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Santo André (São Paulo)
(24 reviews)

Teacher / graduate and experienced and internationally certified translator.

Languages: German, Arabic (worship and colloquial), Albanian, Aramaic (Syriac and Chaldean) Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Norwegian (Bokmål / Nynorsk), Inuit (Inuktitut - Kalaallisut dialect), Czech, Hungarian. Portuguese for foreigners. Language teacher, translator; audiovisual and multimedia producer.

(5 reviews)
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Czech language courses via Skype with a Czech professor - without moving

I offer courses of Czech skype, completely tailored to your needs, the aim is not only to teach grammar and vocabulary, but also allow students to communicate with everyone and themes all kinds. With the method you can communicate from the first course on the topics that interest you and you'll need (travel, communication with business partners, preparation for life abroad etc..).

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Czech student shortly before his final exam in Pirna offers Czech and English tutoring

I know how hard it sometimes can be to learn English or Czech, but don't be stressed! My classes are mainly devoted to free speech in both languages, with grammar and accent being considered & improved along the way. Although I can help you with what you do in school, I will mainly teach you things you can literally use in your life - things you really need to know.

Crymlyn Burrows
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Czech language conversation based tutoring for advanced students and learners in Swansea!

These lessons are for those, who already know Czech language on a spoken level and want to improve their Czech, either written or spoken. Lessens can be taken either online (Skype), or face-to-face. Lessons are conversation based, talking about any topics you like, but also practicing writing is possible during face-to-face lessons.

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A native Czech speaker offering language and Czech culture lessons in Edinburgh

When I teach English I try to create a learning environment where students can feel safe to communicate and use the language they already have. I am very flexible with lesson content and I can always adapt lessons to the needs and interests of the student.

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Teaching Czech in Nantes or via Skype - adult / children classes

Graduated in languages, I have been teaching Czech for several years. My courses can take place face-to-face or via Skype. I am located in Nantes and can drive to the neighborhoods. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I can easily adapt to your particular needs of course type or thematic.

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Native Czech speaker makes you speak fluently or prepare you for your exams!

I am student from the Czech Republic. I studied at grammar school and soon I will move to Derby in UK to study Digital Marketing. I have much experience with teaching. I love conversation with student because it is the most enjoyed action of learning something new.

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Native speaker offering teaching Czech up to advance level in London, England

I can give basic knowledge. I like active classes full of games. I like to do class with warm up, settle objectives of the class, teach new topic, pracice and get a conclusion. I like using videos, songs and audio.

Greater London
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A native speaker gives Czech lessons in central London: all levels included

Hello my potential student! As I am a native speaker, I teach at all levels. I do not have any specific method of teaching, my approach will depend on your individual needs and abilities.

(1 review)
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English Courses (TEFL graduate), and Czech and Estonian in Toulouse and Tournefeuille

I am experienced and qualified in teaching young children (International Master) and language teaching. I am also a holder of TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I have lived (studied and worked) in several European countries, so I have good intercultural knowledge and foreign language skills. Currently I'm giving English classes in high school.

Greater London
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Language teacher: czech,Russian , Hebrew and English. Proffesional

I speak 5 languages - czech, Russian, Hebrew and German. I can help you learn them based on your needs. Hello, I will be happy to teach you Russian. My lessons are taylored to my students' needs and standards and I can recommend you the textbook which will ideally suit your demands.

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Southampton solent university student of computer games. I can tutor you in Czech language, IT, basics of graphic design and 3D modeling.

In czech language I can give lessons to anyone as it´s my native language. In IT I can tutor anyone up to GCSE level. Worked with elderly people so if you want your grandparents to learn with computers Im your guy. I can also give lessons in math up to around GSCE level.

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Hello, my name is Radim Lapiš and I am 26 and I was born in the Czech republic. I graduated the VŠB Technical University, concretely the Faculty of Architecture and Civil engineering, where I have ach

You must fight/keep learning to get success in what you want. Sometimes It is hard, but every success means one step closer to be what you want to be.

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Hi i am czech guy living in the uk and i can teach you advanced czech

I think the best method how to learn a different language is show and say but with czech language the main thing is alphabet

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Language teacher with experience abroad is offered to teach English, Spanish for foreigners, Valenciano and Czech at any level.

Dynamic and fun courses focusing on all areas of language but with particular emphasis on speaking and listening, speaking and pronunciation. The aim is to achieve a great improvement in language skills in a short period through practice. Following custom method depending on the needs of each student.

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Translator giving private lessons in Czech, German, Russian, and Slovak in London area

Hello, I am a translator who has been living in Britain for multiple years. I have taught lessons to adults in classes of about 4, however I am looking to teach one-to-one. I like to look at the language in a more practical way, focusing on conversation technique, however I also go into the grammar in great detail.

Woodbridge Township
Susan (zuzana)
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Native Czech living in the US with Master's degree in English and 7+ years of teaching experience

I have my Master's in English and I have been teaching English and Czech for more than 7 years. I love to work with diverse students from all around the world and I conduct my classes according to individual needs.

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Learn Czech! :) With a tutor from Prague (also Spanish and English)

Welcome to learn Czech, Spanish and English with me! My classes all for types of students, from beginners to advanced (depending on the language). I like variety and welcome challenge. I usually find the best method for everyone. First, I am flexible and try to adapt my classes to the student's needs.

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Czech lessons with native teacher in Valencia, all levels, experience and good price

I have an experience of 6 years teaching czech language, my own material that I provide to my students for free. My lessons are interactive and practical, we have the material as a base and l guide the student in conversations. All levels.

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Professor 8 years of experience, teaches effective and fun way to Bordeaux

Graduated with a Master of Political Science and a Korean license. I lived in several countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, South Korea, Russia and now France). During my studies, I have always given language courses in each country where I lived. I developed learning techniques that are fun and adaptable to each student that I had.

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Freelance translator and interpreter provides Czech language courses level A1-A2 via Skype

I am a freelance translator and interpreter with a specialized degree in the Czech language. I offer Czech language courses for levels A1 and A2 of the European reference framework. The courses are intended for anyone who wants to try their hand at learning this language and will be provided online or in the presence (province of Udine and Gorizia).

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Czech-English bilingual student gives Czech lessons (Language, History, Literature etc. ) at all levels and for everybody

I am a Czech-English bilingual student. I am currently living in Huddersfield waiting for my university course to start (Law). I have studied advanced world History, Politics and current affairs in the Czech Republic and thanks to my large participation in international student conferences I gained a large international overview of current affairs and problems in the world.

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Learn English or Czech by Skype with young qualified teacher. Affordable price!

I suggest you to improve your level of spoken English. I worked as an English teacher in high school in France, and I have plenty of experience with tutoring since 2010. My English skills are certified by Cambridge (FCE certificate) and I communicate with English and American on a daily basis. My classes are conducted via Skype and I try to push the students to speak as much as possible.

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