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I am a student of Renewable energy technician and I think I can be a good helper.

I always try to know the strengths and weaknesses in a pupil and then approach each individual in different way.

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Professor High School provides tutoring math, physics, engineering sciences (secondary and university)

The course is aimed at secondary and tertiary levels (short and long).

Samuel alejandro
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Environmental Engineer, Specialist in Preservation and Conservation of Natural Resources and candidate for Master in Engineering, offers classes in Ecology, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity and C

My method of teaching consists in taking concrete examples of real life to motivate the student, relating it to his natural environment and providing tools for a proper understanding of the ecosystem and natural models. My methodology is very graphic (diagrams, videos, graphics, images) since I believe that this way the student's attention is better captured.

West End
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UQ Masters student, experienced tutor in English, English as a second language, Environment and Urban Design.

My teaching method depends on the students abilities and things they enjoy. I primarily focus on ensuring the student enjoys the lesson while also allowing for their goals to be met. I will start with getting to know the student, analysing their goals and knowledge and progress accordingly.

Ouro Preto
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Engineer of Control and Automation by the Federal University of Ouro Preto, ample experience in photovoltaic solar energy, electrotechnical and electronic. Experience of more than 4 years acting as pr

My teaching method is based on the presentation of the content in a light way, with attention dedicated to the part that involves resolutions of the problems related to each content, an approach that gives the student the opportunity to really know the deeper concepts of each discipline.

Ribeirão Preto
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Control, Automation and Robotics Support Training Maintenance Development Programming In Low and High level languages

Development of academic methods and application processes using national and international standards. Fundamentals of Engineering and application in Automation and Robotics. Associated disciplines and man machine languages. Processes and theoretical and practical application. Learning methods and concepts of building maintenance and development of engineering.

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"Bachelor of Sustainable Development" 5 years of experience, Ecology and Environment classes, Biology, Eco-technologies, Renewable Energies.

I like to share my knowledge and experiences based on presentations and audiovisual materials, especially to reinforce the knowledge raised through the understanding of readings associated with the topics to develop, in addition to the request for essays of no more than four pages to be able to evaluate the progress of the acquired learning .

(2 reviews)
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Doctor of Chemistry offers courses in chemistry and physics in high school-university Piacenza

Researcher, graduated in Chemistry, inorganic chemical-physical address, I propose to chemistry and physics classes for high school and college students. Classes are held by applying the deductive method.

Santa Efigênia (Belo Horizonte)
(5 reviews)
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Reinforcement classes - Sara Jorge e Silva - MSc Electrical Engineering -

With my experience, I developed several methodologies that vary according to the profile of classes and students. Classes in painting, practical work, slide show, seminars and round tables are some examples, but I'm always open to new suggestions and learnings.

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Engineer / Doctor specializing in energy, environment, sustainable development offers personalized support to Reunion for students of higher education

The unique method does not exist! The idea is to adapt the teaching method according to the pupil's problematic, his questions, his way of working and his personal goals. My interventions in engineering school or university have always proceeded according to this approach to find how to captivate students according to their sensitivity.

(3 reviews)
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He graduated in Chemistry is offered for private lessons, contact me to know me personally

Hi, I'm Cristina and I'm a recent graduate in chemistry. My classes are aimed at all levels, from primary, secondary and ESO, which generally offer reinforcement for all subjects, through high school, where I focus on physics, chemistry and mathematics, reaching university level.

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Acute tuition in the field, process engineering, thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, fluid mechanics Gründlage C

I offer help for students for the exams and I concentrate on what is important for the exam. I prepare a good plan for the test and I give many examples of new ideas so that the student can understand.

Porto Recanati
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I am a construction engineer, architect and freelance, I give lessons in mathematics and specialist on the subject of sustainability and .Tecniche renewable energy technologies and

The watchwords in my formative meetings, so I prefer to call them, I am PASSION AND DEDICATION. This, together with years of form me and work on issues such as sustainability lead me today to have mastery of the subject. The relationship with those on the other side is built little by little, I do not love relationships teacher you student.

Duque de Caxias
(1 review)
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Math classes, physics, chemistry and other disciplines teacher with over 6 years in Teaching. Location: Rio de Janeiro (all state)

I Technologist in oil and gas from the University Estacio de Sa, and Technician in Electrotechnical and student of 9th Petroleum Engineering Period. My teaching career began very early, when I was only 20 years. I started as a teacher of Vocational and Technical Courses. Later I gave tuition for high school students from various colleges and also some subjects in projects Estacio.

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Sustainable Development Student offers Sustainability (theory and practice) online courses in English

I am Noemi, a Sustainable Development Study at the Open University of London, and I offer courses at all levels on this subject: depending on the student's interests I can structure a more or less theoretical course, and more or less complex, focusing in a different way on all the three pillars of Sustainable Development.

(1 review)

Tutoring in maths, physics, chemistry, engineering science, mechanics, french, spanish by graduate engineer

Recently graduated from Centrale Marseille, I wish to help you overcome your difficulties in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, mechanics, at levels of hight school and first years of university. I can also give courses in languages ​​(English and Spanish).

