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Learn the basic of producing your own music with an established artist currently in the music business for over 15+ years

My teaching method is to work over a few classes to build a project from the ground up. By learning the basics, we work towards a better understand of what is needed to accomplish a long term goal. When doing webcam classes, using AnyDesk we can simultaneously work on an audio project.

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Professional composer (Master's degree in Digital Music) teaches Computer Music classes in Montreal

Who is this workshop for? For anyone curious about sound, all music, music in general, who wants to manufacture, build, examine... (from 12 years old and older). Should one know the music theory? Not necessarily. But familiarity with music of various styles can be a great help.

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Established UK and Worldwide Clientele Producer tutoring students in Recording, Mixing, and Mastering from a Private Home-based Studio

My method is a top-down approach looking at the end product and showing how I've gotten there step by step. During this, we look at individual instruments, groups, buses, and everything within them to give the best insight into how to create industry standard, pristine quality recordings and productions with minimal need to use hardware or outboard gear.

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Music Technology Graduate offering lessons to all abilities (in my home studio or will travel)

Music technology is a very nuanced area, students often have a wide range of goals and skill levels in different areas. I try to find a balance between the most useful techniques and the most engaging practices for that particular student, to keep you engaged and enthusiastic.

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Experienced composer/producer teaches all aspects of composition and music production from Cambridgeshire studio

My teaching methods are based on hands-on direct experience - believing that students learn best when actually doing the job rather than simply reading about it. I teach is my own flexible production studio where students can expect to compose and produce high quality music of their own.

Mira Bhayandar
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From Music Producer of Bollywood Hits from like GANDI BAAT, SARI KE FALL SA, MORA PIYA, BARFI etc...

Being a sound engineer from Manchester U.K. my style of teaching is based on fundamentals of sound and sound design providing in-depth knowledge of MIDI programming, Selection of tones, soundscaping, Pre and post fx of Sound, Automation, Voice correction, Vocal Harmony concepts and design, Audio Recording Techniques, Fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering, analogue and digital output formats. CALL...

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Professional sound engineer, 15 years of experience, Music Production and Mixing lessons

Three words: SIMPLICITY, METHOD, LISTENING. All concepts should be expressed in a SIMPLE way, no unnecessary technicalities. Did you know that mixing is based more on removing than on adding information? Knowing where to make interventions is the key.

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Production and composition of electronic music for beginner and intermediate levels.

The method is theoretical and practical with constant feedback on student projects. I have professional software and hardware so that the contents are provided with high quality.

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Masters level educated Audio Engineer offering music production lessons in Reading area

I approach each topic in a similar way to the University syllabus as I was taught, first establishing a better understanding of basic audio principles and techniques which inform all areas of audio production, before moving on to more advanced techniques which are perhaps more specific to the students' chosen field.

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International electronic music producer with 10+ years experience offering private and group tuition in Bristol

Being a private tutor I focus on the areas my students specify, being confident in all aspects of electronic music production, Mixing and mastering I believe I can assist most students, from complete novice to already experienced producers.

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Learn how to produce your own music with Ableton in Rome or Online

I believe in an exchange relationship between teacher and student: the more you learn from me, the more I learn. My methodology is based on the student's creativity stimulation: you can do whatever you want with what I teach you and manipulate it as much as you want to make it yours: there are no rules in music, only guidelines.

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Audio Engineer + Music Producer (Ba. Music Technology) providing production lessons and feedback – in person or online

I base lessons and mentorship based on individual circumstance, which varies depending on the person's audio setup, genre preference and overall style of project.

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SAE Audio Graduate offers knowledge in Music Production and Artist Development, Brisbane.

I specialise in Ableton Live 10, but also i have experience with FL Studio and Pro Tools. I won't preach that my skills are 'correct' but by efficiently showing you how i do what i do then you can take what you've seen and implement it in your own way. I won't produce for you, but i will help you do so.

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Music producer with 25 years experience offering music technology, recording & mixing lessons in Devon

My teaching is based on prior knowledge & attainment. Once we establish a level of ability & learner goals, we can develop a course structured around budget, timeframe & resources. Lessons will start with some context / theory and questioning to tease out prior knowledge & understanding, and then develop on to practical application & exercises.

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My camera's fast enough over Skype to teach guitar on-line with visual aids

You've gotta say that with the advancement in home recording helping bring ideas to life there is a boost to your chances of being good at it. I read music. Maybe the difference between people who can play in ensembles and those who become virtuosos is partly their ability to memorise huge passages of information.

