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Experienced photographer shares shooting techniques, editing tips and organizational skills in Regina

I approach teaching by assessing the unique needs and learning style of the student. As an Adobe Lightroom tutor, I have built software and editing lessons around a project the student wished to complete (a photo book) and tailored the editing and organizational sessions around their interest and goals.

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Communications student and professional photographer from Mississauga providing support to upcoming creatives

I approach photography as a form of expression. I believe that each person has a different view on the world, and photographer gives you the opportunity to share your vision with others - the way that YOU want to. My lessons are intended for any skill level, whether you have never touched a camera before or if you already have the hang of it and want to improve.

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Digital and Analog photography lessons in Edmonton from artist 8 years of teaching experience

I offer a student focused approach, tailoring lessons to the needs and wants of each student. I have a standard course from which I choose lessons based on a meeting with potential students to discuss what they'd like to learn. The lessons that I offer are appropriate for beginner and intermediate photographers and artists with either 35mm or digital cameras.

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Portrait and wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience ready to help you make timeless imagery.

My experience encompasses a range of creative and technical skills that would be useful for new photographers as well as those looking to develop their skills further. I am an easy going and patient individual who can help navigate you through all the technical and artistic aspects of photography. We will work with and critic existing work as well as assignment projects to help develop your look.

Ciudad de México
Jorge luís
(10 reviews)
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Digital photography classes from beginner to personal project. You will learn both technique and concept.

Plastic artist who understands photography as a brush over the fan that includes all the visual arts. My classes are aimed at all levels and at all ages. I have a lot of experience with all kinds of people, and all social and generational classes are very valuable to me.

Paris 6e
(6 reviews)
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How you can succeed in making better photos than 90% of photographers (Expert in Image in Paris)

My courses are for anyone wishing to learn more about the Photo (Realization, shooting, retouching), whether you are beginner, amateur or confirmed. People prefer to buy the best photo equipment to compensate for their lack of skills because it is easier to change camera rather than working on oneself. Change, it's scary.

Ciudad de México
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Photographer with 14 years of experience teaching classes. Photography concerts and trips

My classes are absolutely personalized and dynamic, I reorganize the work and interest of the student according to the maximum use of the tools we have, such as technique, equipment and visual culture, background, etc. No form of art develops without interweaving with other disciplines, so I try, according to the interest of the student to interrelate photography with them.

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Agency photographer offers courses in different areas of the image. More than 30 years of experience.

Courses are divided between: a theoretical part followed by a practical part (generally outside) in order to apply the techniques discussed. The images made are then visualized on screen and can thus be corrected or simply commented.

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Photography Tutor offering game-changing lessons in how to improve your culinary photography!

I heavily believe that practical exercises are the only way to teach photography, it's one thing for me to show you over Skype, but another to do set it up yourself and do it with me. That way you can see what I'm doing for yourself and why I'm doing it. I teach beginners and professionals alike.

Merthyr Tydfil
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Film Graduate offering Digital Photography lessons at home/online in South Wales area.

I'll teach anyone who wants to learn, no matter your age, experience, current situation etc. My teaching would be tailored around you and exactly what you want to learn, I'll do this through simplified instructions, mixed in with physically showing and guiding you through a process.

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I am a professional photographer on the Gold Coast, I have my Diploma and a great enthusiasm for the work.

Having taught photography before in wide age groups and genres, I obtain a wide knowledge and love for the work. Teaching everything from the basics to the creative. Ranging from hour lessons to few hour lessons, depending on your skills and want to learn.

Alcalá de Henares
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Learn photography in a fast and fun way. Infinity of tutorials, programs and practical tips to turn any "amateur" into a professional photographer.

My name is Guillermo and I love photography. Like a lot of people, I started in a self-taught way and currently I direct the 8finity Studio project ((concealed information) in which we take care of all kinds of photographic and design projects. The methodology is very simple.

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Professional Photographer with over 8 years of experience giving lessons in Sydney

I base my classes on fundamentals or photography, usage of DSLR camera and equipments. I then focus on the type of photography students would like to learn by offering a basic idea about each type. Some of the classes will be theoretical and others will be practical with planned trips.

Navi Mumbai
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Learn the Ethics to Aesthetics of Photography. Tame your Camera for Better Photographs

I don't go by the books. Creativity has to be unique always. My intention is to nurture a creative mind, not a specific photograph. I teach the rules and then break them to make one self realise its beauty within.

