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MA students delivers Chinese language classes to all students who are interested in

I pay a strong attention on classroom interaction. I would like to use more games and activities to guide and discover students' interest in learning Chinese. In order to grab students and have an easier way to learn, the choose of the materials are all from daily life.

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Student gives math and science classes for elementary and high school students in Montreal. I’m really determined and passionate and ready for challenges. Obtained above 90% overall average in report

My teaching method is repetition. In my opinion, for someone to remember or understand something, it has to be constantly repeat. Also others methods of learning such as cue cards and games are a different way to teach students.

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Graduated student giving Chinese tutor to both Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers in Regina, Canada

Math is one of the subjects which required high logical. Based on that feature,my teaching method is to train my student to how to think more mathematically and logically .

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A Hong Kong girl can help you to learn Chinese! (Mandarin and Cantonese)

My teaching methods are base on the age of the students. Welcome anyone between 5-80 years old who would like to learn Cantonese or Mandarin.

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Bilingual expert teaches Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) in all levels in Coquitlam

I use very fun and creative ways from drawing, games to story telling to teach young kids. Regardless students' age, I keep my teaching approaches flexible and tailor made - some need visual, some audio, some hands-on, while others repetition. Know your students.

Paris 4e
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Chinese teacher for the City of Paris, in schools and associations, provides tutoring, academic and postbac individual courses all levels, exam preparation and competition

I am a Chinese (mandarin) teacher for pupils, students and adults of all levels, individual classes tutoring and group lessons for several years, for the City of Paris, the Marymount International School, the LYON Business School (formerly Business School of Lyon) and several training organizations and associations.

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M1 gives foreign student of Chinese tutoring services in Nice in French or English

I am a Chinese student and I do my M1 studies at the University of Nice in tourism management. I generally make a d`étude plan for each student according to their situation and goals avec patience, and gives courses systematically.

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Multilingual Teacher: Patient & Empathetic; Fun, Interactive & Practical; CELTA qualified with 8 years experience

I am an educator and I passionately believe in language learning as the best way to enrich one's vision and build bridges across cultures around the world. My vision of languages ​​is communication, therefore I believe That language learning requires constant communication and interaction.

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Calligraphy or Chinese course - with more than 2 years' experience in Grenoble

With experience of 2 years for children, high school students and adults, holds a Chinese language overseas license and a master Science Education, I offer Chinese courses or courses of calligraphy at all all ages and levels. If interested, please feel free to contact me by telephone or email.

North Melbourne
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Melbourne Uni student from Hong Kong teaching Mandarin/ Cantonese lessons at an affordable rate!

I am very patient with teaching because I believe that languages are indeed not that hard and everyone should be able to do it as long as they put in the effort. However I think the only way to learn a new language is to use it consistently, then practice, and practice. I am very opened to different styles of teaching, even watching videos in Chinese and teach students new vocabs or etc.

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Consultant graduated from UNSW teaching study skills, job tips and Chinese in Sydney

My teaching method is fast-paced and adaptive to students' learning style. I have created a 6-week "Knowing the Young Chinese Culture" program with quizzes and exams to revise learnings on writing, speaking, reading and listening. Meanwhile, I expect my students to ask questions.

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Chinese teacher traveling around the world bring the standard and interesting Chinese lessons in Sydney

My Chinese lesson includes speaking, writing, Chinese history and culture. The most interesting part is that I will teach Chinese combining with travel stories and culture.

Ze tong
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Native Cantonese speaker offering Cantonese Language Lessons (Oral speaking, writing) in Oxford

My teaching method proceed from the elementary to the profound. I base my class on Cantonese Phonetic Alphabet and pronunciation of each alphabet. I approach each topic by playing some topic-related Cantonese television movies and illustrating stories behide Cantonese words.

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Deakin College Student give Chinese accent reduction lessons to everyone in Melbourne

My teaching method changes as long as my student changes. I will use different teaching methods based on different students. My lesson will be interesting and relaxing. It's more likely a conversation sharing opinion with each other than a serious class.

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Kinesiology Bachelor's, avid traveler who enjoys being in nature, Fluent in Chinese, can teach piano and high school sciences/math/english

Most suitable for primary/secondary students who need help with Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Statistics (questions with school work/prep for exams). Can also teach piano (up to Grade 8), Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) and swimming.