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Passionate South African Music and Music Production Tutor - specialising in West African Music

I follow the Montessori method in a sense - giving the student some subject matter of dense matter and allowing them to play with it, understand and adapt it in the best way that they can do - allowing them to remain open creatively

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Music composition graduate of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire gives songwriting/ production/ composition lessons

What can we explore? -writing beats in any genre (trap, hip-hop, ambient, dance music) -analog and digital synthesizers (Korg Minilogue, Korg Volka Bass, Volka beats) -working with samples (field recordings) -DJing -performing with electronics -Music production software; Ableton, Logic Pro, Audacity, Serato DJ, Sibelius -songwriting (lyrics, chord progression, structure) -advice on...

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Renowned Electronic Artist offering Music Production lessons using Ableton Live in London

Hi, l'm Kirk a committed, enthusiastic, hardworking person who is passionate about technology and learning. I give lessons with certificates. My techniques and my methods of instruction are structured from how I teach at leading Electronic Music Academies. Ive been told I am a great patient tutor.

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Experienced Recording Studio Worker offering tutoring on all things Music Tech! From Recording, to Editing to Mixing, and from Sound Synthesis to Acoustics. I can aid in your learning of the beautiful

My teaching method uses practical application to teach the students. I find it most helpful to get show real world uses for the content studied, or get the student to practice the content themselves. As well as note taking and lecture slides, the main focus of each lesson will depend on the level required for the student, but will always strive for the student improvement.

Ciudad de México
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EDM Professional Music Producer To give Online classes in Spanish and English

My classes are aimed at all those who want to learn how to create electronic music and all the topics that this covers. Starting from the basics like using the software to the final mix, distribution and publication of your music. Online courses are 1 to 1 video conferencing style or remote assistance.

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Providing tution to students who wish to learn complete DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

I'll be taking class on various basic aspects of audio recording techniques and basics of music composition, arrangement, mixing and mastering. I'll go topic wise and more of homework and assignments will have to be completed by the students as there will be less time to focus on while the class is going on a specific subject.

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Save £100s Learning Creative Playlist Building Techniques. Never Need To Hire A DJ Again. All Areas Covered. Learn From A DJ With 25yrs Experience. No One Will Ever Know Exactly What YOU Want From

My Name Is Simon, I will show you how to create, time and plan an effective playlist suitable to the party you intend to host. My Tutorial is available to anyone of any level of experience as long as you are computer literate. Creating your playlist is not where it stops. I will be happy to go over your finished product and fine tune it with you after the tutorial.

Ciudad de México
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Audio Engineering Graduate - Classes in music production, editing and audio mixing

I like the classes in the form of workshops, where there is feedback between the teacher and the student, and at the same time the ideas of the students are developed to exemplify the scope of their own projects so they will see the development of a product that was born of their own ideas

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Qualified Audio Engineer/Producer teaches intermediate level Audio Engineering and Music Production in Melbourne

My teaching method is flexible and varies from person to person, depending on what topics do the students want me to focus on. This helps the students get the most out of the lessons and focus only on the topics that they want to learn. Hence, my lessons are best delivered on a one-to-one basis, but I can teach a group of students with almost equal efficiency.

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Learn Sound Design with an industry Veteran of 25 years in Los Angeles

I believe that hands on experience with a expert guiding the student is the most efficient way to learn what I do. I explain workflows in tutorial videos that can be repeated and studied. When we meet online it is more of a masterclass or conversation. I meet every student at their level and we move on from there.

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Composer & Music Producer for Sony Music Australia Artists giving private Music Production Lessons in Perth

I have four different levels that I teach and they are as per below: Beginners - Here I teach the basics of Beat making and setting your Hook Intermediate - Here I teach mixing tracks individually Proficient - Here I teach the high end level of layering for texture Advanced - Here I teach the nuances in tuning percussion and rhythmic shuffles that enhance a beat

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- Music Technology/Music Production Tutor. A-level Music Tech/Logic/Ableton Live Lesson & Tuition.

Combining vital theoretical knowledge with real world applications. Students with production experience often bring along projects they're working on, where I can show them techniques to help improve and better themselves as an artist. I've also designed tailored courses for beginner producers that want to take a step into the world of music production.

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Songwriter & 3rd Year BA Music Production Student offering production and composition lessons in London

I want to help you get practical experience producing and composing music straight away. I believe in teaching with a very engaging hands on approach, allowing students to lead the way based on where they are in their development. From my experience as a student and a teacher, being hands on from the start is the best way to bring your passion for music to life.

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Music Production graduate and bass teacher in Crawley offering lessons in both subjects to those of all levels and genres

I teach my students in a very one on one method, tailoring everything for them personally from lesson to lesson. I note how they progress and what parts they struggle with and excel at, and focus to improve their weak points as well as take them further in areas they are good at.

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Music Performance graudate teaching music technology, remixing, production and composition in Cardiff

My teaching method is a very relaxed approch with alot of time spent on identifying faults and improving on them. With that I look at a very wide range of compositional techniques from specific instrumentation per genre to basic theory techniques.

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