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Beginner level hands on photography lessons from international post grad film student.

My classes are aimed for beginners with no or very little experience in photography. Adults and high school students are both welcome. We will start with the basics such as controls and principals(exposure, white balance etc) and we will continue with lenses and gear, basic lighting, visual composition and colour theory in the following lessons.

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Art College Student for Budding Artists! Develop your skills and creativity through Photography

The best way for Artists to keep creative is through collaboration, and to always seek out the opinions and interpretations of others. This process can happen through critiques and open-minded conversation that will create a starting point for improvements, and inspire future projects.

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Experienced photographer shares shooting techniques, editing tips and organizational skills in Regina

I approach teaching by assessing the unique needs and learning style of the student. As an Adobe Lightroom tutor, I have built software and editing lessons around a project the student wished to complete (a photo book) and tailored the editing and organizational sessions around their interest and goals.

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Communications student and professional photographer from Mississauga providing support to upcoming creatives

I approach photography as a form of expression. I believe that each person has a different view on the world, and photographer gives you the opportunity to share your vision with others - the way that YOU want to. My lessons are intended for any skill level, whether you have never touched a camera before or if you already have the hang of it and want to improve.

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Professional and artist with years of experience gives photography lessons to students in Toronto

Making a photograph is like making a painting. A thought has to be provoked to click the shutter. With online platforms these days it is very easy to grasp the technical knowledge involved in photography but the artistic and aesthetic part of it is another ball game altogether.

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Expert digital photography teacher for everyone, on line, english or french.

I have a simple and effective methodology when I photograph. I will show you the important options and we will practice. It does not matter what your camera is, I know it and I will show you how to use it. - J'ai une méthodologie simple et efficace quand je photographie. Je vais vous montrer les options importantes et nous allons pratiquer.

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Press photographer with 10 years of experience gives photography classes in Toronto area

My teaching method is mix of hands-on experience and theorethical knowledge of photography, light, and composition.

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Fine Art and Photography Teacher for all learning ages! 5 years of teaching experience and 12 years art experience

Using various methods of teaching, I work with my students to find out what they are passionate about learning. By sharing a variety of sources, techniques and equipment options, I can help a student pick what is the best for their situation.

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Digital and Analog photography lessons in Edmonton from artist 8 years of teaching experience

I offer a student focused approach, tailoring lessons to the needs and wants of each student. I have a standard course from which I choose lessons based on a meeting with potential students to discuss what they'd like to learn. The lessons that I offer are appropriate for beginner and intermediate photographers and artists with either 35mm or digital cameras.

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Photographer gives lessons for adults and youth to begin or continue their skills in photography

I like to teach according to what the student already knows, find out what direction they would like to go in their photography, and help them build skills to get where they want to be. I'm very easy-going in my teaching style, but still require genuine effort from my students.

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Visual Art graduate photography classes for beginners! Capture what your eye see.

My teaching methods are very hands on. You have to know your camera in order to take great photos. There are also lessons in theory and understandings of camera settings. I will also teach some photo editing methods. It is a flexible class allowing the student to explore different areas of photography.

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Learn about art and photography With softwares to edit your memories and passion

Its both indoor and outdoor coaching, theoritical understanding of photography especially on DSLR, taking pictures and lighting associated with it and outdoor experience

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Engineering student giving lessons in Photography for the primary and secondary school students.

My teaching is like, I make my students entertained as they are learning, Because students like to study when they are actively doing something. I would like to get the vibrant guys as my students, so that the learning process will be easy.

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Self taught photographer teaches basic digital photography. Come learn with photography with me.

I will have notes and do some hands on practice challenges to get your creativity juices flowing. Whether you use a phone or a digital camera we will learn techniques.

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Experienced teacher (over 20 years) with a Masters in Education in Communication and Technology from Saskatoon able to teach Video and Photography.

We begin with learning from each other what level of knowledge and skill we possess. Then we set goals for your learning based on your interests and skills. I will challenge you to learn basic skills and practice them practically. My goal is to see you achieve your goals.

