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Music producer and professional guitarist with more than 15 years of playing and teaching experience

- Assesing students's personality type. - Creating the right lesson materials to use with my students that are consistent with: their personality type, their stated goals and their musical strength and weaknesses. - Getting my guitar students to do what they like so they actually make progress and become great players.

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Young but tenured Music Instructor teaches Theory and Technique from Vancouver Island.

My technique in regards to private lessons will be completely structured around your own learning style and capabilities.

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Accredited teacher gives comprehensive Guitar lessons from Very Beginner to Advanced in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Play songs you love very soon! Learn chords, notes and tablature, strumming, picking.

I have my Bachelor of Education degree and 20+ years of experience teaching music. Chords, notes, tab, strumming and picking are all included, Beginner to Advanced. I also address how all arts are connected and instrument care. Lessons are half hour or one hour per week and include interesting sheets and tips.

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Personalized guitar lessons with an experienced teacher. All ages and levels !

My goal is to help my students develop a great technique on the guitar, learn pieces that they enjoy, and have fun while learning. If you would like to become a confident guitar player, expand your creativity, and develop a strong, structured technique, please get in touch! I am offering a free introductory lesson to go over your goals.

Richmond Hill
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Richmond Hill musician with Master's degree gives music theory, songwriting, piano, guitar, ukulele lessons

I gear my classes towards the needs of the student. I speak with the student about what their musical goals are, and base my curriculum around that. These classes are meant for anybody with a passion and drive for music.

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Musician with 40 years of experience gives Guitar and Ukulele private lessons in Montreal

I teach all levels of students (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with customized lessons adapted to the goals of each student. I create and share an enjoyable learning environment during my private lessons given into your home in the Montreal area. My method of teaching is simple, fun and progressive.

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Guitarist w/ 15+ years of teaching experience in Calgary - Learn to PLAY!

I structure my lessons on a student-by-student basis, but always with the underlying strategy of building good playing habits, and preparing students to be ready for the next level. My students all learn how to read, write and understand music.

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Bass and guitar in Edmonton area from certified/BMus/teacher get started today ...

I have a variety of methods that I use: 1) go by the book 2) show and tell - chord progressions, theory and reading 3) tips for basic preparation for practice away from the lesson - what you do at home counts 4) mentoring - other musicians and song genres

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Professional musician gives guitar, bass, ukulele and banjo lessons in Winnipeg. All styles and genres

I customize music lessons for each individual student focusing on good technique, rounded playing abilities and functional theory. With some of the ‘hacks’ (as my students like to call it) I’ve been able to help hundreds of players achieve their goals in much less time than they thought.

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Concert guitarist with 11 years of experience gives acoustic guitar lessons in North York, Toronto.

The way I have taught my students over the year's is by teaching them to master the basics and fundamentals so that they can easily learn how to play a new song. I will teach you every chord and scale until you are a professional.

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Music teacher for all levels. Adapted program to match the individual needs of the student.

My teaching method cover a wide variety of thechniques depending on the genre and instruments palayed. With young students, methods like Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze are mixed to obtain the best result.

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Guitar studies - from beginner to advanced with Adrian (12+years of playing)

The method is teaching musical discipline - the earlier we start the easier is for everyone and the more productive.

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Take lessons in guitar, ukulele or electric bass from a professional musician in Toronto!

My approach as a teacher is totally centred around your interests - if you're passionate about learning, my only goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible to play/create what you are envisioning. This typically means learning songs, coupled with a series of creative exercises.

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I teach guitar and other instruments as well. I live in Toronto

My teaching methods are very friendly. For me is really important working based on student´s musical interests... whatever you want to learn just let me know and we will work together to achieve that. I have vast experience teaching classical music, folk, pop, Latin-American etc.

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Have fun and enjoy learning guitar/bass in South Delta from a teacher with 20 + years of experience!

My teaching method is tailored to each students specific needs,and uses a fun relaxed approach to ensure the student enjoys learning every step of the way.Regardless of skill or talent,my students expectations and needs are are of utmost importance to me.

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Guitar lessons with one of Toronto's best guitar teachers in all styles

My lessons are based around two important things: what the student wants to learn and techniques and skills that I as the teacher feel they will need. This is dependant on where the student is in their development. Teaching you what you want to know gets you interested and having fun and teaching you skills and techniques will help you develop faster.

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Passionate music student gives music lessons for beginners in Montreal (French and English)

I adapt my teaching for each student. I prefer to develop a good base before going further. I like to stimulate our creativity instead of looking at the music as a mechanical practice. I would like to share my music philosophy with my students so they can express themselves artistically.

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Mobile Guitar lessons in Vancouver for beginner and intermediate students, acoustic and electric! First lesson free!

