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Doctor/researcher helping medical, pre-medical, and non-medical students learn medicine in an easy and effective way. Also help tutor for licensing board examinations for both the U.S. and Canada.

I generally support positive reinforcement and take the time to slowly and effectively explain challenging concepts. I act as a mentor and let students reach out to me if they have trouble with their studies even outside of class.

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***excel in your medical studies with the help of a qualified doctor***

My teaching methods are power point presentations. I include diagrams, graphs and videos where appropriate. I can accomodate 25-30 students in a class. My students are always impressed by my confidence and i always keep my students involved in the class by interaction. My classes are meant for medical students.

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Senior Doctoral student in Public Health in Canada with a Masters Degree in Public Health

My teaching methods are evidence-based research and field experience over 20 years. I can teach all students up to doctoral level. My typical class will consist of Masters students who are passionate about public health and want to learn from an expert experienced instructor.

Ricky pal
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Professional Dental Public Health specialist gives Public Health, Research methodology and Biostatistics lessons in Vancouver, BC

I prefer to teach using Microsoft Power Point, as it is more convincing then traditional lecturing. The lecture is followed by few MCQ's and feedback from the students to enhance the future classes. My typical class is with introduction to topic and humour to lighten the stressful atmosphere. Students from school, college or dental field can avail my services for their academic fulfilment.

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Dentist by profession, can teach biology in an interesting way in edmonton

My teaching methods are lectures, discussions, recitation, brainstorming, buzz groups to reflect knowledge. Classrooms are meant to learn and share ideas. As a teacher i want my students to be involved in the subject and gain as much as possible.

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I would like to teach all subjects related to biology ans science

my methods are based on students first i judge the student then use different methods based on their grasping power ,,,, i like to explain difficult things in an easy way by explaining in detail...

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Epidemiologist gives Vector control Classes to Public Health Diploma Students in Canada

My teaching methods based on the classes are : facilitator, I allow the student to explore and find answer through activities. Also i sometime use the hybrid style that blends the teacher’s personality and interests with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods.

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RN with nutrition and wound care background for nursing student in Hamilton, ON!

I like to teach with structure and creativity. I believe in a blend of textbook and hands-on learning.

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Doctoral student in public health gives tutoring for those who need it.

I use both structured and flexible approaches to teaching. A lot of student engagement and critical thinking are involved in my teaching.

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Public health nurse for 4 years gives lessons regarding the need for infant vaccines.

My teaching methods are doing lectures, simulations and games. I love doing recaps to freshen up students memory on discussed topics.

Maple Ridge
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Public health and nursing teacher. Lower Mainland including Vancouver. BScN,Masters in Public Health

I enjoy teaching using visual presentations and interactive methodology to suit learns of all types. Teaching would be for undergrad public health students and people requiring extra help in areas such as writing assignments.I am also able to assist in teaching basic English skills.

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Make health sciences medical sciences Easy, full of motivation I have two university degrees in health and medical science with more than 10 years in teaching and training

Ready to teach medical , science, public health , nutrition and nursing students Maintaining effective behavioral management within the classroom by incorporating motivational activities and positive reinforcement strategies Motivating students to take charge of their own learning strategies

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Need help in Health related studies I am here for you.

The students who are studying health care in schools and colleges, who needs help in nutrition, nursing, elder care and more can find a better place to learn in an easy way. I will change teaching methodology as per your requirements.

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Public Health Master student and Research technician eager to empower people through knowledge possession

I can share my knowledge with all segments of the population from primary to postgraduate university students as I have experience in managing all kind of audiences. I like to structure my lessons as collective discussion because I feel that the most valuable experience is gained through participation and free involvement.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted health and social care skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

Summer Hill
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Inner West Sydney Registered Nurse willing to coach and mentor nursing students or aspiring nurses

Lessons are delivered using modules that will suit client needs. The sessions will be engaging and interactive. Assessments will be made along the way to check on client progress. Planned revision to reinforce learning will be made with the client after each session.

