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Seasoned, educated in culinary management award winning Chef gives vegan and vegetarian cooking private lessons in Toronto.

I have been a vegetarian all my life and even though i have learned professionally all aspects of cooking. I structure my sessions with some basic knowledge about our body constitution and what kind of food one must eat. A hint of theory to spread awareness about healthy eating habits and procedures of cooking. Then cooking techniques practical and some preparations handson with the client.

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Crash Course on Cooking with Cannabis at Home for students living in Canada

in our Crash Courses, we got over the science behind why Cannabis affects the body, how the process is done in creations of Edibles, how to make Infused Butter and Infused Oil, how to properly dose the Infused Ingredients and what kind of recipes can be made with those ingredients.

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Chef offering classes, tips and tricks to making perfect dishes for your friends and family.

Hey! My teaching methods are to make it easy and fun so that students want to learn. I Became a kitchen manager of a restaurant before I was 18 and started cooking at 12.

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Become a loved cook with super Easy Indian cuisine and Baking classes in Ottawa

I will be teaching using video/audio lessons and providing written material to my students so that they can keep it to follow in future. Local students can come for practical classes and assessments by having prior appointments. Students will be offered a curriculum to choose from.

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Restaurant Experienced Redsealed Chef, trained at Stratford Chefs School, and in Italy

I am a very hands on teacher, I will show you first, then guide you initially, as you learn whatever techniques it is you're interested in. I can cater the class to any skill level, whether you want to master one dish to impress your s/o or focus on learning different techniques to apply to cooking generally the class content is completely your discretion.

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South Indian Cook to teach traditional cooking and pan-Indian dishes, Saskatoon, Regina

My teaching methods are to use simple language and provide detailed instruction to help even first-time learners be successful. I think the best way to learn something is to do it yourself under favorable conditions. I am available to help via online classes and in-person classes.

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Culinary arts (with a degree) graduate teaching everything food related, teaching in Toronto

I teach vegetarian/vegan cooking, asian cuisine (especially Korean), Canadian cuisine. My teaching methods are to show demos and also teach by lectures. I think people learn great if they're comfortable and not scared to ask any questions and I am all for that.

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Engineer by profession and artist by passion gives classes for maths and art in Peterborough Ontario.

My teaching methods are easy and catchy, study will be fun and not the headache, I find ways to relate things with real life that makes it interesting.

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Foodie engineer giving healthy cooking classes to all age groups in Pune.

My teaching methodology differes for different students because I believe everyone has different learning capacity. I specifically take Cooking classes & academic tutoring for school and college students. Apart from that I take classes for SAT & TOEFL. Some other subjects includes Computer Science.

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Learn everything you want to know and need to know about cooking

I have been cooking ever since I was five and everyone in my family are amazing cooks. I have had three years of culinary arts experience and love the art of cooking and baking. I love learning teaching and trying new recipes and techniques when it comes to cooking. I believe cooking is a form of art and a lot can be expressed through the art of cooking and or baking.

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Professional Vegetarian-Vegan chef with 10 years of experience offering Healthy, Indian cooking lessons in Blackpool

I provide practical explanation in each lessons which is easier for students to understand cooking and its techniques. I provide important ideas, notes and recipes to make healthy drinks, snakes or meals which is suitable for any non meat eaters.

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Home cook with experience teaching and a love for food and food science

I want to share my love of food and cooking with other people. Besides being a necessary skill for survival, cooking and food is one of the best ways of bringing people together.

Para Hills
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Uni Adelaide Master designer gives creative lessons to anyone who interesting in creative at Adelaide.

I will ask what is the most thing the students wanted to know. and will give them a guid to open the new angle for the subject. The structure will be the question, and discussion. focused on the exploration, research, and explanation. then come up with ideals. and last is review for empphasize memory.

Victoria Park
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Certified cook offer cooking classes to learn basic cooking skill to all

my teaching is based on very simple methodology . my more focus is on one o one training with the individual. this helps me to understand the different ideas and make better relations. i believe in open communication. so simple..

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Now these era kids are very busy in study exams & all but cooking is also important part later they will realize, so they can enjoy cooking class & learn how to cook basic things in fun manner

Methodology for cooking is enjoy whatever you are cooking either veg or Non-veg, As every people love healthy cooking so don't use to much oil because its myth that oil can make food testy, if you are cooking in less oil & spices but in proper manner that is important.

