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Music Production and Electronic Music Composition lessons in Winnipeg or Via Skype

I like to go the route of listening to whatever projects you've worked on or made in the past. Give you construct criticism on how you can make your tracks better songwriting wise and production wise. Give you any tools that can help that and then also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may want answered.

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Active music producer with university training and international touring experience teaches Ableton Live and contemporary music production in Saskatoon

Before we start, I'd like to hear more about where you're at (eg. Absolute beginner, seasoned musician); as well as your long and short term goals (eg. Make music for fun, make music professionally). Once we're on the same page and you're happy with the game plan to reach your desired result, then we can start instruction, and change course later on if needed.

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Experienced Club DJ and Promoter offering DJ Lessons Online and within Calgary

To begin with we will be talking a lot about music theory and musical structure across genres in order to understand what we are working with, which will then lead into how these structures influence the main mixing techniques used for certain genres and styles.

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Experienced DJ/Producer of 4+ years offers mixing lessons for house, techno & disco on vinyl.

Hands on approach to mixing. I have club-standard turntables (Technics 1200mk2s) for practice with vinyl. I will teach students the basics of playing records, from beatmatching to EQ control.

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Award-winning Music Producer gives Music Production and Audio Engineering lessons in various DAWs and Softwares.

My teaching methods are flexible according to the needs of the student. As long as the student has an open mind and a laptop with the software of his/her choice to work with, we are all set to go! I can teach half hour lessons or one hour lessons (or more if required) every week.

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MAO Bordeaux - Possible Courses in English and French - 20 years of professional experience

Professional in the electronic music industry. I worked with the first versions of all existing software on the market today (Logic, Ableton, Cubbase, Reason Pro Tools, Native Instruments Maschine ...). My applied knowledge on devices, software and different .vst MIDI plugin is a vital asset to the teaching of MAO.

Paris 19e
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Producer / DJ gives confirmed during DJ and Composition Paris and inner suburbs

My name is Antony Bonneto, I'm 24 and I'm a DJ and music producer confirmed last ten years with international experiences. I offer customized courses for amateurs who want to get or improve in exciting activities that are the Mix / DJ and production / MAO. You choose if you want to become a DJ, producer / composer or both like me. My teaching methods are simple and have already proven themselves.

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Parisian professional musician gives course MAO / MiXAGE / TAKING OF SON

Professional musician (drummer), I am in parallel sound engineer and audiovisual technician. After a course at SAE institute, I produced music for about ten years, mixing albums, lives and technically managed audiovisual events. I can offer you a complete technical training, knowing several points of view of the professions of the music.

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MAO course on Ableton and Pro Tools + Training Mixing Studio

Audio engineer - Composer Producer Mao Stage's experience Beginners and Advanced Training includes: -Master of Ableton Live software and / or Pro Tools -How to start your project -Proficiency / basics of sound synthesis -Composing an electronic music according your own style -Basics of synchronisation -You will learn how to mix your track -Which set up choose for the live and how to...

Paris 20e
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Professional give Lessons Record at home - Home Studio and Music Production

My name is Pablo Subatin and I am a musician and sound technician and professional producer. I propose course to learn all you need to know to make videos at home (if you had a computer that's enough to start classes): - Technical advice software, sound cards, microphones. - Technical records and uses microphones for voice and instruments.

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DJ / PRODUCER with international career gives classes: MAO / DJ / SOCIAL NETWORKS / CAREER MANAGEMENT

My teaching method is not academic. It is based on my own techniques developed over all these years. As a pedagogue, I know how to adapt to any type of profile, from the beginner to professional. I can cover everything from composition to mix / mastering and even self-production and music sharing online.

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Music teacher for Beginner and Intermediate Orleans Mao / Copper / Solfeggio ...

COPPER: The content of the course is adapted to each student according to his objectives: discovery, leisure practice, rapid progression, preparation of an audition, a concert or an examination. MAO: My students will be able, at the end of the training, to master the Ableton Live software, the plug-ins (synths and effects), to record, arrange, build a piece.

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Dj - Producer, 1st French DJ World Champion DMC gives courses of Mix / Prod on Paris in his home studio or online

I am Dj and producer under the alias Kodh. I won 2 DMC & ITF world championship titles mixing all over the world. I have produced music for several labels in electro and Hip Hop since the year 2000. I like to teach without bullshit and to give you all my secrets of dj and producer. _ Mix on vinyl, controller and Serato. _ Scratch _ MAO on Ableton and hardware.

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Training and Development to MAO Studio Pro (logicprox / Mixing / Mastering / Recording voice) PARIS

Hello, My name is Harold. I am passionate about music and would like to pass on what I've learned over the years. I have a studio in Paris that allows me to receive my students and teach/show them concrete examples of voice recording/mixing/mastering ...

San Marcello
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Graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory Verdi in Milan he teaches Ableton Live, Max MSP and Max for Live lessons for the production and live performance of Electronic Music

I propose lessons where the fundamental concepts for the production of electronic music will be faced with a first theoretical approach and then move on to practical implementation through Ableton Live and Max MSP.

