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Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Student to teach variety mechanical engineering courses(2 years Canadian Experience!!

I am very flexible. I can teach one lesson in the middle of the course or the whole course for you. My class starts with explaining the basic concepts and the motivation for studying it. A summary will be continuously prepared by the student himself during the class, containing all the essential formulas, theorems, and applicable derivations. This summary will be a quick review 1-2 pages.

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Experienced Graduate Mechanical Engineer gives tutor for Engineering, Mathematics and Physics courses

To make understand the basic concepts is been always my first aim while teaching others. Once the concepts are clear, I take several tricky examples to twist and turn the concepts learnt. And the last but not least comes the practice examples.

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University adjunct professor in engineering offering tutoring in math, physics, engineering, and computer programming.

I've been teaching engineering as a teaching assistant and adjunct university professor for over 10 years. I pride myself on my enthusiasm, patience, and ability to teach topics to students with various levels of understanding.

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Master's student gives EECE domain classes for high school and undergraduate students in Ottawa

I believe that any discipline of technical studies can be understood with ease by following a specific method that is unique and subject to the course outline. I am fairly adept at following the molecule methodology, as I would like to call it, wherein I aid the student in analyzing what the course is about, what is the expected outcome and what is to be known by the end of the course.

Amrit pal
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Engineering professional who teaches Mathematics and Physics in a Fun way. No more stress just Better grades.

I teach by giving suitable examples. I make a subject interesting by helping kids to understand the basic concepts and not by forcing them to memorize long equations. I teach by showing pictures and videos to kids as we know that a picture is better than a thousand words.

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Doctor in Electrical Engineering gives lessons in Linear Circuits Theory and its applications

My methodology is to know each student's need, e.g. what subject is to be learnt; what is the required level; what is the time-frame. Then, I outline the schedule, breaking it down to the lessons.

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Pass the FE Exam "Other disciplines" with lessons in English or Spanish!

An effective, enjoyable and productive learning experience. Reduce time and effort. Customized explanations according to learning styles and detailed exercises to succeed on the FE exam. "When there is a goal, there is a road", just let me know yours and we will get there! Una experiencia de aprendizaje efectiva, divertida y productiva. Reduce el tiempo y el esfuerzo.

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Civil engineering phd student gives classes for both university and high school students

My teaching method is flexible and it depends on the student as each course needs special method to learn. For example how to teach math is different with university courses. I can teach to university students and high school students.

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Hello.. i am having M.tech (ME) and 5 years experience in teaching.

i believe to start the subjects from basic. So that student never miss any point. I like to be fa miler with student to understand their problems . My way of delivering lecture is simple and understandable to students.

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Oil and Gas Professional passionate in teaching Mechanical Engineering, Codes and Standards

I like to conduct workshop sessions, webinars, class room lectures using visual aids and prefer mostly interactive. I enjoy always question and answer sessions. I have taught classes of size 45 maximum. I have given special subject talks to 240 public members.

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Aerospace Engineering master's student in Ottawa, ON, gives engineering dynamics, calculus and computing classes in c++ and java

Most engineering classes can only be reliably learned by working through problems and encountering challenges before they show up on an exam paper (especially in a course like dynamics). This is what I do with students. Typically, I will ask a student to start a problem on their own so that I can observe how they approach a problem, and give guidance and tips where I can see room for improvement.

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High experience civil engineer to give tutoring in structural design, analysis, seismic design, structural mechanics, foundation design, temporary structures, repair and strengthening. And in construc

Example, Case studies, problems, references, projects for buildings, structures, and construction sites. Exam preparation and text book provided. Video and written sample. Explanation by hand and provide summary. interaction with student. Time is not limited to hours but it is limited to understanding the subject.

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Ingeniería Industrial en automatización y manufactura, Electricidad y Robotica, enseñanza didáctica y practica

Ingeniero Industrial en el sector de manufactura las clases son para las personas que quieren aprender algo con respecto a la industria y a su funcionamiento. Saber como funciona la electricidad y la automatización de maquinaria en la industria. Los ejercicios son prácticos y dinámicos con simuladores para poder aprender a programar PLC para la industria.

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Mexhanical Engineering graduate teach mechanical vibration and any mechanical engineering related classes

I teach from the basic and make sure the student understand the concepts. I take my time to explain and make sure students have no ambiguity.

