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Graduate student of Carleton University gives private tuition in Science and Agriculture

I base my classes on practical problems and how to prepare for the assessments. However much you know about a given subject is useless, if you do not know how to write correct answers to the assessments. Classes are for high school students and other students.

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Science tutor gives agric,chemistry and biology classes for high school students in nigeria with 18yrs exp.

m yeaching method is dynamic and flexible.i teach as occassion demand..most of my approach are demonstrative and pschomototive which is a fctor of age, and subject matter.my classes are idea for high school 12-20years.i am personally and internally motivated for my teaching job.

Raheel atif
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Agronomy is the key of highest on farm production in Canada. PhD in Agronomy

To deliver an effective and long lasting memorable lecture, i use to deliver lecture on Multimedia Projector, Face to Face by using white board, teach with examples, soft cards, spread sheets and by giving assignments to involve the students in course work deeply.

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A masters student in animal science gives agricultural science lessons to students in Saskatoon

My teaching methods are interactive and practical. This makes me get a better understanding of how the students view whatever is being talked about and also makes it easier to remember and appreciate. I like to teach lower to high-grade classes as they are interesting.

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Graduate student at UBC gives agricultural sciences and biology tutorial for high school students.

My teaching methodology; I first determine the knowledge level of my tutors, and I use a structural and flexible approach.

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A student at Durham College, lives chemistry and have a geeat grip over all the stuff in chemistry.

Its based upon making the student learn everything in a appropriate method so as to make him curious.

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Agriculture is the backbone of every nation so proud to be agriculturist

My teaching methods are ...i understand the weakness of student in study and try to teach in such a way so that they catch the lesson better.

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1st lesson is free!
Carrying Place
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You can learn agriculture science from an agriculture graduate from UK !

I structure my teaching lessons to soot the needs of individual student/s based on the syllabus and exams in high school/college/university. Every student will be assessed to pay individual attention and quizzes/tutorials are set after each lesson to make sure that the student have understood the principles.

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Know about your food and grow your own as well. Education is here practice is yours.

My methods are simple and clear. I want my students to learn with the way they like to learn. I am flexible with my hours and methods of learning. Agriculture is not a study its a lifestyle. Once you understand it, you can improve your community favoured agriculture.

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Amanda - Sharnbrook - Agricultural Sciences

I am a qualified teacher with 18 years experience. I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than just learn facts. We look at exam techniques, preparing revision materials, homework and any concepts that students maybe struggling with. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I presently teach and tutor: A level biology and geography, GCSE science and geography.

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Naturalist biologist, full-time graduate in Biology and Natural Sciences, candidate for a doctorate, passionate about animals, science, writing. I offer lessons at home (Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Rimini

I am a very nice 30-year-old graduate with a master's degree with 110 cum laude in Biology and Natural Sciences. I am currently a candidate for a doctorate from the Humboldt University of Berlin. I like teaching and helping young students prepare for entrance exams.

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Ecology, Agriculture, Animal Sciences in Western Oregon by Experienced & Licensed PhD

Individualized teaching to reach your academic or management goals. Problem solving for university & secondary students and land managers. Domestic animal care, pasture management, plant identification, weed control with targeted grazing, horseback riding including dressage & jumping. Best practices for writing scientific papers.

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Love to instruct anyone who have any problems with Information Technology. H

Spent 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. Doing the time attending schools to become an instructed in several areas in education. Instructed topics such as English, Computers, Radios, Satellite Communications, and Telecommunications. Also instructed international such as Japan, China, and Republic of Georgia. Could instruct in the countries Language.

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Horticulture graduate (Masters) offering Agriculture, Agronomy, business management lessons for all classes, primary to Undergraduate level

My teaching methods are highly adaptive and designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Classes are interactive, life illustrations and graphics are utilised. Individual assessments are informal and on the go, to ensure a firm understanding of the topic is achieved before proceeding to another topic.

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Knowledge makes you great so share what you know and ask what you don't know.

My method of teaching starts with very basic concepts to advanced level which everyone could understand by showing models and practical videos. At the end of the lecture I hope everyone one of you get your doubts clear. I can teach anyone up to graduate level.

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Achiever of Master degree in Agricultural Sciences and qualified ICAR- NET.

As per my teaching methodology, I approach topic wise or chapter wise. Always make my students to understand the topic concept well by giving various examples and reach out them solve their queries of any. Individual and groups sharing common interest are welcome in my class session.

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Student from university provides coaching on Agricultural sciences for high school and college students

My teaching method will be simple and easy to understand kind of. I will always start with basic and then move to the more complex portion of the topic. My each class will be topic based only in a systematic way.

Kishore kumar
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I was graduated in Bachelor of science in Agriculture.I will prepare notes and teach all the topics from basics very patience in Botany subject for Intermediate students and for agriculture students a

I will teach according to your requirements especially in diagrammatic form and also provide best notes to remember the points easily for examinations.Also provide notes and extra materials for those who needs and I will conduct mock tests according to topic wise.

Niruban chakkaravarthy
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Madurai, agricultural expert school" masters in agricultural extension " it is a class for innovation

my teaching method is mainly belonged to Agriculture. My teaching method is mainly help to research level as well as basic level. my teaching method will focus on mainly individual or group of students.

New Delhi
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Master in Agriculture gives tuitions in Agronomy & Soil Science from High School to college.

I teach as an expert approach with examples and references. And I also approach to inquiry-based learning for students to think themselves and become more independent learners. Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving and logical skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts.

La Florida
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Student of Agricultural Engineering, he teaches all subjects to prepare the PSU

My methodology is flexible and adapts to the different types of student learning, so that they can better develop the required knowledge.

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M tech student from NIT Warangal likes to teach any Civil engineering subject

I always start from basics in a subject while teaching. Then only I think that it is fully grasped by student. If it is numerical problem,I used to explain each step in detail.And about theoretical topics,I use some codes and tricks to remember it rather than mugging up it blindly. Afterall I am a cool friendly teacher.....

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1st lesson is free!

Equipped in teaching entomology and nematology with doctorate qualification and published books in both


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Graduate in agriculture scinces from indian Council of agricultural research accredited college.

Basic conceptual approach is my methodology along with regular revision and practice.

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Teaching is lifelong learning process.!There is no age for teaching from child to Adult.

Learning by doing,seeing is believing,T a Taecher ment to Chang the knowledge,skill and Attitude of students in a real life situation that’s called a successful Tescer.

College Station
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Graduate animal science student offering science and analytical tutoring in College Station

I believe in helping students succeed by helping them find the right answer. My goal is to teach students how to learn, so that they can find answers themselves. I am not the answer key, I don't know everything, but I know how to find it.

New Delhi
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Just studing in class12 want to teach students of cbse till class 10

i will each and every things to my students if they will face any problems then it will be solved i teach like that their friend is explaining them something i just sit with students and their problems and teach them

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