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MBA with 25+ years of global senior business and marketing management experience - Calgary

I teach and mentor because I love the process and interactions with next generation leaders. To me, it is a real pleasure to teach, learn and exchange ideas,. As a tutor, my personal objectives are: - Help you apply theory and experience to achieve faster and more effective learning. - Help you enjoy the learning process and course experience.

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Online business coahc with 2 years experience who want to PROPEL your business!

I personalize the process and subjects depending on where the student is at. If you're a start-up, we'll start with the foundation of building a business. If you need me for a special project like a launch or you need me for planning your content creation, than that's what we'll do. We'll assess your needs together at the first session and I'll build a plan to which you'll have access.

Sylvan Lake
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Business expert for accounting HR management and tutoring maths at all levels

My method is to listen and watch how you do a problem in the current state of how you approach a problem and then close the gap to the desired state of understanding and applying the required knowledge as everyone learns differently how we close the gap to the desired state differs as I watch and listen.

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Advanced organizational management and leadership skills give you a competitive advantage and big profits.

Learner centered, with a participatory teaching approach. Each class is a hybrid design with interactive assignments, learning materials, teaching methods, and performance coaching. My experience is international and successfully covers a broad ranges of learners; from teaching professionals in the field (directors, managers, professionals (eg.

St. Catharines
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Get to know more about Finance from the finance tutor in St Catherine.

My teaching methods are based on real life example.I would love to give my students theoretical knowledge with the real life applications which help them to enhance their skills more.Finance is all about imaginations and applying your art of thoughts.

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MBA College teacher gives Management and Economics classes to students in Brampton, Ontario

My teaching methods are on-line classes and home tuitions. My approach towards a subject is based on a certain structure. I follow some rules that the teaching principles rely on. I base my teaching on both theoretical as well as practical approach which includes group discussions and role-plays. Assignments and case-studies are an important part of my teaching.

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MBA grad with an accounting and finance background, located in Nanaimo BC, is available to help you 'master' the business world...or, just your course load.

I enjoy using humour and real-life examples to explain/teach concepts...and boy, do I have stories! I think it is important for students to be taught with the "full circle" approach. Only teaching bits and pieces of a concept or problem only promotes memorization, and can hinder the student in the long run. Keeping an open mind when teaching is essential for the success of any student and teacher.

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A proficient Qualitative Academic Tutor with 10 years experience in different subjects.

I have extensive consulting knowledge and experience, flexible in my terms and always willing to negotiate different methodologies with students. I believe tutoring through assignments and examples in the best method. Working on your assignments to help you understand the concept perfectly.

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I am a Management Professional who can teach Business subjects to students in Mississauga/Toronto. I have an MBA Degree with a specialization in Marketing. I have many HR (Human Resources Certificatio

My teaching approach is to follow the SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Record and Recall) methodology. In customizing my teaching to the individual I draw upon the VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) concept and tailor my tutoring to the learning style of the student. I can teach School, College, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

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The listing PhD in business, specializing in strategy, management, HR, and health and wellness here to help

I am a student centric instructor. I work with the student and use methodology that is best suited to help the individual learn easily. I like PowerPoints as reference tools, I like using case studies for testing the transfer of knowledge and I like dialogue through questions.

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Experienced Vice President able to teach the Practical side of Business that you can use to get ahead

I believe in a Practical Approach. Theory is interesting, and can assist in the building of a philosophy, but success comes to those who DO better. I believe in helping others to develop actionable plans that will help them become more successful.

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Business student gives economics and accounts classes for highschool students in Winnipeg

My teaching methodologies are catered towards the needs and aptitude of my students. Its all about having the right balance of conveying the information in a meaningful way that is both coherent and cohesive to understand and apply the knowledge.

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Passionate accounting student looking to tutor both college and university students in Charlottetown (or online across Canada).

As mentioned previously, I have found many students often struggle with the subject of accounting. Therefore, when I teach, I try to use very simple (basic) concepts and examples when tutoring. I want to be sure that the examples I use helps to remember the material better and that it sticks with the particular individual.

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Business Accounting Instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching unemployed and underemployed adults looking for a new career that will take you into your 80's.

I believe that everyone is teachable and learning is a skill that can be mastered with the proper teacher. Each lesson will begin by reviewing the previous chapter before moving on to the next chapter. Then we move on to deliver a chapter lecture with PowerPoint slides that introduce the new learning modules and the steps on how to get there.

