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Syed nouman
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Designated Chartered Certified Accountant; experienced professional Accounts-Finance-Audit-Management intermediate level (Located In Calgary).

Passionate to teach accounts-finance-audit-management based subject from basic to advance level; from school students to middle level professionals. Flexible with both on line and in person teaching. Will understand the structure and requirements of student and will tailor the class accordingly.

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A former Chief Financial Officer offering online mathematics and accounting lessons online

My teaching methods are to teach the students and then have the students practice what was taught with my supervision and critique on what they did correct and incorrect. I encourage the student to continuously practice the material presented.

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Business Accounting Instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching unemployed and underemployed adults looking for a new career that will take you into your 80's.

I believe that everyone is teachable and learning is a skill that can be mastered with the proper teacher. Each lesson will begin by reviewing the previous chapter before moving on to the next chapter. Then we move on to deliver a chapter lecture with PowerPoint slides that introduce the new learning modules and the steps on how to get there.

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Bachelor of Commerce graduate with four years work experience in corporate Toronto teaching all things business in Saskatoon

I base my classes on what you need to know, and am very adaptable to your learning style. Need to know why everything works the way it does? Need to get hands-on? Whatever it is just let me know and I'm happy to help you master it.

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Opportunity: Interested students Human resources Tuition classes learn and score 100%

Human Resource manages issues identified with pay, execution administration, association advancement, security, health, benefits, representative inspiration, preparing and other.Method of teaching: Role-Playing, Coaching, Lectures, Soft abilities Development. Join the class lets learn, share knowlede get more information :) Warm welcome to all students.

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CPA, CA licensed professional (Big 4 experience) giving tutoring in basic accounting, advance accounting, tax and auditing.

Each person learns differently, what works for some may not work for others. There is no one "best practice" in tutoring or teaching. My philosophy is based on the idea that quality learning happens in an environment of mutual respect and meaningful interaction in which the student is encouraged to think critically and make new connections for themselves.

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Massey Drive
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Finance Manager with over 10 years experience gives lessons in finance/economics/supply chain

I focus on 1-on-1 learning that is curated based on the needs of the student. I am flexible and am willing to work alongside the student to achieve the desired educational experience. Classes are meant for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of finance/economics/supply chain.

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I am a CFA charterholder and a CPA . I been teaching university and college students for over 10 years. I can teach all business, finance, accounting and stat courses. I am available to teach evenings

Learning can not happen until concepts are clear.i teach concept and get student to practice and perfect before moving to other topics.

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Real time Business Analyst working with an MNC with an MBA degree available in Toronto for anyone willing to learn the real world application.

I would start with basics of analysis and then the concepts with real world application knowledge and case studies which will give an end to end application knowledge as well.

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Young professional graduate from Business school , worked for UN, and now working in fast paced international company

My teaching methods, is based from traditional teaching method , to new model of teaching and very structured i approach every subject with flexibility and with study case

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Lear business Analysis from an experienced professional with great work experience.

I base my classes on analogy and fundamentals based concepts that allows student to gain better understanding of the subject

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PhD in Accounting and Business statistics gives lessons in Accounting, Finance, Business Analysis and Statistics

I have pursued teaching with complete passion and dedication with a focus on interdisciplinary content, high level of scientific curiosity and inquiry based approach to practical problem solving.

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MBA, CPA and CMA willing to provide lessons in Accounting and Finance.

My teaching methods are diverse, depending on the needs and end-goals of the students whom I seek to teach. I am extremely articulate and will ensure full and complete understanding of the subject matter at hand and will not rest till the student achieves complete, thorough and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Doncaster East
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Offering lessons to high-school and university students who have keen interest in Accounting and Finance

From small accounting practice to public listed companies. Although, I have not formally taught in accounting or finance subjects but I have mentored university interns, students, high school students to primary students. My teaching methodology is helping students to understand the concepts. Once understood, I would provide guidance to do assignments and exams.

New Delhi
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Business Analytics, Research Methods and Econometrics and including SPSS and Statistical Tool Tutorials

- Pre defined pedagogy of teaching based on the prior knowledge of the student - Lecture notes will be shared in form of slides - Any number of questions will be answered - The lessons will be kept in a lucid and easy to understand language

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Start-up development and Brand growth in Bristol with several successful businesses founded.

