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Fort Erie
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Second year business student helping students with course work in the Niagara Region

I like to incorporate my student's individual interests into the lessons. I believe this would make the lessons more engaging and beneficial for the student. I myself find it helpful if I incorporate personal experiences/interests into teaching myself university content.

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Commerce student gives accounting, math and business classes for high school students in Brampton and Toronto!

I will show you real, effective and efficient ways to study and understand the topic to prepare you for exams or assignments. Furthermore, my work in administration helps tie everything together as I can relate what you are studying to day to day business operations.

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Entrepreneur and a Wealth Manager, give guidance on financial planing and sales

I prefer teaching in a particular structure but love to keep that structure grow organically and dynamically according to the student interaction and his level of subject matter understanding.

Muhammad umar
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A person having not only academic knowledge only but polished his skills with adequate experience.

I teach a subject by elaborating it with examples from my personal experiences. This helps students to conceptualize things instead of just learning them.

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Former marketing and sponsorship manager provides marketing lessons for high school and college students in the Guelph and tri-city area.

I approach the subject with flexibility, allowing students to identify concepts/topics that they are struggling to retain, and customizing my cirriculum accordingly.

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Management-economics professor specialty marketing to help you decipher the methods to be successful.

Hello, as a teacher of Sales and Marketing in the National Education for the past 7 years, I offer my services and experience to assist you in the success of your projects. I propose to review all the studied concepts and then apply using exercises and case studies in order to better control the material taught.

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Consultant with International experience in Marketing, sales, Business Strategy, Business intelligence and Start-Up

28 years old. Graduated from Master 2. 5 years experience national and international. Students like working on real cases and concrete situation. We work like if we were on the field as consultant, manager or sales director. If you just need theory, you better buy a book.

André p. leblanc
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- International Marketing and Business Development - Customised courses according to specific needs given by a confirmed Professional

I love working with case studies to develop certain concepts. This method helps the student get a more down-to-earth and practical comprehension of the subject matter. With this method, the student then feels more at ease to apply these principles to real-life situations.

Barra da Tijuca
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MBA 1999 UC Berkeley with 28 years of experience in Business Development, Marketing, Consultative Selling, Sales Argumentation, Strategic Planning, Business Cases, Portfolio Management, Partnerships,

I am an MBA 99 from UC Berkeley HaasT and elecom and Industrial Engineer from PUC-Rio. I have 28 years working experience in Business Development, Business Consulting, Consultative Selling approach, Financial Modeling, Portfolio Management, Partnership management. In past 4 years I worked with Business Development in Digital Transformation, IoT, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

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Expert in marketing and advertising management for beginners in Veracruz and surroundings

I am prepared to teach you how I learned to learn, It's easy to me to teach clearly. I will teach you in several ways that will make you retain the information and so I will help you learn to learn.

Marseille 2e
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Taste the passion to learn, I will be happy to provide you with some of my expertise, know how to be and my diverse experience

OUTSTANDING METHOD: ideas, practical and concrete cases, closer to everyday life, better assimilation and a very good retention. An original method that allows the student to discover that he is able to succeed his subject and that the problem lies in the way in which the course was given to him. the student regains his confidence in himself and the courage to lift his finger in the classroom.

Ciudad de México
Joaquin rafael
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Digital transformation programs for your start-up and your business. Online digital tools training.

Executive mentoring programs supported by digital platforms to establish in less than 30 days your business model, with hours of on line content available 24/7. Weekly sessions for monitoring and reviewing the scope of SMART objectives. Evaluation from the Academic, Pedagogical and Psychological point of view.

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Student in Master 2 Business School, gives course of economy / SES on Aix-Marseille

My courses are a condensed Bac ES, TC Dut, Bachelor Business Management, and Master Business School. I start with an analysis of learning, then we will build skills according to the goal of the student. My courses are aimed at high school students in Bac ES or STMG until students in Bac + 3.

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Marketing & communication lessons given by MBO student Marketing & Communication TTO (bilingual education)

Especially helping with the questions that people have and discussing the things that people want. I will prepare the things that arew asked the previous lesson and then treat it as accurately as possible in order to help the pupil.

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Production Engineer Student with more than two stages and lots to share!

I base my lessons on the knowledge gained throughout my journey and I have a very strong belief that each person learns in a way, so common teaching leaves so much to be desired. I intend to adapt in order to best serve each of my future students.

