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Experienced Indonesian Language teacher for adult learners with multicultural background understanding !

The lesson will include: lesson the words, structure, grammar, listening, reading, and conversation. There will be exercise/homework to review the previous classes given. The class also include cultural understanding in Indonesia and learning common phrases that Indonesian use that cannot be directly translated to English. Classes length is 60 minutes.

Campbell River
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An Indonesian native speaker, experienced interpreter and translator gives Indonesian language classes!

My teaching method is very flexible and depend on the needs of the learners. I tend to teach using an adult learning method in which I would teach based on the needs and best I could deliver that in a relax and comfortable environment so that the concept of the topic the learners wish to learn could be well understood and absorbed.

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Event planner from Indonesia who studied in Toronto, gives english-indonesian language tutor

I follow the procedures, read the structure, create content to teach, approach the students and create platform for them to ask questions.

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Indonesian is my native language and I have been teaching languages for 4 years. I also have a major in Linguistics.

I teach you the basics and then start to teach you how to teach yourself as fluency in a language will always depend on what field you are in and what are your purposes. I use worksheets, oral tests, and listening tests.

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Teaching the Indonesian Language in a very easy, fun and professional manner

My teaching method is a mixture of formal and informal language to provide the Student with useable language that can be maintained. I provide both written and conversational teaching material. I use real life examples and scenarios to ensure the Student can relate their Indonesian language learning to practical situations.

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Native Indonesian working professional giving personalised Indonesian lessons, express condensed course available.

Hi, I am an experienced teacher with teaching experience in kinder, primary schools, high schools, TAFE and tuition centres overseas teaching languages. My background is Chinese Indonesian, and I am fluent in 3 languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese Mandarin and English. I am also working as a dentist part-time. I am based in Brunswick.

Kota Surabaya
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Storytellers and Teachers of Lombok Volunteers give Indonesian language lessons in Surabaya, master English, Palembang, Javanese and a little Sasak language.

The teaching method that I use is more on mentoring, games, action, role play, and group discussions. I adapt the teaching method to the characteristics of each student that I handle, so that children can also choose which method they prefer. Every now and then I will give a tale to deliver material. Children will learn more about being able and smart with the abilities they have themselves.

Ungaran Timur
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Sharing knowledge is one of the fun things and adds new experiences.

I tend to be relaxed while teaching, but keep trying so that the person I teach is not saturated. Because sometimes according to some children / people, learning is not fun. Usually I know the person who will be my student first, what method is suitable for him. Only after that did I apply it to him.

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An outgoing MSc in Education student in Bristol offering Indonesian classes online

I mainly use communicative teaching method to deliver materials that cover all language skills including grammar and vocabulary. My friendly, outgoing and humorous personality can guarantee that every student will enjoy every lesson and learn Indonesian more quickly and effectively.

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Indonesian native speaker gives online tutoring sessions to improve your bahasa skills

I can help you learn the language both casually and formally. If you wish for a friend to practice your daily conversations, I will happily chat with you to improve your speaking and pronunciation. I can also help you with your writing and reading. I am open to your enquiries and I can adjust my tutoring with subjects that you specifically want to learn.

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Easy students have just graduated from high school offering Indonesian language courses with methods that are fun and easy to understand, learning is certainly not boring

My learning method is to discuss thoroughly the material that the younger siblings have not understood thoroughly after that I gave questions try out 1-3, after that gave the hots questions because now it is very necessary to quickly solve high-level questions (hots) ), and I prefer everything that is difficult to remember with songs

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Musamus University lecturer, graduated (Master of Education) from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, 9 years working experience

My teaching method is "learning by doing". Learning language will be easier and faster, if they can use the language directly. Also, I usually apply some Montessori approach in my teaching and project based learning. I provide some progress calendar for each student from basic to advanced level, so I can know my student progress.

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International Relations Students, Diponegoro University offers private and group courses for Indonesian Language in Semarang

My teaching method is question and answer and discussion of answers, with this method, both parties will better understand related topics. In addition, I will also provide knowledge of the importance of language learning and what benefits can be had by understanding various languages.

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Matematika sangat menyenangkan karna jawabannya sudah pasti dan tidak membingungkan, i love matematika

Metode yang saya gunakan dalam menjelaskan Matematika adalah dengan memberikan pemahaman konsep pada siswa. Proses pengajaran yang saya berikan biasanya tergantung dari kebutuhan siswa, ada yang minta dijelaskan suatu konsep dan ada yang meminta untuk membahas soal matematika yang belum mereka temukan jawabannya.

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Hi, i'm an english teacher when i lived in indonesia. Now i married an australian and would be happy to teach you my mother tongue

I will teach you slang words that most indonesian use everyday. Starts from basics until slang words so when you come to indonesia you won't be confuse.

