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I am a small business consultant. I will help you discover your passion and turn a dream into a successful and thriving business.

My approach is very personalized to each students needs and vision. I want to help you connect with your dream, purpose, and guide you towards becoming successful. I will help you clarify your idea, discover your purpose and give you direction in making and executing your personalized plan.

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Graphic Design Bachelors Student Giving Basics of Photography Course To Take your Photos up a Notch

I believe in catering to every individual's need. In my approach, everyone gets to exercise their creative freedom, photography styles and looks, but still end up learning the very essentials of the photography that are important for a photo to me really strong.

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When you freeze time You capture moments that can never be regained.

My teaching methods are hands on training, lecture method, Brainstorming, Active and Engaging Discussion (Interactive/Participative) methods and Practical Presentation methods

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Professional and artist with years of experience gives photography lessons to students in Toronto

Making a photograph is like making a painting. A thought has to be provoked to click the shutter. With online platforms these days it is very easy to grasp the technical knowledge involved in photography but the artistic and aesthetic part of it is another ball game altogether.

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Expert digital photography teacher for everyone, on line, english or french.

I have a simple and effective methodology when I photograph. I will show you the important options and we will practice. It does not matter what your camera is, I know it and I will show you how to use it. - J'ai une méthodologie simple et efficace quand je photographie. Je vais vous montrer les options importantes et nous allons pratiquer.

North Bay
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Hi/Bonjour! My name is Lise and I am located in North Bay Ontario. I have an eclectic teaching background, I can provide fun top-notch interactive tutoring for many subjects. I am fluently bilingual (

My teaching methodology is always very visual and engaging. Fun, interactive, nonconventional projects and homework. Keeping it interestedly fun, while learning is proved to be effective.

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Engineering student giving lessons in Photography for the primary and secondary school students.

My teaching is like, I make my students entertained as they are learning, Because students like to study when they are actively doing something. I would like to get the vibrant guys as my students, so that the learning process will be easy.

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Portrait and wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience ready to help you make timeless imagery.

My experience encompasses a range of creative and technical skills that would be useful for new photographers as well as those looking to develop their skills further. I am an easy going and patient individual who can help navigate you through all the technical and artistic aspects of photography. We will work with and critic existing work as well as assignment projects to help develop your look.

La Roche-sur-Foron
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Humanist Photographer 10 years of experience gives courses in portrait photo sessions with natural light.

My method is based on the judicious association between technical mastery, artistic expression and understanding of the human. I focus my teaching on developing your own photographic signature, an expression of your personal universe. I help you combine these three ingredients to become independent in your visual storytelling.

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ANU Master degree and over 3 years wedding, portraits and event photographer in Canberra.

My name is Jamin. email: (concealed information) Website: (concealed information) Here you can learn about how to use your camera perfectly. Which lens is best for your work. How to take photo with the best exposure. How to do compositions. Etc.. My teaching methodology includes 4 parts: 1.Theory and camera operation studies. 2.Practice and post-upgrade studies. 3.

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A professional photographer teaches photography & editing of image and video at a fully equipped home studio. Learn to take photographs at a professional level in the fields of modelling, portrait, f

My teaching method is very friendly, easy and interactive. Before I start a lesson, I introduce myself to new candidates and I become aware of their basic knowledge. I emphasize on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. While giving a group lecture or teaching individually, I always give the necessary examples and make things easier to understand.

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Photography classes for beginners, you do not need a professional camera. Profe with 5 years of experience

In our classes we are both protagonists; I do not believe in boring classes that are not contributing, I prefer participatory methods, I am willing to reach agreements on the best way of learning for the student.

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Digital Photography Lessons for Beginners to Professionals: Shooting, Composition and Editing in Somerville, MA

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and over 3 years experience teaching adults and youth. I have been running my freelance photography business for 5 years and can help my students start their own careers. I teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together. I can teach portrait, event, nature and abstract photography.

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Commercial, bridal and fashion photographer with 7 years of experience would like to teach people with photography and retouching

My way of teaching is simple photography will be explained in a simple way. And mainly answer any questions you have about photography, equipment I will give you advice with your company, help with your website / logo appearance, help with retouching and tips and advice, advice with lighting etc and all questions that you have at photography.

