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Bijay bahadur
(1 review)
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Only engineer can help students become engineering graduate with good engineering knowledge

what my students used to like about my teaching was dividing big complex topics into smaller easier components and relate them to topics studied in previous semesters or high school. In my view studying by making comparison or relation to previous related topics gives you better visualization of the topic rather than just going through it superficially.

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Engineering Graduate Student gives Lessons for Electrical Engineering Undergrad Students in London, Ontario

I like to teach in an orderly manner with well planned lessons' content as well as its progression. A typical class with me would involve lecture slides(if the job is not at short notice and I get time for that), a lot of writing on the board/notebook and thorough explanation.

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Master's student gives EECE domain classes for high school and undergraduate students in Ottawa

I believe that any discipline of technical studies can be understood with ease by following a specific method that is unique and subject to the course outline. I am fairly adept at following the molecule methodology, as I would like to call it, wherein I aid the student in analyzing what the course is about, what is the expected outcome and what is to be known by the end of the course.

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Engineering Graduate experience with peer-tutoring gives maths, physics and computer programming classes to secondary high school level students in London

My teaching methods are rather more like sharing and learning together at an optimum pace that will allow us enough head space for the concept of the subject/topic in discussion to sink into your deeper understanding.

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1st lesson is free!

Hi there, I'm a first year electrical engineering student looking to help in math and electrical principles. If you need a lift in your marks I can help turn complicated subjects into simple steps.

My teaching methods tend to change depending on the student. I'm a big believer in everyone learns differently but my core focus is to reduce complicated subjects into small workable steps so they are easier to apply.

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Electrical Engineering graduate teaches 1st and 2nd year electrical engineering students with great care.

As an engineering graduate, I always try to make my students depend the most on the books. The more a student has contact with the reference books, the better he/she understands. So, firstly, my first advise goes for the students is to follow the reference books. During a class, I always keep books and resources opened in front of my student and start Studying together.

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If you wanna have FUN with STEM and learn their foundations in an exciting and convincing way, check me out!

My teaching philosophy can be watched here:(concealed information) I take my teaching seriously as always aim to build a self-learning student who opens his/her eyes on the future. I use artificial intelligence and blended learning in my courses.

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PhD student tutoring almost all ECSE courses (undergrad & grad) + Math, Physics, and English (college & high school)

1) Asking their problems 2) Giving them effective clues 3) Watching their work and progress 4) Discovering their best learning method 6) Let them find the confidence to teach the course back to me. --- This is all about learning how to learn :) .

Toluca de Lerdo
(3 reviews)
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Classes of Arduino Elementary and Advanced, Ev3, Online or in Toluca Mexico

Classes are created from a framework that is 80% practical plus the theoretical part that is always indispensable. I have appropriate tools for face-to-face classes, and online software for online classes. You do not have to have any experience to start learning.

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Electrical Systems Engineer offers courses in electrical engineering (electronics, electricity, automation ...)

First of all it is to know the real needs of the student and I then target the courses / exercises that he needs before the session, I have good communication skills, and several academic and professional experiences working in group

(6 reviews)
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Master in Electrical Engineering gives classes for engineering students in specific disciplines

Classes prepared in accordance with the students level, ranging from the basic mathematics of elementary school until Physics and Calculus for Engineering. The classes are organized and theory and exercises, always using playful and practical examples, showing the importance of skills provided.

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Hello! I'm an Electronic engineer and I will help you in subjects such as mathematics, digital / analog electronics, programming, robotics and projects in electronic engineering.

In my lectures, I always try to explain as specific as possible and start with the most basic concept. However, I also believe that in order to learn something, you must be willing to do it in the first place.

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Engineering Professional with a New Career Path in Physical Therapy in Flagstaff

I approach problems by giving as many examples as possible. I have a learn-by-doing philosophy and I like to be able to provide problems that engage students while teaching them the methodology of problem-solving. Making mistakes is the best way to learn, so I encourage mistakes, as long as a student is willing to learn from them.

Belo Horizonte
(4 reviews)
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Master in Electrical Engineering, experience in classes for Engineering and technical courses.

Personalized teaching and focusing on the learner's learning mode. First and foremost, I try to identify the point of difficulty that the student is having and why, so learning is more effective and lasting. Each person learns in a unique way and for each student develops an approach that encourages them to study and increases their confidence in the discipline.

