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Experienced Certified Teacher; ALL Elementary subjects. BFA, Bach. Ed Richmond Hill, Vaughan

My classes and lessons change based on the individual. I assess what your needs are and plan accordingly. Continuous feedback and positive reinforcement offered. I am most comfortable tutoring and teaching elementary grades; JK-grade 8. Will follow IEP.

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University Fine Arts graduate offering innovative, accessible Modern Art lessons in Montreal

I base my classes on the visual exploration of art forms from the past to the present, which provides a framework for self expression through mixed media. My methodology to teach art is a clear focus on Composition and Imagination.

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Fashion design student, passionate about art and helping people enjoy\explore artistic interest.

I always make sure that what i teach should be as easy to understand as if i was explaining it to a 4-year old. I understand that people understand and disseminate information differently, and i adapt my teaching style to fit this understanding.

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Certified teacher with an undergrad in Art History and experience as a classroom art teacher looking to inspire students, foster empowerment, and spark joy

I approach my subject by structuring my lessons around a specific theme (artist, style, medium), and encourage creativity and risk taking within a safe learning environment. My intention is to teach art skills, theory, history, and vocabulary, while exploring various cultures and artistic practices.

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In a world of digital art and perfect renderings, printmaking is an art that brings back the human/analog feel to your designs. Human error is beautiful in itself!

My teaching methodology would include learning the basic skills of printmaking, and becoming comfortable with the craft. But without composition, a piece is ordinary, so I also add a section to would the design mind and teach what makes a strong composition in reference to graphic design.

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Professional illustrator, painter and designer offers specialized art classes for children ages 4 - 16

As a seasoned instructor of both children and youth, I focus my classes around your individual child and their diverse needs. I create specific programming based on the needs of your child and the goals that they would like to achieve.

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Illustration student gives drawing classes to kids and high school students in Calgary

My teaching methods would be to start breaking shapes and shading to make the learning easier on the student. I would have videos related to the learning and some figure drawing. Lot's of observational drawing as well as basic knowledge of design. If the student is interested. I would also give Adobe Suite classes.

Malvern East
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University of Melbourne Masters student available for Fine arts and Art History tutoring

My art teaching methodology is very hands on fun and practical. I always make sure my classes are engaging, fun and informative. Over the years i have learnt that the best way to teach creative classes is to be creative by example so i will often show students certain techniques and disciplines by engaging in an art work of my own.

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Artist/Interior designer offering lessons in airbrush technique, application and equipment care in the Portland/Vancouver area for beginners-intermediate level artists. 25 years experience.

I like to begin by assessing the skill level of my students then adjust my lesson plan to accomodate them so they get the most from the class regardless their experience. The first few lessons will start out with rendering basic shapes then progressing on to more complex subject matter.

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UAL Art & Design Student based in South London offering lessons and idea development classes in art for sixth form or GCSE students

My teaching is based on idea development classes, integrating contemporary art and themes into my teaching requires a shift from predominantly technique-driven instruction to idea-driven instruction. Many artists do not work in a single medium or technique and instead try to explore an idea, event, situation, or question through multiple media and visual strategies; I encourage this methodology.

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Art/Design professional, with a positive personalilty offering lessons in a variety of creative media in Brighton and often London.

I base my approach on a partnership very much under the humanist philosophy of building empathy and trust, geared to involve the learner at each stage of the decision making process. Through building up a rapport with students i can adapt my methodology towards individual learning styles.

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Monash Visual Arts graduate offers tutoring in Gippsland and South Eastern suburbs

I encourage students to identify the learning style that works best for them, and provide continuous positive support. My students have thrived in a fun learning environment through the use of visuals and practical experience. I have experience engaging students from as young as 4 years old, through to tertiary level.

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NC Certified K-12 Art Teacher providing one-on-one lessons from her home studio

Each lesson is uniquely crafted to fit the individual student. The hourly price covers all materials that will be needed to complete the lesson - students do not have to purchase the materials separately to attend.

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Qualified Artist offering Art and Design mentoring up to university level, in Preston. Semi-Finalist on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year 2014.

My first concern is to get to know you, your interests, skills and passions. Being creative is a very personal and exposing thing, developing your confidence in your abilities as well as your trust in me as a tutor is key. Getting to know you will help me to form lesson plans that spark your own exciting ideas that projects can develop from.

