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The average price of Sewing  lessons is $21.

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Why should you learning sewing in Canada? 


Becoming a dressmaker or seamstress has many advantages. A few years ago, people learned to sew in order to learn to make a hem, sew a button or use a serger. Today, with handmade fashion and questions of ecology and ethics, sewing is now making a strong comeback. Sewing and even knitting are no longer the hobbies of our grandmothers. There are so many reasons to take up sewing. Indeed, one might think that learning to sew takes several years, but all you need to do is invest in a sewing machine to be able to make your first pieces. You’ll be able to progress quickly with the help of online sewing courses, sewing patterns on the internet, sewing blogs and sewing tutorials on YouTube. 


Of course, you have to be patient and not get discouraged at the first sign of difficulty. But all in all, sewing is a very affordable hobby. Sewing brings people together. Like any sport or hobby, if you attend a sewing class, you will meet people who have at least one thing in common with you: sewing! A way to make new acquaintances or to share your passion with your family or friends. Everyone can show their latest creation and find creative ideas through discussions. But sewing can be very personal too. Creating your own clothes means being able to wear the pieces of your dreams, once you have passed the beginner level sewing of course. 


Why not use haute couture shows as an inspiration for your future clothes. And that little dress that costs way too much in the window of a luxury store, you can create it yourself at a fraction of the price! Making clothes also allows you to express your personality and wear unique pieces that you can't find on the market. Let your imagination run wild, anything goes once you have mastered the basics of sewing. Making and customizing your wardrobe is rewarding. 


Learning to sew is also taking care of the planet and of people. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. And when you see a $5 T-shirt in the shops, you should ask yourself about the working conditions of the people at the beginning of the chain. By creating your own clothes, you refuse to feed an industry that does not respect the environment and human rights by choosing your own fabrics. Drawing your own patterns, quilting with the Singer machine, overcasting or embroidering also allows you to create clothes perfectly adapted to your body and style preference. Whether you are thin, tall, small or round, every morphology is different and it can be difficult to find a garment perfectly adapted to your size. 


Finally, sewing your own clothes is economical. Whether you're patching up clothes or transforming them, you avoid throwing them away and replace a broken zipper or use iron-on fabric to cover up a hole. But sewing is also about creating your own clothes. Trapeze dress, flared skirt, beach bag or sarouel, once you've acquired your sewing equipment, all you have to do is buy your fabric and get to work!


How to learn how to sew?

Even if most of the time it is the sewing machine that sews, it is important to know how to sew by hand. Indeed, the machine cannot go everywhere and you will have to learn how to sew regular stitches because it is usually the bright stitches that are sewn by hand. There is no secret to this: you have to practice making straight lines on scraps of fabric. Cross stitch, zigzag stitch or jersey stitch, everything has to go through it in order to be as comfortable as possible as soon as you have to take action. You won't make beautiful garments from the first sewing lesson and sewing a skirt will be complicated at first. That's why it's best to start with simple things. At the beginner's level, you have to run away from the difficulty. 


You may want to consider buying your own sewing machine. There are plenty of them on the market and at all prices. Avoid all the so-called fancy features that the marketing sirens will blow and choose a simple sewing machine. Then start by learning how to pin, sew a seam, sew a buttonhole, sew a buttonhole, sew a hem and put on a rubber band. 

Once you have acquired these basic techniques, you can move on to making simple pieces such as a cushion cover, a pouch, a bib, a make-up bag, a straight skirt... The best way to progress in sewing is to practice again and again. But to improve and not get discouraged by your machine alone, it can be interesting to take part in a sewing workshop or a sewing course from time to time. It is an excellent way to learn new techniques and to enrich your creativity by meeting other passionate sewers. In addition, to continue to progress further in sewing, it is important to set goals. For example, you can learn to master a new technique on a project basis. What about learning crochet or knitting at the same time?

Take private sewing lessons

Learning how to sew is easier when you have someone around who masters the art. And if learning how to sew a bag or sew a dress can be done in a self-taught way, it is still easier to be accompanied to progress more quickly. The tutorials on the internet are numerous but will never replace face-to-face lessons, and a teacher who will be able to inspire you with their passion. We advise you to take a few beginner's sewing courses to feel more comfortable and even if it’s only to learn how to operate a sewing machine. Usually, the basics of sewing are covered at the beginner level. At a more advanced level, everyone comes with their own sewing project and the teacher is there more as a guide: you may ask them questions and the teacher will help us to progress on our personal project by giving us advice according to our objective. The best option as a beginner remains private sewing lessons. 


A private sewing teacher can help the student choose his or her sewing machine, build up his or her haberdashery and sewing kit, use an iron (in the context of sewing) and buy his or her sewing accessories before even starting to learn how to assemble and sew. The teacher is then present to correct the student's mistakes and give him/her a good foundation in sewing. He adapts to the learner's time constraints, difficulties, strengths and weaknesses and goals. The student learns at his own pace and progresses more quickly thanks to individualized coaching. Learning to sew and embroider becomes child's play with the help of a teacher who is entirely devoted to his student. 


On our Superprof platform, there are hundreds of sewing teachers available across Canada to teach you to sew. The first class is offered most of the time in order to get to know each other between teacher and student and to exchange on the methodology and objectives of each teacher. The prices are fixed by the teacher according to their experience, the level of their students, their objectives and location. A student in fashion design will require more investment from the teacher than a beginner in sewing. So, what are you waiting for to find the perfect sewing teacher on our site?

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