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Experienced tutor provides you with guidance to write clear & well-structured essays near Montreal

My teaching methods are tailored to the student's needs. Essentially, we work together to pinpoint which areas of essay writing you struggle with, and then we work on improving your skills through writing exercises and practice essays. Of course, I can also help you with your own assignments and guide you through the essay writing process.

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4th year English student at Western University. I am available to help with english courses (both highschool and university level). I can also help with essay writing, editing, and proof reading.

My teaching method is flexible and is catered towards every student's personal needs. My lessons can be focused on improving writing, reading, or even communication skills. Each lesson plan will be thoroughly planned out to ensure our mutual goals are met.

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Experienced and multi-lingual Master's student ready to boost your English in Montréal!

I am trying to use all kinds of media (videos, music songs, movies, games) in order to make teaching as entertaining as possible, but sometimes the use of "classical" teaching methods is inevitable:) Especially skilled to teach Business English!

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Writer/journalist tutors high school,college and university students in Calgary at their homes in English, writing and grammar.

Simplify grammar and use questions instead of abstract explanations to become proficient in its use. One on one instruction allows students to progress at their own speed. As a professional writer/journalist writing instruction is assisted by my experience. An easy method to teach grammar was accomplished by simplifying the process, using questions instead of explanations wherever possible.

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Career College facilitator seeking to assist students with reading, writing and grammatical questions pertaining to every-day linguistics.

I am a Kinesthetic learner, so as much Hands-On learning as possible is best. I find many people learn best this way, and do not recognize it, or do not know what resources to use to get the best out of their studies.

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Vaughan qualified Teacher with years of experience working with students of all ages and exceptionalities.

Being a positive and patient tutor, my goals is to support my students by helping them become confident learners. I have experience assisting students from kindergarten to grade 6 in English and Math.

Mount Pearl
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Academic English teacher with over 7 years of experience offering online tutoring sessions in writing and test preparation

I base my classes on the needs of my students. Every student is different, and I always take the time to learn about my students' goals and work with them to reach their goals. I care about the success of my students and make myself available to help as much as possible.

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University educated student advisor to give lessons in academic essays and Resume writing

My teaching methods are flexible. To assess the kind of assistance a student needs, I encourage the submission of a draft writing. From there, we can set up an approach that works ( such as comments on the document, video conference or in-person meeting if in Edmonton). My tutoring services are intended for University students who would like to improve their writing.

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History graduate in the Toronto area with years of writing experience can make your written work better!

I focus on true understanding over rigid mechanics, and my goal is to make you grasp the purpose of your work. We will approach each project as a problem to be solved. Working from goal to reality, I hope to make education meaningful and USEFUL.

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Published PhD Student Tutoring in English And Essay Writing For All Ages

I try meet my students exactly where they are in terms of their knowledge and skills, and I help them grow beyond their level. I'm very patient, non-judgmental, and well-spoken. I have taught in the past and have been told that I am very easy to understand and also fun to learn from.

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Qualified Tutor gives 1-1 private help with reading and writing to anyone who has learning difficulties

Each person is different - they learn at a different speed and in a different way. I offer 1-1 private sessions with tailor made materials and activities to suit that particular person.

Sault Ste. Marie
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Bachelor of Commerce graduate providing English tutoring to high-school and College students.

I approach tutoring first with an open dialogue regarding the individual’s specific struggles with the content, then develop a structured plan that revolves around the students assigned school work. Test preparation and real word applications are also used where relevant.

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English Specialist (national award-winning journalist) helping older students to accelerate in Guelph

I approach my assignments by first and foremost, knowing and understanding what the other party wants and needs. Learning of their challenges and limitations. Then, creating an action plan that delivers the desired results in a timely manner, meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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Nursing Student who offers tutoring in English language, Biology and Social Studies

Growing up I was always a visual and hands on learner. This reflects my peer tutoring style, as I like to use visual aids and get my hands dirty when possible! I think that we can really use the advances in technology to our advantage these days and through the use of video, audio and certain apps were able to get a clearer understanding of what we’re trying to learn.

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New Certified Teacher & Early Childhood Educator Looking for Students to Tutor Any Subjects Kindergarten - Grade 6

I am interested in teaching any subjects from (Kindergarten-Grade 6) Based on the Ontario Curriculum. I am also very interested in tutoring children with Dyslexia.

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❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. If one knows to play with words, this skill of your’s can put people behind bars!

My teaching methods mostly include explaning context and putting in some sort of fun either through activities or by some other way! I give my level best in putting things to a students mind. I just try and make use of every possible way through which a student understands things.