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Senior Sydney based advertising photographer Alex Weltlinger teaches you how to become a working photographer at the highest level.

My approach is first to work out how you think, then to apply the basics of being a photographer to that thinking. Sounds a little weird, right? So I can teach you the skill sets - exposures, framing, connection, light, conceptual development, people and talent management and so on - but what really counts as a photographer is the thought process.

West Albury
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8 Year experienced & qualified photography trainer mentor in Southern NSW/NE Victoria

My approach to mentoring or teaching photography is flexible and can be conducted in a classroom for groups of learners, or can be 1-on-1 in a classroom or on location. I would be willing to travel throughout the Riverina (southern area) of NSW and the North-East area of Victoria.

Upper Coomera
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Digital and Film Photographer with experience in the darkroom and digital editing.

As a trainer of students, I try to make sure: They comprehend why something is critical to know or do. They have the opportunity to learn in their own particular manner. Learning is experiential and not just rote learning. Ant time is ideal for them to learn something new. The process of photography is enriching and empowering.

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Professional Animal and fashion Photographer teaching photography 101 inc studio and natural

I take a fun hands on approach to the teaching experience, work at your own pace, learn the ins and outs. i am best known for my Equestrian studio portraiture and canine imagery, emphasis on Digital retouching and image enhancing.

Mount Barker
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1st lesson is free!

Professional photographer on Gold Coast with a bachelor of Photo Digital Media

My lessons are tailored to suit the beginner to the advanced DSLR user. The lessons are for students looking to enter the photography industry as a paid professional or if you just want to gain a better understanding of photography to improve upon your current skills.

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Photography student offering film and digital photography lessons up to University level online

As I am currently studying at university, I provide my lessons mainly online - via which platform you choose (Skype, Facebook etc..), unless the student wants specifically face to face lessons. In terms of content, the lessons are based purely around the students and what he/she wants to learn about.

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Professional photographer, Master 'London College of Communication' offers Photography and Photoshop classes

For Photography, I am of the idea that the best approach is, short introductions to the various photographic themes (technique) and then immediately apply it to real situations. In photography there is nothing better than the experience and the amount of photos that are taken to learn. No matter they are beautiful photos, those come with time and with the awareness of what you are looking for.

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College Student Offering Photography/Fashion Photography Lessons Online- GCSE to A-Level 7yr Experience!

I am a very friendly, open, empathetic and patient individual, who knows exactly what the current educational pressure can feel like, and so I personally aim to teach in such a way that calms, prepares and motivates you to produce the best quality work as possible! My teaching method is to always encourage you to express yourself and your passions within your work.

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Advertising Filmmaker offering film and photography lesson in the Norwich and Norfolk area

I am warm, friendly and have a huge passion for film and photography, I tailor my tutoring to focus on an individuals development, what they want to learn and how they would like to progress.

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The master portrait photographer gives best hands on photography lessons to anyone from enthusiasts to professionals in Melbourne

I believe in practicality of lessons and theory. I'd like you to stark working and seeing the results every single day. Using right side of your brain I'll help you to tap into your creative talent and create images that you couldn't believe you would even been able to produce.

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Photography lessons to take pictures to the next step. Knowledge on camera and Lightroom editing.

I can help guide you to taking the pictures of your dream and tell you how to get there. I can show you how I would edit a photo or what you can do next time to make it a better.

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Passionate student photographer teaching you how to take a perfectly composed photo and edit that photo using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photography may seem easy. It's just aiming a camera and pressing a button right? Wrong. To get that award-winning photo you must consider multiple aspects, such as the lighting, composition, focus of the photo, and many others.

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Masters student offering creative photography sessions at home or on location in Bristol

My teaching method is tailored for the student, exploring themes, styles and techniques that the student wishes to learn. The sessions will begin with the basics of photography: the founders and revolutionaries of the art form, how a camera works (e.g shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc).

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Photoshop and Graphic Design Lessons from a Graphic Design student with 5 years experience - Beginner to Intermediate

The student comes first. As a college student myself, I understand the difficulties faced by many who are beginning to take an interest in any of the above subjects and I believe that I can help you through the tough first stages with clarity and friendliness.

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Learn how to make beautiful photos with the help of a professional photographer and professor

How many times have you watched those beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook and you thought "How I'd like to shoot like this"? How many times have you thought "my camera is too complicated, I'll never learn to use it properly"? I know: I've thought the very same so many times When I started photographing twenty years ago I was just like you: inexperienced, alone, without anyone helping...

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