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Swahili scholar delivering quality Swahili lessons online and chats for enthusiastic learners

The language teaching in my approach is through, questions and answers,chats and reading of materials given through/ via mail worldwide

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Swahili professor with eight years experience teaching Swahili in Kenya.I am good at my profession and all my students always achieve the best results

My teaching methods focus mostly on getting to learn the learners strengths and weaknesses ,then i start from basic to complex skills.My teaching focuses on the learners more.I give learners the chance to discover new things then use them practically.Assessment is based on self evaluation before final assessment.

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Swahili teacher gives a high techniques in grammar and spoken speeches online

Am flexible but my teaching methods are lectures which I do online, student centered and very nice

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I am a an adroid developer but am interested in teaching swahili to anyone who has interest in learning this language. Ive been teaching with over 6years experience and passionate to let people learn

My teaching methods are simple i work with students step by step depending on the subject and basics, my time is flexible when it comes to understanding my students needs on a personal level

Prince George
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Steve Planning Student gives Swahili Lessons at home in Nairobi Kenya or Online.

My Teaching Technique is Student centered whereby i focus on bringing out the best in each of my students. We start with the basics of Swahili, Tenses, and naming things, then get to the intermediate section of expressing yourself in a fluent way in Swahili.

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Mambo zenu, karibu kwenye kiswahili. imma teach you swahili. usiogope tupo wote

i wanna teach you so can learn how to speak fluent swahili, my method is simple we learn together.

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Khabelwa Jairus is a native and well trained Swahili teacher who is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Swahili.He is able to offer all Swahili lessons to individuals and groups.

I employ several methondologies to make the learner understand better.They include discussions,demonstrations,question and answer,lecture method and discovery learning.

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Am a swahili teacher.i have 3 years teaching expirience and i love teaching kids and adults

First i introduce my self to my student .and know them to .then intiduce the topic which amd going to teach ,explain to them teach then allow them to ask me questions and finaly i ask them question.

Salisbury East
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University of SA student giving Swahili lessons to students around Adelaide South Australia

My teaching method is dependent on the students needs , level of mastery and understanding of the swahili language

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A university graduate who is well conversed with the Swahili lingua with over 10 years experience

A discussion is the means by which people share experiences, ideas and attitudes. As it helps to foster students involvement in what they are learning, it may contribute to desired attitudinal changes. Discussion may be used in the classroom for the purpose of lesson development, making students apply what they have learnt or to monitor students learning by way of feedback.

Wee Jasper
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Wanjala Linda teaches swahili to high school, university students and any other person who would like to learn basic swahili. Tujifunze kiswahili.

I am an understanding person who knows there are different grasping leves. So i use simple language to make my students understand me. To those who want to know swahili as their 2nd language i use translation as my main teaching meathod.

Sanctuary Point
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I'm an international student here from Africa, i have deep love for my native language Swahili and would love to share with anyone interested to learn swahili.

I base my teaching on an online swahili guide from the simple common swahili words step by step moving with the student pace to constructing sentences both written and spoken.

Sierra Vista Southeast
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A swahili teacher that can help you make your dream to know swahili language come true, all welcomed

My teaching method is by walking with u to every swahili word so you can gain more from the class

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Online lessons available. Learn Swahili in a short time with a mastery

My teaching methodologies are based on student participatory method: interactive approach which includes listening , writing ,speaking drills ,grammar and spelling control.

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Physiothetapist in kenya passionate to teach swahili language to promote diversity and cohesion

Around kenya the teaching method is standard which means the structures are already given therefore, it easy.

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I am teaching Swahili language which is the most spoken language in Africa

The teaching methods depends with lessons and classes, what I ensure is that my student will develop a fast communication skills of a specific language

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With more than 10 years of teaching / interpreting and translating of Swahili langauge

My teaching methods mostly based on participatory and very interactive, such as games, puzzles and questions and answers based. As an experienced language trainer, when i meet a new student i would definitely know which methods and techniques can be more useful to her/him.

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Swahili native with 10 years experience in both written and spoken. Guaranteed good results.

I base my classes on focusing with each student one at a time. I aim at making my students understand what I do.

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DURING SWAHILI SAFI has adapted all levels need me I moved across paris and island-

During SWAHILI adapted to each level and need I travel throughout Paris and Île-de-France. I offer English classes for adults and teens and throughout the year. About me: ROBERT - Prof OF SWAHILI for 10 years.

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Zainabu Ramadhan a high school teacher at Bongwe, and a part-time lecturer in Moi university teaches Swahili language

I use participatory method like use of drawings, poems, and essay writing. I also use lecture, group discussion and teaching.

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JACOB a diploma teacher with 10 years experience living in Mombasa is willing To teach swahili speaking

My teaching method is beginners, I teach through online conversation and word explanation, translation words and proper SENTENCE structure online

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For those who want to travel to Africa, especially missionaries and tourists I invite you to learn Swahili. Swahili is the most spoken language in Africa, with over 200 million speakers. It is a Bantu

I am a native Swahili speaker. I did interpret, translate and teach it in the past 14 years. My method of teaching is better enough for my students to be able to exchange After very few sessions of theory and practices. Try me and appreciate how the fast the results can be.

Oswarld c.
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Safari! Simba! hakuna matata! You already speak Swahili but we can improve it. Private Swahili teaching from a native speaker in Berlin

My teaching method is basically based on interactions and participation. So we do everything from the first vocabulary to the complete sentence. we watch short videos or listen to short audios and discuss about it The student has to co-decide what exactly should be learned. I also take into account the interest of my students.

Victoria Park
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Ruth Mutahi is a Kenyan trained Swahili teacher with teaching experience in High School and University.

My approach is progressive, simple to complex, known to unknown. My methodology is highly dynamic and dependent on the students' entry behavior, orientation and reason behind learning the language.

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I am a Newcastle University student and native Swahili speaker, i will be giving Swahili lessons to anyone needing it.

My teaching methods vary depending on the person, some people prefer a more hands on face to face lesson and some people don’t mind learning through video calls and other online means. My teaching is heavily based on practice makes perfect.

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Karibu tujifunze kiswahili pamoja. Unahitaji muda kuvuna matunda! Mvumilivu, hula mbivu.

I am Evans Mudanya. Originally from Kenya and my native language is Swahili. I have an MA from UNI in Instructional Technology and love teaching. I graduated with a BA in MIS as well from the same university. I am practical in my methodology and using props, illustrations and situations make my teaching very easy.

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Swahili is the language spoken by most of the African countries. It's easy and fun to interact with. Try it today

There lessons range from basic to advance Swahili. During one of the lessons, I can show you how Kenya looks like (culture) and also interact with some few Kenyans so as to improve on your listening and spoken Swahili.

Bentleigh East
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