Paris 20e
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Support classes for students passing BACCALAUREAT end of the year in Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry

Student in fourth year at ESIEE Paris (Engineering School in electrical engineering and electronics). I turned the previous year to the renewable energy industry which takes me a good level in Physics and Mathematics. I give home study courses Maths, Physics and Chemistry for high school students passing the BACCALAUREAT at the end of the year.

Den Haag
(4 reviews)
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I'm a master's student Industrial Ecology and I teach sustainable energy to high school and university students and professionals in The Hague

I am very flexible when it comes to teaching, my methodology will mainly be dependent on the wishes and needs of the student. In general, we will go over the theory, after which we do exercises together. If needed, I give homework which will be discussed during the next session.

São Paulo
Felipe otávio
(1 review)
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Classes and Reinforcements in Biology, Sciences adn fisics in São Paulo SP

I am a biology teacher in public schools in the state of São Paulo, and science teacher at a private school. Currently I teach for the 1st and 3rd high school years and 6th to 9th years of Middle school. My teaching is an ideology of Paulo Freire, aimed to constructivism and critical and problem-based education.

Ronchi dei Legionari
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Online consulting and training, electrical and photovoltaic plants, province of Gorizia

I am Roberto Zanolla, an industrial expert registered in the register of experts of Gorizia. Owner of Studio Zanolla, a co-worker with several companies and public administrations of the territory for the design and construction of electrical and photovoltaic systems, a teacher at ENFAP FVG. I offer the possibility of teaching via web cam.

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Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am Electrical Engineer, I set up a laboratory for me and I can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

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I am online teacher at the Design area, finishing Superior Architecture, I teach Mathematics

I am Design teacher in online courses and distance ones in a academy which works nationally but whose offices are located in Malaga, and I am finishing Superior Architecture by the University of Granada. I have lived in Brazil, so I speak Portuguese (level C1) and English, B2 level of the European framework, also made a FPO in English Commercial Management.

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Mechanical engineer, gives Spanish, math and English classes in Nantes

ENGLISH COURSES: adressed to those who are just getting started in learning English or those who wish to improve their pronunciation, accent or vocabulary, including their technical vocabulary in the field of engineering. SPANISH (mother tongue): all those who want to learn or improve their knowledge of Spanish will be welcome! MATH: courses for elementary and secondary school students.

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I have Post-Doctorate and I offer undergraduate or postgraduate classes - Ecology, Biology, Environment

Classroom or distance learning courses for students with difficulty attending the subjects of their undergraduate or postgraduate courses, or for people who are studying to enter a competition. Consult my curriculum lattes: (concealed information) I can help in the elaboration and scientific articles or other more specific subjects.

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Young graduated biologist gives private lessons reinforcement in biology in Santos region!

I am a bachelor and a degree in biology from the University Santa Cecilia in Santos. Teaching is adapted according to the needs of the student and may go sciences elementary school, reviews for competitions and vestibular, to chemistry and physics to high school. The class can be via skype / hangout or in person, being a student of the Santos region.

Recife (Pernambuco)
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Professor of Biology Master in Biological Sciences, watch and Recife Metropolitan Region

I use the the latest pedagogical techniques of teaching and learning, and content highly reviewed and updated. I am able to teach classes for ENEM and the most varied tests selection of brazilian universities in the North, South and Southeast.

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Enviro - Bio- English for all, handy Sciences , motivation, elearning- Rennes

Woman, dynamic, passionate, smiling. In retraining, and preparation of CAPES SVT. Having an engineering degree in Environment. Offers homework help and tutoring for all levels and all disciplines to the terminal. chosen field, biology and conservation of the environment. Listen, teach, share my knowledge and passion became a vocation. Follow the pupil's progress is my priority.

Poços de Caldas
Alan rodrigo
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Degree in Science and Technology, currently graduating in Environmental Engineering, located in Pocos de Caldas, gives lessons disciplines related to engineering and environment.

Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, I have a degree in progress in Environmental Engineering. Academic exchange realized in the city of Glasgow - United Kingdom. Working with enhanced methodology, reviewing the content from multiple sources and forming a clear and objective understanding.

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Give over SVT, sustainable development, Bruz and surroundings (I travel at night and we)

My name is Samuel, I have 37 years. I am responsible for Safety / Environment in an association. I have a Masters in Environmental Sciences and I am passionate about sustainability, ecology and SVT. I want to share my knowledge and my passion to help people better understand these fascinating materials. I especially address myself to the students until Terminal but any request will be considered.

Paris 15e
(1 review)
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PhD student in physics, interested in teaching Physics and Maths in Paris

I am a second year PhD student in Photovoltaics at Ecole polytechnique, and I'm interested in teaching maths and physics for students of all levels. What's interesting to me is that the student will be able to understand. The number of teaching hours plays a role, but what is more important is that the student understands and that his understanding can evolve more and more during the year.

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