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For self defence it's very imperative to learn tactics and moves like martial arts

I start my class from basics and then to higher level. Simplicity is my motive.

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North American, Canadian champion 3 dan black belt in TaeKwon Do offering lessons. Specialty in ITF sparring and patterns.

Obtained 1st dan black belt in 1989 at the age of 9. Obtained 3rd dan black belt in 1996 at the age of 16. Competed around the world winning numerous competitions. Specialty in ITF patterns and sparring. Teaching will be 1-2 hour classes 1-2 students max. We will cover every aspect of stances, movements and their applications and how to optimize power, flexibility and endurance.

Brooklynn ivy
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18 year old girl with 14 years experience gives taekwondo lessons in their home in Edmonton

My teaching method is centralized on self improvement. I believe in encouragement as well as constructive criticism. I base classes on physical fitness, flexibility, and martial arts training. Taekwondo classes are designed for students of all ages and of all levels.

N elizabeth
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Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Korean Orginal Martial Art, self defense for all

I teach the techniques of self defense of the martial art Soo Bahk Do, and of Tae Kwon Do. Students learn personal discipline with values that favor their personal development, their self-esteem, and their safety, in addition to generating excellent physical and emotional skills.

Fort Meade
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Learn Self-defense and martial arts from a 3rd degree Black Belt from the United States.

I teach in a manner that is based on real world techniques and philosophies. I concentrate on teaching the correct techniques in a manner that is easily understandable. I see each person as an individual and will adapt my content and teaching methods to accommodate their personal skills, needs, and physical abilities.

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Taekwondo lessons with a 3rd degree level 4 black belt certified instructor

My teaching method is to evaluate the client's experience, ability level, and the amount of time that we have and make appropriate lesson plans. In an hour I can teach the basics of a round and sidekicks, how to do any 360 and jump 360 or feilong and 540. 30 minutes and I can give you the introduction for both as well as practice techniques fornimproving the skills.

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Taekwondo Coach with credential 5th dan and Kukkiwon Master Intructor Course coaches students, having 25 years of Coaching experience, in both Olympic style and traditional style.

Traditional methods as well as modern approach of coaching students. Personal attention to indivisuals is focussed as intake depends from person to person.

Deepak patel
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2 Times Guinness world record in Taekwondo having 9yrs experience in martial arts.

First i will take some bascis class in self defence and taekwondo..

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I am international player and nis coach current location bathinda Cambridge school

My teaching methodology first kindergarten child motors skills motors learning development and physiology training in class give fitness class now

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I will teach you taekwondo . its an korean martial arts . its about hand and legs

My teaching methods is simple .i will start from the basic . See the students which are in the form. .

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Life Guard Taikwondo Attack and Defense tips with Enhanced Techniques by Ashutosh Urmaliya

I believe teaching is a very noble profession . On this platform my goal would be to reach out those who seek their passion in Martial arts ,also those who want to live it but somehow are not able to due to various reasons.

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Martial arts, self defense, fitness, flexibility, self confidence, speed, and lots of fun.

my method is simple. attract interest then attentiveness follows. making it fun makes learning faster. strict to the curriculum but fun. also leading by example. performing each exercise before teaching it make the mind find it possible to achieve .

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I'm Paula, I'm from Colombia and I'm blue belt in Taekwondo. Grupal and Individual clasess

My teaching metodologhy is that the oeople learn of me and all that i have learned to my masters in the past and in my country

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Gives true n traditional knowledge about physical fitness,diet, bodybuilding & taekwondo.......

My teaching method is based on true and traditional information about physical fitness, bodybuilding, taekwondo and mainly about diet....

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You will need a Coach to learn. but with a young one you will also Understand and enjoy the game.

Taekwondo is a game to learn for everyone.But for me it is passion so keep your Passion alive nd join me.

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World champion Martial Arts Instructor with over 20 years experience West Midlands

I have different methods for different ages. However all my classes/tuition incorporate team work, self defense, confidence building, fitness, focus, co ordination, balance, discipline, respect and memory. All classes have a grading system in place. Allowing everyone to grow, achieve and obtain a black belt should they wish to do so.

New Delhi
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Dedicated and proactive individual with Black Belt 1st Dan, passed out from Delhi University with past experience in coaching and helping to gain ability to defend yourself.

My Taekwon-do journey started in 2012 in Assam where I successfully qualified to participate and hang the gold on my neck at district level, Regional level, National level competitions, inter department at Delhi University. It’s been five years of being a student of Taekwon-do.

Greater Noida
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I am blackbelt in Taekwondo and taekwondo coach from last 5 years ...

I will train you in different ways which are effective to learn faster then other in proper perfect ways .

Greater London
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Only for defence classes i dont want any other classes only thanks

my teaching method is the best off performance for the defence classes judo and martial arts so my performance is the best off my my knowledge than student motivation classes than how to manage for the body

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3rd Dan Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor Offers Initiation and Improvement sessions in Paris

3rd dan of Taekwondo instructor, I propose sessions of Taekwondo, Boxing (English and / or French) and / or Body Combat. I rely on my experience at the Dojang to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience. The sessions are completely adapted to the level of the student. I can move around in Paris.

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National student of taekwondo can provide special training to the students who are intrested in such sport

My teaching method is by giving examples and relate them with the real life.

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Where Self defence and fitness meets together. Create your own identity i life

As I starts my sports career from the age of 5. I start the training players from basic excercise at beginner level & slowly move to advance level based on the performance. Special attention to diets of players.

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I am a national level medalist.. please join me You will surely impress from my training.

My method is give basic training and increase fitness and endurance for the next level. After that I start special training of taekwondo.

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Thoko use jo tumhe chede Lear self defense I will tell you

I will tell you everything in a very simple manner makes you best so you can defend your self in need

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Understanding spiritual movement and discipline way of life with joy. Active korean language learning with body movement.

My teaching method is encouraging self learning and practice. Give right feed back about forms.

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Taekwondo coaching In coimbatore and online Fir any age students and workers .

My method of teaching is eigther direct or by online .Test should be done by direct presence .

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I am vinarss and work is hard I love Taekwondo least go

I am a faitar and well be bast tayl my name and I am a Taekwondo player you

San Antonio
1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

College student with 10 years of experience ,I Degree and black belt offering to get you to protect yourself

I understand that each individual is different and every single one of you need different ways to reach your goals. And I would not want you to end up wasting your time with something you are might end up not liking I am flexible and adjustable to every way you think would be best for you . But i am also going to make sure that i will make it challenging for you and not boring.

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