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Immigrated Chinese Lady teach Chinese in Guelph, has MSc degree, patient, knowledgeble,

Chinese is my native language. I have been in Canada for 17 years. I have no problem to communicate with you in English I can teach different level of Chinese. I can use both Chinese and English to teach according to your understanding ability. I use textbook, multimedia, app, game. I can talk to you everyday via phone or internet after regular lesson.

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Hey! Come here if you want to learn Madarin or Cantonese (both symplified & traditional)

- I teach based on the class sized. If it is a class with a few students, then they will learn from each other in a more easy atmosphere. If it is an individual class, then I will teach based on how fast and how well the student can absorb as well as digest the knowledge. - I will make a detailed plan for each student to make sure that everyone follow the pace of teaching.

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UBC Biology student gives Mandarin and Biology classes for students in Vancouver

With younger students, I would like to teach them with games in the class to attract their attention and to make the class more interest. With elder students, my teaching includes zero-base pinyin to vocabulary, comprehension and conversation. Teaching contents include many topics, such as travel, daily conversation, etc.

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Native Cantonese speaker / Experienced bilingual teacher / Author of a Cantonese language book offers Cantonese lessons in Richmond Hill, Markham & GTA

I use our first meeting to assess your level in the Cantonese language skills, then tailor-make your lessons to suit your personal needs or interests. I use a communicative Cantonese language book and teach with a communicative, student-centered approach.

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MBA Degree, Attractive Mandarin teacher with 4+ years experience. Taught over 100 students overseas.

•Taught students clearly and professionally, improving their listening, reading and speaking •Provided students with effective and descriptive feedback to guide progress •Enhanced cultural content and linguistic knowledge of students Class: Casual conversation (Colors, Weather, Days, Sports, Hobbies, Family…etc.

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Graduate student at Concordia in Mechanical Engineering, with knowledge of Electronic Information Science. Mandarin is my native language, also have 6 years working experience in Beijing, China. Extre

Based on my own language learning experience, I'd like to help learners find their interest, which will give them a good start of a better understanding of a new language. This will always keep them motivated in learning the language, which is super important. After they get familiar with related words and expressions, I will introduce them more difficult and relevant things to learn.

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Native-Chinese teacher in Coquitlam, Vancouver. Make your Chinese speaking become perfect.

•Taught students clearly and professionally, improving their listening, reading and speaking •Provided students with effective and descriptive feedback to guide progress •Enhanced cultural content and linguistic knowledge of students Class: Casual chit-chat conversation (Greeting, Weather, Days, Sports, Hobbies, Family…etc.

Xinhui (christine)
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Friendly environment to experience and share Chinese culture, for all level of leaners

Face to face is key: you read my facial expression so you do not need to guess. Communication skills can only be improved if you talk to me and try to share stories with each other. Relax and enjoy: come and have a cup of tea and start with your interests. We can only focus on one part: nobody can do everything in a short term. we need a target area based on your strength.

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Native Mandarin-speaking UofT student teaches Chinese for all ages in Downtown Toronto

As an engineering student, I have a clear logic and well-organized notes when teaching. I can design lessons based on my students' interests and needs. A relaxed atmosphere will be created to enhance the efficiency of learning and develop an interest in learning Chinese. I am also willing to share the beauty of Chinese through poetries, novels, and traditional operas.

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Come and enjoy comprehensive Mandarin class with me folks, every level accepted

My teaching method is to focus on pronunciation for entry level learners and grammar for intermediate ones. My classes are mixed between different approaches such as textbook, music, podcast, and any other fun activities.

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Human Resource Management student teach Chinese in Ottawa, have experience in teaching

I think my teaching methodology is different to persons. Based on the student, I will adjust my plan. The student can feel free to tell me what they want to improve or what their goal is. The class includes topic conversation and the word that would be used in real life. I don't mind sharing some cultural stuff if you are interested in.

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College teacher with 20 years of experience gives Chinese lesson in Charlottetown

I approach a subject with the structure of a square which contains four sides are listening-reading-drawing- imaging. Listening and reading base on Chinese phonetic alphabet. Drawing and imaging get from Chinese traditional pictographs like oracle bone script and so on.

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Let me show you How To Learn Chinese With A Smile On Your Face!

1. I always let students speak more than I do. 2. Listen to what they need and want then help them express themselves in a proper way. 3. Help them repeat the sentences many times and correct their pronunciation and accent. 4. Change teaching materials or topic to interest students. 5. I record the sentences on Skype to help student's listening. 6.

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Native Mandarin/Chinese speaker will show you the Chinese culture and beautiful language

I would like to teach the learner from very beginning whatever adult or kids by play or do much more practices, I am flexible and easy-going, we can communicate with each other about the very effective way to learn and the way you like.

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An Architect and urban designer from Shanghai giving Mandarin Chinese classes in Saskatoon.

Firstly, I would like to know the aim or goal of the student. Then, I will make a customized learning plan for every student.

