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Professionally trained and certified chef from East Coast Canada. Here to help you cook your next meal.

I base my lessons off of learning how to master the basics so that both simple and more advanced techniques can be accomplished with greater ease. Patience is key in any learning environment, but especially so in the kitchen. I will take you step by step at your pace untill you get to where you want to be.

Moose Jaw
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Cooking lessons for kids and parents in Moose Jaw for beginners and children

My teaching methods are based on experience. I’m flexible with the how to if it doesn’t work 1 way we can try another . I love to cook and bake, it is my down time. You’ll have fun cooking too.

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Seasoned, educated in culinary management award winning Chef gives vegan and vegetarian cooking private lessons in Toronto.

I have been a vegetarian all my life and even though i have learned professionally all aspects of cooking. I structure my sessions with some basic knowledge about our body constitution and what kind of food one must eat. A hint of theory to spread awareness about healthy eating habits and procedures of cooking. Then cooking techniques practical and some preparations handson with the client.

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Caribbean and North-American trained chef teaching international fusion cuisine, located in Mississauga.

My teaching methods are through description, explanation and demonstration. I focus heavily on proper knife/tool handling techniques to begin with, in order to avoid injury. I move onto methods and effects of various types of cooking as well as food preparation and execution.

Gillian eloh
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Food is an essential in everyday so why not use this opportunity to get the best out of me !

I love teaching such practically because my every moves and methods are viewed perfectly. But online is not a big deal as i could use Skype too and to quick learner who might just follow my recipe and method. Anyone which works for a student is what i will just do.

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Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

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Culinary arts (with a degree) graduate teaching everything food related, teaching in Toronto

I teach vegetarian/vegan cooking, asian cuisine (especially Korean), Canadian cuisine. My teaching methods are to show demos and also teach by lectures. I think people learn great if they're comfortable and not scared to ask any questions and I am all for that.

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Culinary graduated giving cooking lessons to individual or group of people online

My method of teaching is more hands on I will teach some methods that they would need and the reasons why they should do it the way I do but then I will do it myself step by step then they have to do it why I supervise

Red Deer
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Learn how to make complicated traditional Indian dishes simple without compromising in Red Deer, Alberta

My teaching method is kept very simple and anybody who is eager to learn can make it happen. I can teach any traditional Indian Cuisine in a simplest way possible and taste just like a restaurant.

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Professional chef to teach and help you learn more about food. Love food.

My teaching methods change depending on the student. In my time teaching I’ve learned that no two people learn exactly the same. So, the experience you would get would be catered to your learning style and cooking style. Love your life and love your food.

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Lifelong homemade cook gives cooking & baking lessons in Waldheim, Rosthern, Martensville, Warman area

I tailor my classes to the personal styles of my students by getting to know areas of interest, current/previous knowledge & experiences, and skill level. I then research recipes that fit the students in these areas, include students in as much of the process as possible so they are equipped to then use their new skills independently.

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Your headline is the key for your listing. Be creative with it, it should be catchy and contain at least 12 words. i.e.

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

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Online Beginner and Intermediate cooking tutorials ! Over 30 years experience cooking and baking .

Over the 30 years Ive learned a lot of valuable skills . The class begins according to the students background, what skills they have and then we will begin from that point. Every student learns at their own pace and i feel that is very important i work with each student as an individual.

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1st lesson is free!

Baker Fast Fresh always tasty you will remember what i teach you

I am different i teach with love and understanding no one is wrong there is always a way to do things better. i show talk taste learn as well as teach how to make the best desserts you will ever try.

Greater London
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Fine dining and Michelin star background chef gives cooking lessons in London. Health and safety certificated chef. Can travel almost everywhere around London

Hi my name is Giovanni, I'm 29 years old and I am a freelance chef. I started to work in Italy and than I came to London to make new working and life experiences.

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Hi, I am a software engineer by profession and a chef by heart. I love cooking as much as I like coding. I have inherited my cooking skills from my mom, who is amazing and a perfectionist when it come

Teach the basics and make students confident so that they can experiment with food. Also sharing secrets that are hard to find on youTube. Also teaching cooking is all about sharing the basics of food. A good chef cooks with all of his senses.

