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Comics and Cartooning tutoring from a working artist with 25+ years experience.

I got into teaching at first to supplement my income, but find I enjoy the work sometimes more than making art! It's been a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge, and make a point of teaching the students I have rather than a fixed curriculum. I focus on what they need to overcome hurdles and try to find ways that will help them best overcome hurdles.

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Artist loves teaching children how to draw their favourite cartoon characters located in Oshawa!

I developed course plans and implemented interesting and interactive material to increase children’s understanding and skills in a broad range of art fundamentals. Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility.

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University Diploma and15 Years of experience in Illustration, Concept/Graphic Design, Animation, Caricature, Storyboard

Over the years I had a chance to study and produce Digital/Commercial Art in Academic and Industry environment.

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Internationally Syndicated Cartoonist in Edmonton Alberta is teaching Art Classes. Everything you want to know about Cartooning, Caricatures, Portraiture, Fine Art- ( All Styles of Painting )

I have developed a system of teaching which establishes solid Art fundamentals. From there I teach many 'Tips & Tricks that I have developed that are Specific to the many Styles of Art. I'm a Special kind of Tutor because after Drawing & Painting every day for over 50 years, I'm still excited about working every day.

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11 Years of teaching Experience in the field of Arts and can help students improve their skills.

My teaching methods are easy to understand and learn. I teach in a very structured and flexible manner. Besides classroom teaching i have proved my mettle in organizing art exhibitions, annual theater shows, events related to SPICMACAY etc.

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Learn the fundmetals of line art , geometric shapes , stylish and Cartoonise your ART .

My methods is based on progress from the simplified to complex concepts, verify the students improvement and advance to a higher level.

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I am a working caricature artist with two Art degrees from ACAD

I believe that each person is a unique individual and I will teach at your own pace with fun and patience.

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2D Illustrator and Concept artist gives tutoring is Drawing and Cartooning, near Brampton-ON

I happy to teach people the basics of drawing ( Human Anatomy and Design), or help improve an artist's figure drawing and concept design skills. Due to my training as a comic book artist and a concept artist, I am extremely good at drawing the human figure, creature design and character design.

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Multi talented visual artist gives drawing classes for elementary students in Montreal

As a teacher, I am very patient, positive and playful, so I'm always looking to see smiles on my students faces. I like to add fun challenges to my teaching lessons in order to keep my students happy and laughing while still maintaining their focus and motivation. For me, the good intention and hard work behind a students product is far more important than the outcome.

West Vancouver
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Drawing Classes being Offered in West Vancouver by a University Student for All Ages

The classes I teach are meant for mostly Elementary and High School Students wanting to Expand their skills and to broaden their Techniques and Knowledge. My classes are fun and engaging and will make you want to learn in a comfortable and Safe environment. I am passionate about Teaching and I am very Enthusiastic, Patient, and Supportive with your Progress.

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Animation, character, concept & story artist. I teach & provide recorded lessons. I work as a freelancer for publishing, animation & games.

- I teach individuals &/or groups of (2-4) - I recorded every session in high quality. - Students get to keep it as reference for ever - I use "teamviewer" for teaching & email for support. - you can attend lessons on any device, and still receive your HD recorded video.

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Looking forward to loads of art and spending quality time with my students. Something creative and worthwhile.

My Methodology : - Look before you leap. Think before you act. Think before you speak. " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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Illustration artist gives drawing and digital painting lessons online or in the Moncton, NB area.

I believe anyone can draw or paint with the right guidance. When someone is learning to draw something they enjoy seeing or drawing, it will be much easier to learn to draw. When I teach someone to draw I will make sure they have the basics down and go from there. My lessons are for the beginner to intermediate. You can learn digitally using a tablet or with a pencil and paper.

Keswick Ridge
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Creative Artist, with 30+ year's experience! Specialty in Drawing, Sketches & Caricatures! Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada

My teaching methods include natural selection of featured facial and body parts that are great for Sketches and Caricatures! Areas to focus on with drawing, Unique personal signatures to create awesome art! Cleanliness and Simplicity with your drawings, etc.

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Visual artist and film school graduate eager to teach others my expertise.

I take everything step by step, exploring all aspects. I delve into detail in a visual way. I mainly implement a hands on approach.