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of building your business. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress.

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Digital Marketing Professional with 10 years of experience into SEO, SMO, Website & Content!

First I explain the concept theoretically and then practically which makes learning digital marketing easy.

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Business and Finance analyst with 5 yrs of experience gives accountancy/managment lessons at Tonypany

My approach to teaching is that a student needs to enjoy what is learning, i normally give real examples to the student so he understands the reason behind how that is done, if this is a practical question, if is a theoretical question always apply the theory to practice

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Financial Analyst with over 6+ years of experience in Investment Banking, Consulting & Analysis

I believe in Student-Centered Approach teaching method. It is a Inquiry Based Learning where students learn continuously through me because I don't act only as a teacher but also as a Facilitator and Delegator. I believe in Low Tech Approach to learning because students who take handwritten notes have better recall than students who take typed notes.

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PhD student, experienced management consultant and lecturer/trainer offering business strategy and change management lessons to students, employees and business entrepreneurs of various levels.

I am student/learner-centred and uses practical examples and exercises to drive home concepts. I therefore encourage full participation and application of concepts during sessions.

Surfers Paradise
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Business coach with 20years experience. Business owners wanting private, group excellence programs.

The focus of business training and coaching is on the psychological and emotional challenges faced by business owners. Our programs are based on the foundation of focusing on strengths. Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder and BP10 profiling tools we identify a business' talents and assist in developing them into strengths.

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A management professional with 8 years of experience into Client servicing, Trainings & Business Development takes classes on Digital Marketing at Home.

It will be totally a interactive session. I first start with an interaction with the candidate to understand their background. Post that, understand their knowledge & awareness on the respective domain. Once thats done, I start with one topic where the basics will be covered. Only once I feel the candidate is comfort & good to proceed to next topic, will take ahead.

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Business professional experienced in practical Business IT, Analytics, Project management, Supply chain and Logistics

My teaching method is based on linking a real life business scenario with data analytics techniques and spreadsheet modelling. Understanding the ethics of project management at an industry level with all techniques involving MS project . I am a very friendly and easy going person who likes to motivate students to learn.

Greater London
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Undergraduate business strategy and marketing tutor. I can support you with assignment and examination prep

I work with mainly undergraduate students I can support you in modules including Managerial finance, Strategy, and marketing. I can assist you with assignment, dissertation and examination prep. I can support you with structuring your assignment making sure you are applying theoretical knowledge and assisting with layout and Harvard referencing.

(2 reviews)
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Economics, Management Science and Business Economics are indispensable subjects for upcoming professionals.

My training methods mainly include the following: I. Class Room Lecture using Powerpoints – 20% II. Multimedia Presentations – 15% III. Group Discussions (Case Studies) – 15% IV. Brain Storming – 15% V. Consensus Building – 20% VI. Summary and Conclusion – 10% VII.

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Economist with two years of experience offers Spanish lessons up to university level.

My teaching method woulb be based on my personal experiences. I have been working on a spanish bussiness enviorement. So I've learned a lot of vocabulary that you could be interested. Moreover, I have studied half of my university subjects in english.

(1 review)
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Digital marketing expert offers academic and practical marketing lessons in Southampton, UK or worldwide online.

With my 10 years of experience in different Marketing roles, in addition to my two postgraduate degrees MBA and MSc in marketing, along with my teaching experience as a freelance trainer, I have wide knowledge and experience in business in general and marketing in specific.

Mohammed sajid
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Looking an opportunity to teach the students of management in south India.

First of all we are trying to familiarize with students and topics. Based on the feed back we are selecting either teaching are giving lessons by writing.In the end we are taking feedback and taking corrective measures .We are making class always friendly nature.

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Brand consultant with Master's degree offering Business and Marketing lessons in Nottingham

I offer lessons for anyone who's interested in learning about business and marketing. This ranges from the A levels student to an entrepreneur who's looking to start up a business. My lesson structure depends mostly on the aspects you want to learn. After discussing your needs with you, I'm able to structure a personalised plan according to you timetable or learning level.

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