Richmond Hill
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Photography student teaching skills to young students in Toronto and surrounding cities

Classes with me would involve safely exploring the streets/wilderness and experiencing the art of photography, catering to more spatially/physically/socially-strong learners. Additionally, students would be involved in hands-on lessons of Photoshop in order to strengthen the process of creating visually-stimulating works of art.

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Offering drawing lessons for beginners and intermediate students in East end Ottawa area

My teaching methods are based on classical drawing and painting. The drawing lessons include basic drawing, perspective, lighting and shading. The sessions last one to two hours. Typical media for beginners is pencil and paper. Other media includes watercolors, pastel, acrylic and oil.

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Portrait and wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience ready to help you make timeless imagery.

My experience encompasses a range of creative and technical skills that would be useful for new photographers as well as those looking to develop their skills further. I am an easy going and patient individual who can help navigate you through all the technical and artistic aspects of photography. We will work with and critic existing work as well as assignment projects to help develop your look.

Paris 14e
(8 reviews)

Learn digital photography with Anne, passionate and experienced digital photographer and teacher!

ANNE Graduated from art schools, art director (digital and print), I currently work as a freelance graphic designer and photographer, after several years in agencies. I have supervised teams of graphic designers / illustrators / web designers / flashers and conducted workshops, and I have been teaching for several years.

(6 reviews)

Creative Photography Tutor, GCSE Photography, A Level Photography Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex

With a warm welcome, you will soon free your creativity, have fun, get the best grades possible with encouraging, inspiring, very experienced, fully qualified Art and Photography Teacher in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

San marcos
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Being a photographic Artist is a creative journey worth keeping and having fun along the way.

To give the student as much useful information as I can depending on their level. The importance of preparation that it takes to get good results. Digital Photography is both an and a science. You get to tell me what you want to learn from beginner to advanced.

(10 reviews)

Professor of photography, video, lighting and postproduction in Madrid (from basic to advanced level)

I'm Javier Carrasco. I studied script, postproduction, directing, camera and cinema lighting at Septima Ars cinema school Madrid. My passion is cinema, but I combine it with freelance work of photographer / audiovisual producer. I am currently creating an audiovisual production company (Adkicker) I would like to teach others how to improve their hobby or profession.

(3 reviews)
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Custom photography course by a professional photographer in Paris or on Skype

Hello, My name is Sarah, I am a professional photographer based in Montrouge 10 minutes from Paris.

Paris 4e
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Master photography by having a good time with a photojournalist in Paris

My courses are for anyone wishing to discover photography, deepen their technical and theoretical knowledge. All in a good atmosphere ;-) We build the course together, according to your desires, your projects and your level.

(4 reviews)
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A professional photographer teaches photography & editing of image and video at a fully equipped home studio. Learn to take photographs at a professional level in the fields of modelling, portrait, f

My teaching method is very friendly, easy and interactive. Before I start a lesson, I introduce myself to new candidates and I become aware of their basic knowledge. I emphasize on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. While giving a group lecture or teaching individually, I always give the necessary examples and make things easier to understand.

Paris 6e
(6 reviews)
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How you can succeed in making better photos than 90% of photographers (Expert in Image in Paris)

My courses are for anyone wishing to learn more about the Photo (Realization, shooting, retouching), whether you are beginner, amateur or confirmed. People prefer to buy the best photo equipment to compensate for their lack of skills because it is easier to change camera rather than working on oneself. Change, it's scary.

(4 reviews)
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Photography taught in English, one to one or small groups. Wide experience.

Teaching classes in English is optional, although I always try to encourage it. Even if they do not respond to me in this language, the students will always get positive results. I do not ask to be answered in English, it is best that it occurs naturally. I can also teach exclusively in Spanish.

(7 reviews)
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Photography classes for beginners, you do not need a professional camera. Profe with 5 years of experience

In our classes we are both protagonists; I do not believe in boring classes that are not contributing, I prefer participatory methods, I am willing to reach agreements on the best way of learning for the student.

(3 reviews)
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Digital Photography Lessons for Beginners to Professionals: Shooting, Composition and Editing in Somerville, MA

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and over 3 years experience teaching adults and youth. I have been running my freelance photography business for 5 years and can help my students start their own careers. I teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together. I can teach portrait, event, nature and abstract photography.

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