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Aspiring Standup Comedian teaches the philosophy and fundimentals of writing and performing standup comedy

I teach by showing students how to throw themselves into the deep-end whilst still maintaining a safe and constructive environment for themselves in which to fail and learn. This teaches personal strength and the ability to learn independantly.

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Retired drama teacher, annual play director gives acting classes (improvisation, audition techniques, acting for the camera)

I use improvisations to warm up the students. I introduce them to various styles and genres with various media presentations. I haver been teaching all ages between preschool through adulthood. I have had several ex students who became professional actors and/or directors.

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Hello, my name is Yulia, I am a Montreal based actress and acting teacher!

My teaching method is turned towards practice and theory. I explain the subject and afterwards, I make my student try it by themselves. I think acting first of all, comes from the heart. I love to make an acting experience a fun and challenging experience.

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Professional actor/ director provides scene study, acting skills for those who aim high

I base my teaching method on the individual with an ability to assist with confidence development and being comfortable with yourself being the top requirement.

Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
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ACTING 121 classes and 1 to 3 day courses. ClassesActing.com Coach with Acting Masters degree. 18 years teaching experience. All ages and levels. Also films / edits showreels

Acting classes and courses. 1) In person (London) 2) or online / video-call/ Skype All information and rates: www ClassesActing dot com ________________________________________________ Coaching all ages and levels. Individual 121 coaching Group classes possible if you have a group.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

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Professional Actor & Teacher here to help you on your dramatic journey

Hello and welcome to my tutor page. I am Dean a UK based actor who specializes in teaching and directing between scratching that acting itch. I am here to help you in any aspect of Acting and gaining that edge for that practicle exam or audition. Everyone I have helped have their own story and therefore lessons change and develop to suit the person in question.

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Actor with 30 years film/ tv /and theatre experience teaches acting and voice

Methodology is entirely dependent on individual's current skills and requirements. The core is create a strong base vocally, physically and mentally ( the imagination is key) and of course how to apply that to text and performance and for what medium.

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Coach improv theater in Paris and the Paris region (overseas experiences)

The courses are aimed at anyone from 10 to 87.5 years. The sessions will be filmed on specific categories or a way of playing (Improv Match, wrestling, cabaret ...) it can also be general. Courses can be for particular home or in a group in a room that I can provide.

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Performing Arts Graduate in Birmingham offering help with performances, lines and Monologues

My teaching method is more Meisner than Stanislavsky. I however believe there is a place for both and both can work well with each other. I give lessons to anyone who requires them, as long as you can speak English! I am extremely friendly as well as having an big passion for Improvisation. Lessons will be informal and will be tailored to what you require.

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Nothing is constant everything is relative. Fuckoff to the world and hii to urself

My medology is I first base up my class.. Make them feel comfortable and frank with everyone. Give them one by one chance to introduce them self to make them open up in front of themself. To remove all the fears about the family and about the world. I always try to make my students happy and be the way they r. I never judgements and neither compare anyone with anybody else.

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Acting Coach in the Rugby area with over 20 years of stage and screen experience . A unique sense of humour included.

I have been a working actor on both stage and screen for the last 20+ years, with a degree in Film Studies.

Ciudad de México
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Actor and theater director, he teaches improvisation and theatrical creation, adolescents and adults, at the CDMX.

You will learn about theater based on the game, we will see techniques such as improvisation, emergency theater. The idea is that at the end of the course, you can do works that act for yourself, of the themes and genres that you like the most.

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Drama in the Community graduate offers key skills and knowledge in Lincoln

My teaching style is similar to my directing style, it adapts with the people that I am with. I like to create a fun atmosphere where you would feel comfortable and willing to join in with the activities. My lessens always contain a drama game that links in with the subject area and one that you'd be able to use in the future in many circumstances.

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I am a very approachable and responsible graduate of Buckinghamshire New University, who has successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in 2015, with over 4 years of experience teaching Drama and Engl

I have been working as a tutor/teacher within the English language/literacy and Drama/Performing arts sector for over 4 years now and I have gained a significant amount of experience within classroom settings, workshop settings as well as 1 to 1 settings. I currently hold an up to date DBS and I have had safeguarding training as well as professional teaching standards training.

Hawthorn East
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Recent Performing Arts (Drama) graduate who has a background working in schools in as both a classroom tutor and a one-on-one special needs tutor.