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Solutions for systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and scoping reviews in Evidence-Based Practice (Medicine, Bio-medicine, Epidemiology)

Lessons are tailored to the student's requirements and knowledge-base. I guide and teach you as you conduct your review. My expertise covers each part of the review process: 1) question formation (PICO(R), SPIDER, etc.); 2) protocol design and protocol publication; 3) PROSPERO registration; 4) search strategy (MeSH, key words, etc.); 5) information retrieval (EndNote, Covidence, etc.

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Nutritionist with extensive experience in the field of nursing and care support up to level 6

My support is delivered online (no face to face meetings). My sessions involve steering students to find the answers themselves through essay plans, spider diagrams, stretching questions, as the students understanding of the topic is essential to achieve the high grades.

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Skype/Zoom sessions. Tutoring since 2013. Nursing students! Undergraduate and postgraduate tutoring

Online tutoring specializing in busy mature students and those juggling family and work commitments. I focus on strengthening students study approaches, exam preparation, writing and higher level scholarship skills. After hours sessions not a problem.

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Public Health Nutritionist offering lessons and support in Nutrition sciences, Public health and Research

I deliver lessons to Undergraduate and Master English-speaking students pursuing the discipline. My teaching is learner-centred. I use examples to breakdown complex aspects. My pitching level is set by the tutee with comparatively low intellectual acuity in a group.

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Health and Social Care graduate offering Health and Social Care upto university level in London

My method of aproach is based on topics or modules required to complete course accreditation or modules specification requirements as agreed

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Fun and vibrant Nursing Tutor covering all areas of Nursing including RN, EN, SN

- I use practical examples to assist in learning new concepts.

Newton Poppleford
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Osteopath and Sports Science graduate offering anatomy and physiology lessons in Exeter

I base my methods on keeping things simple but easy to implement, understand each student if different and adapt my approach based on whoever is in front of me. In short, I coach and empower you to succeed by yourself.

Mount Druitt
Katrina marie
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A Pharmacist ready to make Pharmacy courses easy and fun to learn.

My lesson shall be based on which subject would you want me to discuss. We could either follow your preferred academic materials and/or follow the outline I have prepared. For every topic, I will require you to answer a quick assessment and we'll discuss the answers with a detailed rationale.

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I am a student in Coventry University and I am willing to share my knowledge to anyone who requires help in areas of Health and Social Care, Public Health and Psychology.

I will happily offer lessons to students in secondary level up to university level who require assistance in subjects relating to my course of study, which is Childhood and Youth studies. As a tutor I believe in the student-centred approach, which means that I show a supportive figure and work closely to students to provide the guidance they need.

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Medical Doctor offering Medicine, Life Science, UCAS/UKCAT/SJT tutoring in the United Kingdom.

I like to base my teaching on what is needed to know. We will set a brief outline for the session before starting and establish areas for development. Based upon your needs we can structure the session to offer you the best outcome.

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Industrial chemistry student offering health care, general well being and food lessons

i am a student of industrial chemistry with my BSc in view and i can give lessons to people from age 7-50.

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Top 5% Health Science graduate and 3rd-year university award winner gives health lessons to university & high school students in Werribee

My teaching method is student-centred whereby I motivate students by helping them realise their strengths in a topic, and offer assistance in areas they require improvement. I base my classes on student progress, needs, and any gaps in knowledge. I approach topics by starting with the basis of topics, and building upon this.

Mãe Luzia
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Second year medical student teaches in Criciúma-SC and region. From pre-college to college.

My classes are based on the needs of the student and referenced in exceptional literary bases, which I use in my academic training. Dynamic classes (of active and dialectical methodology) but objective (with emphasis on learning what is essential in the clinical practice of the future doctor). I have experience in Health Education Methodology.

Chácara Santo Antônio (Zona Sul)
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A doctor who aims to study and teach how to treat an individual holistically.

I am a doctor, postgraduate in Neuroscience and post-graduate in Psychiatry. I have always loved to pass on a little of what I have learned. After all, teaching is also learning! Four years ago, I started teaching private English classes, which today are broad for medicine, especially for mental health issues.

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