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My method is based on 3 pillars: - Learning: I help you to understand the key concepts and learn more effectively - Training: we work on many subjects type bac, with thorough correction - Motivation: we form a real team to achieve your goals The courses are aimed at students of Terminal STMG and students of BTS Management of Business Units.

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Graduating gives lessons and repetitions in Marketing and Economics at Pescara and neighboring

I am a graduate in Economics and Marketing. I impart lessons of Economics, Marketing and Principles of Statistics and Mathematics, including the Statistical inference. I have a good method of teaching, the student never comes out of a class without having understood the daily topic. I treasure the personal training and I try to do the best without becoming heavy but studying together.

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Entrepreneur (HEAO CE) gladly transfers international sales experience and knowledge to the youth!

I take the initiative of the student. What do you want to learn, what do you need? I use my practical experience as an illustration to "wake up" the student. The association that thus arises with the curriculum leads to better insight and better memorization of that curriculum. Oral examinations and graduation sessions are, to my firm conviction, not exclusively learned from a book.

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Management consultant for Micro, Small, Middle & large companies, national and international brands in Mexico


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A dreamer in Barcelona, who is helping to make dreams come true

I am a dreamer who is working to make dreams come true. From the beginning he helped others. Sometimes to improve their products / services and business processes, sometimes advising them how to improve their efficiency or just simply consulting with them.

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Mechanical Engineer self employed with Multi-Year Experience in Private Industry and Trading

I work on preparing students in Benevento and the province on scientific subjects but I also work with German and English for lessons, translations (swear or not) and interpretation. All thanks to my technical training as an engineer and my many years of work experience in Germany and around the world.

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Young enthusiastic entrepreneur offers academic support in the field of Commerce with a touch of personal development!

As a young entrepreneur, I know the challenge of getting a degree. Having been alternating in a first in BTS NRC, I graduated in 2016 with 20/20 (and came out of Major Promo!) Then I continued in L3 Commerce & Marketing, always alternately.

Ciudad de México
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Sales courses and lectures totally customized online

MA / MSc with extensive experience offers courses and consulting sessions fully customized online. Sales seminars and courses for entrepreneurs and professionals. - Increase sales. - Monitoring program for prospects. - Fidelity customers. - Factors and key points to consider. - Concepts and definitions.

Louis augustin
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Diploma of business school and personal development offers its help for decision making and entrepreneurship in Paris

Graduate of various complementary training in personal development, the courses, accompaniments and other advice that I plan to give its completely ad hoc and depend very much on your needs. Indeed, it is easy for me to give you keys of communication, things to observe to see the unspoken, to accompany you in your decision-making, to manage the conflicts, ...

Ciudad de México
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International Commerce, Marketing, Administration, Excel, Law Adunanera, Informatica, Leadership Address CDMX LIC.

Lic International Business. Administrator / Sales / Business, Advanced Excel, 24 Years. Teach with results, not with methods. 80% practical 20% theoretical. Real practical cases. Apply the Logic in the resolution. Success stories. Train to stay in the job interview you want. Conferences and courses. Results from 2nd class.

Río Cuarto
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Tec. In Administration gives classes of Administration, Marketing and business consultancy, In Río Cuarto and Córdoba

I offer a wide range of comprehensive consulting services aimed at optimizing and promoting the processes of development of COMPANIES. Design theoretical and practical programs to create companies andpeople COMPETITIVE .

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Good day. undergraduate student in Business Development MKT Area I give shopping classes. Warehouse. Administration Administration. Marketing and everything related to administration to students

I am Addressing Students who Need Help with any of the subjects that they carry in their preparation, career or engineering. I like to explain first to understand and then go to practice! The doubts are clarified at the moment with the student.

Nicolás hugo
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I have a degree in Foreign Trade, I can help you with IMPO-EXPO // International Logistics // Business Development // SMEs // MKT

I have didactic facility, I always try to find different teaching methods that adapt to the student.

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Learn Digital Marketing strategies, understand your audience and increase your company sales

The classes are aimed at entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium enterprises; diverse professionals, and people with a need to learn how to design a marketing strategy through digital media. The graduate of this course will be able to assess which tools are the most convenient to design a digital marketing strategy for your company, product or service, and be able to measure your results.

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Specialist in Logistics and International Trade, I offer tailored classes in Cali

My methodology is simple, and is based mainly on the knowledge / skills of the student. It is structured to fit the student in the simplest way, with examples of real life, so that it is much easier to assimilate the concepts.

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