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Music Performance student gives lessons on everything guitar (all ages and genres welcome)

My main teaching manifesto is to teach whatever the student is wishing to learn. We will spend lesson time on whatever interests you the most. If you just want to learn songs and work on basic chords Im happy to indulge you but if you want to take a more well rounded approach and learn theory and note reading Im more than able to accommodate that as well.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Student Offering Awesome Private Guitar Music Lessons For All New to Music!

I start out with learning the feel of the instrument then move onto very basic finger exercises. On the side, I go over some music theory.

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I have graduated from PARS school of music with a Diploma in electric guitar and classical music theory and harmony.I also graduated from TAR Music Institute earning a Diploma in jazz composition and

i believe any student must learn the basics before getting to play songs , therefore i always start with the fundamentals . correct fingerings , correct picking gesture and style , reading tabs , learning chords etc.

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Learn to shred on the electric guitar in a fun and relaxed way

Teaching will be based on the student. Every student learns at his / her own pace and I will take that into consideration. Lessons will be based on learning and mastering different guitar techniques such as tapping, sweep picking, and tremolo picking. Also, we will work on ear training.

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I have 45 years of playing guitar live as a professional playing country, blues ,rock and classic rock I teach the fast track method to proper scales and Technics which all guitar players use today

I base my classes on fast tract learning sessions the quick get to know your guitar method so you learn the ins and outs of guitar, how chords are built, progressions,chord forms and the boxes to play in and out of each key simply using scales that make you play like a professional would. I teach fast tract Technics and exercises you need to do to strength your hands to be able to play like a pro.

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Experienced guitarist offers tutoring to all ages in the Southwestern Ontario area

Compassion and patience are key. I see no point in students feeling as if what they've done is wrong, and believe that anything can be accomplished with time and effort put into it.

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Musical, artistic teacher offering guitar lessons and learn how to play any rock, pop or metal song!

I will be using my Guitar pro 5 program to help teach my students how to play their favorite songs just as I did. It shows written music in all 3 different visual ways and highlights the timing to keep you on rhythm. I would start off teaching them open strings, names of fretted notes, basic chords and progressions.

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Beginner Guitar lessons for the musically illiterate in Guelph Ontario (12 years of playing experience)

Usually, I will gauge the student's skills first. From there if the student is a complete beginner we would start to with the fundamentals (finger placement, stretching and dexterity exercises), in the same lesson we would also go over some Chord shapes and/ scales.

Fort Saint James
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Music graduate improves your guitar playing online and in Fort St. James

I tailor lessons to individual student needs and goals. Some students want to learn songs, some need yo learn theory, some want to learn to improvise; I guide people to reach their musical goals with directed instruction and useful course material.

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Film composer and guitar instructor with ten years of music teaching experience

My typical class is based on a student-centric approach. I look at the individual needs of the student and based on my years of experience, evaluate what is the best route for improvement and interest for the student and give you a tailored experience and game plan.

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Easy-Going, Laid Back Musician wants to Help You Have Fun Anyway I Can!

I can show anyone the fundamentals but I would rather encourage, especially with Rock Music that a student find's their own way and own voice.

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I am a professional facilitator with over 25 years experience playing guitar and percussion with a passion for helping others learn.

I like to approach each lesson with a customized plan based on the Learner(s) experience and progression. The Learning experience in my opinion should focus on the musical interests of the Learner, and techniques that support those interests. My lessons can be tailored to preparation for playing with other musicians or to the Learner who wants to learn solely for the love of music.

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Music student give classes of electric guitar for people who's starting in music.

My teaching methods are dividing the class in the parts, one for the music theory to know what are we playing and the practical part.

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Classically trained guitar player gives rock and finger-style guitar lessons in downtown Toronto and over webcam

My methodology is to approach teaching with a mix of calmness and enthusiasm. Learning an instrument is frustrating, so when a student makes a mistake calmness does wonders. The same goes for enthusiasm when a student makes a breakthrough. I believe in teaching in small increments and teaching students to "walk before they run" when learning a piece.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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Guitar Lessons to suit YOU! Your aims, your time, your taste, your pace.