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Communications Professional and Essay Lover with Bachelor of Arts does English tutoring online

My methodology is to address your questions and to walk with you through the obstacles you are experiencing.

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English Major Offering Academic English Lesson with a Focus on Clarity and Creativity

Our first lesson is a chance to get to know each other, develop a plan and introduce you to my teaching style. Next, I will take some time to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses including your short-term and long-term learning goals.

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If you want to strive in a global world, strong communication in English is what outshines you apart! (Don't worry, i'm here to guide you step by step for a perfect skill)

Considering need of very student is different from one another I personally give attention to each student separately. I sit and listen to all possible problems and worries encountered so far, followed by preparing an organized time table with step by step process on how to rectifying the problems out. A customized syllabus is prepared and taught.

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High School Graduate Looking to Tutor Specifically in Reading, Grade 11 Classes, Resume Help and Essay Writing/Test Prep.

I plan on extending my knowledge of essay writing, test prep, as well as my resume and cover letter writing skills to people who may need it.

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Sociology graduate and esports journalist teaches test prep and writing in both English and Spanish.

I individualize teaching as much as possible so that each student can accomplish their specific goals in a way they enjoy. I base my classes on your projects and interests to make them engaging and relevant to you at all times.

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Law student provides guidance on academic writing in the Ottawa & Toronto area

I intend to be hands on, and entirely open to questions. I am willing to assist in the way that you learn best, and I am happy to help any grade level. I hope I am able to offer a service that will really help students.

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Seasoned high school teacher who has taught for 26 years, would like to assist. I live in North Oshawa and teach at a local high school.

I believe in a structured teaching environment but also lends itself to classroom discussion. I have adapted technology into my teaching and encourage students to embrace it as well. That being said nothing replaces the oral lessons delivered by the teacher and the engaging classroom discussion.

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Learn English, tidy up your resume, write an essay, or get ready for that test with this Master's degree graduate!

My name is Kate, I am a reference librarian with a master's degree in library studies and an undergraduate degree in Spanish and comparative literature. I am a registered literacy tutor. I do translation work in French and Spanish as well as offering resume building workshops.

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Software Engineer gives English language classes for school and college students in Toronto, Ontario.

I start with the basics depending on the knowledge level of the students and make the session interesting through ppts, diagrams and TPR. I also will be giving you assignments to work on to practice grammer, sentence writing and improve your spoken English.

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Masters in Linguistics offers ESL and Academic English Tutoring for All Ages!

I'm always flexible, and challenging. I first find out what my student needs, and then we work together to build and develop skills to ensure the student's success. I'm patient, kind, and thoughtful. I'm happy to work with younger students and older students who are looking to perfect their written or spoken English.

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Masters of computer applications and CLB 9 score holder, teach subjects like English,History,Computer Science and school level Mathematics.

Teach by example is the philosophy that I follow.I use real life examples and experiments to teach students so that they can relate and remember. I use flowcharts and diagrams to make learning ling lessons easier for students and pictures are always easy to remember. I firmly believe in strong and clear knowledge of the basics which eventually lead to a great intellect.

Niagara Falls
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Professor of education, teacher education, issues of diversity, editing, and writing in the Niagara region (New York State).

Constructivist, Vygotskian, contemporary methodologist. I work with diverse and intergenerational learners, writers, students, learners of all types. I am interested in promoting and equitable agenda, the Socratic method, classical education, and literature of all kinds. I also have experience in Indigeneity and critically endangered languages (Kanien'keha), the Iroquoian languages.

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ESL and Language Arts Teacher with 16 Years In-class and Online Experience Worldwide

My teaching methodology includes the use of audio-visual equipment to enhance the interactivity of classes. Materials are always provided, and/or researched, and lesson notes (with homework) are always distributed to students after class. Since classes are developed based on the needs of the student, an assessment is always conducted before lesson plans are created.

Logan Lake
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Experienced teacher providing English language arts classes for student K-12 in the Kamloops area

I approach classes with creativity, flexibility and fun! I am an energetic person and I bring that to my teaching. With a variety of teaching experiences, I am able to teaching to an individual students' needs. My classes are appropriate for students of all ages and abilities.

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Perfect! Great teacher, She adapted according to the teaching requirements. Very punctual and very detailed . highly recommended who need to improve and develop interest in the subject.

Junaid, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! Merci Delphine pour avoir me donnè de l'aide a milliorè mon Française. Je sais que je dois etudier encore, mais tu ma donner beaucoup de l'aide.

Enrico, Student
2 years ago

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