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Doctor/researcher helping medical, pre-medical, and non-medical students learn medicine in an easy and effective way. Also help tutor for licensing board examinations for both the U.S. and Canada.

I generally support positive reinforcement and take the time to slowly and effectively explain challenging concepts. I act as a mentor and let students reach out to me if they have trouble with their studies even outside of class.

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Make health sciences medical sciences Easy, full of motivation I have two university degrees in health and medical science with more than 10 years in teaching and training

Ready to teach medical , science, public health , nutrition and nursing students Maintaining effective behavioral management within the classroom by incorporating motivational activities and positive reinforcement strategies Motivating students to take charge of their own learning strategies

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Health and wellness student provides English and science lessons with extraordinary skills in Barrie

During teaching students will engage in learning atmosphere, they will be given opportunity to work in groups, and they will ask and answer questions which will pave way to effective learning.

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Medical student to give health and science classes for students of all ages in Ottawa

Repetition, repetition, repetition.. that is what my methodology is based on. I use interactive techniques to help in understanding and memorizing key concepts. Based on the age of the student, I make sure to keep things on their level. Each lesson should be fun because honestly, I hated learning something that I did not enjoy.

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Current Nursing Student provides health science tutoring for all levels of education

I will base my classes on what you are currently learning as well as current events that can help further remember information. My classes will be more geared towards high school as well as first and second year university students. I am flexible for schedule as well as I will provide a detailed lesson plan prior to each class.

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Located in Sudbury, ON. Offering tutoring in the following subjects: nursing (RN), health sciences, nutrition

Flexible, will work with you to develop a methodology best-suited for you

Dr. harshali
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A Perfect place for all the future medical and health science aspirants

My teaching method would be by explaining the complex concepts of medicine in simplified way. Methods used can be simple teaching or presentation depending upon the demand of subject and concepts. Speciality of my class is that apart from common medical subjects, the homeopathic subjects can be taught. Classes provided till bachelor degree.

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Senior Faculty in Pharmacy University gives Tuitions in Pharmacology, Pathophysiology and Physiology

I mostly used below novel teaching tools for comprehensive understanding of subject/topic i) CRAMPS (Class, Rationale, Adverse reaction, Mechanism, Pharmacokinetics and Special considerations) approach have been used for delivering pharmacology and related subject content in day to day lectures.

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Nutritionist with extensive experience in the field of nursing and care support up to level 6

My support is delivered online (no face to face meetings). My sessions involve steering students to find the answers themselves through essay plans, spider diagrams, stretching questions, as the students understanding of the topic is essential to achieve the high grades.

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I can teach on practical Technic than the theoretical were the students can learn the theory very easily and enjoying the subject.

My teaching methodology is based on practical video teaching. The subjects will be taught by feeling the subject and not by making the students to memories the subject. I teach them the way that each subject and lesson can be remembered by their favorite topics. Its enjoying and fun in studying.

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Ring into the new year with better grades. Guaranteed. Tutor Medical students in all subjects of medicine .

I have an extensive knowledge and extensive knowledge in the field of medicine. I have been tutoring and mentoring medical students for the last 5 years . I have a MD in medicine and currently pursuing my masters in neurology in the University of Sheffield which is a Russell group university. I guarantee progress and better understanding of the subject if you choose me.

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Professor Asonfac. Areas of expertise: College and University level Health Sciences, Nursing.

I use evidence-based teaching (EBT) strategies to accomplish predetermined lesson objectives that meet current professional needs. I use innovative teaching strategies that are attuned to multiple generations and capture all learning styles. I believe in students centered teaching enhanced by good interpersonal relationship.

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Will help with assignments and projects including medicine, physiotherapy, dentistry, optometry, psychology, nutritionist and sports science.

I will help you complete your assignments on time and to a very high level. I will tailor my help to what you need and let me know specifically what exactly you require.

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Personalised attention for students aspiring for medicine and related subjects in chennai


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I am Public Health and Nutrition specialist. I offer support and lesson in public health, epidemiology, nutrition and research.

I am a public health specialist who offers lessons to Bachelors and Masters students in nutrition, epidemiology and research methods . I like building rapport with students and understand what they need. I am very flexible, and in most cases, I do online lessons.