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Here is as A Teacher friend for all your queries related Mechanical engineering, Metal working, production, quality

I teach to teach the students that they never fail ever. I teach my students with real life examples related to them i.e household things, their parents, friends. I try to make their prospective much positive for learning rather cramming everything. I want my students to be A great person and a great engineer.

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Help me show you simple and creative approach to succeed in engineering

My teaching methods is customised for each individual as I believe nothing works for everyone, you have to personalize it.

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An Experienced Assistant Professor having 7 years experience of mentoring engineering and younger students. Experienced in teaching subjects from engineering to applied science along with spoken engli

I tailor my approach of teaching by identifying a students learning style. In my class I encourage students to observe and investigate so that they may very well engage themselves in learning .Open to constructive feedback and willing to try new techniques to make learning effective.

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Expert in AP Chemistry maths and Physics

Hi, I am rajiv I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about teaching with a very patient attitude who believes that most difficult of things can be explained in simplest of ways. I truly believe that everyone has got A*s in them which can be attained with a little guidance and hard work.

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If you wanna have FUN with STEM and learn their foundations in an exciting and convincing way, check me out!

My teaching philosophy can be watched here:(concealed information) I take my teaching seriously as always aim to build a self-learning student who opens his/her eyes on the future. I use artificial intelligence and blended learning in my courses.

(1 review)

Jeune ingénieur donne cours particuliers de Mathématiques, Physique, Chimie et Electronique niveau Collège/Lycée à Bordeaux

Ingénieur de formation et diplômé de l’ENSEIRB-Matmeca, je propose de réaliser des cours de soutien scolaire en Mathématiques, Physiques, Chimie et Electronique de la Sixième à la Terminale.

(39 reviews)
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In applied physics engineering gives Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Sciences.

Hello, Physics Engineer applied to Annecy-le-Vieux and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science courses for 6 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, I like to understand scientific areas students with examples with cultures and historical points.

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Civil Engineer course gives Math Science ● ● ● Computer Physics home on Brussels

● Secondary: During my high school curriculum, in the renowned Royal Athenaeum Jean Absil, I always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school I became interested in computers and I followed a training in C #.

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IT engineer (Data Scientist) & scientific subjects' teacher/tutor (Maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects) in addition to learning mental tools

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Data Scientist working currently for a French leader of Data in Paris. Resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I can help you with mathematics, physics, chemistry and many others science subjects ALL LEVELS as I master a wide range of sciences.

Laeken (Bruxelles)
(13 reviews)
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Students in final year of civil engineering gives tutoring math, physics, computer science all levels

During my bachelor, I took math courses such as analysis, algebra and geometry, but also science courses such as physics (general physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, oscillations, waves , modern physics) and computer (object-oriented programming, C ++, HTML 5, CSS, Matlab, etc ..).

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Fluid mechanics engineer, experienced professor, gives courses of engineering sciences at home in Toulouse

I am a flu engineer and an independent professor for 5 years. I propose on Toulouse individual lessons for the students: - Of preparatory classes MPSI / PCSI / PSI.

(7 reviews)
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A Master 2 and now Operations Manager in the field of Master of Work, I offer tutoring in mathematics and physics from school level, high school and supérie

My courses are for high school and university BAC +2 wishing tutoring, methodological advice or detailed explanations. I try whenever possible to make with the student practical cases in order to bring solutions to the problems still posed a practical way; this in order to acquire the basics in mathematics and physics by detaching theoretical courses.

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Engineering Student. I teach: Maths, Physics, Sciences, Computer Science, English from Middle School to First Year Undergraduate

Recent Bachelor in Engineering I am fascinated by science, technology but also by culture. Understanding and use of science is essential today and I wish to convey my knowledge and methods to younger students from Middle School up until University.

Ciudad de México
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Classes of technical and architectural drawing. Traditional and CAD techniques. Teached by Professional Architect, CDMX.

Classes of technical and architectural drawing; traditional tools and CAD. Learn basic and advanced techniques for drawing engineering, mechanical and architectural objects as construction details. Both, traditional and CAD techniques can be used. Graphic representation in high quality. Depending on the technique required and the level of each student, the program will be structured.

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Post-graduate Mathematics teacher with 5 years of experience provides online tutoring for college students

I am a 32 years old math teacher, I'm graduated with honors in Mathematics.

(5 reviews)

Engineer Prof High School STI gives court Maths or Physics and Chemistry of 6-em-L3

Electrical engineer and professor of High School STI, with L2 Physics Chemistry with honors, L3 in Physics and another in Engineering Sciences offers classes in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

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