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Roberto alves
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Experienced Executive gives Math, Finance, Economics, Sales Methodology (SPIN Selling and Solutions Selling), Market Intelligence, Marketing, classes, in Toronto.

I'm an Economist, MBA in Finance, MBA in Market Intelligence. My classes are based on my entire experience, lived in the business environment. Bringing real cases and situations, connecting with the topics. The classes can be by internet or presential.

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I'm an educator with 7 years experience. I make my lessons simple but fun. I have wealth of experience inside and outside the classroom. Try a class and tell me what you think!

I make learning fun and find innovative ways for you to learn. In my personal experience, enjoyment and meta-cognition are critical to the learning experience. Most of classes are designed for early high school up until Adults. I am a middle school teacher, and would be available to teach middle school as long as it is Social Science or conversational ESL.

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Experienced Vice President able to teach the Practical side of Business that you can use to get ahead

I believe in a Practical Approach. Theory is interesting, and can assist in the building of a philosophy, but success comes to those who DO better. I believe in helping others to develop actionable plans that will help them become more successful.

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Offering enthusiastic students from High School to the College level the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful world of Business

My teaching methods are simple yet effective. I teach students by attacking their weaknesses in the subject FIRST, then I assist them in building their strengths, to ensure a well-rounded student is formed. A typical class involves choosing basic subtitles from a Business concept (i.e. Marketing) and exploring and studying every aspect of that concept.

Elysé tina
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Specialist agent gives negotiation classes with all of the main tactical and experiences that I learned and developed to ensure around 98% of all my approach.

My teaching methods are beginning by a few exercises which student answer the questions. Next, It depends to the answer that I am going to identify the basic theory to teach. Finaly, I drive the classes by 80% of practices.

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Energetic MBA graduate gives business classes for high school and college students!

My teaching method is simple, practical and to the point. No definitions or defined text! Just the concept with real time examples and problem solving. I Interact with students in a way they get engaged and love to learn more, that is meant by keeping the context simple. I don't teach the way professors are because I am a student and I help students learn stuff that is really important.

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Business Graduate gives accounting lessons for high school students up to grade 12.

I like to use examples and teach my students the full accounting cycle step by step. I start by finding out what the student knows already and then building on that knowledge. I evaluate my students based on the topics they can explain back to me.

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Wanting to share my own business knowledge with other upcoming business owners

My tutoring methods is based on questioning the student about the subject in question. I will be there to help them with their homework or projects. I have a lot of experience in the real world of business and I can bring a different perspective that the student did not think about.

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Entrepreneur and a Wealth Manager, give guidance on financial planing and sales

I prefer teaching in a particular structure but love to keep that structure grow organically and dynamically according to the student interaction and his level of subject matter understanding.

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Business/Finance student providing tutoring for High School and University Students in Business

Currently working towards a Undergrad in Finance (BBA). I have been teaching students at my University in all Business Courses. I provide help with homework and content in course being learned by simplifying it. Being a current student, and excelling well in school, I can help with getting those grades up and understanding the content.

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Retired Business Executive offers excellent tutoring in all aspects of the English langauage.

I seek to do the equivalent of market research with a student, sometimes referred to as a needs analysis. This must, of necessity, be based on the unique situation of each individual student. Then, I seek to help the student by using a coaching method. I have written a book on coaching in the insdustry where I sepent my career. I have also co-written one on time management for the same industry.

Lyon 2e
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HR Manager at CAC 40 Companies gives courses in Human Resources: CV, cover lettre, coaching...

I can help you to write your resume but also your cover letter in order to get an interview. My first course is to understand your profile and also your goals to write your cover letter and also your cover letter. I'm dynamic. It takes 24 hours to send you your cover letter and resume. NB: I can also coach you in order to prepare an english interview.

Navi Mumbai
(5 reviews)
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A passionate management educator who will ensure that your concepts are crystal clear! I have 25 years sales experience and have been teaching Marketing and IT in various MBA schools. UGC NET qualifie

I don't follow any specific methodology. My motive is simple - use my experiences to clear concepts by sharing a lot of real-life stories aka "use cases" in the Business language. Whatever your age or background, rest assured you will find me connect to you.

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Why marketing as a career options for Civil Engineers in special in connection with field experience

I usually prefer board room classes if space is provided or I can support through videos in Skype and other social platforms .

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MBA-HR/IR graduate with working industrial exposer gives tuition to the management students.