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Art student offering varied drawing, painting and printmaking tuition to GCSE Level in Birmingham

I like to structure my lessons around relatively simple exercises to improve technique and confidence, alongside theory and art history guidance that will come in useful in future study, and pertains to the topic at hand. I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, and love curiosity in all its forms. I'm currently only looking to tutor hobby students, or those aiming for GCSE level.

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Qualified motivating Art teacher in Cheshire offering varied art and craft lessons

I am an Artist and teacher, I run workshops for children and adults. My aim is to cover key skills whilst encouraging expression and creativity. My classes break down techniques in to easily achievable stages encouraging students to develop skills.

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Arts Facilitator, Textile Designer, Printmaker & Illustrator gives guidance through art lessons.

My classes are about developing and experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of your current skill set by trying new processes, methods and practices. I believe everyone can have a go at art, whether it is fine art, craft, or design.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Textile Designer Newcastle teaching printmaking design with 20 years experience in design

my teaching method is simple easy and clear to understand and gain knowledge of how the print making works. You will be able to then go onto develop and explore the medium yourself. can lead onto textile design and print work.

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Art and Design teacher offering bespoke, inspiring and exciting arts education in West Midlands

I have high expectation for my students. I inspire them by showing artist's work and through the use of techniques which either intrigue or link to their own personal interests. l can teach across all the age ranges, from younger children developing skills to degree level students with critiques and portfolio development. I have worked alongside the OCR exam board.

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Artist and part time Art Teacher based in Bristol. BA (hons) Fine Art and Art History.

I am very adaptable and would be happy to focus on one media or skill in particular - such as drawing, painting, art analysis or photography - or to develop a wide range of skills and techniques with a student, depending on age, time-frame and requirements. I would be happy to tutor small groups.

Port Angeles
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Student who offers fun drawing and art lessons 3 years of experience.

My teaching method is having confidence in your work can make a great improvement, never be afraid to start off messy. Even though I am not a very advanced artist, I improve my weakness by doing them with bold confidence.

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Art and design teacher offering tuition to both adults and children. All abilities welcome.

I cater each session to my tutees needs, depending on what they would like to get out of each session. We can then work together on setting and meeting specific requirements or targets.

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Psychology student with education in Illustration and Graphic design available as a tutor

I am happy to tutor in person and in larger groups. My work can be found on my website (concealed information) I am happy to teach individuals of any age and I tend to adapt my teaching technique based on the needs of the individual or the group.

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Freelance illustrator offering ink and watercolour sessions in the Teesside and North-East area

Students looking to improve their illustration skills and experiment with new mediums such as inks and watercolours will benefit from my fun, engaging lessons. Want to learn some screen printing practices? No problem, I can bring all the kit you need to start creating some custom print work. I specialise in animal illustration so they will play a large part in my lessons too.

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A LEVEL Art student offering art lessons in Loughborough for GCSE Students

In my lessons we would go through the basics of are being, tone, texture, line and pattern. After perfecting these four elements we would proceed to doing different types of art mediums being acrylic painting, oil pastels and other type of techniques.

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Bachelor's of Arts graduate offering art lessons in Henderson, Nevada with 10 years experience.

I have given lessons to beginners and intermediate college student. My techniques and methods are based on what I have learned from my mentors. As well as sharing knowledge of my own techniques, I believe sharing knowledge has a great impact.

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I can help to channel your artistic side, so you can do your best

Each class is based on the student. They are structured accordingly so that every student can benefit from it. Art is a subject that is individual to ever person, hence each lesson is related to how the student will respond to it, and make the most of it.

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Art student offering art lessons up to the university level in Northampton

My teaching method is by connecting art with the people. For me the better you feel and see throughout the material the best. As an artist I feel like, the more you connect with the artwork or with the artist the better, you can see the reason behind the art piece, which is the most important thing.

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I'm Taylor and I can teach most art forms. I'm from Kansas and am currently in college studying Art Education

I enjoy teaching children and young teens/adults the basic and high level skills of different art forms in a free flowing atmosphere. I enjoy letting people create and learn at there own pace, with the help from a teacher or other students.

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Be a maker and make the world a better place! Learn how to make with an MA student with experience in teaching!

Welcome to the world of making. I am happy to have you join me to solve the most mysterious mystery of all times. It is a riddle that many have tried to solve, and have unfortunately enjoyed the mere process of solving so fulfilling that they’ve been stuck doing just that ever since.

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