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Graphic Design Bachelors Student Giving Basics of Photography Course To Take your Photos up a Notch

I believe in catering to every individual's need. In my approach, everyone gets to exercise their creative freedom, photography styles and looks, but still end up learning the very essentials of the photography that are important for a photo to me really strong.

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When you freeze time You capture moments that can never be regained.

My teaching methods are hands on training, lecture method, Brainstorming, Active and Engaging Discussion (Interactive/Participative) methods and Practical Presentation methods

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Professional and artist with years of experience gives photography lessons to students in Toronto

Making a photograph is like making a painting. A thought has to be provoked to click the shutter. With online platforms these days it is very easy to grasp the technical knowledge involved in photography but the artistic and aesthetic part of it is another ball game altogether.

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Expert digital photography teacher for everyone, on line, english or french.

I have a simple and effective methodology when I photograph. I will show you the important options and we will practice. It does not matter what your camera is, I know it and I will show you how to use it. - J'ai une méthodologie simple et efficace quand je photographie. Je vais vous montrer les options importantes et nous allons pratiquer.

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Press photographer with 10 years of experience gives photography classes in Toronto area

My teaching method is mix of hands-on experience and theorethical knowledge of photography, light, and composition.

North Bay
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Hi/Bonjour! My name is Lise and I am located in North Bay Ontario. I have an eclectic teaching background, I can provide fun top-notch interactive tutoring for many subjects. I am fluently bilingual (

My teaching methodology is always very visual and engaging. Fun, interactive, nonconventional projects and homework. Keeping it interestedly fun, while learning is proved to be effective.

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Visual Art graduate photography classes for beginners! Capture what your eye see.

My teaching methods are very hands on. You have to know your camera in order to take great photos. There are also lessons in theory and understandings of camera settings. I will also teach some photo editing methods. It is a flexible class allowing the student to explore different areas of photography.

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Communication and Media College student focuses on video editing and photography editing

I like letting people be creative in their own way and let them learn at their pace. There is never a big rush on learning anything, it shouldn't be stressful. However, there will be some more or less boring things which are part of a learning process.

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Engineering student giving lessons in Photography for the primary and secondary school students.

My teaching is like, I make my students entertained as they are learning, Because students like to study when they are actively doing something. I would like to get the vibrant guys as my students, so that the learning process will be easy.

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Professor of photography, video, lighting and postproduction in Madrid (from basic to advanced level)

I'm Javier Carrasco. I studied script, postproduction, directing, camera and cinema lighting at Septima Ars cinema school Madrid. My passion is cinema, but I combine it with freelance work of photographer / audiovisual producer. I am currently creating an audiovisual production company (Adkicker) I would like to teach others how to improve their hobby or profession.

São Paulo
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Marcelo Andrade professional photographer since 2003, teach Photography for amateurs and professionals in São Paulo!

The classes I offer are mostly practical with some theoretical content as support. In addition, the improvement of technique and perception of lighting are always present in the exercises and proposals. Classes can be directed to the amateur audience, with tips on travel photography, nature, equipment and so on.

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Passionate Photographer & Retoucher offering creative & artistically inspired photography lessons from Bondi, Sydney

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for stopping by, I LOVE teaching! Photography, editing & everything that goes with it.

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I'll help you making good photos and teach you great perspective in photography

My teaching style is more in the practical work and I teach you inspiring photo stories and photomaki g process

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Photography Tutor offering game-changing lessons in how to improve your culinary photography!

I heavily believe that practical exercises are the only way to teach photography, it's one thing for me to show you over Skype, but another to do set it up yourself and do it with me. That way you can see what I'm doing for yourself and why I'm doing it. I teach beginners and professionals alike.

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I am a professional photographer on the Gold Coast, I have my Diploma and a great enthusiasm for the work.

Having taught photography before in wide age groups and genres, I obtain a wide knowledge and love for the work. Teaching everything from the basics to the creative. Ranging from hour lessons to few hour lessons, depending on your skills and want to learn.

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Professional photographer with a degree in Photography offers photography lessons in Italian and English in Florence

Hello! I am a photographer with more than 12 years of experience gained by taking pictures around the world! I really like teaching, and giving others the tools to express their creativity in the best possible way, whatever their level of preparation or final goal.