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UOW student with 5 years of experience in traditional, healthy, spicy, or mild and easy Indian cooking. If you love Indian food, there's more to it than the restaurant curries.

Do you love Indian food? Does a curry or a spicy stir fry excite you, while its cooking process intimidate you? My classes would cater to your personal requirements, we would work on what interests you and bring the best version of your culinary skills while cooking. Indian food is more than just the restaurant curries, it has a rich history.

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Social media food Influencer. Delicious, Healthy, fast, affordable meals for all ages. Orange County. Instagram: icekcooks.

I have been a social media food influencer and foodie for 2 years with over 5,000 followers on instagram. I was sponsored and my recipes featured by a major food brand on instagram with over 60 thousand followers. I can teach you how to cook delicious, affordable, tasty meals without going too out of your way.

Greater London
Apple grace
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"A Secondary School Technology and Livelihood Education Teacher. Loves cooking but can teach other fields related to TLE (agriculture, computer, beauty care, etc.)

I am currently teaching both Technology and Livelihood Education and "Araling Asyano" (Asian Studies) in a private Secondary School particularly in grade 7. The structures of my lesson vary on the topics to be discussed but I love to let my students create their own ideas.

St. Louis
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Passionate home cook giving lessons on how to cook accessible, healthy, and TASTY food.

As a teacher, I understand that every student has a unique learning style. If you want a visual demonstration, I will walk you step by step through a recipe without you having to lift a finger. If you prefer a hands-on approach, I will have you work along with me. I will always provide you with a recipe and a lesson outline.

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Computer Science Engineer and MBA by profession and Cook by passion !

My teaching method is : I will talk to you understand what kind of cooking you want to learn and make you understand the basic ways of teaching, share the recipe with them and support them while they are cooking.

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Offering authentic Indian cooking classes for main course, healthy Snack and desserts

I start the lesson with the basic understanding of different ingredients and their benefits Start with the simple but tasty recipes for snacks, desserts Give practical demo to the students and share the detailed recipes with them to try at home

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Experienced and calm headed chef lucky to work in the industry for just more than 15 years mostly in continental cuisine.

My teaching method varies from person to person. Every person is unique and I have the patience and capability of teaching according to the grasping power of the student. It can vary from being a fun interactive lesson to a more serious approach. Very flexible to pupils needs.

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I can teach mocktails, appetizers, dips, Indian vegetarian meals, fusion meals, Indian desserts. I can also give tips for meal preps, how to freeze meals. I have good experience in conducting online c

The base of my teaching depends on the pace and the expertise of the student. While teaching cooking online, I cook the food along when my student does, so he/she learns by observation as well as hands-on experience. I try to use as easy methods as possible.

Upper Coomera
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My qualifications and experience provided me with excellent hospitality skills in commercial cookery, implementation of food safety procedure and work place hygiene procedure and knowledge in a number

I acquired a Certificate IV in TAE as well as Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery from TAFE Queensland. and Certificate III patisseries I was working as a commercial cookery trainer since from February 2010 at Spencer College in Brisbane .

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Food, glorious food! Join me for hands on cooking with a variety of cuisines designed specifically for your interest.

Prepare to get dirty! I run fun and interactive hands on courses, covering a brief history and development for a variety of cuisines, as well as some of the science behind cooking. If you are a beginner cook and looking for a relaxed environment to learn some of the tricks of the trade then this is for you.

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Learn to be your own chef in sweet, healthy ,traditional and asian ways

My teaching methods is mostly get my students involved in the practical session rather just explain how to do it and i manage to teach simply and easy way to make it a success with available resource.

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I am an engineering student with a fierce passion for cooking .

Cooking is a life skill , because food is something that we'll have 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I taught myself how to cook from the very basics by experimenting and helping out my mother while she cooked . It is that easy.

Nurul syafiqah
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A Malaysian girl who enjoys cooking as much as she loves eating

I can teach by online and face to face as well (whichever comfortable for everyone). I know what will work to make my lesson in class interesting.

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Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give cooking lessons.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

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