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Ryerson Biz Admin IT grad wishes to teach cantonese, Windows PC, Web Design.

Windows I can fix in person or at my apt. Cantonese I can speak and romanize. Windows license needs to be purchased if you don't have the sticker. I can't write chinese only romanize. If you need to learn Windows and Office I can help you.

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| * Native Chinese speaker teaches students professional local mainland Mardarin Chinese * |

When I give lessons, I like to make the students comfortable with the subject, the environment and the teacher, aka. myself. Because they only enjoy and actually ask questions when they are comfortable enough. The things I teach, it's not just plain information, I'd give interesting descriptions to them so it's easy to memorize.

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Listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese for all different levels in Toronto.

I always believe that learning comes from life. We need build the language environment. I will use the cards with pictures and words to make you easily remember the pronunciations and meanings of the words. After you learn the certain amount of words, the simple sentences are not difficult any more. The different person has different personality.

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Accounting student teaches Chinese vocabulary writing speaking listening around Edmonton Leduc area

I can help to learn Chinese, how to pronounce, how to write, how to chat with people in appropriate way. I can also help people to pass the Chinese language course exam, if anything related to Chinese is needed, I am here to help.

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Exceptional Chinese language student who can teach you how to learn this complex language!

The vital element in learning Chinese int he very beginning, I have learned, is the sound system, that is, one has got to get it right, before moving on to what comes next. Without a doubt, one of the hardest things about a sound system is that there may be many sounds one does not know how to make....

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Your best choice for learning everything you want to know about Chinese, Bedford, Nova Scotia.

My teaching method is interactive and divergent. A typical class would be the student bring me the translation work she/he did and we go over it together, alongside with doing so, we diverge to new words and expressions. We will later have a real time oral translating session, where I correct him/her during it.

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Doctor tutor who is native in Mandarin comes to rescue your language dilemma.

I teach my students based on their ability to absorb knowledge. I observe them in the first few sessions and try different methods until the one they feel the best. Then I explain not only the knowledge but the whole way of thinking to enable them to understand on their own.

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A native Chinese with engineering master degree give Chinese lessons in Fredericton

Holding the engineering Bachelor and Master degree whilst good at Chinese including modern mandarin and ancient Chinese, working as a high rank manager for an international company for about 14 years. Giving Chinese lesson to the adults and the high school students. The class content includes PINYIN, Character writing, Everyday Chinese speaking.

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Learning Mandarin with a SMART method! (International teaching certificate in Simple and Traditional Mandarin)

I teach simplified and traditional Chinese if you need to travel to HK, Taiwan and Singapore for working or travelling. Plus, all the material and handouts are tailored to the needs and aspirations of the individual with the main aim of rendering the subject accessible.

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I am NOT ONLY a native speaker but also KNOW how to teach Chinese ; I am efficient and humorous( seriously...... I am )

-My teaching methodology is basically student-centered. -My teaching pace varies a lot depending on how much students can take. - I am not a speech giver, but a guider and observer and a good partner in language study. - I want the lessons to be practical and have real-world connection.

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Mastering the Chinese language in a rapid speed with relaxation and confidence.

At the basic, I will try my best to teach all my students and responses to their questions instantly. Over years, I have admired and respected teacher this great job, so undeniably is that I will treat this work with a great quality requirements.

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Psychology student that gives psychological classes for college students in the British Columbia.

My teaching techniques are: I always help my students to review the previous classes' information in order to memorize that important information, then I will teach them the new information, and let them write down some notes. As they follow my steps, they can get a better grade.

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Top performing multi-lingual professional (Chinese, English & Cantonese) with over 15 years in Marketing Communications, & 2 years as freelancer teacher, would like to share beauty of CHINESE with YOU

I believe that learning is an exciting & enjoyable process. When you are learning, you are also creating a new & better self! My lessons are relaxed and fun, but with a serious goal - GET YOU TO SPEAK. A lot of discussions and interactions will improve your fluency & intonation.

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I have the great passion and patience to teach my students chinese.

As for my teaching style, I design my lessons to be fun, interactive and engaging. It is a proficiency-oriented course. I put much emphasis on oral practice in my lessons.  ”A solid foundation in speaking is the best insurance that students will make steady progress in reading.

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Mandarin native speaker with an International Chinese teaching certification and 2 years' teaching experience gives Chinese lessons online in Sydney,NS, Canada

My teaching method is putting what I want to teach in games and interesting interactions with students and then emphasize the daily learning points to students. I was an early childhood educator before I study in Canda. I have a passion for teaching and know how to encourage my students. I will also make learning Chinese a lot of fun instead of boring remember words.

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Perfect! Lydia is very nice and enthusiastic on our first lesson. She came well-prepared with premade powerpoint slides and documents. She carried out our lesson professionally with care of whether or not I understand the materials. Therefore, I understand...

Hùng, Student
5 months ago

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