South Perth
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I have great experience in Food science and Technology and hands-on skills to guide you to be successful in understanding and mastering elaborated and healthy dishes at your convenience.

I am open to any type of teaching method that will help achieve your objectives. I can prepare notes and send you by mail or we can have our classes via video calls. But I prefer face-to-face session and I am free for some practical cooking classes as well.

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Italian girl offering REAL Italian cuisine lessons... easy tips to impress your family and friends!!!

My techniques and methods come from the way my grandma and mom taught me. Learning to make amazing food starts with caring about those your feeding! I am teaching skill sets and always make the lessons easy to follow. I will teach in English, but I am a native Italian so I'll be able to teach you also Italian proper terminology! My style of teaching is friendly, informative and precise.

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Experienced student offering cooking lessons and instructions in contemporary healthy lifestyle. Colchester based.

My methodology is to start of easy and then build up towards something more complicated. Of course, I will work toward and by student demands, but essential knowledge is key. I will work with students on understanding, interpreting and even tweaking recipes. My aim is to ease them into experimenting, as it is the best way to learn your way around the kitchen and cooking.

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Learn everything you want to know and need to know about cooking

I have been cooking ever since I was five and everyone in my family are amazing cooks. I have had three years of culinary arts experience and love the art of cooking and baking. I love learning teaching and trying new recipes and techniques when it comes to cooking. I believe cooking is a form of art and a lot can be expressed through the art of cooking and or baking.

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Learn the best and easy methods of cooking with Sangeeta's Cooking Classes

We are flexible with your timing and also conduct different workshops during weekdays and weekends in group of students. Different types of cooking and baking workshops are conducted as per the requirement of the students, each planned according to the variability.

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I'am Chef I can make Home foods and Restaurants foods too .

My Teaching main thing is i always want it to give a new chance for the newest person who want it to become some change into there lives like a Man/Woman want it to become a Professional Cook/Chef .

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I am Foodie Mechanical Engineer, Working As Procurement Engineer in one of the Organisation.Cooking is my passion so looking to commercialised my passion. I am Expert in preparation of various egg & C

I think I would like to teach directly giving experiments. I can teach Individually as well as in group. I am engineer but cooking is my passion. Classes are available for everyone who is passionate about cooking & one who love Eggs & Chicekn variety.

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Bakery and fitness, vegetarian and vegan pastry for adults and children in Bogotá.

Depending on the recipe, a specific time is stipulated and after that the theory is worked on as the recipe is prepared. Classes 100% didactic. They are classes for beginners and for those who already have knowledge, for adults and children.

Munno Para
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Adelaide SA Cooking and Baking helper been doing it since i was 10 yrs old

My teaching method is by showing you what to do and how to cook or bake the item you require. I can organise a video chat to help guide you through, or even come to your home or welcome to come to mine.

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Online Cooking classes straight from Buninyong for tips, tricks, recipes, budgeting and more

These lessons are based on my belief that everyone has the ability to do whatever they put their mind to and there is always a way to work around obstacles and find a way of achieving satisfaction in the activity that enables you to fully participate.

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Fermentation expert gives classes in fermented vegetables, kombucha and miso in Geneva

My classes are always divided into two parts: theory and practice. In fermentation, it is very important to understand the process in order to master it and produce delicious products in the best conditions. It is also key to practice with someone experienced to be able to remake alone at home.

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Cooking has become day today activity of my life.Fimilar with both north and south Indian cooking

No particular methodoleogy.But know basic concept of cooking and giving my own creative and twist in the food.

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Good Passionate Cook, Who can teach Veg/Non Veg Indian Dishes - online

My Teaching method would be online video call through wats app, Google Duo, Skype call. Also can try if any methods recommended by the learners. Also can send recipe materials to the students. Recipes based on the level of the individuals (beginners and intermediate level cooks.

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