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Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Halifax NS, Focusing on learning to play rather than learning theory.

My teaching methods would be considered a hands on practical approach of teaching the joy of being able to play the instrument and practice techniques and practical applications that will get anyone playing right away in their very first lesson, and as not to confuse or bombard with musical theory that may overwhelm and diminish some of the joy of learning any instrument.

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Learn the basics, the blues and rock and roll tunes Amherst NS

I try to have some structure and have each lesson directly related to the final goal of learning the basics on guitar. i also dont mind just being there and helping out if you are learning your own personal songs from the internet.

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Touring Recording Artist looking to bring in new Students that want to learn Guitar.

I will base my classes off of where my students interests are. What genres they are interested in and what they want to do. Starting off with the basics, and getting their fingers used to pressing into the strings. Teaching them how to properly stretch their hands allowing full motion. Slowly moving them into basic music theory and scales.

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Guitar teachers gives lessons to get you playing along quickly from Winnipeg

I will approach our lessons by getting to know you and your musical preferences / skills and then figuring out what YOU want to learn. I will not teach you musical theories and complicated subjects off the bat we just want to get you playing.

Fort Saint James
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Music graduate improves your guitar playing online and in Fort St. James

I tailor lessons to individual student needs and goals. Some students want to learn songs, some need yo learn theory, some want to learn to improvise; I guide people to reach their musical goals with directed instruction and useful course material.

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Truth and beauty are in the fingers of the beholder! Learn to express yourself with traditional styles of folk music! Blues, Old-time Bluegrass, Celtic Scotch/Irish, Spanish, Arabic! Explore the world

The music styles that I play are historically taught as an oral tradition. While it certainly does not hurt to be able to read and write musical notation, it is not necessarily advantages to be able to do so when learning traditional styles. There are subtle inflexions and accents in cultural music styles that cannot be translated into written form.

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Guitar teacher for those who want to play acoustic chords and finger picking

With regards to the guitar I believe in creating a comfortable environment, I believe in tailoring the guitar to the students needs and preferences. In the beginning students should learn songs they enjoy and love to play, and general musical principles should be abstracted from those songs later on.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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Experienced and enthusiastic guitar & bass tutor available for lessons in person or via Skype

I base each lesson on the individual goals of each student. By collectively agreeing on set short and long term goals, it will allow us to successfully reach our overall musical ambitions. Everyone wants to do something different musically. For some it is to learn to play in a band for fun, for others it may be to read music or to perform a solo concert.

Los Angeles
Lester (峻晧)
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Guitar tutor and music producer with 3 years of experience giving acoustic guitar lessons at home in LA to all ages.

My characteristics as a guitar tutor is a professional experience sharer with passion, patience, and organized teaching structure. In individual class, I will firstly design personalized course based on the students' levels and goals. In group class, I will use group dynamics to promote the learning effects based also on the students' levels and goals.

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Experienced musician offering lessons in guitar, drums and singing in Northeast London.

I am a self taught musician. Everything I know from playing a break beat on the drums, shredding out a guitar solo or producing a record for artists I have learned by myself. What I mean by this is that I chose exactly what I wanted to learn and when.

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San Juan
Angel axel
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Music Producer teaches Guitar lessons with advanced method from level 0, CDMX South and Center

Through the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have made effective techniques as well as I have left aside others that are not so much. My general ideology nowadays is: No matter how technical the exercise is, it must always be musical and stimulating for the new performer, even for the one who has never even played in his life.

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Post Graduated in Computer Science but quite skilled acoustic guitarist to teach Beginners in London

Using either or both pop and classic teaching techniques. - Posture: teaching, encouraging by reminding all the time how that facilitates learning and performing. - Tuning: Using both, tools or simply your ears. - Scales: Importance of how chords are based on scales for either playing or composing.

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Singer/Songwriter/Musician with 10+ years of experience. Teaches guitar/vocal lessons in Denver, Colorado

I teach beginner/intermediate guitarists/vocalists. For beginner guitarists/vocalists, lessons start with learning correct posture/ergonomics, along with basic musical fundamentals (tempo,pitch,rhythm, etc.). Besides first lesson basics, I make accommodations and lesson plans around where students wish to take the musical journey! I also teach Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Songwriters.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates at home - Individual/group - Done by qualified teacher

I teach beginners & intermediate students. Fingerstyle Strumming Fingerpicking Rhythm Tab Sheets & Solo Parts I'll be happy too help you out until you learn to master on your own. Can teach acoustic and electric guitar in a range of styles. Guitar lessons in your home.