I approach tutoring by treating my students not as a child, but as a person with their own interests and skills. The main reason I didn't become a teacher is because I know how the education system fails the majority of students. I want to work with people to enhance their abilities in a way that works for them. This makes them more inclined to learn, as well as enjoying the subject.

Las Vegas
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Comedian/Princeton lecturer with 20+ years experience teaches comedy online/phone. Writing, performance and the business of comedy.

Stand-up comedy?! I got your stand-up comedy lessons right here! Really, I do. I've been performing and teaching comedy for over 20 years and I've developed lesson plans and a teaching style that will show you the secrets of writing comedy material and how to expertly deliver it on any stage.

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College Theater student in Magnolia, Ar with 2 years of experience in the industry

I believe that pertaining to acting, people learn by doing. The structure will be learning a monologue or performing a piece and offering feedback to help it become the best performance it can be. I am patient and methodical. We can also work on auditioning, such as clothing, style, and how to build confidence and many other things in the industry.

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Musical theatre student offering guidance in Blackburn, Have certified achievements, beginners welcome

My teaching methods are simple, react the piece you are doing the way you want it to sound if it needs tweaking I will help, Musical Theatre can also be used as a confidence booster or if you simply just want to have a new experience with the musical arts

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Bachelor of Arts in Northern Amazonia, working for more than 5 years with children and the elderly

collaborative learning designed for all arts students of all ages who wish to experience gamification in the teaching and learning processes of the performing arts as an innovative method designed for all people who want to learn by playing.

Laguna de Duero
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Professional course of sketch and creative improvisation for young actors and writers

I treat the course freely and simply. We will start with the theory of why something makes people laugh. Then we will investigate the construction of characters and scenes. Later, the student will build the sketches and I will provide points of view and help.

Toluca de Lerdo
Andreiev edian
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Student of Theater gives classes of Acting, improvisation, declamation, etc. Toluca and surroundings

I am an Actor in professional training. These classes are aimed at high school, high school and / or undergraduate students who are interested for the first time in the Theater, in the Performance and in the development in their daily life, as a professional. However, it is not only dedicated to students without previous knowledge, but also for those who have an interest in learning more.

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Dare to Delve into Drama in Dynamic Dallas with Diverse, Dedicated Alexandra

National arts journalist and NEA Annenberg/O'Neill Institute Fellow Critic with a lifetime of experience in performance arts, creative writing and directing innovative educational camps and programs. Express your true self while learning effective drama skills in a safe, respectful environment.

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Passionate Drama Student gives acting lessons to all comers in Launceston & Tasmania area

First and most importantly is the style of actor you want to be, once we go from there we can build on that idea. I have been in a great variety of productions and have had to practice many different acting styles from children's theater to Shakespeare, knowing when to be comedic and how much comedy is needed at the given moment and when to be dramatic.

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Theater actor from Shri raam center of performing arts and IPTA an

My method is very simple to take example from the real world no need to copy any thing each and every character is here just we need to observe them very carefully. Imagination power is also very helpful for the acting.

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I am a current GCSE student and LAMDA student who's achieved a Distinction, I give primary/secondary students Acting/Drama Theory help to encourage them to be great actors/actresses!!

I am Sarah, a Theatre lover. I give lessons to primary/secondary students as I believe it encourages them to show their full potential and gives them courage. At first I get to know the student as a whole, learn their strengths and weaknesses for example; pronounciation of words, physical movements etc.. I will teach them in their naturual learning ways and kinestatically.

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Acting classes for the ones who dream of becoming a super star but through hard work and consistency.

My teaching method includes, understanding what "acting" actually means, hacks for emotions you find difficult to come up with.

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Acting Modeling health teacher personality development gym trainer math teacher et

i am gym trainer and i am also teach you math and all is about to mr indian fame and i love acting modeling and ramp walk also so i can teach you all the thing other my hobies is dancing singning

(2 reviews)
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Classically trained Award Winning Actor/Comedian here to provide YOU with the skills necessary in order to become a successful and memorable Performer.

My methods are rooted in the individual. An informal chat is my way of understanding the best approach for you, considering your experience and goal. We can begin by discussing your expectations, then move onto more specific areas such as audition technique, or text based study etc. My classes are fun, so no anxiety is needed here.

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Acting is a best job according to me because it creates Magic.

My teaching methodology is to spread knowledge every where and to educate people with the lessons of real life of human beings.

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