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Aspiring Animation Student Offering Illustration and Cartoon Drawing Lessons for Beginners and Up

I've been designing characters since I was in highschool. Once I entered college, I learned the human anatomy and its accurate proportions to help me create appealing and fun characters. Learning geometric shapes also plays an important factor. We will be going over the absolute basics until you are confident and want to advance. I will be providing critiques along the way.

São Judas (São Paulo)
(12 reviews)
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Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

Kings County
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Professional artist who can help you reach your desired goals in art

Having a structured background in both fine art and Russian language and culture, I am able to offer instruction in both subjects in a format that can accommodate the specific demands of the student's individual style and approach to learning.

A Coruña
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Become the great artist (digital or traditional) that you always wanted to be

My methodology is what they used with me in my classes years ago !: let the child experience for himself his style and his way of doing, and instilling in his step the technical aspects of perspective, proportions, color, etc.

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Technician in audiovisual graphics and student of Fine Arts gives classes of plastic arts (illustration, drawing and painting) and graphic arts (Adobe Suite applied to the creation of motion graphics,

My teaching method is based mainly on the understanding of what is being worked on, yes I like to be organized and to carry a structure in order to fulfill the stated objective but always customizing it to the user.

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Award winning artist shares invaluable fundamental skills to pursue any art discipline.

I believe drawing underpins all art disciplines. I believe everyone can learn to draw. I believe art can play a crucial role in well-being. My teaching method is inclusive of all age groups and all personalities with a focus in developing each students individual style. Perfect for high school students wanting to develop skills to support their HSC outcomes.

North Parramatta
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Fulltime Working Illustrator and Animator giving Relevant Art and Animation Tutorials to Students and Hobbyists

My teaching method is very practical and hands-on with a lot of emphasis on smart, thoughtful, and structured practice. During most of the classes that I teach, I do. Which means that I do a lot of demonstrations and paint overs for the students showing them exactly step by step what needs to be done to complete the work.

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"Caricature with Attitude" Serious Tuition in the Art of Drawing Funny Faces

I pride myself on delivering highly entertaining and informative tuition. I am methodical in my preparation and spend a great deal of time devising a sylabus. My approach is very hands on, I discuss caricature theory, spending time demonstrating producing a live caricature of someone in the group, before letting the students loose on an unsuspecting subject.

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Fine art Painting Graduate offering help in preparing for exams, preparing course work and putting together a portfolio.

I pride myself in my ability to fully immerse myself in the ideas and concepts of the student I’m teaching. This helps me aid them in creating not only work which reaches school specification but also helps me aid them in evolving their own personal style, interests and ideas.

Jardim Nossa Senhora do Carmo
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Illustration, Zona Leste / SP, technique, Adobe Package, Digital drawing, Paper drawing.

I work by learning process that goes from basic geometric forms to more realistic drawings, I try to let go of the artist's own trait, leave him free to create his works with the tool and technique that he prefers, always helping in his doubts.

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

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Professional in Visual Arts offers classes in Drawing, Illustration, Comic, Caricature, Character Design, Analog and Digital Techniques

I treat the field of Arts according to the interest of my students. I seek to project and educate them based on what they seek. I work both analogous and digital techniques, in the same way this depends on the interest of the student. I like to demand the student according to the abilities and the level he has and above all to have fun learning.

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Tips & Tricks for those who aspire to be better in drawing

I like to explain my technique as something simple and easy to see for people who maybe dont see it as easy. These are things that some people may not see while starting or techniques that can improve your personal drawing tasks and make creating complex things, more simple.

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Artist with over 20 years experience in Europe and USA, currently taking RMIT Fine Art Batchelor study will be teaching online and at home in Adelaide

I like to approach my students with view to inspire an enthusiasm to be daring. Sometimes we will be hands on with instructions and other times will be lively discussion on the endless possibilities in front of us. We can never get bored with this type of exchange. Part learning experience, part therapy to break the shackles of conventional thought.

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Drawing course, sketch and digital illustration given by a master student in digital arts

My course aims to teach figurative drawing and methods to progress. Concretely, I approach the basic rules to represent objects of reality, then break them and invent his own characters, scenery and landscapes.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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