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Le Pré-Saint-Gervais
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Swedish trilingual teacher gives private Swedish lessons, all levels and all ages

All classes are personalized according to the level, ambition and motivation of each student. I offer the first course to get to know you in order to develop a suitable program. Usually, classes cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, as well as reading comprehension.

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24 hours to become bilingual thanks to a professional coaching by a polyglot

(automatic translation) Do you want to learn a language to speak it or to have classes your whole life? In 7 years, I learned eight languages. Today, being now 30 years old, I speak a dozen. After a career in IT, for a around 2 years, I made my passion for languages my new job. With my partner, also a polyglot, we founded our school: Toulingua.

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English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish skype classes with a teacher with lots of experience. Free trial class

Why learn languages ​​with me? - I hold a university degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics - I have been teaching languages ​​to students of various nationalities and levels, in Europe, the United States and Russia for over seven years - I have lived and worked in the countries whose languages ​​I teach - With every student I use a unique approach that provides the...

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Learn or practice your Swedish or English with trilingual Swede in Lyon

I offer Swedish and English classes to people of all ages who want to learn in a fun way! My teaching techniques are adapted to the level of my students, but always consist of oral and written training, as well as reading together to improve vocabulary and grammar. I focus on practical learning.

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Swedish Tutor Giving Private Swedish Lessons in Melbourne to Beginners, Students, and Anyone else!

Hello! I'm a 21 year old girl on a Working Holiday from Sweden looking to teach some Swedish to anyone who is interested in learning! I can teach anyone from complete beginners to anyone who wants to just maintain their Swedish. I usually try to do a little bit of everything (grammar, vocab.) and from there tailor the lessons based on what the student needs to improve.

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Swedish for beginners by native speaker. Audi recording/skype/email. Any way you would like to learn.

My name is Saga and I am 24 years old. I come from Sweden and talk with a Skånsk dialect. I have taught a few private lessons before and I enjoy teaching others how to speak and write in my language. I will be teaching for beginners. Basics. There are basics for adults as in ways of getting around in you are in Sweden. Ways of having basic conversations with Swedish people.

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Do you want to learn Swedish language? I can teach you online!

I am a Swedish woman and I live in Glasgow. If you are interested in learning another language I can teach you Swedish online. I start with easy words and phrases and in no time you will be able to talk my language. The course starts with simple words and there will always be a goal to reach in the end of every lesson.

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A qualified Swedish teacher and Swedex examiner with 11 years experience, get in touch if you're interested in online classes!

My one-to-one online classes are tailor-made to suit your preference. We will be speaking, reading, listening and writing. My aim is to teach you to communicate in Swedish and to fall in love with this most beautiful language in the world.

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Enthusiastic Swedish tutor in Cheltenham gives lessons to people of all ages

An enthusiastic Swedish tutor with an informal yet educational style of tutoring to make tutees feel comfortable and motivated in their progress in language proficiency. Cover a wide range of topics to extend the vocabulary of learners beyond beginners level. A patient conversation partner for novice Swedish speakers.

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SWEDISH to get to know from the practicing traveler with fun and needs oriented

I am fascinated by languages, because for me it is not only a gateway to other people, cultures and the connection between us humans, but because it is itself part of the culture and thus offers insight into completely new worlds. I would like to fascinate you for this insight and offer you new ways of communicating in other cultures.

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Swedish Language for New learners who wants to learn the basics and learn to speak the language fluently

I am patient , Tolerant , understand , Open minded , friendly but also strict when needed and aim to always do better

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M. A. , Italian mother tongue, teaches Italian to English and Swedish speaking interested in improving their language skills!

I love art, languages ​​and travelling and I propose myself as an Italian teacher for everyone interested in learning my language! I am mother tongue in Italian and fluent in Swedish and English. I give webcam lessons to people of all ages looking to develop their proficiency skills in Italian.

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Swedish classes. From A1 to C2. Dynamic and interactive. Online or in person.

I teach graduate and I teach Swedish both children and adults. I online classes or attendance. Adapt my approach and my material needs and ways of learning of each student. I always try to offer interactive and dynamic classes. I can also give specific Swedish classes, for example Swedish medical technician or, for students who need Swedish in their professional life.

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SWEDISH for adult learners and groups of friends who want to do something new and fun together

Swedish is a fantastic language. Sweden's culture has much to offer, the country if beautiful and the its traditions almost a bit exotic. I am especially keen on conveying its literature and the magic of the many places you could visit.