Saint John
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I taught human resource management, in a well reputed university , i have done double masters in human resource management.

My teaching methods are based on all practical approaches rather than giving students all bookish knowledge. i advice students to learn on logical ways instead of getting indulge all previous knowledge which is just based on books i never want students to just rely on book and prefer to make them involve in practical approaches.

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Learn Lean Manufacturing and Business Management from a proven Leader in the industry

My method of instruction can be presented in a Powerpoint presentation accompanied with a 1 on 1 or classroom setting. It will be a tactical approach to Lean manufacturing with great examples and some simulations. It's a step by step guide on how run a successful company.

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International Business and Project Management graduate with multiple degrees living in Calgary.

My teaching methods are flexible and are always up to date, striving towards teaching individuals with all learning styles. Kind and patient tutor who always puts the students needs first. Lastly, I try and keep the sessions light and fun by being enthusiastic with a positive mindset.

A n prashanth reddy
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Retail operations, strategic planning, business analysis and Productivity Improvement. willing to teach online

I prefer teaching based on real life experiences as I possess thorough knowledge in formulating and implementing a self-motivated atmosphere

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Assistant Professor gives Management, Organization, Business, Biology and Hindi classes in delta

I ensure maximum participation of students, they should be discussing, asking questions, doing by themselves and listening actively. Learning should be a happy experience. I have experience of teaching one on one or up to 75 students at a go.

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Leverage 30 years of Entrepreneural experience. We'll create unique Business Development Strategies together.

My approach is conversational utilizing a collaborative, interactive interview like process which forms the basis of the creation of business development strategy. Sessions are geared towards small to medium sized businesses seeking help with Sales, Sales Management, Operational efficiencies, Systems integration and on and off line marketing.

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MBA with Corporate experience is willing to give Finance classes and share experience.

My Teaching style is keeping the things simple and clear. I always give real time examples so that audience can relate to the scenarios very easily and more over interesting too. I Am not a big fan of boring lecturers.

Conception Bay South
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Practitioner in Human Resource for 20 years providing online classes about everything you need to know in HR.

I offer both structured fundamentals of HR and flexible classes tailored to the needs of the student in all things relating to Human Resources. I teach both the fundamentals of HR for beginners and more advanced HR strategy for those in the field for a longer period of time.

South Stormont
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Qualified CPA and MBA from University of Cumbria (UK) looking to share knowledge of Accounting and FInance

I base my sessions around building strong concepts but hinges on solving practice questions. A lot of them to get through as many scenarios as possible. I usually like to do them alongside students so we can have a genuine brainstorming experience. rather than me simply dictating.

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Energetic MBA graduate gives business classes for high school and college students!

My teaching method is simple, practical and to the point. No definitions or defined text! Just the concept with real time examples and problem solving. I Interact with students in a way they get engaged and love to learn more, that is meant by keeping the context simple. I don't teach the way professors are because I am a student and I help students learn stuff that is really important.

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Wanting to share my own business knowledge with other upcoming business owners

My tutoring methods is based on questioning the student about the subject in question. I will be there to help them with their homework or projects. I have a lot of experience in the real world of business and I can bring a different perspective that the student did not think about.

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Business and Management Tutor with MBA degree and 5 years of experience

I usually like to give lessons with the help of the real world case analysis. This generally helps in understanding the basic concepts of the chapter. However, if the class is not of a graduate or undergraduate level, I will typically like to explain concepts using examples/scenarios.

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MSc Human Resource Management from Royal Holloway College, University of London UK

I try to engage with the students and work according to their learning capabilities. Non-judgemental and reliable teaching.

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Management student having expertise in the field of business is ready to assists in getting good grades in management and business at home in kelowna. Having a good knowledge about human resources, en

My teaching style is to make the things understand in a practical manner and make the things easy. I make the work done flexible and do not pressure students for the work not done or understood once.

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MSc. in Management student about to start my PhD with 2 years of teaching experience in the Management field.

I always try to adapt the lectures I give to the audience. If I feel that they are not as attentive I try to ask them more questions to get them engaged in the classroom. I also try to include personal stories that may help students relate to the topic.

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Business Graduate student offering one-on-onetutoring to Canadian students seeking the extra help.

My teaching methods are the ones I learned best from and that includes relaying my teaching to real-life examples and scenarios. Making an attachment with the student and materials.

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