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Learn like a pro, in only 3 hours –with great fun and as easy as 1, 2, 3, the basics of how to compose a beautiful and sharp photo using your camera or mobile, from an experienced on-assignment photo

As a certified Train of Trainers, I use Asymmetric Knowledge and 21st century skills tutoring techniques fully interactive and intuitive.

Cambridge Park
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Highly reputable photographer teaching the secrets of how to turn your creative craft into a business

We start with the fundamentals. Firstly you must understand what a camera is with a quick history lesson on it's technological advancement from film to today, then we put the theory into practice. Once you become adapted to the knowledge behind how cameras work we can now move forward and practice how to achieve the right lighting.

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Senior Sydney based advertising photographer Alex Weltlinger teaches you how to become a working photographer at the highest level.

My approach is first to work out how you think, then to apply the basics of being a photographer to that thinking. Sounds a little weird, right? So I can teach you the skill sets - exposures, framing, connection, light, conceptual development, people and talent management and so on - but what really counts as a photographer is the thought process.

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If photography is a hobby or a career choice, I can teach you the basics to still action and stop movement photography.

BA in communications with an emphasis in both theatre and photo journalism. Also started a minor in graphic design but due to a double major did not have time to complete. Photoshop and InDesign. Movie Making and Editing. Still and Action Photography. There are many venues in photography that one can choose to take.

Edgar andrés
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Semi professional photographer with 7 years of experience specializing in nature photography, course for Amateurs in Querétaro, digital photography, reflex, cellular.

In my opinion the best learning model is 70% 20% 10%. 70% In the field (Practicals) 20% tutorials, feedback, coaching. 10% in classrooms (Formal). I am very patient and I like that when teaching the student has a leading role while the teacher is just a facilitator.

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I have been working as a photographer for quite a few years now. I am a part of a society which deals with photography, and I had the opportunity to learn from the best in this field, hopefully I can

I generally emphasize my classes on the basis of importance of that particular subject in someone's life. From their I approach the intricacies and the overall details which the student needs to know about that particular subject. I believe in exploration and field work, so every student will get the opportunity to do it.

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A hobby photographer since last 20 years would like to impart knowledge either in person in Trivandrum/Kollam or online.

I love experiential teaching. Everyone is a creative person in his/her own rights. I am just an enabler to make you understand the basics from where you take off. I start off with the basic elements of photography and help you understand your camera better.

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Learn how to make beautiful photos with the help of a professional photographer and professor

How many times have you watched those beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook and you thought "How I'd like to shoot like this"? How many times have you thought "my camera is too complicated, I'll never learn to use it properly"? I know: I've thought the very same so many times When I started photographing twenty years ago I was just like you: inexperienced, alone, without anyone helping...

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Learn how to shoot in all light settings with a digital camera

Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial, Family, Wedding, Fine Art, Headshots, Portfolio builders, Model and actor profiles, Fashion designer look books and catalogs, product photography, digital photography and post production editing and retouching, natural light, studio lights, classes for all level students from beginners to expert level.

West End
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James Cook Uni Creative Arts graduate teaches photography in a unique way

My teaching method is having an inclusive approach on each individual and guiding them towards a better result by allowing their creativity and ideas to generate discussion. Feedback both ways is very important and now with all the online resources learning is fast and can be very interesting.

Santa Maria de Palautordera
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Photographer with more than 9 years of experience gives photography classes. Basic, intermediate and professional level

From the very first day we dive deep into the basic knowledge, camera in hand. With 25% theory and 75% practice we immerse ourselves in the world of photography, learning from the basics to more advanced and pro advices.

Nova América
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Commercial photographer for more than 30 years with experience in several publishing houses.

Starting from a theoretical foundation, that bases the whole technique, we evolve to the practice, according to the needs of the student. We can shoot indoors or in the studio, with the use of faults and / or continuous light. Image processing with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Canning Vale
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Globe-trotting Photographer teaching skills and knowledge in Photography in Western Australia, Perth.

My approach to teaching is quite simple. The best way for you to be able to understand all the knowledge that i'm about to share with you is to put it into application. So while theories are important, i believe that practical hands on activity will be the true hero in these sessions i'm providing.

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