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Professional photographer with a degree in Photography offers photography lessons in Italian and English in Florence

Hello! I am a photographer with more than 12 years of experience gained by taking pictures around the world! I really like teaching, and giving others the tools to express their creativity in the best possible way, whatever their level of preparation or final goal.

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Digital Photography Teacher located in Orange NSW Australia. Covers all aspects of Photography.

I am open to teaching methods but lessons would most likely be in the form of pdf documents, videos, photos, online teaching platforms and groups, etc.

Paris 11e
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To transmit through my courses my knowledge, my experience, my passion for photography.

I work in digital with reflex cameras (Nikon) and telemetric cameras (Leica M). This work is mainly focused on black and white photography. Use photoshop in the same way as the traditional lab. An exciting work that opens up new technologies with tremendous creative openness.

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Professional photographer on Gold Coast with a bachelor of Photo Digital Media

My lessons are tailored to suit the beginner to the advanced DSLR user. The lessons are for students looking to enter the photography industry as a paid professional or if you just want to gain a better understanding of photography to improve upon your current skills.

Greater London
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Every one is a photographer! Some are professionals let me teach you :)

Teaching photography is best done in a practical way the only way to learn photography is with a camera in your hand. When I teach students I put the emphasis on them to learn and experiment with the equipment, to discover what they love and what drives there passion.

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Master of Film Student offering creative lessons in photography and cinematography arts.

Graduate student in Film and TV production at the University of Hertfordshire. Having 2-year experience in freelancing wedding photography and cinematography. One section will cover both theory teaching and hands-on experience. I will also share my experience about how to be inspired and be creative in this job.

Market Harborough
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Full Time Professional Photographer with own studio offering lessons and creative advice

I go at the speed of the individual, keeping it a simple, relaxed and light-hearted approach in achieving the best finished results, rather than get bogged down by the technical. The image is the thing, not so much the equipment.

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Professional photographer with passion, smile and massive knowledge about digital photography, from basic to advanced level

In photography the basic knowledge is desirable and I can teach you from the beginning. First will be some theory and after you will know how to do correct picture then we can start with practice. I am sure that I can teach you how to do your dream picture.

Glenelg North
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How to make your photo better, with any camera you already have

Grab your camera Use the natural scene Take a walk on the street Or Have some coffee in the shop Spent some time in conversation Practice some tricks on using the camera Learning of photography is just that nice and easy Trust me, you would learn how to take the photo you like

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Any one like to learn about photography in ahmedabad 3 years of experience

i have ability to understand people problame and theach them in very simple language.i like to teach every type of photography.i am from jamnagar and now in ahemdabad. i have won 5 awards in wildlife photography.i love photographt way a did.

Hinton on the Green
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Former photography student at Gloucester university looking to spread my knowledge to budding new photographers.

Being new to tutoring I don't have a specific method for my teaching, what I am aiming to do is pass what knowledge I have on to the students. I will look back at a lot of my past university projects and assignments to help with the topics of what I want to teach them.

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The master portrait photographer gives best hands on photography lessons to anyone from enthusiasts to professionals in Melbourne

I believe in practicality of lessons and theory. I'd like you to stark working and seeing the results every single day. Using right side of your brain I'll help you to tap into your creative talent and create images that you couldn't believe you would even been able to produce.

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Lic. Sciences of the Communication, I teach you to discover the basic and advanced foundations of digital photography and I help you to experiment in the type of photography that is most easily provid

Mainly I like to work in a practical way, at the same time that the students learn the theory, I am someone that like you, sit down to listen to a person does not generate much interest, that is why from the first moment I am met with my (S) student (S) we began to work with the use of his camera, to know the different ways in which he can take a photograph and the different types of objectives...

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Self taught Photographer to international recognition: I've seen a lot while learning things on my own. I can teach how to start love seeing this world in a different way. Come, let's discuss.

I just tell things from my own, no books. Every single class on a same topic will also be different. I emphasize on self-learning. For every level, there would be hands on targets. Now Notes, no books. Just a Camera, light and action.

Surfers Paradise
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Experienced Creative gives lessons on the core basics of photography to students in Australia

I base my teachings on understanding the basics of photography in order to have a good foundation to develop your photography knowledge and skills from. This covers knowledge of different cameras and lens, when and where they should be used as well as learning camera settings such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Colour Balance which are all essential in creating a great photograph.

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