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Cooking is one of the most important skills to have in life: eating is a basic human need, and ideally we eat food that tastes good and supports our health. Knowing how to cook is one of the first steps to becoming an independent adult, and cooking everyday keeps us away from the greasy, fried temptations of fast food.

If you happen to live in London, Ontario - and take an interest in cooking - you will find that you live in a hub for delicious, fresh local ingredients. Southwestern Ontario is a region known for its agriculture, with farms thriving on the rolling landscape. In the summer, farmers markets are filled with fruit, vegetables, and locally raised meats; the enduring Mennonite community in the area still practices farming methods that haven’t changed in centuries. You will also find in London the largest farm show in Eastern Canada: food production is big business in these parts.

With so many great ingredients to be found in and around London, why not invest your time and resources to become a great cook? If you feel like you don’t have enough time, consider the financial and health benefits of cooking: you’ll save money from eating in more, and be healthier as you can control the amount of salt, fat, and sugar goes into your food. Cooking can also be good for your mental health - it is shockingly therapeutic to step away from your smartphone or laptop to make something with your hands while sipping on a glass of wine. While cooking may seem like a hassle, it provides us with a chance to be productive and creative at the same time, all while improving our health and our budget.

This article explores the reasons why you should learn how to cook in more detail, the kinds of cooking classes you might want to take, and where you can find the best cooking classes in London, Ontario. 

Four Reasons You Should Learn How to Cook

Learning how to cook is one of the best investments you can make, and will pay off in dividends as you become a better chef. From feeling more confident about cooking for friends and family, to improving our health and well-being, to building a diverse repertoire of dishes you can make everyday, you will find that a session of cooking lessons can truly enhance your life.

Reason #1: Cook with confidence 

Having friends and family over for dinner or brunch is a wonderful way to connect with the ones you love, and is a festive way to spend a weekend or enjoy the holiday season. Knowing how to cook can make the experience of entertaining others much more fun as you’ll feel more confident that you are preparing a meal that they will love. With a knowledge of which flavours pair well and a strong understanding of cooking techniques, you’ll be able to throw a party efficiently without having to worry about consulting a YouTube video or food blog every 5 minutes. 

Reason #2: Be Healthier

You can learn how to cook healthier dishes for yourself and your family when you learn how to cook with a professional. Take-out is a tempting option during our endlessly busy work weeks: it’s all too easy to swap an hour in the kitchen for burgers and fries that can be produced cheaply in minutes. Take-out food, however, is often high in sodium and fat; processed food is prepared with extra additives to help it taste better, longer. Learning how to cook means you can free yourself of the fast-food glut: an instructor can focus on teaching you easy, quick meals you can whip up in a pinch or keep frozen for those nights you know you won’t want to make a mess in the kitchen. You can control what goes into your meals, and use ingredients that are nutrient dense or have more fibre.

For those who have a goal of weight loss or want to enhance physical fitness, learning how to cook is the first place to make changes. With the right classes, you can learn how to make foods that follow specific dietary guidelines: learn how to cook keto, paleo, gluten free, vegan, or low-cholesterol. You’ll not only achieve your health goals but develop a set of skills you can use over and over again.

Reason #3: Diversify Your Repertoire

It’s not hard to slip into the rut of eating the same dishes all the time, especially when you have a family. When we cook the same foods all the time, grocery shopping is easier and evenings become more predictable. A lack of variety in your eating, however, is boring. Cooking classes can help you to spice up your weekly menu and help you to introduce new vegetables and grains to your family. Imagine having delicious homemade Indian or Thai dishes, or eating Mexican food that isn’t tacos. Look for a cooking class or instructor that suits your family’s tastes and your kitchen will become a much more exciting place in your home. 

Reason #4: De-stress and Focus on Mental Health

With so many notifications on our smartphone screens and more time spent working on a computer, our mental energy is constantly being sapped. Add in the obligations of a career and family, the typical stress of everyday life, and the world can seem like an overwhelming place. Taking cooking lessons can be the perfect antidote: it’s creative, hands-on, social, and fun. You will use all of your senses as you smell, touch, taste, and hear the sounds of cooking, and simply focus on self-care and enjoyment. Add a glass of red wine and it can feel like a party. Of course, when you take your skills back to your own kitchen, you’ll be met with accolades from your family who will hopefully work as your clean-up team!

Where to Learn Cooking in London

London has great options for anyone that has made the decision to take a cooking class. Check out a private school like Cooking Matters or Jill’s Table to learn how to make some delicious dishes and bake desserts. The Live Well Co. is your go-to place for healthy cooking, and The London Chef will have you cooking alongside instructors in individual cooking stations. You’ll also find classes for the little ones in your life at Growing Chefs, where kids can learn how to cook and appreciate healthy foods. If you’re considering formal chef training, check out the Culinary Arts program at Fanshawe College.

If cooking classes aren’t in the budget, you can always teach yourself how to cook, watch cooking demonstrations on Youtube, or find a great cookbook to study and practice with. There are dozens of companies that can bring cooking to your laptop screen at a reasonable rate, or follow chefs and foodies on social media. Sites like Allrecipes.com and Food Network have recipes, videos, and pictures to help you navigate a recipe; you can also read the comments and recommendations of others that have already tried making the dish. With a bit of initiative and focus, you can self-teach your way to kitchen stardom.

Get a Private Cooking Instructor

Another option you might consider taking is hiring a private instructor to help you learn to cook from a site like Superprof. Having a private instructor means you’ll get plenty of attention and tips from a local professionally trained chef. You can even organize a small group to learn together, or organize something special for your kids and their friends. A private cooking instructor can come to your home or guide you through virtual classes. They can give you feedback on your grocery list, tell you where to find the best ingredients, and work with your own unique tastes.

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