Los Angeles
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ELectrical engineering Tutor with 8 years of teaching experience to teach middle and high school students

A committed teaching Professional with almost 9 years of experience at leading academic institution teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. After my Graduation, I studied my masters as well continued my teaching for 4 years. Well, I had tutored students in math and science.

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Industrial Technical Engineer / Sevilla / Primary - University / various subjects

Hello! I'm an Industrial Electronics Engineer and I can help you overcome the goals you mark. They are science classes for high school or university engineering subjects.

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10 years of experience in sharing knowledge about digital design engineering and vlsi design.

I approach each technical topic with simple example in our day today life which helps everyone to understand easily ...

Santo André
(1 review)
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School tutoring classes from the fundamental to the university Santo André, MBA, Engineer, Teacher, Mathematics, Physics and PMP

Initial assessment Lessons directed to the student's needs, plan of exercises for home and by classes by Skype as needed. Use of IT in education, Individual or groups classes. Preparation for PMP and RMP certification. I do not own a place - Classe will be done on libraries or at student´s residency.

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Electrical Engineer Mechanical Area, teach private classes for subjetmatters seen in engineering

I use to teach from the basics in a structured way to the advanced level, showing examples of the theory applied to the practice seen in work areas like automatic control, instrumentation, electrical control, electronic control and mechanisms are applied.

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Engineering Tutor - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Civic, Chemical, Biomedical, and Other Types of Engineering!

The company’s prime mover is to provide quality tutoring lessons for reasonable rates that each client may think worthy of another’s choice and, thus, refer us to another for similar services. § Modus Operand of WillTutor’s Virtual Office: (1) Online, (2) In-Person, and (3) Phone Students do not select individual tutors through my company WillTutor.

João Monlevade
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Graduated in Electrical Engineering gives private lessons or via Skype of courses taught in the course related to his area of ​​formation.

My teaching method is based on content demonstration with examples / slides in addition to solving exercises that the student has difficulty. It can be done via Skype or in person, or on any platform that the student wants, eg platforms based on moodle, etc.

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Electronic, Programming and Mathematics classes from high school to college level !

I am objective and follow the schedule of classes / content already predefined to be followed.

São José dos Campos
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Graduating in Automation and Digital Manufacturing, mechatronics technician, designer designer and private teacher of Mathematics, Materials and Electrical Machines.

I started the activities with an objective explanation of the subject and then I resolve a demonstration exercise, so that the student can understand the method of resolution. The class closes with some exercises for the student to try to solve and get the last doubts.

Belo Horizonte
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Engineering student teaches elementary and middle school at Belo Horizonte. Let's go guys!!!

In my high school, I did not know how much the exact area was fascinating. I will adopt the simple method in which I have used it, practice. Let us together understand, study and understand the universe of calculations. I taught several group classes in addition to specific IT training.

San Luis Potosí
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Post electronic audio and music production, electricity and diagnostic and audio and video signals. San Luis Potosi, SLP

IT Engineer with experience on acoustics, music and post production (Avid, Adobe AU). Students will develop and increase their self-criticist hability targeted to their actions and procedures, grounding the steps on clear knowledge, with pragmatic tasks that allow diversify aptitudes.

Angel s.
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Increase Student Engagement, Angel's interactive Solutions. Tutoring technologies - engineering and Math

Hello, My name is Angel S. De La Rosa, I am 25 years old, and I have earened a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as, Masters degree in Systems Engineering.

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Electronics engineer with electrotechnical base gives course in electricity or all technical subjects visible in BAC or BTS electrical engineering or automatisms

I can lead several types of courses, either specialized courses on points where there are difficulties or attend classes of a school teacher to increase the grades in these subjects.

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Electronic Technical Engineer, teaches Electronics, Electricity, Technology, Robotics, Physics, Mathematics, at all levels. Schedule to be agreed I move and I make a special price for groups.

Subjects: Electronic Technology, Analog Electronics, Digital, Communications, Microcontrolled Systems, Arduino, PICs, Theory of circuits, Networks and electrical machines. Specialized program: Excel, Proteus, Pspice, Orcad and Altium, C ++, Assembler, Java and similar. Help in calculations and in previous questions of laboratory practices. Intensive preparation of exams and recoveries.

Pabellón de Arteaga
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Classes of electrical circuits, analysis, simplification of law of voltages and currents of Kirchoff by Ing. Automotriz

I am an engineer graduated from a university in Aguascalientes, the subject of electrical circuits was my favorite subject. I teach through feedback for images or videos. Another method I use is to provide information sources to the student so that he can complement his learning.

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