of Music) teaching IN VALENCIA AND IN GANDIA.

In my guitar class I'd like the student to develop his theory and technique skill to the point where he can develop and master his own repertoire in complete freedom.

(9 reviews)

Computer music, studio equipment management, cabling, adjustments, composition, improvisation and creation :)

Hello ! My skills are wide and varied, being a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, semi-pro musician among others; I do music full time, usually with analog synthesizer or VST and software (Ableton especially) I encourage you to contact me to let me know your projects and your expectations ; I'll answer as quickly as I can ! I can travel over Paris East (My studio is in Pantin on...

(7 reviews)

Guitar Lessons // Bass // Solfège // MAO à la carte g

Hello, Musician since about fifteen years and graduated from a master in artistic cooperation (Paris VIII), I propose courses of instruments (guitar and bass), musical theory as well as MAO for beginners musicians and confirmed.

(3 reviews)
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Piano, composition and computer music, 4 prizes from the Paris Conservatory, UK Ph.D. in composition

I am a pianist and composer, I offer courses at all levels. We can work on the classical repertoire, learn how to improvise in different styles classical / jazz, and computer music. I can teach piano, music theory, composition, and computer music (Logic, Live Finale, Sibelius, Max ...), all levels, € 35 at home (222 rue de la convention 75015) and € 40 in displacement home.

Ciudad de México
(3 reviews)
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Bass player and composer classes at home, solfeggio, harmony all levels CDMX

I am Ulises Tello, bass player and composer, I have taught for the last 15 years in different institutions within CDMX, I am an active professional musician, I am multi-instrumentalist with experience in saxophone, double bass and chapman stick. The classes are aimed at people from 14 years and over, and these are taught according to the profile and interest of the student.

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Sound Designer / Sound Engineer, offers you music production courses .

My first approach is to understand the artistic need. Once targeted, in a didactic way and in complete immersion, I propose the main axes necessary to the resolution of the problematic. This has the advantage of customizing and adapting the transmission of knowledge according to the means, obligations and / or constraints.

(5 reviews)
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Jazz Guitar and Improvisation lessons / Vocal coatching by experienced musician in Cannes

My method: Tell me what you dream to play or sing and I will put all my experience and my love of music at your service to help you achieve your goal. Guitarist and singer for several decades, I have played in many rock and jazz bands and in a number of professional orchestras in the region as well as in the Big Band of the Conservatory of Cannes.

(7 reviews)
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Graduate from Los Angeles Musician´s Institute available for online Skype guitar lessons

Hello offer guitar lessons taught by graduates musicians at the Musician's Institute (GIT) Los Angeles, CA. Our classes are tailored to the level and needs of each student, offering a system of musical teaching enjoyable and effective for those who want to learn guitar as a hobby. Ofrececemos also harder for those who want to acquire a more professional level method.

(4 reviews)
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Transform your voice with a vocal coach and singer pro in record time

Selected to join THE VOICE 2 program and after several tracks on various labels (ORLANDO, UNIVERSAL ...) DOUGLAS, singer over 20 years of experience offering quality VOCAL COACHING PRO or beginner. American technology, development of the mixed voice like most American stars, all styles.

(6 reviews)
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MAO course on Ableton and Pro Tools + Training Mixing Studio

Audio engineer - Composer Producer Mao Stage's experience Beginners and Advanced Training includes: -Master of Ableton Live software and / or Pro Tools -How to start your project -Proficiency / basics of sound synthesis -Composing an electronic music according your own style -Basics of synchronisation -You will learn how to mix your track -Which set up choose for the live and how to...

Paris 1er
(5 reviews)
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Lesson composition, orchestration and arrangement for ensemble, orchestra and electronique

I graduated at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, now continue my education at the Paris National Conservatory of Music. I specialize in music called "scholarly" contemporary but also in the fields of contemporary music - media (for movies, advertising, etc.

Paris 19e
(26 reviews)

Producer / DJ gives confirmed during DJ and Composition Paris and inner suburbs

My name is Antony Bonneto, I'm 24 and I'm a DJ and music producer confirmed last ten years with international experiences. I offer customized courses for amateurs who want to get or improve in exciting activities that are the Mix / DJ and production / MAO. You choose if you want to become a DJ, producer / composer or both like me. My teaching methods are simple and have already proven themselves.

(5 reviews)

Guitarist graduated from the Music Academy International gives classes Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Acoustic classes through guitar techniques, improvisation, composition and home recording

Professional guitarist within the group "TANK (Think of A New Kind)" and "Karyatid", I offer courses adapted to the level and demands of the student. Several methods of approach during the lessons: - The pure Technique of the instrument: Position, pick holding, finger placement, alternate picking, tapping, sweeping, scales, endurance...

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