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Experienced Registered Counselor, with education and medical background provides one on one remedial teaching in reading, comprehension and grammar with children with cognitive delays or special needs

As I most enjoy working with K-3 students I use a method that employs learning segments. I find that attention span is not great and in order to maximize my time with students a one-on-one approach is best as I find when students are fully engaged and excited I'm guaranteed that maximum learning potential is being reached.

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Engineer teaches all high school subjects : Math, Sciences, accounting, business, economics, computer science

My teaching methodology’s differ from student to student approaching each subject in several ways so at least one way will be good for the student

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Private Speech Therapy Classes / private speech therapy / communication and speech classes

I think it's important to work as a team and that's why I like to know the goals of each student / client / family and that together we make a plan for the class and what kinds of techniques and methods are going to be most effective. Classes can be individual or in a small group.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted SEND skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

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Tutoring for individuals with cognitive disabilities that need assistance with their overall education

I tutor children and act as a guide to helping them understand how they best learn, work, and interact with the world. In doing this, I can support the child and their mind so that they learn what they need to for school and that they fill any gaps of knowledge that will clear up all the confusion. I also teach them how to be emotionally stable, secure, and resilient.

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High school student teaches math, literature, art, and other support classes in Tijuana

Specialized classes in basic subjects or focused on a subject according to the needs or preferences of the student, in order to reinforce the knowledge or improve the performance of it. Focused on classes to students of primary or secondary level to guarantee the knowledge of the topics to be treated. The place to teach must be agreed (library, cafeteria, center, etc.).

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A Employee of Wipro working as Analyst gives tution on basic subjects for below or 10th grade and aptitute lessons to higher than it.

My teaching method is based on understanding. It's not necessary that you get a easy topic quickly or you can't get a difficult topic quickly, its all about exploring your limits and i can help you with that. I am more of a friend than teacher if student behaves nice.

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Leave your boring physics lecture. join with me . physics can be that exciting and easy you have no idea .

I am sayak Dutta . I am an engineering student. I have good hold on physics and maths. Students from class 6-12 can join me. I can assure you that I can make physics concepts so easy for you that you will just do great in this subject. You will not get bored cause I will teach you as my friend and as you get entertained by me I can make you learn all the concepts side by side.

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Literacy Support for students with Special Needs needing tutoring in literacy skills

Students learn differently so it is important for me as a teacher/tutor to discover how a student learns best, their strengths and weaknesses, gaps that they have in their learning and ways I can help them to achieve their best and learn despite any learning difficulties that they may have.

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Special Ed and Theatre Master can enhance your learning experience in LV

I have a knack for shaking up learning and tailoring the learning experience to your needs. Through different modalities and blended techniques, I can create a learning strategy for all students to succeed. I focus on mindset and breaking down information to continue the learning process.

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Special Ed. teacher loves working with children. Have been teaching for 10 years.

My teaching method is hands-on differentiated instruction among each student, to best support their learning needs based on their individual education program. I exercise positive reinforcement within every lesson for each child. My experience with behavior intervention has allowed me to foster the growth of my students across all domains.

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I specialized in helping students using the Orton-Gillingham approach and it works!! If you are reading this, you are the luckiest student alive. You are about to have the best tutor in the galaxy!!

ESL, Reading Specialist, Orton Gillingham Approach, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing I can teach and tutor any academic subject and and pay close attention to homeschooled children who also needs someone who can listen to them and have great academic conversations with.

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Special Education Teacher in Clayton, NC with 7 years experience teaching/tutoring students with special needs in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and social skills.

I work with students up through high school level on any of the academic subjects or on social skills and problem solving. Each subject is taught differently. It varies and may include... -a brief introduction with examples and the student practicing. -guiding students through the process by exploring and asking questions until they figure it out themselves.

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I am a teacher of all students. I have taught Special Education, regular Education, and Intervention. My education includes Regular Education and Special Education, Mild to Moderate and Severe and Pro

My teaching method depends on the type of learner I am working with (kinesthetic, auditory, visual). After I have determined that, I use those specific methods to help the child. The content of my lessons also depends on the students likes and interests that are related to real world experiences.