Using the songs you want to learn, I explore theory, technique and build an understanding of the fundamentals of music. All this adds up to get you playing your favorite songs fast! Lessons will improve your ear so you can hear a song and play it from memory.

Lake Louise
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Beginner to Intermediate Acoustic Guitar for those wishing to improve on their Campfire Songs!

I base my classes on a pre-organized template. The first five minutes focus on a warm-up specific to the lesson. The next 15 minutes involve practice from past lessons & diving into new concepts and techniques. The next 5 minutes focus on one of three aspects of practice: music theory, ear training or sight reading.

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Experianced school music tutor looking for beginner guitar students in Melfort, Saskatchewan

Practical song based exercises, complete songs, and music theory aimed towards composition. Self recording to analyze and prepare for performances. Understanding how songs work, not just reading tabs and cover songs of other peoples music. Encourage students to work towards becoming tutors themselves.

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Acoustic / Electric Guitar Instructor currently with a Music School in Toronto. .

In addition to over 25 years teaching Guitar in a one on one setting I have experience with special needs group ensembles and organizing student recitals. I have always felt that the process of learning Guitar should be fun. My background includes attending the Music Department at Humber College and Trebas Institute.

West Kelowna
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Music is the soul for inquiring young mind's development, learn to be great

I am a flexible teacher with patience and kindness. My structure allows for students to build confidence and trust in me and develops a strong relationship amongst everyone in the room. I like to organize my daily routines so that students are set up for success.

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Concert Classical Guitarist with more than 12 years of teaching experience available at your place or mine!

According to my experience, I am using different methods regarding the student skills and abilities, but, mainly I use Royal Conservatory Classical Guitar Syllabus and Classics methods such as Sor, Aguado's methods and Carcassi, Tarrega and Villa Lobos Studies.

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Cours privés de ukulélé & banjolélé-débutant ou intermédiaire-à votre rythme d'apprentissage !

Mon cours se déroule sur une heure.Il se divise en 2 parties : 1) théorie musicale avec étude des techniques spécifiques au ukulélé (strumming, fingerpicking), apprentissage des accords, et de lecture de diagrammes d'accord, tablatures 2) pratique avec étude d'une chanson ou d'un morceau instrumental utilisant les accords appris, dans divers styles : folk, blues, jawaïen, rock...

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Cours de guitare personnalisés et adaptés à tous les niveaux / tous les styles

Formation de compositeur au Conservatoire d'Annecy dans la classe de Musiques de Films et Directeur Artistique des séjours musicaux "Vacances Musicales Sans Frontières" à Paris, j'ai donné des cours de guitare adaptés et personnalisés (folk, classique et électrique) du débutant au perfectionnement depuis 10 ans entre Paris, Montpellier et Genève.

Paris 18e
(19 reviews)
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Guitarist, 15 years of experience, gives guitar lessons and ukulele in Paris

To learn to play without taking your head! Friendly and efficient -Method on the pieces you choose. -All Levels, all styles -Solfège or not -Learning -Method demos on tapes based on the stage -Game English learning, effects, music composition You will progress at your own pace on the pieces that you like, working first on a simplified version that fleshes out each course.

(4 reviews)
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Lille - Guitar Lessons blues jazz pop rock. For beginners and advanced

I can help you improving in Pop, Rock, Jazz or Blues, and work different techniques like finger picking, playing with a bottleneck, arpeggios etc. I attach great importance to the rhythm, the feeling and the improvisation. We can also study harmony, chords, but also scales, in what context play them, study classic tons etc. Work with written music theory is not required.

Lyon 1er
(18 reviews)

Guitar lessons and music theory. Acoustic guitar, folk, electric. All styles: classic and amplified music.

Guitar lessons of all styles: classical, current music, jazz, Brazilian music and world music. Musical training (solfège and musical composition). Simple, pragmatic and adapted to each student. Great place to the instrumental practice of the student during the course. I propose musical dynamics in duet, with electronic tools and on computer / tablet. He has taught music for 10 years.

Paris 20e
(6 reviews)
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Ukulele and / or singing - work of a modern music repertoire - Paris Est

Hello, Musician pro gives ukulele lessons since 2001 adults / children. Courses possible at home if in Paris. Work of a repertoire of modern music, practice of the singing associated with the ukulele. The goal is to play and sing your favorite songs in English or French.

(6 reviews)
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Professional musician with more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of guitar, ukulele, singing and music theory.

My teaching method is based on the interest and musical taste of the student. From this we will study the basic techniques of the instrument adapting songs, progressively complicating its practical approach and complementing with musical theory at the point where it becomes necessary for the understanding of musical performance.

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Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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