Your tutor is a determining factor in your success, it sounds obvious but how much effort is put into understanding what you like, how you learn and what you need to do to get where you want is essential, which is why I design a programme specifically for you, for what you want: to play for fun, play in a band, learn to write songs, become professional one day or simply have fun strumming away in...

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Anthropology student offering electric or acoustic guitar lessons up to Grade 8 level

My teaching method is dependent on the students level of playing. If they already have the basics then we will work through Grade or song books to challenge their playing. If the student is starting from scratch then before that we'll spend time working on chord progressions and scales.

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Tutor of guitar specialising in jazz, but teaches all styles and ukulele

I approach my guitar teaching through a nationally recognised syllabus, providing excellent structure to students' learning. This will encompass chord playing, improvisation and general musicianship. I also teach a variety of repertoire appropriate to the tastes of each individual student.

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Experienced Music Graduate giving 1-1 lessons on Guitar and Music Theory. DBS checked!

I approach each student differently according to the needs and interests of my student. I try to incorporate technique and theory in a fun way for each lesson. I teach students from 11-18 years old and would consider beginner adults prior to discussion.

South Hobart
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Graduate musician teaches guitar, composition, and music theory in and around South Hobart

At its most fundamental level, guitar playing is a physical skill, so instead of teaching scales and the boring stuff, we start off learning easy riffs or sections from rock and pop tunes. The ultimate aim may be to become a concert classical guitarist, but we begin by focusing on just playing.

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Experienced teacher, I propose a simple and fun learning method

My method is simple and fun. It allows to play from the first class, I adapt to the tastes of the student, because it is essential that you enjoy yourself from the beginning.

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Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist 10 years of experience teaches guitar lessons senlis oise

I teach acoustic guitar, electric or classical. I am mainly focused on technique and listening. Of course I will teach all the theoretical bases for a beginner (learn to know your instrument, know the basic notes, know how to find them, some bases of solfèges if desired).

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Hi! I'm a guitar player in the Bathurst region wanting to teach in person or online

I am a self taught guitar player that learnt by picking and playing my favourite songs on acoustic and electric guitar. I picked up fundamental skills, learnt to read tab and play with correct technique through a mentor of mine which was very important for my development.

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Guitar virtuoso with 15 years of experience gives guitar lessons at home in Newcastle

Since I am currently studying PostGCE for Young People and Adult Specialists at Newcastle College, I am learning more effective teaching methods and improving my teaching. I always make my lessons clear and instructive with an achievable goal for the lesson. Using individual lesson plans which are designed with the student each student has a tailored plan for what they want to achieve.

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Experienced Guitar and Bass Guitar tutor providing home tuition in the 'Guildford' area

My main intention is to help my student become not only a guitarist/bass player, but primarily a well rounded musician. I aim to teach a skill-set that will enable my student to work within the music industry enabling them to become any type of musician they wish.

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GUITAR COURSES in Toulouse - Students, employees and children from 12 years old.

I can teach you the BA-BA of the guitar (Learn chords, read a tablature, learn the blues). I can also spend some of the class time helping you on songs you would like to learn. I give you good methods to develop your touch, rhythm and develop your musical listening. My classes are in Rangueil but I can also move in the outskirts of Toulouse.

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London Artist / Student offering Guitar Lessons to any age, standard or style based in London

My method of teaching for the first few weeks is the same for everyone - learn the basics which will be the same for each player. Once a few basic pop songs have been learned (American Pie etc) we can then tailor the lessons to suit the student, if they want to work on jazz, rock, country etc...

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Weekends and After hours - can come to you - Beginner to Intermediate Guitar lessons around the Geelong Area.

I approach teaching guitar with a casual teaching style, i will work to adapt to how you prefer to learn. I can assist with online resources or provide originals customized to you. A mix of practical knowledge mixed with theoretical underpinnings will give you a full picture to greater aid in your learning.

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Guitar tutor trained at Europe's leading Contemporary Music School 20 years experience in Surrey

I tailor each lesson to the student giving them the choice to learn their own songs, I like to use Rockschool as that is a good foundation for learning and is fun. I think musical enjoyment as a starting point will lead to long term learning.

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