Garden City
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Speech language and hearing sciences major and aspiring speech therapist here to help you with classes within this field

My teaching method begins with listing the areas in which the student needs most practice with to the areas they need the least practice with.

Lake Worth
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Special Needs Educator retired looking for students with learning disabilities! Reading Specialist.

My teaching method is based on active learning, interactive participation, tactile lessons, technology-based learning as well as visual presentation and group instruction. Every child learns differently and my approach to teaching is to meet the child at their level and progress from there.

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"Student in IMBA college and gives tuitions in account , technology and carrer guide from high school 5 years experience in ahmedabad "

My teaching methods are very simple and every student can understand it easly , I full fill my students .

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I know the path of success and I will show you how to create it....

Think heard Be creative Be sure & be practical... With own theory... definitely success will comes to you....

El Paso
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Special Education, Learning Disabilities, and Autism Specialty in fundamental elementary reading skills.

Bachelors in Special Education, Masters of Arts Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Elementary Resource Teacher. Trained in guided reading, intervention phonics, universal design for learning, and active learning. Empowering students through reading.

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I am a special educator, counselor and psychologist. I had 8 years of experience in handling children having autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, ADD, learning disability and other developmental or intellect

Its basically according to the child because each and every child is unique in their own way. As we know no two child is similar so that we make separate plan for every child its called IEP. I generally use Playway method.

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Now Student of engineering school teaches you the concept of basic studies

My entire teaching system. Is based on student progress.

Yusy estela
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Bilingual Speech Therapist supports the learning process in children / adults. oral and reading / writting deficiencies

I´d like to offer you my 16 years of professional experience to make your experience something pleasant and effective in terms of enhancing your linguistic, cognitive, psychomotor, sensory / perceptive and behavioral skills in order to improve your oral or written-reading deficiencies.

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Pedagogue specialized in social education offers to teach private primary education classes. All subjects and with a personalized study plan.

Preparation of a study plan according to the socio-educational needs of the student. Developing a dynamic and motivating methodology based on individual needs, adapting the learning to the student and not the student to learning. Using recycled and simple but highly efficient resources for learning.

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Special Needs Tutoring - ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, Communication Disorders, Motor Developmental Disorders, Speech Disorders, Asperger's Syndrom

Most of the clients that I have tutored have some kind of cognitive deficit. I am familiar with the kinds of problems common to ADHD - sustaining focus, selectively focusing, poor concentration, inability to sustain attention, etc. I am also familiar with the kinds of agents, that is, stimulants, that ADHD patients have. (There are actually lots of new medications available now for this disorder.

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Student of Therapeutic Pedagogy offers to give classes of support to students with ADHD

The fact of having studied the specialty in Therapeutic Pedagogy, has allowed me to be able to deal with children with ADHD and know how to calm them and how to motivate them to focus their attention. That is why my methodology is based on your interests, with the sole purpose of capturing your attention and using it as a basis to advance learning.

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Homoeopathic doctor from kasaragod helps ADHD students to improve their acadamic skills

i would like help special kids to improve their learning skills, by giving them tutorial classes and advising lifestyle and anger management. i will be using handcrafted and drawings for the better understanding make classes interesting for the students.

Chácaras Tubalina e Quartel
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I am a pedagogue and I work with classes of school reinforcement, help in the tasks of home and in the difficulties of teaching learning of the student, I work in elementary education I and II and you

The methodology that I try to develop is based on the difficulties of the students detected after applying a diagnostic test, starting from the beginning we can collaborate with teaching learning of the students. I like to follow the school life of the student in the day to day, to verify their evolution in learning and to heal the failures and difficulties presented by the student.

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Specialized courses for children with special needs (learning disorders, autism spectrum disorders)

My methodology adapts to students. For example to teach mathematics to a young dyslexic or dysphasic I would use less writing, more visual aids and objects. I always try to create a pleasant climate, without pressure, and to build confidence in each student's abilities.

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There is no problem with yourself until and unless you don't believe in yourself

I teach in fun and loving way. Will be calm and gentle with them. I believe in not teaching but learning with them.

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