My methodology is not fixed, I modify my teaching content as per candidate learning ability and corse demand, I try to keep it simple and crisp. As I am an MBA graduate and work in a different organization, were my learning and problem finding technique will be extra dose to my student to make them self-session before entering the corporate world.

Port Macquarie
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Learn business strategies and concepts that are not in text books and become a successful national award winning business owner

I an experienced business owner and educator. I specialist in developing new and innovative, high quality training and education programs across broad industry segments.

Carlos a. silva
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Executive Certified Professor Post Graduate Courses / MBA in Corporate Business, Economy & Finances, Operations Management and Ethics.

Holistic approach and solid managerial background having developed an ascending career in multinational companies, in several areas: Governance & Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Operations, carrying on leadership roles as Director and Manager with expressive international expose.

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James Cook University high achieving graduate looking for students (high school and tertiary) to help.

My philosophy is that there are multiple methods and platforms to learn something. The trick is to find the right one for you! I believe that I can help you achieve this. I am looking for mature high school students and university students to help and use the tricks and methods of mine to achieve high grades in the specific subjects.

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Vast Experience in Factory Management in various Industries with IITM BTech Degree

It will be based on the Theory, both past and present ,with all basic Fundamentals, their evolution coupled with reference to relevant Case studies; It will be followed by current developments in respective Topics/Subjects and possible consequences in Future.

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Experienced Professional with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in International Business gives teaching classes for the students of Science, Maths, Physics, MBA at Home and at Student's plac

My Teaching Methodology is to excel and nurture the Student's latent talents and let them to explore in their subjects. I teach the topics which are very much in sync with their subjects to enable them to upgrade their skills.

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Multi-million dollar business founder - my framework for your business or startup

I like to know exactly who I am working with and what their vision is. We will assess what work you have done to date, and we will put into priority order what your focus should be. I like to be aware of your learning capabilities and how you best absorb knowledge. We can either work intensively or slowly.

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Engineer, Digital, MBA Business and Strategies and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing Direction.

My teaching method is simple, clear and objective. I do not use what we call bureaucratic marketing, where the theory is so massive that the result is often not positive. I use successful cases as examples, dynamic didactic materials and a lot of creativity after analyzing each need.

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Graduate in management and UGC NET holder with a 5 years of professional experience

My teaching method is a participatory model, students will get many real life situations to discuss and find solutions. Another method i would prefer is case study method.

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Im a student of a manage/ment school i have a great experience

My teaching method depends on how much you can understand with the time i can show you how you can develop the reasoning abilities within few classes i am a professional teacher i give private education advice and within few amount of rupees can get bucket full of knowledge from me..

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Professor in Mangement specialised in Corporate Leadership, Global Leadership, Soft Skills and HR likes to share knowledge.

It is my ambition not only to provide students with the basic understanding and application of business management but also to enable them to work with each other in group settings, be creative and to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns. Students should be viewed as the next generation leaders.

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Need help with a Business related subject? Look no further! Recent Business Graduate with A level and university level business education.

I am a recent business graduate who has had experience at degree level and AS and A level. I struggled with exams and essays throughout my degree and A-levels and understand how important it is to have someone who is there to help you through things and to explain things that little bit further.

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Learn about business and opportunities in the latest market trends and identify opportunities for yourself

I go on a very personal one to one basis lessons as I believe teaching on one to one basis creates a better lifelong impact along with real-life projects and lessons. I connect every lesson to lively examples which makes lessons more interesting and fruitful.

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Sharpen your Marketing Skills to give a new shape and understanding to your carrier

This classes would be designed especially for the students who are currently pursuing their graduation or post graduation in management and who are looking out for some kind of pratical examples especailly related to marketing which can be co related to their recent ongoing text book learnings.

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Marketing and Business Strategy lessons by a business consultant for young entrepreneurs

I am a business consultant providing digital transformation solutions to my clients spread across the globe. I am and MBA in Marketing and I also hold a bachelor's degree in technology. I want to help young entrepreneurs develop their business acumen, refine their product strategy and hone their marketing skills. I believe in practical knowledge and assisted learning.

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I'm a Tech Startup Enthusiast, Founder. Marketing is my core domain knowledge, I can teach you business.

I come from the School of Hard knocks, I've worked with quite exciting industrial leaders like VP of Goldman Sachs, VP of Flipkart, Investment Bankers Etc.

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