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NYC-trained up-and-coming actress Madi Violet Graves gives acting lessons for Toronto actors looking to create truthful and compelling work and BOOK THE JOB!

I base my teaching upon getting to the core of what makes you, authentically YOU. When you get real with yourself, and start to bring YOU to your work, magic happens. Forget becoming a character, forget crazy outdated acting "techniques" like sense memory, substitutions, and forget hours of rehearsal and FORGET overthinking.

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Retired drama teacher, annual play director gives acting classes (improvisation, audition techniques, acting for the camera)

I use improvisations to warm up the students. I introduce them to various styles and genres with various media presentations. I haver been teaching all ages between preschool through adulthood. I have had several ex students who became professional actors and/or directors.

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Hello, my name is Yulia, I am a Montreal based actress and acting teacher!

My teaching method is turned towards practice and theory. I explain the subject and afterwards, I make my student try it by themselves. I think acting first of all, comes from the heart. I love to make an acting experience a fun and challenging experience.

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Professional actor/ director provides scene study, acting skills for those who aim high

I base my teaching method on the individual with an ability to assist with confidence development and being comfortable with yourself being the top requirement.

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Professional Performer, Director, and Administrator can help you hone your acting chops!

I teach an integrated approach to acting, with an understanding that every performer has a different "in" that takes them into the world of the character. I attempt to work with each actor's individual methodology and approach to create a technique that works for them.

Dr navdeep
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Action may not bring happiness but there is no happiness without action

Every individual has some specific qualities in his attitude that how he respond against any kind of stimulus and he has three basic tools of acting i.e. body, voice and mind. I always worked on these tools of individual and try to find remove the blocks. I always try to give fine lining to individuals qualities.

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Theater Classes (Adults) (Individual or Group) for beginner, with the learning and mastering of theatrical techniques (Stress management - Breathing - Public speaking etc ...)

PARISIAN STAGE DIRECTOR. With a management experience of many actors with diverses backgrounds, I usually adapt courses, advice and work with the personality and the needs of the participants. It is extremely important to me that the sessions are based on trust, in a relaxing, healthy environment, away from stress, and away from fear of habitual judgment engaged in public or on a set.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

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Gives Theater classes for children / adults at home for beginner and intermediate

- Speaking, managing stress, channeling your emotions, letting go, concentration in the context of your professional activity. - Personal development, self-fulfillment, develop your personality, reveal all your abilities.

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Improve your ACTING & Vocals| Currently on tour and working professionally | Liverpool, UK, Global |

I am flexible with my teaching methods. Before the lesson we can email and discuss what it is you would like to improve on, how you need my help and any further information you need off me. That way the time/money spent is valuable.

Glen Forrest
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Ciudad de México
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Actor, singer and dancer performer teaches languages ​​and stage art in Benito Juárez and Coyoacán

I am a student of classical dance and musical theater, with teachers from AMDA and the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance, I also know and manage the Valencia method in theater, as well as Meisner technique and corporal and vocal expression. I also study and practice languages ​​and until now I am able to teach you English.

Nitin g
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Experienced and well trained actor teaches acting and directs interesting plays in Hyderabad.

His is interested in teaching courses like Meisner technique, Michael Chekhov’s technique, Stanislavski method and Indian classical drama - Rasa and Bhava; and his research interests lie in performance histories, post colonial drama, evolution of ancient arts, dialects of English, Hindi and Marathi et al.

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Professional and academically and practically experienced in the fields of performing arts, literature, creative writing (poetry, prose, drama), cultural research / studies, event management, public s

The teaching method that I apply is an interactive method. Participants are given a stimulus in their development. The creativity of the participants is not limited to the features of education that are not in accordance with him. Of course with directives and some required reading and learning media that are effective and efficient.

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Minimalist Theatre Design and the Importance of Scenograohy in Comtemporary Interdisciplinary Arts

I work chronologically highlighting historical context, ethical discourse, and the importance of Revisionist approaches to modern design practices across disciplines. Through research, practical exploration and further reading, students will gain insight into theatre design, ethical approaches and Scenographic practice techniques.

