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Indonesian is my native language and I have been teaching languages for 4 years. I also have a major in Linguistics.

I teach you the basics and then start to teach you how to teach yourself as fluency in a language will always depend on what field you are in and what are your purposes. I use worksheets, oral tests, and listening tests.

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Native Indonesian, speaking fluent English, tutoring Indonesian language in Birmingham and online

I will provide the learning materials. The learning is going to be focusing on developing four linguistic aspects: reading, writing, listening and speaking. For beginners, the learning will be adopting thematic approach so that learners can use the language according to the context.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

An ANU student majoring in Asian Studies and Japanese who loves to share my native language: Bahasa Indonesia.

It is understandable that learning a language can be quite challenging. The lesson will be adapted according to the students need. Therefore, the struggles that students may have can be turned into positive energy, making the lesson become fun and exciting. Never hesitate to share your curiosity as part of learning a language.

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Indonesian language major with teaching experience offering lessons for uni students, school students and holiday makers in the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Gympie regions.

Lessons are structured to support course work for school students and university students, additionally providing extra tutoring for written course work and language practice sessions. For the intrepid traveler desiring to have a more in depth travel experience, lessons can be structured to focus on food, shopping, transport, or topics as you desire.

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Nice and friendly Indonesian guy from Bali teaches Indonesian language to interested citizens.

I would focus on teaching the basics of introductions, simple dialog, and then increasing vocabulary. Learning Indonesian can be fairly simple because it doesn't have a complex grammar like English. Once you're used to the vocab, you can easily construct sentences.

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Learn Indonesian with Indonesian student in Institut Rambouillet at Paris, no longer an obstacle!

My method of teaching is to practice by commincribing. The importance of understanding audio-audio and audio-visual is also essential.

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Experienced native Indonesian teacher in Utrecht gives conversation lessons for vacation or business trip to Indonesia

I personally make the lesson and apply it to the needs and interests of my student (s). Each lesson lasts one and a half hours. Conversation is an important part of my method. Students can also discuss which subjects they would like to learn which suit their learning purpose (e.g vacation or business).

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Getting to know the beauty of Indonesia from a true Indonesian in Leeds

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Leeds and I want to share my knowledge about my country Indonesia by becoming a tutor in Indonesia's language, culture, etc. It is perfect for a person who never learns Bahasa Indonesia and thinking to go to Indonesia in the future. The course will be divided into basic and advance, but it can be flexible based on your needs.

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Indonesian native speaker gives online tutoring sessions to improve your bahasa skills

I can help you learn the language both casually and formally. If you wish for a friend to practice your daily conversations, I will happily chat with you to improve your speaking and pronunciation. I can also help you with your writing and reading. I am open to your enquiries and I can adjust my tutoring with subjects that you specifically want to learn.

Ridzki kartika
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International Relations graduate and experienced teacher will teach you Bahasa Indonesia in Sydney

Hello, my name is Ridzki Kartika Andhini but you can call me Tika. I used to taught students from 4-20 years old and my method of teaching is depending on how old the students are. I use a lot of visual and music for the younger students and less for the older ones.

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I am VU Master of Teaching (Secondary) Student, able to teach English as Additional Language and Indonesian

I believe that learning should be student-centered and as engaging as possible. From personal experience, I feel that students should enjoy learning interactively and understand reasoning of the methods given, otherwise the subjects will not leave mark on them, let alone be remembered. Especially with language, if it is not often practiced, students will forget them easily.

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Matematika sangat menyenangkan karna jawabannya sudah pasti dan tidak membingungkan, i love matematika

Metode yang saya gunakan dalam menjelaskan Matematika adalah dengan memberikan pemahaman konsep pada siswa. Proses pengajaran yang saya berikan biasanya tergantung dari kebutuhan siswa, ada yang minta dijelaskan suatu konsep dan ada yang meminta untuk membahas soal matematika yang belum mereka temukan jawabannya.

Jhunaister harisa
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Teaching Indonesian Language in Perth,WA would broaden the spectrum of language between our neighbouring countries. I achieved 8 or 9/10 on my Indonesian Language at School. Take a land from across th

I base my curriculum on the local Indonesian methods that I was taught, that is by sight and demonstration. Starting and simply progressing at the students pace to achieve the attention required for their progression and so that they will speak fluently and understand the Indonesian people both in commercial and business. There are many dialects in Indonesia and vary from island to island.