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A Fully Certified Indonesian Teacher with Over 10 years of Teaching Experience

I strongly believe that each individual is unique with his/her own learning capability. So I don't focus on a particular method but to be open and flexible. I first get to know my students' strengths and weaknesses. and try to find out their likes and dislikes and their preferred learning styles.

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Bachelor of Languages University (Indonesian) Graduate (2012) offering online Indonesian lessons via webcam

I am happy to cater lessons to my students needs. If you are already learning Indonesian and would like tutoring, I'm happy to assist in the areas that you are having difficulty. I also create lessons tailored to student's needs. Most lessons will contain a mixture of grammar and conversation and will cover the four areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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I am studying at Nagaoka Institute of Design. It is a foreign student from Indonesia!

First, I will tell from simple words. I will also teach you the words and grammar used in everyday conversation. Please note that Indonesian language is not related to pronunciation and so on. I think Indonesian language is quite unique language. Because even if you misunderstood pronunciation or grammar, you can talk. So let's study with peace of mind.

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Monash Industrial Design student teaching languages, art and design in Melbourne (Online or meet up)

My teaching method is interactive. I would first assess the student's current capabilities and current level, then I ask my students what they would like to achieve out of my lessons. Then I proceed to give them the appropriate lessons based on what they need.

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Registered experienced teacher to tutor in English Indonesian and general Literacy for all ages

I teach through direct instruction in Language grammar and aim to cater to the individuals learning styles. With young students I use fun and engagement practices ie games music to enhance learning.

Elizabeth Downs
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Teacher of Indonesian, Reception to Year 10. I have a passion for others to learn this beautiful language. I offer commitment, patience and an ability to reach students who have previously been discou

My teaching methodology is interactive, dynamic and rich in communicating in the 2nd language in a way that reflects how we learn our 1st language. My classroom is very busy and reflects the different needs and learning abilities of my students. Assessment is through observation, visual recordings as well as written for the older students. My programs are linked to ACARA and Tfel.

Saint Kilda
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Indonesian translation student teaches from beginners to advanced students bahasa with specialised techniques.

Feel free to get in touch for a FREE consult so I can design a course structure that will help you achieve your language learning goals Having learnt 3 languages other than Indonesian I understand difficulties many students encounter studying languages.

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Local English teacher in Indonesia to teach Indonesian language for Australian students.

In the classes, I teach students based on confirmed syllabus. My online teaching method is based on the requirements of students. Generally I teach and discuss some specific or interesting topics to encourage students speaking their learnt language. Grammar is given using interactive way.

California Gully
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Hi My name is Maya, I live in Bendigo, Victoria. I am teaching Indonesian Language for any kind of ages. I am currently employ as an Language Teaching Assistant at Catherine McAuley College, Bendigo f

SUMMARY I am kind, patient, caring and respectful. I love working with a range of people, old and young. I am self-motivated, committed and dedicated to any role I take on. I am a fast learner and able to adapt to change. I have had completed my Certificate III in Individual Support and prior to this have held roles in Administration.

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Native Indonesian, speaking fluent English, tutoring Indonesian language in Birmingham and online

I will provide the learning materials. The learning is going to be focusing on developing four linguistic aspects: reading, writing, listening and speaking. For beginners, the learning will be adopting thematic approach so that learners can use the language according to the context.

Debora wibianne
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Education student in London offering Bahasa Indonesia class for all age group.

I’m Indonesian and currently studying Master in Education in London. The best way to learn language is to immerse yourself in the conversation with natives and understand the context. I would love to engage in a Bahasa Indonesia conversation with your topic of interest.

Freshwater Creek
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I am a Deakin Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Indonesian student, interested in tutoring students in VCE Indonesian (SL). I completed VCE Indonesian (SL) in 2017, and I am based in Freshwater Creek

My teaching method is very in tune with what the student wishes to cover. I am very happy to answer questions, and to go over difficult concepts which the student is not confident with. I can tutor individuals or groups.

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A Curtin University student from the Faculty of Humanities giving lessons about Indonesian language.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language that is being used in nationwide Indonesia, my origin country. It was created by so many influences of other languages, such as English, Dutch, and some Chinese.

Kecamatan Lowokwaru
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Learn Indonesian verbally and easily and actively (especially for those who are new to Indonesian)

I provide teaching Indonesian for beginner level. The target of my students is people from outside Indonesia who are interested in learning Indonesian from their own place, or who happen to be working in Indonesia and feel the need to learn Indonesian. I will teach in two languages; English and Indonesian. I focus more on learning Indonesian to verbal communication.

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Hi, I have more than 10 years experience for teaching in Indonesia’s university. And here I have experience as private teacher for bahasa Indonesia for professionals. I would like to teach anyone who

My teaching methods is more concern to 2 ways interactions with my students. Mostly we discuss about the recent case or social changes in society, or could be anything depends on what the students’s background.

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