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Native Chinese Speaker offering Fun chinese/cantonese lessons for all levels of proficiency

I understand that each student has different needs so I try to use a range of different approaches to tailor my lessons to the specific student, ensuring that everyone can maximize their potential and improve.

Sutton Coldfield
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University graduate teaching Cantonese at a native level in Birmingham. Can travel

I teach in a methodical way starting from basics and building a strong foundation and understanding for students. Any difficulties will be constantly revisited during lessons as this is an effective way to promote long term memory usage. Practice is also offered outside of lessons as a way to promote immersion and continuous use of the language. Experienced students are also welcome.

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Monash IT student who is proficient in multiple languages earning tuition fees for his university

I have always believed in the importance of understanding rather than forced memorisation when it comes to learning.

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Cantonese and Mandarin native speaker at Hawthorn gives lessons to uni students and adults.

I have given Chinese lessons to both children and adults in China and they both enjoyed my lessons which are very interesting, professional and closely related to daily life. To second-language learners, l will teach both practical skills for oral communication and comprehension.

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International marketing professional offering native Cantonese/Chinese lessons in London. Speak like the locals!

Having lived in England for over 25 years, my in-depth teaching methods are easily digestible to english speaking students, and many of my previous students have learnt about the culture and stories behind the amazing language.

Box Hill North
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Deakin Education student give Mandarin lessons to various age students in Melbourne.

I always believe that students should be learning in an environment that they are comfortable in. Learning in an environment that is comfortable and positive leads students to learn better and have a clearer understanding of the lessons they are having.

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Bachelor of Arts Adelaide University student multilingual in various East Asian languages.

No exact teaching method, will teach the students base on what they would like to learn, what they need to learn on that specific aspects, and what would be helpful to assist the learning progress. Textbook is not necessarily required, just bring yourself to the class.

Kirsten tsz kiu
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Native Chinese speaker offering speaking and writing lessons at your home in Manchester

I have helped students learn to analyze literature, write essays, listen to materials and understand historical events, also helped them to understanding slang terms to communicate more naturally. I like to use creative ways like create songs and quizzes to teach and help students to prepare for their exams.

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Experienced, passionate Cantonese and Mandarin teacher with 10 years of experience offering lessons

All learning materials are provided to you:) DURING THE LESSONS we’ll use scenarios related to your goals : 1. I teach you everyday vocabulary and sentences you need. 2. We role-play the situations on different aspects to make sure you’re 100% confident with the subject. 3. If you have difficulties I answer to all your questions and give you tips to improve yourself.

Sandy Bay
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I can teach you Mandarin ,Cantonese and other dialects as you want about Chinese.

I will let you to make more Chinese friends to practice your oral speaking.You can learn grammar in the class.And then we can participate in some funny activities to know more about the Chinese culture.It may made you to easy understand about Chinese.

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Chinese Essay Writing Award Winner Offering Private Chinese Lessons In Gold Coast

Enthusiastic tutor willing to explore students' interests in an innovative manner. Flexible teaching methods custom-made for every student. Inclusion of homework optional though recommended. Focusing on conversational practicality, the lessons will also ensure Chinese comprehension in both written and spoken form.

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Native Cantonese/Mandarin Speaker give Cantonese/Mandarin lessons to Learners at all level in Sydney

Want to learn the coolest and most up-to-date Mandarin phrases that would make you sound absolutely pro & local? Want to explore the amazing landscape in China but cannot even order food? I will design lessons based on students' needs, such as basic oral communication for trips and written Mandarin.

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Chinese student doing Education with psycology providing Mandarin and Cantonese sessions in Bath

I believe that it is necessary to learn basic knowledge (e.g. Pinyin) until you can use it well. That is the foundation for further learning. I prefer to use the methodology that Chinese children use to learn basic knowledge, and I would encourage my studentsto learn from daily life rather staying at home reading textbooks.

Yan ming ryan
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University of Sydney student providing Cantonese and ESL lessons for primary and highschool students.

My teaching method is to be engaged in every single activity with students. I have undergone different types of tutoring for the past few years, depending on the class sizes and student characteristics, I can tailor different teaching style so that each student can be attentive and engaged.

Cheryl o
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Physics student offering maths, physics and Chinese up to GCSE education in London

My teaching method is to pick out specific topics and explain them thoroughly to students. I have detailed and fun revision notes that could help students to ace their GCSE exams.

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