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Lead guitarist of most styles with 45 years experience offers private tuition

Specializing on a one to one basis to nurture and encourage progress on a personal level. At the student's own pace and from their own level of understanding a natural progression will unfold almost immediately. Under my supervision progress will be swift and fun.

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Great Musical institutions graduate gives lessons on guitar and vocals fast forward now!

I go through some music theory,find out where the student is going with their music and build on that.Chords,bar,and basic chords,song writing,using song with guitar.Bends,pull offs,hammers etc.Proper positioning tuning and stringing the guitar appropriately.I use Blues as a strong base for the music and span out from there.

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Young musician based in Belfast offering unique acoustic and electric guitar lessons!

Being able to make a lesson as practical yet weaving in theoretical practices is essential, that is the aim! Whether your goal is to play the opening riff to your favourite tune, my goal is to show you HOW the music works together

Santa Clarita
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Santa Clarita Guitarist/Bassist with 20+ years experience giving beginner lessons, discover your talent!

Each 45 minute class is focused on getting my student to their next level while having fun. How many classes per week is up to each student. They will bring their own notebook, pen and preferably guitar so they can practice the lessons at home.

William enrique
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Guitar method 100% practiced in San Francisco de Campeche, guitarist with 18 years of experience and 10 years as a teacher, bringing new students to create and interpret their songs.

The Tools of the Methodology implemented in the courses for Beginners, Medium and Advanced are PDF, WORD, POWER POINT and MP3, the method will depend a lot on the qualities of the student, for example, if he knows absolutely nothing about the guitar, the indicated method is the beginner, in which the chords, exercises, structure and notion of the instrument are studied, etc.

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American Idol’s band competition winner. Over 20yr exp. on Guitar & Mandolin. I will teach you any song you wish to learn. I specialize in ear training and helping students find their own musical soul

My method of teaching starts with understanding the students that I will be teaching (what are their musical influences, goal expectations, etc.). Teaching music is an art within itself. It’s not like teaching math or academics. It’s more than teaching a song, it’s helping people discover their musical potential.

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Want to learn to play acoustic guitar ? Friendly and experienced tutor available : )

Freindly , humourous and practical beginner and intermediate guitar techniques - non technical , easy to grasp and user friendly . You can get a sense of my teaching style by watching my 'guitar club' song from 2 years ago when I was teacher in China.

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Professional Guitarist from London offering guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate players

My teaching method is different from most tutors. I try to make lessons more practical than theory-based and to make learning enjoyable. Then I can explain the theory behind the music that the students are learning. This way, you are putting the playing before the thinking and this is how I think as a musician.

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Calling all aspiring guitarist in the rhondda and surrounding valleys. learn from the best with over 17 years experience. lessons from £10 per hour.

The lessons are aimed at entry and intermediate level guitar to encourage musical progression. The sessions are based on 1 hour weekly but can be extended and adapted as needed. I will teach at a level that you can understand and differentiate between each participant fairly.

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ADVANCED ONE TO ONE MUSIC SESSIONS WITH AN EXPERIENCED GUITAR GURU. Learn what to play against chords and how to deal with scales and squeeze the music out of them.

My classes are tailored to the students' needs. Not very patronising, minding always if the student is interested and following the material that I'm giving, but if not then I try to find a way to get the student to find his/her potential voice.

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Acoustic Guitarist with over 11 years of experience gives lessons at home to all ages!

My teaching method is first and foremost about having fun. We will learn the basics in theory and may even write a song or to. If you are ready to learn how to play guitar and have a passion for acoustic music, I'm the teacher for you.

Stone Mountain
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Musician, Guitarist, Singer with over 20 years experience teaching in Atlanta, GA

I teach rhythm guitar which is open chords and strumming. I also like to include music theory in my lessons so that I can help my students learn how to read music. I try to tailor my lessons to each student so that we are spending time working towards the goals that they have for themselves.

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Piano voice music theatre guitar bass ukulele . Music Industry Qualifications, Sound production and performance

Musical futures pedagogy, composition at first lesson, note Reading , incorporating technologies in a Mac environment. Examinations and audition preparation.

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Playing music is something from the soul. Find your Genre. Find your Pasion!

I know starting can be tough but all you need to do is find the technique that's will work for you to learn and improve.

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