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Clement member of "PZK" give lessons of MAO / MIX DJ / Drums / Percussions

Clement Simpelaere young producer / composer, member of PZK group. My classes are for all type of people wanting to begin or improve in the computer music, or any musician drummers and percussion players wanting to improve their level. The methodology remains the same as the student but change according to their level.

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Having a master's degree in Electronics, and very passionate about music production since a very young age, I propose FruityLoops mastery courses for music production, mixing and m

The method I propose is to perform tasks in real time on the software each on his pc, to show the steps one by one by realizing each time, while answering the questions at each step if there are at.

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Private lessons for Dj and Producer in Milan. Ableton Live, Cdj, Traktor Scratch Pro

Hello, I'm Simone. I offer DJ lessons, music production with Ableton Live and Mixing and Mastering basic courses. I studied at the Milan 4cmp music production, mixing and post-production. I work as a DJ business for 10 years and I have experience in the production industry.

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International club DJ, producer, remixer and mentor with nearly 40 years of experience

My teaching is very hands on in my own studio or at your home if you are local to the RG12 postcode. I specialise in teaching on Pioneer digital DJ equipment and Pioneers Rekordbox system. This is about learning reals skills to change your DJ'ing from simply mixing to real live performances. I can also teach vinyl mixing.

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Electronic Music Writing/Production/Mixing/DJing Tutor | Manchester | BA Hons. Music - Leeds College of Music | Professional Touring Musician & Published Electronic Music Artist

I base my teaching approach and content of the lessons entirely on the interests and objectives of the student. I can help with A level Music Technology submissions, as well as helping with degree level coursework, show an amateur enthusiast how to get the most out of music production software, or help an aspiring producer/DJ how to mix, master and incorporate their own work into a DJ set.

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Learn how to produce your own music with Ableton in Rome or Online

I believe in an exchange relationship between teacher and student: the more you learn from me, the more I learn. My methodology is based on the student's creativity stimulation: you can do whatever you want with what I teach you and manipulate it as much as you want to make it yours: there are no rules in music, only guidelines.

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Independent DJ gives particularly during DJing for beginners. Based on the Paris region

Djing lessons for beginner - any level training courses courses dj mix includes several steps: - Knowledge and hand and commissioning of the equipment (mixer, platinum cd, vinyl, controller ...) - and learning the basics djing technique (rigging, set volume, speed control ...

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SAE Audio Graduate offers knowledge in Music Production and Artist Development, Brisbane.

I specialise in Ableton Live 10, but also i have experience with FL Studio and Pro Tools. I won't preach that my skills are 'correct' but by efficiently showing you how i do what i do then you can take what you've seen and implement it in your own way. I won't produce for you, but i will help you do so.

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Music composition graduate of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire gives songwriting/ production/ composition lessons

What can we explore? -writing beats in any genre (trap, hip-hop, ambient, dance music) -analog and digital synthesizers (Korg Minilogue, Korg Volka Bass, Volka beats) -working with samples (field recordings) -DJing -performing with electronics -Music production software; Ableton, Logic Pro, Audacity, Serato DJ, Sibelius -songwriting (lyrics, chord progression, structure) -advice on...

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How to DJ like a Pro with Mohit Baliga ( DJ & Electronic Music Production Course)

My teaching method is a free flow, interactive session, where students can interact with me and ask questions. Topics covered would be DJing BASICS: 1.DJing and fundamentals 2. Basic music theory 3. Basic DJ equipment set up 4. Drum styles 5. Beat matching 6. Transitioning 7. FXs and mixing styles 8. Quick recap & 15 minute mixtape & playlist arrangements ADVANCED: 9. Advanced music theory 10.

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Sound and Lighting Engineer ready to teach you all aspects of sound, lighting and live shows!

With a vast range of experience in both Sound, lighting and visuals for events and recording/producing in the studio, whatever you are seeking to learn, we can cater for you specifically.

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LEARN TO MIX IN 1 LESSON!!! Online webcam DJ lessons provided! CDJ or virtual djing, beatmatching, cropping, cutting, double dropping etc.

I can guarentee that I can teach you how to mix two tracks together successfully within the first lesson. The lessons after the first will be considerably cheaper as once I have taught you the main art of mixing, there are only technical things to be taught after.

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Manchester Audio and media designer 15 yrs plus experience as DJ and promoter

My teaching methods vary from student to student. I generally like my students to be hands on and thrown straight in. I'm a believer that we learn from our mistakes, not our achievements. I'm very patient and work with the students needs.

Ciudad de México
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EDM Professional Music Producer To give Online classes in Spanish and English

My classes are aimed at all those who want to learn how to create electronic music and all the topics that this covers. Starting from the basics like using the software to the final mix, distribution and publication of your music. Online courses are 1 to 1 video conferencing style or remote assistance.

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Composer in MAO teaches Fl Studio for beginners in Montpellier and on internet

If you want to get started with computer-assisted music, you want to start production of instrumental rap,or ambient music, I'm here to bring you the keys with Fl Studio 12 software,and to guide you so that you can give free rein to your inspirations, without being blocked by a technical limit.

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