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A student in Pharmacy school gives Tuition in Pharmacy Related with HSC & SSC Board Classes in Aurangabad at online & Home.

Teaching method is easy to understand. Basic concept will be clear, basic skill will be improved and there will be improvement in other basic skill development. Special Subject will be study throughly and deeply so that no any confusion create.

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Excellent Coaching for Pharmacy B. Pharm and M. Pharm Students in Vadodara, Gujrat, INDIA

I understand the students first and then develop method which suits individual students. For group teaching, I have my own developed methods to train the students which ensures their development in the subject. I use chalk and board method along with power point presentation.

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First Year Medical Student in Phoenix for MCAT Prep or Related Sciences

I teach my best when a student has worked through some material, but still doesn't understand it well. I try my best to put it in simple terms and use analogies that are relatable to everyday life. I take a hands on approach by working through the problem with the student and discussing my steps along the way. I am confident I can adapt to fit your needs.

San Antonio
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Need help for nursing? Let me be the answer for your questions

I'm a registered nurse with 15 years experience between nursing and Emergency Medical Services. I am knowledgeable in multiple nursing subjects. I teach by trying to make the subject enternaing but informative. If you enjoy the topic the easier it is to learn.

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Zoological and botanical life science with bioscience in biology and in Geology

I am a simple private school teacher teaching from the past three years to the students of class 1 to 8,I follow the rules of our late father's father of the nation M.K Gandhi who says us to make heart contact with the students.

Navi Mumbai
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Researcher and fitness trainer (life science/Pharmaceutical/nutrition/fitness), provide classes to students of Pharmaceutical technology, nutrition, fitness, chemistry, biology, biological and life sc

Teaching methodology: discussion, demonstration, video presentation. Classes are for degree students and also for school students facing difficulty in science, chemistry and biology. If in same city (Mumbai), can also teach in person. The teaching would be a fun and supereasy for any topic.

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Nurse is not only for serving the society but also to disseminate knowledge to growing buds

My aim is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. In my classroom I believe that all students have the fundamental right to have access to a successful and fulfilling education in order to be productive and valuable members of society. I strongly believe that there is no one size fits all approach to pedagogy and learning.

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Denovo educational learning and modern life with traditional way to perfect future

stress free life ,education to moral support in your daily life and open games how you support in your life and how to fight ,face to your problems. how you make your stress to your power with balancing diet with efficient exercises.

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Teaching about disease ,causes ,symptoms,medicines as iam a pharmacist and good knowledge of pharmacy

Iam a pharmacist,and i can teach medical students ,adults,,and can give patient counselling if necessary,,,,,,i did diploma and bachelore in pharmacy from india having a good knowledge of pharmacy,,medicines diseases and all.

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A registered sports nutritionist & FE sport science lecturer, looking to promote learner development

I believe teaching and learning is most effective when activities are creative and innovative. Learning should be a fun process that suits the needs of all learners abilities. Teachers should stay up-to-date with current literature to ensure we are developing and inspiring the younger generation.

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Qualified professional with master,s degree in surgery and teach medical subjects .

My teaching method is too understand the students mind set ,rather than putting my way i like to read their mind and try explain the subject in simplest possible way and that make things easy for them and they understand it well .

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Graduate Sports Therapist with experience in a number of sports at all levels giving Sports Science related lessons

My lessons are aimed at those studying for GCSE/A-Level/Degree and can be adapted to match the student's needs and learning preferences. I am patient and adaptable and believe if a student isn't grasping a concept then it is my responsibility to adapt my teaching method to facilitate this.

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Dental specialist with experience more than 25 years with zeal to teach

Problem based learning and case based learning. case scenarios which is dealt with help you in understanding the concept easily , which will help you to excel in the field, you will be confident to handle any given case with my way of teaching.

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Health and Nutrition requires Care and Knowledge for all to be fit for all challenges.

Looking at the present routine, behavior, deficiencies, challenges being faced by an individual or a group of people and their life-style studying and suggesting an better option to keep them fit without much change and medication. Use of Natural resources would be priority.

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Instructor and Trained Researcher: Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Education, Lessons, Assistance

My teaching methods vary broadly based upon the course and equipment available. I use a combination of powerpoint slides and group discussion or debate for most lessons. I try hard to incorporate current and emerging new information into all lessons.

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