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Design graduate offering art & design, drama and lesson support up to secondary school exam level

I believe each student is an individual and like to find out the approach that works best for them when tutoring. From here I'd base each support lesson around the area they need help with in a way they find helpful to learn.

North Castle
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Acting for 15 plus years and now newly committed to Adelphi University's Theater Conservatory

My teaching method is based on my own experiences along with the teachings of Sanford Meisner, a man of many talents. Sanford Meisner is my mentor as I have read every book and manual he has authored along with watched some of his past students.

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Online Acting Training with Raven! The New School for Drama, BFA (NYC)

During my time here in South Africa, I've used meditation and movement as entry points to performance with my young actors. Imagination and concentration exercises have been foundational in teaching discipline and craftsmanship. I then, begin talking them through their scene-work helping them find their way to the character through questions and propositions.

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Student of the Degree in Acting at the National University of the Arts

The classes are aimed at students of primary and secondary school, as well as for university students who are in careers with the artistic themes. It is not necessary to have a previous important content. The dynamics of the class will be adapted to the needs of the students, if it is something more theoretical or of the practical branch.

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A Soft Skill trainer to give a lecture on English and communication skill classes

My teaching method is a step by step method to give the best way to student can understand the problem in a very easy way.i always give the lessons in a very short and best method to student can capture the bullets point of the Book.

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I am a current GCSE student and LAMDA student who's achieved a Distinction, I give primary/secondary students Acting/Drama Theory help to encourage them to be great actors/actresses!!

I am Sarah, a Theatre lover. I give lessons to primary/secondary students as I believe it encourages them to show their full potential and gives them courage. At first I get to know the student as a whole, learn their strengths and weaknesses for example; pronounciation of words, physical movements etc.. I will teach them in their naturual learning ways and kinestatically.

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I will give tutions to students of class 1 to 6 of any board

My teaching method is child should understand basic things nd imagine nd than to do studies i dont perfer ratafication

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Acting classes for the ones who dream of becoming a super star but through hard work and consistency.

My teaching method includes, understanding what "acting" actually means, hacks for emotions you find difficult to come up with.

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Acting Modeling health teacher personality development gym trainer math teacher et

i am gym trainer and i am also teach you math and all is about to mr indian fame and i love acting modeling and ramp walk also so i can teach you all the thing other my hobies is dancing singning

Buenos Aires
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Hi , My method of teaching is based on the theatrical games and creation of the characters through theatrical rituals, role play, improvisation, comedy, stand up and also teach to act in front of cameras for movies and tv! wait for you guys! bye bye

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Acting means A purgation of emotion,, I am student of Visva bharati Drama department,will make you know theories and practicals of Acting in different media

My teaching method is, I will make them know about acting by body,mind and movements where expression is a cherry on a cake, Acting is a form of art where an actor shouldn't act he or she should behave them selves as they are and this is my method, I will make my students comfortable on this form by a friendly teaching process because acting is not all about teaching acting is sn understanding

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Professionally trained Actress offering Acting and performance Lessons and tutoring in London

I am an approachable tutor who will work with the individual needs of each student to ensure they get the best results possible and achieve their goals. I structure every lesson or class to make sure every student is fulfilling their individual potential.

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Acting graduate offers classes in York City centre, both for individual and groups.

I like to start with some excercises to build your confidence. From there, we can look at what you want to achieve - perhaps nailing an audition or simply dedicating a couple of hours a week to what you love.

Greater London
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Personal/Professional London based Acting and Life Coach with over 10 years experience

I am a Classically trained Actor , graduate of The Guildford School Of Acting working in London as both an actor and Acting/Life coach. I have over 10 years of experience in working in Theatre/Film/Commercials. This covers areas of Audition prep (Professional and Drama School), presentations, best man/maid of honor speeches, Motivation sessions (Personal /Professional ) .

Pacific Pines
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Current Acting student and model giving Acting and modelling lessons in the Gold Coast

I have participated in multiple Acting workshops and am very informed about the modelling industry Acting lessons vary depending on what the students want, I specialise in: Improvisation, Theory (practioners such as Augusto Boal and Jerzy Grotowski), Screen acting, Accents, character building, body and facial movements, script writing and many more For modelling i will teach: Basic and...

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