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I am native Indonesian, I have been teaching the Indonesian Language for Military Special Operation for the past 6 years, and also I am Indonesian interpreter and Translator, now, I am living in the U

My Teaching methodology is 1. The Direct Method, Oral or Natural method. It’s based on the active involvement of the student in both speaking and listening to the new language in realistic everyday situations. 2. The Grammar-Translation Method, grammatical rules, and memorization of vocabulary lists. 3. The Audio-Lingual Method.

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Hi, i'm an english teacher when i lived in indonesia. Now i married an australian and would be happy to teach you my mother tongue

I will teach you slang words that most indonesian use everyday. Starts from basics until slang words so when you come to indonesia you won't be confuse.

I made diangga adika
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Indonesian native speaker teach Bahasa Indonesia at all level currently studying master in Canberra

An optimistic and enthusiastic Indonesian tutor. In general, I give indonesian lessons across all levels through discussion, conversation, and some fun games, as well as visual method (indonesian movies, songs, etc). In addition to that, I would be happy to teach some indonesian culture if necessary.

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Friendly Indonesian gives Indonesian language lesson for anyone who interested to learn Indonesian for study or for social/fun

Hi my name is Imelda Rose. I am Indonesian who married with Aussie. I have a teaching experience in the past in Indonesia. The lesson structure will start with the basic conversation in English & Indonesia then will continue with reading/writing. I will also ask the student what actually their expectation after learning Indonesia language. So will be discuss before the lesson start.

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Murdoch Pyschology Student from Indonesia give Indonesian language lessons to students in Perth

My teaching method would be task-based language learning. Throughout years, language has always been taught through traditional way, by learning the grammar and forms of sentences. However, the best way to learn is through interaction and engaging conversation. Grammar is not to said that it is unimportant, but my approach will be much more of topic based with as little grammar as possible.

Mirasstity akacia
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Melbourne University Psychology student that tutoring English for a migrant in Fitzroy, Melbourne

My teaching method is by firstly asking what can I help my student with, otherwise, I will provide a material that suits the context and situation of my student and reinforcing it the next time I meet my student. In that way, the student will be more familiar and obtain a great understanding of the material more.

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Indonesian Language Lessons for all to learn. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. Ready to teach you

methodology is based upon learning by the book. there must be reference and foundation so that all can learn from there. The students must focus and take notes. We will learn vocabularies and grammar so that all can be fluent.

California Gully
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Hi My name is Maya, I live in Bendigo, Victoria. I am teaching Indonesian Language for any kind of ages. I am currently employ as an Language Teaching Assistant at Catherine McAuley College, Bendigo f

SUMMARY I am kind, patient, caring and respectful. I love working with a range of people, old and young. I am self-motivated, committed and dedicated to any role I take on. I am a fast learner and able to adapt to change. I have had completed my Certificate III in Individual Support and prior to this have held roles in Administration.

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Experienced Australian linguist tutoring Bahasa Indonesia to all levels - beginner onwards.

I understand every individual has different expectations, needs and wants in their language learning. Therefore I tailor my lessons to you - your level and what you'd like ! I believe a comprehensive covering of all aspects of language learning is important so I like to include practice on.. Oral conversation, readings, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocab.

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A Curtin University student from the Faculty of Humanities giving lessons about Indonesian language.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language that is being used in nationwide Indonesia, my origin country. It was created by so many influences of other languages, such as English, Dutch, and some Chinese.

Al alami
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A previois public high school English teacher ready to teach Arabic, columbus

I hold a B.A in English and a pedagogical and professional teaching certificate from Morocco. Arabic is my native language. I can teach English to speakers of other languages and Arabic. I hold the green card/ssn. I hold the sworn translations for my degrees and teaching certificates.

South Brisbane
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A final year student in University of Queensland majoring in Public Relations, happy to help out with learning Bahasa Indonesia in Brisbane.

I focus on conversation based teaching. Starting from the basic language and develop it into a much more complex composition.

Paskalis arisandi
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Amazing teacher for amazing student , english - indonesian language teacher. Chose yourse course and lets do it !

Fun and friendly teaching methode. Normally i will ask to you what do you want to learn, because most off student want to know what they want to, so i will let you chose the topic you want and i'll teach you.

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College student who has ethusiasm in languages gives Bahasa lesson for English speaker

I have taught students in vacational high school. I recently attended an english course in order to teach better. The methodology I use in teaching Bahasa is based on projects learning. We will make Bahasa easy to learn from the basic to advance. We will also practise pronunciation.

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Management student and dancer who can teach Indonesian, Japanese and hip hop dance

My teaching method is through movie, song lyrics and daily conversation.

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This class is only for out of indian people who want to learn hindi

My teaching method us based on notes and practice session and live class room on wave cam for better understand.

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