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Graduated with honors in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature gives Swedish language lessons in Rome at level A1-A2

I graduated with honors in English and Swedish Language and Literature and I give English (any level) and Swedish language lessons at A1 and A2 levels. Depending on the student, different learning methods will be used in order to involve the student with material of his interest.

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Linguist and expert in Germanic philology gives private lessons in Russian, English, Swedish and French in Neuchâtel

A graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University and holding a Master degree of Philology, Literature and Teacher of Foreign languages, I propose courses of Russian dedicated to all levels both for professionals and for those who learn Russian for pleasure, for their individual development or leisure. I have a Diploma of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

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Trilingual Swede in Paris teaches English: conversations skills, translation and basic grammar

If you are looking for someone to help you with your homework, to do translation or meet up for some casual and fun conversation, I'm the right person.

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Gives Swedish courses; Spanish and English for all. Learning a language while staying at home,

Oral courses. The course is for beginners but also for experienced students who want to learn how to talk more than write in English, for personal or/and professional projects. It is perfect for you who will go on vacations motivs. I am Cuban and English is my second language and I speak Spanish and Swedish if that can help you. See you soon.

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Coach trainer English / Business English, Rennes, total immersion method, the body languages

I invite you to visit my page viadeo that will give you a complete picture of myself and of my "knowledge" (concealed information) I think my page contains enough 'Elements to get a fairly complete picture of my ability

Paris 14e
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Engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm gives Swedish for beginners courses in Paris.

I learned Swedish largely by myself the last 4 years so I know well the difficulties of inherent to this language. I will be able to introduce you to the language and give you the tools to then perfect your command of Swedish yourself.

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Postgraduate in Intercultural Linguistics offering private lessons: Italian, German, English and Swedish!

Hi! I am Giulia, a postgraduate with a strong interest in languages and linguistics. I do teach English, German, Swedish and of course Italian, for anyone interested in this lovely language! My courses cover any topic related to language, grammar and conversation and are addressed to anyone, from the student preparing for an assignment to the tourist planning her next trip to Sweden.

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Swedish teacher Bachelor Diploma English Berlin Music guitar Translate Swedish Sverige Sweden

Teacher with Bachelor Degree, worked 7 years in Sweden, for ages 6-12. I also have Bachelor in After School Activities, live in Berlin now. I can teach the guitar, English, Swedish, computer / Media, Music. Everyone is different, I will teach you the best way for you. Everything is about you.

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Student, I am available any evenings or on weekend to help you with English (level C1) and Swedish (Fluent)

I passed my Bac L with an English specialty, so my English is pretty good.For the lesson, I begin by asking him to show me what he wants help with, and where he have difficulties and than I will explain to him and check that he has understood with exercises.

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An english teacher with 3 years of experience and a CAE certificate

Bilingual teacher offers English classes from scratch at the intermediate level for children and adults. Individual or in group. Games, conversation, trinity, cambridge, etc. for children. Dynamic and fun activities. Preparation for official exams, translations of CV, cover letters, documents for adults. Help with preparing for interviews.

Lyon 9e
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Swedes living in Lyon gives Swedish course at home in week

Swedish courses from beginner to advanced. The courses focus on oral Swedish and write, according to the expectations of the student. Educational program to be agreed with the student Rapid progress guaranteed Ideal for language students or wishing to study or live in Sweden.

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Postgraduate student from Sweden who can help you learn Swedish in Edinburgh

We can adapt the lessons so they suit you. We could just talk if that is the way you learn best or I can supply you with words that would be good to know or give you some short stories to read and comment on the content.

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French-English-Swedish student gives language lessons ​​in Paris as well as in the rest of Ile-de-France.

Hello! I am a student in medical biology in Paris. I was born in Sweden, my mother is Anglo-Swedish and my father is French. I lived 19 years in Sweden and did most of my schooling there as well. I live in France as of 8 years, and am planning on staying here! I propose lessons in one of my native languages; Swedish and English.

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Hej! Energetic Swedish native based in Huddersfield here to give Swedish lessons.

I am a Swedish native here to help you learn the language. I can teach a complete beginner with no knowledge of the language but can also offer tutoring to a person with an advanced level of Swedish. I am very organised and patient. I want all my students to succeed so I am always here to motivate my them.

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