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Doctor/researcher helping medical, pre-medical, and non-medical students learn medicine in an easy and effective way. Also help tutor for licensing board examinations for both the U.S. and Canada.

I generally support positive reinforcement and take the time to slowly and effectively explain challenging concepts. I act as a mentor and let students reach out to me if they have trouble with their studies even outside of class.

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UCL Medical Student offering UKCAT Tutoring and scored 900 in 3 Sections and received an unconditional offer

I know there is a lot to read on this profile, so to make it easy here are some quick facts about my teaching: 1. Our team has the UK's best UKCAT, BMAT and Interview 1-to-1 schemes 2. I give each of my students their own Online Study Portal with hundreds of videos to watch between lessons. This helps you re-cap the work you have done with me, and supplement our work with extra revision.

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Student of the last year of Medicine, offers lessons for preparation TEST admission of MEDICINE, HEALTH PROFESSIONS, PHARMACY, BIOTECHNOLOGY

I started giving Latin and Greek repetitions as soon as I finished high school. Now I have abandoned the dead languages to devote myself to what I love, the world of medicine and biology. I am close to graduation and in these years I have learned that the mnemonic study does not lead to results. I like fast, interactive and figurative learning techniques, which use conceptual colors and maps.

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Public health classes - Fpolis (SUS Law / Epidemiology / Public Policy)

Minister lessons for healthcare professionals and students of health for both questions on matters as specific studies for competition or selective master processes in healthcare. I work specifically on the difficulties encountered by the students, my classes are direct to the subject matter. I provide digital books and materials for the further development of the student.

San Donato Milanese
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Medical Doctor, Anesthesiologist and Intensivist with solid experience in training and business training

I am a specialist in Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain Therapy. After 10 years of clinical activity, I've joined the Industry working for US Pharma Company. I get high training and training skills: I make clear and detailed concepts and complex scientific data. My lessons are held with a high degree of interactivity and with a concrete approach to the result that we together aim to achieve.

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Graduated in astrophysics offers lessons in physics and math for entry and advanced level

My physics classes are designed for students and adults, for school tuition, enhancement or personal interest. I carry out my lessons at home or via webcam. If you are nearer to my home I can play at home lessons (details to be agreed in advance). My methodology adapts to the needs and age of the student. For special requirements please feel free to contact me and ask.

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A committed and enthusiastic person, who enjoys helping others. A student who has one year experience as a private tutor in Bristol Studying medicine at Bristol university with all A* at GCSE and A-le

Online lessons will start with recap from last session. With mini quizzes to test your learning. Each session will teach something new, there will be videos to watch, I will write notes on the online whiteboard also. I am also ready to explain any doubts you may have. To measure progress tests will be set out and I will keep track of your results.

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Doctor looking to spread my knowledge and passion for the subject I love!

My philosophy includes ensuring the student is comfortable with how they are learning. I adapt a range of techniques including visualisation, demonstration through examples, application in questions and podcasts. I also like to ensure this is backed up with appropriate more traditional methods if this suits the student including digestible notes and lectures.

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Bristol based Medical Doctor and Cardiology Trainee with a passion for teaching

I have taught in multiple formats - large lectures, small group work as well as individual tutor sessions. I am particularly passionate about human physiology, in particular, cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. I am happy to tailor topics to those required.

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Student in her sixth year of Medicine offers lessons in biology, anatomy, physiology (and other medical-scientific disciplines) in Modena

Usually when I study, I use schematics, summaries, slides and handouts, which I read and assimilate first and then repeat several times.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Oxford Medicine Student offering UKCAT/ BMAT/ Interview/ Personal Statement prep in North East

I am looking to tutor medicine/dentistry applicants for entrance exams, interviews and personal statement preparation. My teaching method involves going over techniques, types of questions and perfecting these with plenty of examples. The lessons are individually tailored to each student based on their needs and preferences.

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Dott.Giacomo Di Benedetto. Consulting School, Student Support, Tutoring online science (or prov. Avellino - Salerno), and more. (Graduate Pharmacy-Chemistry). Proponetemi vos

Dott. Giacomo Di Benedetto, a graduate in Pharmacy and Chemistry General. - He gives lectures on scientific subjects on request. - Entrance Test Preparation University. - Conduct homework-exercises. - Help the theory study and practice. - Thesis Preparation and Tesine. For universities, middle schools and high schools.

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25 years old girl with degree in Medicine and Surgery with maximum marks. Do you need help to prepare university exams / univeristy admission tests? Contact me!

Methodology of the meetings - the meetings are divided into different phases: help in developing a study plan; explanation of unclear topics; help in the oral presentation of the topics.

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University Lecturer and Harley Street Doctor Giving Private Lessons in Medicine and Associated Disciplines

I have been a tutor for many years now and have gained a wealth of experience in that time. My teaching method is to maintain a student centred approach. The student must stay within the zone of proximal development according to Lev Vygotski a leading psychologist in the area of education.

Paulista (Pernambuco)
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Post-graduate student in Animal Biology (UFPE) gives classes in biology and related subjects

Graduated in Biological Sciences Degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), graduation sandwich in Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba (UofM) in Canada and is currently a Graduate (MSc) in Animal Biology at university. It works with classes in painting, powerpoint or via skype.

Centro (Santa Rita do Sapucaí)
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I am Mastering in dentistry and can teach or help undergraduate students. I work in Belo Horizonte, South of Minas Gerais and Campinas

I am graduated in Dentistry by São Leopoldo Mandic of Campinas and, currently, master's degree in Orthodontics and digital orthopedics in the same college. I teach with power point classes according to the theme, I give exclusive attention, we can work on your teacher's class as well.

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Medicine student offers after-school activities for elementary, middle or high/technical schools, training for Medicine Test and preparation for State exam, in and around Naples.

I'm a university student at the first year: I have excellent skills in scientific areas and good skills in general, the foreign language I speak better is English. I am quite patient and helpful even with the hardest to learn, I can summarize clearly topics difficult to understand.

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Senior biology student at UFPR. Curitiba-Pr. Classes for elementary, high school and university, in Zoology disciplines, ecology, evolution, botany and genetics.

I'm forming this year as a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and next year will licensure. My classes are geared primarily for elementary and high school students, but can also help college students. The main issues that dominate are: zoology, ecology, evolution and genetics. I try to do classes using enough technology, images and videos. Like dynamics and different classes.

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2nd year medical student at Cambridge uni- teaching in London or via skype

For BMAT/UKCAT I can offer plenty of tips to improve speed and accuracy. I can work with you to create a lesson plan tailored to what you need to improve on the most. I can help edit and improve your personal statement and also give mock interviews and feedback.

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Help medical questions for medical validation tests in medicine from Spanish-speaking countries, Brazil and the United States

I can help you with questions you have regarding the medical terminology used in the testing and validation questions in medical diplomas and I can give you some advice from countries like USA, Brazil and other Spanish speaking countries and related.

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BMAT, UKCAT and medical school interview preparation. Trinity College, Cambridge MB/PhD student.

I teach students who are applying to medical school. For medical school admissions tests, such as BMAT and UKCAT, I teach students my methods for effectively and quickly answering each section. We will spend sessions focusing on technique, tailored to my students' individual needs. I carry out mostly online tutoring via Skype, which works well for my students. I can travel to you, please enquire.

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Scientific materials - A complete disposal for any technical and scientific argument at every school level

I have superior experience and 15 years teaching at all levels: secondary school, high, college and specialization. Competent and full of all theoretical and applied materials resulting from physics and mathematics. In the province of Cuneo, available lessons at home or in my office.

Centro (Lages)
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Professor of biochemistry, pharmacology and physiology for higher education and high school students.

I am a pharmacist graduated from UFRGS, have master's molecular and developmental and doctorate in biochemistry biology, both obtained United America at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. I teach biochemistry , physiology and pharmacology .

Recife (Pernambuco)
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Professor of Biology Master in Biological Sciences, watch and Recife Metropolitan Region

I use the the latest pedagogical techniques of teaching and learning, and content highly reviewed and updated. I am able to teach classes for ENEM and the most varied tests selection of brazilian universities in the North, South and Southeast.

Monte Migliore-la Selvotta
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Degree in Biology and Sports Science offers chemistry classes, biology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and other medical-scientific subjects for diploma preparation, university exams

Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition with 110L at the Biomedical Campus, enabled, and majoring in "European Master in Health and Physical Activity", at the Foro Italico University of Rome experienced in teaching both as a lecturer for the ' Italian Tutor Academy Fitness and university exams preparations science at the CEPU

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Masters of literature giving a tutoring for entrance exams at all levels.

sessions are there for you in online format.•My content is designed keeping in mind the student’s needs and regular updation is done to improve the content’s poignancy and usefulness.• Apart from the regular lessons, homework sheets are assigned everyday that the teacher reviews on the next session and clarifies any doubt of the student.

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Bologna. Graduating in medicine preparation program offers access to testing for schools of medicine / dentistry / veterinary medicine and triennial medical!

Test Preparation for access to schools in the medical sector. Very useful to supplement the daily study of a broader program in order not to get the test omitting some parts. Ability to run more or less ex-professor lessons according to the needs of the student. Network counseling requesting information about the various Italian universities.

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Postgraduate medical school student offering help with medical school application and interviews

Applications to medical school are tough. Whether it's writing your personal statement or interview nervousness it can be a daunting experience - particularly when you've not had any interview experience beforehand. I am to provide a supportive environment where students can learn how to best communicate their work experience and qualifications.

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Oxford Medical student with mock interview/mentoring experience offering help with Oxbridge applications in Winchester / online.

I am happy to help with all aspects of the application process, from checking through a personal statement, tutoring UKCAT/BMAT preparation to conducting mock interviews. All of it centres around showing off your best self and proving that you can indeed be the student that the universities are looking for.

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Cambridge Graduate, Practising Doctor and Scientist offering Medicine, Biology, Admissions & Oxbridge Tutoring and Coaching in Sheffield

I am flexible in terms of the content of my sessions - at your request I can cover any area of GCSE Biology, A-level Biology or the Undergraduate Medicine or Medical Sciences curriculum. I can also offer coaching on preparing for Medical School and/or Oxbridge applications - I have been on both sides of the desk during these processes! I pride myself on pitching teaching at the right level.

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